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Friday, July 18, 2014

Revvin' up our engines and it sounds real mean

Episode 413 publishes today, closing out the series with Jelly, Indigo, and Blossom with a splash. Indigo will return in Episode 416 for some more hot young amateur softcore action, along with her sister Luna and their friend Lavender. For more on that, see below.

So as I said in the last blog post, we did a shoot last Sunday with Bex and Sheri joined by Keenly and Sassy. I asked for requests and got an overwhelming response. We were only able to get through four games so I couldn't use as many as I liked, but we did what we could.

Game 1 was Mogadishu with Bex, Keenly, and Sassy (Sheri was running late) with the loser strapped into our still-not-quite-finished St. Andrew's Cross and subjected to multiple vibrators. Game 2 had Bex and Sassy vs. Keenly and Sheri in a game of Team Pirate Penguins. Two losers got fucked by Johnny and Dante. Game 3 was Strip On Spades with all four players. Like I said in the comments for the last post, we did our most daring public forfeit to date. and this was it. I'm not going to tell you what it was quite yet, but man, was it risky. Finally, Game 4 was a new game, Ball's Eye, name suggested by Sheri. Two losers engage in a blowjob race with a paddling for the loser. One of the girls in the race really, really wanted to win, and gave what was maybe the most energetic beej I've ever seen.

Good times.

And no, you won't have to wait until December to see these. We've got a plan to accelerate publication of them. It'll still be a few months, but not too long.

As for what's in the more immediate future, here's a look at Episode 416, coming in early August.

Indigo was excited after her last experience with LostBets.com, and wanted to try it again. She brought along her friend Lavender, and her sister Luna. Luna and Indigo aren't twins, but they sure could pass for a set. Like Blossom and Jelly, they have fairly soft limits, but that just made them easier to embarrass. They also did a pretty daring public forfeit, which you'll see in Episode 420. For this one, it's time to make some of these girls who've never even been naked on camera before show everything with a set of revealing poses.

You may notice in the preview that the blank canvas hanging on the wall of Dante's apartment isn't blank anymore. You'll find out what happened there in a later episode.


Anonymous said...

Nice Red, interesting stuff thanks for your hard work

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, would be interested to know though, if the suggestions listed in last weeks post, were there any that, although not used, were vetoed? Any likely to be used at some point?


Anonymous said...

I really liked Episode 413, it has all what i want and the fact that they play again until the looser is determinded was great. It was very intensive and i like thin girls. The Multiple of layers is good its every time a surprise. Keep up your good work Red.

Yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

Of course won't let me copy and paste my comment from two posts ago....(the last 17th comment) any idea when the schedule is for the next pov store viewer loss game is Red? :D

Read that comment for my feed back on the treasure game


Anonymous said...

Game idea:
Poker with girls playing without clothing covering up their nude bodyparts only with five poker chips. One for each nipple and three for her huhaha. The poker chips are selotaped.

The fun is we see the girls barely covered up and see even more, when the girl has to place her ante and remove the token from the bodypart he covered up.

Because the game outfit itsself is very embarressing perhaps you could determine the poker players in a quick sudden death game before.
Have four or five girls drawing cards lowest two or three cards lose. They have to go the restroom where they undress and stick on the tokens. Then chippoker not strippoker starts.


Anonymous said...

ideas for forfeit:
- 2 losers are tied up in the stockade. Then they get their assholes tickled. First girl to give up is the ultimate loser. The assshaking during the tickling is great.

Loser gets punished like this:
1) she gets shoved a inflateable and vibrating butt plug up her ass. The butt plug is inflated and switched on. then you give her some further stimulation with a vibrator on her pussy.
2) after she orgasmed you remove the butt plug. Then multiple guys cum on her wide open ass which the second girl holds open by spreading her butt cheeks. Then she plays a bit with the sperm inside her butt by moving her butt cheeks.
The view of the sperm inside the hole dripping and the cum on her buttcheeks will be great.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, Red! I like how you made sure to have TWO fuckable losers to make it more likely Sassy got it. And I read the Twitter feed and if one can read between the lines, it's easy to see some stuff that went down. Which is nice, I do like my spoilers.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any with Bex or Sheri yet. I'll have to check one out.

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Red as a huge Addie fan I'm excited to see her next game (which I believe sadly may be her last) of her return. Can you give me any details about when I might expect it or as to what game they played for what stakes?
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Magic man

Anonymous said...

I must say I will be missing Piper from the latest shoot but it does sound like a good one. Red I still think you need more losing girls than guys standing by for a blowjob race cause without the girls rotating through the guys then one girl just might have an unfair advantage over the other


Johnny said...

@Pareto - The girl who has the advantage in a blowjob race is the girl I want to meet. We should definitely reward those ladies kind enough to have these skills.

Anonymous said...

@Johnny - I was actually talking about an advantage that comes due to different guys. If you finish quicker than Dante, hypothetically of course, then your girl has an advantage.


Red said...

@Everyone: Sorry I haven't gotten to the replies here yet. I'm on vacation at the moment and it can be hard to find time to work. (I just a minute ago finished writing the clip description for 414, publishing in about six hours.) I'll do the replies this weekend.

@Pareto: In this BJ race specifically, I don't think it mattered much. One loser performed her duties with such frenetic vigor that I suspect she'd have won even if she'd been fellating a 90-year-old eunuch.