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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy fuck

Guys, thanks for all the suggestions for games I could use with a really big group. I had some high hopes for the LostBets.com party that is just now winding down, and they were completely blown away. This is some seriously awesome shit. Pix and promos of all ten players coming shortly. Some of them you've seen before. Most of them you haven't. Many of them were making their first ever appearance naked on camera.

To everybody who's wished to see more hardcore here, you will be satisfied. Unless you don't want to see a gangbang, or an orgy, or a quadruple blowjob, or any of the other things I can't believe I just saw. Fucking wow.

UPDATE: I want to say for the record that this is not, repeat not an April Fool's joke. I swear it. I'm still awake at 4:00 AM because the crew and I are still sitting around talking about it.


Anonymous said...

I really want to hope this isn't some cruel april fool's joke haha - gator_fan

Anonymous said...

yeah, red has done some tricks on us before. i will be a little upset if this is again. i hope not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

this isn't an aprils joke. But I'd like to know what about the video with the cum on her face roulette suggested a time ago.
And what about the suggestion of tickling a girls asshole. Please answer.
Your stuff is great.
Please do more pussy shaving or bondage stuff.



Red said...

I deserve that, considering what I pulled last year, but this is no joke. If I wanted to make an April Fool's joke, I would've said something like, "The party yesterday was utterly boring. There were no blowjobs, no gangbangs, and no freaky circus sex. If I ever published any of this footage, you'd be bitterly disappointed." That'd be an April Fool's joke.

@Ravenfan: We didn't do the cum-in-face roulette or ass-tickling this time, but trust me, what we did get was pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Red. What about a game between Ashley and Lilly. I think this would be great because both are very competitive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

first to say episode 268 was great. But after episode 250 we know that only Julie would do anal. Ashley refused it before episode 250. I would like to know if she has enlarged her limits and now accepts anal now? If yes it would be great to see her losing a game where Julie might get revenge for the butt plug maybe Julie will tickle her asshole first and then shove in a real big butt plug. What do you think.


RS said...

Did you do multiple games, or was it one huge epic battle royale? I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it. Any estimate of when we might see it?

Anonymous said...

how many showed up. and who were they???


Red said...

@RS: Five games, every one of which was jaw-dropping.

@shredder: Depends what you mean by "showed up." Ten players, including 6 new girls, 1 veteran girl, 2 new guys, and 1 guy returning after a very long time. But for the latter two games there was a party going on, and although none of them wanted to appear on camera, there were at times 15 people watching and cheering.

Anonymous said...

Don't tease us Red - which veteran girl? You owe us for last year :D -dom

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. And a little tease with how many weeks til this hits print. We dont have to wait for 300 for this do we? :D :D :D :D -dom

Red said...

@DoM: Pix have been posted, and you can see who the veteran is. We've seen a lot of her lately, I'll admit, but there's a reason. More on that later.

And I'm going to try to have the first episode ready to roll within a month. The fifth and final episode is my current top contender for Episode 300. It wasn't played specifically to be that game the way that Episode 200 was, but what with the game show format and the 8-way orgy I figure it's sufficiently epic.

Starli said...

Seriously epic!!! Thanks so much for letting me apart of Lost Bets! I had such a great time and had a nice feast of pussy. Next time I want to bring my boyfriend...he'd f*ing love it and I'd get way more freaky with him. ;) Till then, I hope you guys enjoy our wild circus orgy!

Anonymous said...

Long time fan of strip games in general. First time I bought into Lost Bets. Not disappointed, and word of a 10-player game to beat that epic 9-player Screw Your Neighbor game is very welcome. Let's see these new ones ASAP.