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Friday, March 21, 2014

Double update

I promised to try to work in a few more double-updates on the way to Episode 400, so please enjoy Episodes 391 and 392 this weekend. I'm publishing them in reverse order: 392 on Friday, 391 (which is short) on Saturday. 392 is the conclusion of the cock-gag double feature begun in Episode 387, with Lela the target of rings tossed by Addie, Kandii, and Dakota. 391 debuts new girls Blossom and Indigo.

People really liked Episode 390, with Ashley as emcee, Brooklyn, Olivia, and Ashlyn as contestants, and Flynt (whose name I misspelled earlier) and Bob as the beneficiaries. Well, in Episode 395 Ashley, Flynt, and Bob join in the gameplay. It's three-on-three, with a Very Special Group Masturbation Session for the losers.

The stakes get higher still in Episode 396, where Selah returns along with her friend Reyanna (who'd been a spectator in earlier episodes) and newcomer Savannah. The  two losers of their game of High Card have to ride a pair of Sybians trying not to cum. The first one who succumbs to orgasm is the target of a gangbang by Conor, Richard, and a strap-on wielding winner. And all of her holes are legitimate targets.

Things don't cool down much in Episode 397, when Piper, Bex, and Madison return to finish out their series with a squirmy game of Earth and Fire. (Recalling that Piper's never even been with a woman before, seeing her trying to force other girls to orgasm while staving off her own is totally hot.) The loser suffers a wet and messy penalty, as four quarts of colorful goo (heavy cream + food coloring) are poured down her naked body.

Getting closer and closer to 400. More details on that to come.


Red said...

By the way, Cofo, you're still entitled to a free clip for suggesting the cock gag. Please send me an email to claim it.

mismanager said...


I've just seen #391. You should give the camera crew a rise, and the winner a spank!

Red said...

@mismanager: I couldn't agree with you more. Jelly's extremely restrictive limits were sometimes frustrating to work with. The irony is that I got the feeling that Indigo and Blossom might have been willing to go farther, but they took their cues from Jelly. If this series proves popular, I'll try to get the two of them back (along with their friends) for higher stakes.

Morgan agrees with you 100% about how she deserves a raise.

Anonymous said...

Red have u heard from adam and eve...they kinda fell off the face of the earth lately


Anonymous said...


What is your email?


mismanager said...

It looks like you are outvoted so give Morgan a pay rise! I'd also vote for a return of these three girls. I'd like to see more of them and, especially, more of Jelly. She is a beauty. I enjoy watching her so I hope you can cope with the frustration of working with her.

Red said...

@Jojo: I haven't heard from them in awhile. Sorry.

@Cofo: red@lostbets.com.

@mismanager: Well, my view is that as her boyfriend, I've already given her plenty of raises. As for Jelly, there are still four more games with her and Blossom and Indigo, but I'm not sure about having her back in the future. I think we've pretty much exhausted the limits of what she's willing to risk, and I just don't know what to do with her that'd be new.

Anonymous said...

Hey red,
When are the POV videos going to make a return?

Anonymous said...

When is the next clip with jelly, blossom, and indigo coming out? Like what episode number if you have one yet? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Also I don't know how far you meant they would be willing to go, but you should try to work in a strapon with those ladies.

Johnny said...

@Seahawks82 - We'll try and get the POV's back up in about 2-3 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

Red said...

@Joe: Blossom, Indigo, and Jelly will be reappearing in Episode 401. As for a strap-on, it's totally out of the question for Jelly, and might be for the other two as well. I'll see what I can do.

stewy18 said...

what about having the loser spit on in the face by the winner(s)

the loser get pied out in public

loser crawls around in the mud and acts like a pig

Anonymous said...

Weird idea for a wet and messy forfeit. Since most most WAM fans like to see clothing ruined, why not have the players wear their best clothing knowing whoever looses is going to have it ruined with pies, cakes, etc. The winners have to strip so that the looser is left clothed. After the clothing is ruined, the looser has to take a shower to clean off meaning she has to get nude as well. Maybe even have the winners cut off the ruined clothing before the shower.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Add to my post above, see all players nude as well as ruined clothing of one of the players.

Old Man

Red said...

@stew18: Did you send me an email a little while ago?

While those forfeits might work with the right players, I really don't think they'd do for this trio. One of the reasons their limits are so tight is that their dignity is important to them and they won't tolerate things they consider degrading or disrespectful. If I suggested getting their faces spat in, they'd reject the idea out of hand. But with the right players, maybe...

@Old Man: I like it! We could even have the loser's ruined clothing stripped off/cut off in the shower, making her get drenched in her clothing. But the losers would have to get completely dressed at the end for full effect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Have you ever considered a game where guys play against each other... and the WINNER gets to help himself to a couple of the lost bets girls?

Bit of a departure from your usual format, but maybe worthy of consideration. Wouldn't even necessarily have to be a strip game.


Anonymous said...

I really like J´s proposal. maybe 2-3 guys who compete and price are two girls. Losing guy may use the fleshlight and gets teased by the example of Ashley.


Hglmpf said...

Good idea indeed. But it would work properly only if the girls are in some way reluctant. Or if the guys pick a girl they would like to fuck before the game and the others try to take some influence in the game. Maybe some stripping when the guys have to concentrate.
Or even the other way round in the end: A kind of final round when the girls try to make their guy get a boner (first only teasing, then lapdance with bodytouching, then handjob and if still two are soft blowjob) - whoever is last gets his prize ;-)

Anonymous said...

To follow up on J's thought, it would be even better of the guys each had their girlfriend as one of the prizes.

So that the winning guy gets to fuck the other guys' girl.

- JD

Unknown said...

@J - I had the same idea weeks ago. There is nothing sexier than a man using his intelligence to win a game. After winning that game, have the losing man, bound up, possibly with his hands tied behind him in a chair, while the winner helps himself to the girls. All the while, the girls and the winning man taunting and teasing the losing man, showing him what he missed by not being smart enough to win.

I was told "it's not what we do!". I'm sure there is some way to make it work!

andrew Higgins said...

I want to join lostbets.com ill do anything

No gum popping gum chewing its annoying no more