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Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or treat?

Today, long-awaited Episode 432 debuts. I've already given plenty of teasers about this episode, so there's really not much more to say. Four cute amateurs, two scantily-clad car washers, one blowjob in public. Not too shabby.

There is one bit of housekeeping to take care of. I first met Bex late last year, and I billed her as a complete amateur, which was true. She'd never been naked on film before LostBets.com turned its cameras on her. But she liked it. She found that she got a real thrill out of exposing her hot naked body to the cameras, and now she wants to try her hand at being a fetish model. She wanted to use a different name for her new career and asked me if she could change it. As you may recall from Amber Heavens, my policy on name changes is that I'll let a player change her name, but only if she shoots a naked promo for me announcing the change. So here you go. Meet Tobi Braxton.

See the full, uncensored version here. Follow her on Twitter @TobiBraxton, and don't forget to follow us @LostBets

Coming up in the next few weeks:

On November 14, Episode 434 throws Richard in with Ashlyn, Kym, and Catherine, along with new girl Jessica. It's blondes vs. redheads vs. baldy as they spin the Wheel of Torment. Three losers masturbate on the couch while the winners watch. It reminds me a little of Episode 076.

And then....

This was the last episode from the shoot that brought us Episodes 425, 427, and 430, and man, is it a doozy. It's a team game, with Johnny matched with Zahara and Piper, and Dante with Sheri and Bex, going by that name for the last time. The gentlemen play Shockinaw against each other. When one of them loses, the girls on the other team get to cut a piece of clothing off the girls on the losing side. By the way, this was a great game of Shockinaw. I think I'll show this episode to future players to show them how the game really should be played.

Once the losing girls have no more clothing to cut off, the victorious girls get to cut off the losing guy's clothes as well. And then he has the cock gag strapped to his face, and the losing girls get fucked by it. This one's got a little something for everyone, whether you're into CFNF, CFNM, CMNF, or CMNM. 

This week's theme of "let's get naked outside" continues on Wednesday. Remember Sammy? She's a redhead who played in a dozen or so games from 2009-2011. Well, this week she makes her return at the POV store in Episode P036. It's a game of Red-Black outdoors in the sunshine, and the loser has to do a very revealing calisthenics routine that will ensure that every single part of their body will be exposed to the sky.


Anonymous said...

Hey red when is the next pov game with an anal forfeit.

Anonymous said...

Red - I for one enjoyed when you were updating Twitter with screen caps and other details. Seems like you gave up? Hope we get more.


Zeo said...

Hi Red,

Same rule should apply to all new players, regardless of name changes, before any games starring them are released. Probably should also apply for those who haven't appeared for a while, i.e. Addie. or who have changed significantly since we saw them last time.

Red said...

@Anon 11:59 (please sign your posts): I'm afraid I don't have any more anal POVs on tap, so not for awhile.

@DK: Yeah, we haven't really been updating lately. We'll get back on the Twitter feed shortly.

@Zeo: Well, we do the "I lost all my clothes at LostBets.com" promos with new players. I don't want to make new players do naked promos before their first games, though: they need to have a legitimate chance to avoid nudity if they do well in the games.

Red said...

Hey realnot, if you're out there: I think you were the one who pointed me to those videos of women trying to read aloud while being vibrated to orgasm, were you not? Check this out. I think you'll find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

is anybody else having issues downloading their clip?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Red! I'm one of your gay male fans, so I can't wait to see that game of Shockinaw. I hope Johnny loses!

Great work, as always!


PurpleCat said...

Hi Red,

First off, I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this week's update. The behind the scenes footage from the hallway and elevator added a new dimension to the forfeit that I enjoyed.

I just wanted to alert you that both embedded videos are the same one, the Shockinaw episode with the group of six.

Also, I'm glad Sammy is back, I've always been a big fan. Are there any more POVs with her besides the one to be published Wednesday?

Thanks a lot,

Red said...

