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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Good news, everyone

Okay, ya bastards, I'll teach you to stop leaving comments. You wanted a site? You got one. Or will, hopefully by the end of next week.

Adobe finally came through... well, sort of. The new version of Premiere is available for download. That's the good news. The bad news is that it behaves every bit as badly on my machine as Premiere Pro 2 did, crashing constantly. I've lost so much work to Premiere crashes, it's not even funny.

And so, Adobe, you win, okay? Your software for Windows crushed my soul, and so tomorrow I will do what I never thought I'd do: order a Macintosh. I hear Apple's got some sexy stuff. But most importantly, it has Final Cut, which everybody swears by, while Premiere seems more and more like a cruel joke on Windows users.

So any Mac people wanna email me advice, I'm up for it. In the meantime, the new version of Premiere at least came with a new 30-day trial, and I'm actually attempting to cut together some footage. And, by the way, looking at some of my footage through an editor for the first time made me realize: this stuff rocks. You'll consider it worth the wait, darn it.

And that wait will hopefully not be too long. I have one video cut together but I'm not entirely satisfied with it. I have two more that are almost in the can, even with Premiere happily crashing every ten minutes.

Forget the complicated credit system I'd envisioned for now. I'm opening a store at clips4sale.com. There'll be an appropriate announcement when it's ready. I'll try to price the content reasonably.


Anonymous said...

Will we be able to sample the beginning of the games before we buy them like you had planned before Red?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the publishing mate.

Anonymous said...

Red are you going to have any games when the girls are rivals and don't really like each other? I'm personally not interested in games where the girls are friendly with each other and don't seem to mind losing. I'd like to see them be embarassed and or upset that they have to take their clothes off.

Red said...

Well, my shiny new Mac awaits in its box, as does a copy of Final Cut. (Express, not Pro... at a sixth the price, I think I'll see if Express does what I need before upgrading.) Soon as I post this reply, I'll get to work.

Anon 1:45: At first, there aren't going to be any interactive games, just videos. The interactives will have to wait a bit longer. But there will be sample clips of the videos, yes.

Johan: Thanks! And thanks for signing your post ;)

Anon 4:51: That's my preference, too. Unfortunately, it's a little tough... the girls I work with are all very nice and easygoing, it's hard for anybody to dislike them (or for them to dislike anybody.) That being said, just because the girls like each other doesn't mean that they don't mind losing. Many of them (Ashton especially) are very competitive and hate to lose... especially when losing involves doing an embarrassing forfeit. Which it does.

And that being said, Elora and Pettles got started playing a grudge match (Pettles dated a guy she knew Elora had her eye on.) And as for Ashley, Wednesday, and Victor... well, that shoot will be to your liking. Trust me.

I'm still (as always) open to ideas for storylines that would lead to girls who don't like each other playing a stripping game.

Anonymous said...

I thought there were some good suggestions on one of the older threads that had 45 comments on it.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea. A girl is tired of her roommate always wearing her clothes without asking so one day she goes and puts on her roommate's favorite outfit as payback. The roommate sees her at a party wearing her favorite outfit which sparks a shouting match with each girl demanding the other give back her outfit. Someone suggests they gamble for it and the winner gets to keep both outfits and the loser has to go home butt naked.

Red said...

Wow. I think I'm in love. Apple has not forgotten how to make sexy hardware.

There were indeed some good ideas on the other thread. I've used quite a few of them.

The problem with the "fight breaks out a party" scenario (which, I love, BTW) is that they require a party, meaning they require a lot of people, meaning there's a ton more work to get them organized. I'll do shoots like that, but only after I've got some revenue.

Anonymous said...

I missed the donation period, but I really can't wait for these vids/games to come to fruition. You have a great thing going and I for one will be a loyal customer! Good luck and godspeed!!!


Anonymous said...

No worries, I'll see if I can create a blogspot account any time soon, would like my name in blue ;)

Feeling a pity I haven't been around to post many comments or ideas lately as your site seems maybe the most promising on the subject ever. There's only a handful good sites with at least a little similar content out there. Not going to advertise any specific ones here.
That's something I should be able to remedy though as I'm sure I can contribute with some ideas and suggestions if I just give it some thought. I'll get back to you all on that one.

That's it for now, see ya soon.

Anonymous said...

great news!
(I donĂ½ know exacly how, but) If you need any help, you just have ask!

Red said...

Thanks for the good wishes, clyde and johan. Member666, you know anything about logo and/or web design? ;)

Update: the new Mac is working out well, with a few little glitches which I won't bore you with. Promising results within a week may have been a bit aggressive, but soon. Real soon. Promise.

Anonymous said...

I usually end up not having the time for these things anyway but if there's anything in particular that needs be done, I might be able to put aside some time at work or after work (depending on the content). Might drop you an e-mail about that later on...

Anonymous said...

The boat has pulled in to the dock! Most colleges that teach graphics and editing are using Apple. To PC users like us it is like a foreign language, but once it is learned, nothing else comes close. The clip store may be the best way to go. I don't know how it stacks up revenue wise, and it is none of my business, but it sure will be easier on you. As for interactive games, unless you hear from your customers to the contrary, the internet is loaded with interactive strip games. What we don't have out here are strip game videos, and may very well be the leader of the pack. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

The internet may have interactive strip games but they're all absolute crap.