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Friday, May 2, 2014

Theater of the profane

First things first: if you normally only check this blog on weekends, you might have missed Wednesday's post. You should check it out, especially if you're interested in the POVs, especially if you bought one and are dissatisfied with it.

Episode 398 is out today and closes out the series with Addie, Kandii, Dakota, and Lela. They play a new game, which punishes ignorance. Losers are forced to put on a show and let us watch them masturbate.

Episode 400 is nearly upon us, so here's some more info about it. As previously stated, it's a game between two teams of two, with the two losers playing a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to determine a little loser and a big loser. The little loser has to masturbate while the big loser has to take four guys at once. Four hundredth episode, four girls playing, four cocks waiting eagerly to use the loser as they see fit.

But we've done four-on-one gangbangs before, and I said at the time that the episode featured something new, something I'd never seen before. I gave an obscure clue: 505. Over the next few weeks, I said a few things in blog comments that might have sounded a little odd:

But filming the game went off without a hitch. I've got the digital video files right here.

If you're having trouble guessing, it could be due to a vitamin deficiency. Make sure you're getting the proper daily value every day.

Sorry to make it so tough. I didn't mean to turn into Darth Vader.

All of these were meant to clue the initials DV, which also happense to be 505 in Roman numerals. Congratulations to GuessingLurker, who noticed all the DVs and correctly figured that they stood for "double vaginal", as in double vaginal penetration, as in two penises in one vagina at the same time. I didn't plan for that. I didn't expect it. But during the forfeit, Dante took it on himself to make it happen. God bless you, Dante Stone. That boy can really orchestrate a gangbang.

Speaking of the devil, here he is interviewing the gentlemen who will be doing the deed. (One of them in this interview isn't actually in it; he's just there because his girlfriend is one of the players.) Meet the lucky dudes:


Anonymous said...

Been waiting forever for Sassy to stretch her limits, but I get the feeling DV is probably not her scene and she probably wins :(. Hope this breaks out to a 4 on 4 free for all as we have seen in the past!!!


DM73 said...

Any chance we can get a preview clip of episode 399 or 400? (Even if you want to keep 400 under wraps, couldn't we at least see a snippet of 399?) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

there is a clip of 309 out already. in this blog post . http://blog.lostbets.com/2014/04/where-does-he-get-those-wonderful-toys.html


RS said...

Awesome, I was hoping that's what 505 meant.

Probably a minority opinion here, but I think all of these guys should play a game where the losers get used and abused by the girls.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I can't wait!

I hope there's a creampie coming up, too.


Anonymous said...

Whats coming up for the povs? will the next one be on Wednesday. Thanks

Anonymous said...

First time naked on camera for three of the four girls and they are all prepared to risk being gang banged by 4 dudes??

I don't know how you find them Red! But I'm glad that you do.


Red said...

@AT: No spoilers at this stage, however I will say that I don't think DP was the loser's scene, or any of their scenes. As I said, the DP wasn't planned. It wasn't discussed, and I think the loser was as taken by surprise as I was.

@DM733: Like @PQ said, there's already been a preview of 399. Next week I'll publish a promo for 400, and some teasers for 401-404.

@RS: I've never catered solely to the majority. I have something kinda-sorta like that filmed, but not really. Maybe in the future.

@Beatrice: I don't, I regret to say, have any creampies coming up. But I'll try to get some.

@PQ: Yup, next POV on Wednesday.

@JAG: While I love finding amateurs and talking them into compromising positions (and seem to have a knack for it), I can't take the credit for this one. These are all Dante's friends. He knew them, he talked them into it, and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...


Might I point out that there is quite a difference between DP and DV.

AT asked a question about DV and you answered regarding a DP ...

Perhaps that was inadvertent, or are you intentionally letting slip a bit of a spoiler? :)


Red said...

No spoiler intended. I meant DV, although I thought DV could be considered a subset of DP.

Wideouts said...

Do you have any "older" unpublished for b sides? It would be good to see some of the ladies I from the past

Anonymous said...

I really look forward To episode 400, in the future i really hope you made à game With 4 teams one Guy and one girl in Every team. One losing team. The 3 winning girls have their Way With losing Guy and winning guys With losing girl


Anonymous said...

Will there be any more public embarrassment forfeits coming up?


RS said...

I like Swedishguy's suggestion of 8 players, 4 guys and 4 girls. Losing girl gets used and abused by the three winning guys. Losing guy gets used and abused by the three winning girls.

Anonymous said...

Swedishguy's idea sounds like it would be good.

Anonymous said...

It`s a great idea from swedishguy. I hope you can film a game like this.

Thanks for your great job.

A guy from Switzerland

Johnny said...

I would like to join the general chorus giving swedishguy props for an excellent idea. I dig it.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Swedishguy's idea is a very good one!

All my best,

Bex said...

Swedishguy is onto something!! Red let's make it happen. I'm all in. I would love to see Johnny lose this one :)

Johnny said...

@Bex - It is YOU who shall lose! Team Johnny forever!

Bex said...

@johnny - I do believe I have beaten you on several occasions. Do you need a reminder of the belt :0