@shredder: Probably if there were widespread problems with the clip then my mailbox would be full of complaints, so I'd assume the problem isn't with the clip. Please contact Clips4Sale technical support at support@clips4sale.com. They're usually pretty good at resolving this sort of thing quickly. If they're not, let me know.

@Jeff: That's great to hear. Obviously our site is primarily aimed at hetero men, but I've always wanted to appeal to as many people as possible and I'm really gratified that we've attracted a gay audience without even trying. While we were filming Episode 435, I remember thinking to myself, "Man, this is going to have major crossover appeal." No spoilers on the outcome yet, but you'll see it in a few weeks. You can thank Morgan for this one, by the way: the forfeit was her idea and she was really keen to see a guy lose and get humiliated for a chance.

@PurpleCat: Crap! The blunder has been fixed and the preview for Episode 434 is now where it should be. Thanks for pointing it out.

Sammy will be in one more POV besides P036, which should be out by the end of the month. That one's outside as well, but the penalty is outdoor masturbation. She looks great, by the way. It's good to be trim and healthy but it's possible to take it too far and the last time she was here, I thought she looked a bit emaciated. Since then, she's put on a few pounds and looks much better. She's still a very slender girl, but you can't count her ribs through her skin anymore.

We've been trying to include more of the behind-the-scenes stuff lately, and I'm glad you enjoyed it in 432.

RS said...

I'm looking forward to 435. I love clothing destruction games. Love imagining them being stranded naked.

Anonymous said...

Red: i eventually got the download to work in the morning. must have been a temporary glitch with C4S.

that said... i enjoyed this clip. it was fun to watch and the tension during the forfeit was palpable.
and, as another pointed out, the behind the scenes stuff is always appreciated.

is this the last we see of Sassy for a while, or is there another clip out there. there was some alluding to something else that may be on film somewhere...
if so, lets get published, ok? i'll be waiting for it.


Red said...

@RS: I hope it lives up to your (and everybody's) expectations. I think it's a good one.

@shredder: Glad you got the download working, glad you enjoyed the episode. I'm very happy to report that we have not seen the last of Sassy, not by a long shot. Remember, Episode 432 was published out of sequence, and was the third game played on a day with four games. The first game played by Sassy, Keenly, and Tobi (Sheri was running late) will be Episode 439, to be published on December 12. We'll see all four of them again on December 25, when I'll be publishing Episode 443 a day early to celebrate the holiday. If you're a Sassy fan, it will be a very merry Christmas indeed, which is all I'm going to say about that for now. The third game they played that day was Episode 432, and the fourth and final game will be Episode 447, to be published on January 16, 2015. And that will be all, for now, of Sassy, but who can say what the future has in store?

Anonymous said...

Hi its seems that à LOT of people like the pov. I was member on an other site there you can pay and have à game against à girl in webcam. Loser have To do à forfeit. Never have Any plans for that. I really gonna pay for à game like that. My dream Should be have à webcam game With Madison or Olivia r Sassy


Brian said...

Hi Red,

how do you determine the amount of losers?

In game 429 you have 6 players and 2 losers. In game 433 you have 7 players but still 2 losers.

In game 434 you have 5 players and 3 losers.

The most obvious difference is that there is a male involved in the 434 game so it seems the larger amount of losers is to the increase the chance of having a male loser aswell.

As you might know by now, i'm a fan of Ashley of would have prefered to see her play a 5 player / 3 loser game over a 7 player / 2 loser game.

It seems to depend on the players aswell. I think you were too protective of young Jenni but increased the chance of losing with other players as you admitted on the lostbetsgames site with the James/Madison game where you set up the a game in which James had an advantage due to his length.

Im short it seems to depend on who are playing, what the forfeit is and if there are males involved.

Even apart from all that my question being: how do you decide the number of losers for every game? Are there any set criteria or it is spontaneously decided differently every time?

Red said...

@Swedishguy: Yes, I've seen a handful of sites offering webcam-based live strip games, but's not a business that I have any particular plans to get into any time soon. There are an awful lot of projects on my to-do list for me to even think about such a major undertaking as developing, deploying, and maintaining a good system for that.

@Brian: That's a good question. The choice of how many losers a game will have depends on all the factors you list, plus others. There's no set rule or formula, but it's not just a matter of whim. The forfeit is probably the biggest factor, since many forfeits require a certain number of participants. Other times, the number of losers is determined by the game itself. Some games naturally have just one winner, others naturally have just one loser. Lots of games are meant to be played in teams, with half the players winning and half losing. I have chosen the number of losers based on there being male players before, but it's generally not to make it more likely that a male loses, rather to make sure that at least one girl does. You'll notice a lot of games where the number of male players is N and the number of losers is N+1. And yeah, a lot of times it comes down to what I spontaneously decide, with no real reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

As always, great work. I have a suggestion for a game. It seems that people like the idea of mini-forfeits, and you have been including them more lately.

It's been a while since 'Jingo' was played. It would be fun to bring it back with an added twist. Have mini-forfeits written on some blocks, and if the player pulls out a block with a forfeit, they have to do it. Alternatively, each block could have a number on it, and you could have a sheet of paper with all the forfeits written down on it with their associated numbers. Some fun ones might be: wear vibrating panties controlled by her opponents for the next 3 rounds, have clothespins put on her nipples for the rest of the game, have her bra and panties filled with ice cubes. Of course, some would be to strip / have someone else strip and variations thereof, and some could be 'freebies'.

Play continues until someone knocks the tower down. You could have the loser get naked (if not already) and do a predetermined forfeit; or you could have a circle drawn around the board, and the winners can do to the loser the forfeits associated with any/all blocks that fall outside the circle.


Anonymous said...


I'm certainly going to second Forfeit Fan's suggestion on bringing back "Jingo", especially since I posted that idea on this blog way back on September 2nd, 2012. I think you'd make a lot of folks happy with that, given that there's long been an undercurrent of requests for something along the lines of the old "Dare Ring" games: Truth or Dare Jingo would add that element into a game that was still far more LostBets than the original Dare Ring. And it fits perfectly with the idea of mini-forfeits you've been using on the Wheel games. Give it some thought!

Longtime Stripgame Devotee.

Anonymous said...

Put girls in string bikinis and let them compete in a bootyshakecontest. Jury votes for winner loosers have to learn shaking nude by winner. Viewing girls shaking their sexy asses would be much fun.

mismanager said...


Great to see Sammy back and, as you say, looking better than before; better even than in her Darering days I think. She is pretty supple too. In my opinopn, this is your best POV yet.

Red said...

@ForfeitFan and @LSD: This is actually a bit disappointing. You've both been around long enough to have witnessed the "I've already got it" phenomenon: someone makes a request, and it turns out I've already filmed it and it'll be published in the next couple of weeks. It's happened more times than I can count.
Well, not this time: I do not have any games of Jingo filmed and ready to publish. We'll see about getting some in the future. We've only used Jingo once (in Episode 009) and I wasn't thrilled with the way it worked out, which is why I haven't used it since, but I think with a few rule tweaks it could be successful.

@"Assquake": Nifty idea. Bex/Tobi can literally make her ass clap, and she might be a worthy contender for such a contest.

@mismanager: Sammy was on DareRing? Really? Which one? And yes, she certainly is supple. Glad you liked the POV. There's one more with her coming up. Also outdoors, and with higher stakes.

mismanager said...


Sammy is certainly in some of the bonus games: penis roulette, ring toss and twister. I don't think she was in any of the 12main games, though I haven't had time to check.

Anonymous said...

mismanager: that's not Sammy. sure of it.

speaking of Sammy... any chance of her coming back and playing for high stakes?


mismanager said...


I'd always assumed that it was Sammy. The tattoo on the inside of her right arm looks the same to me. The two girls (if you are correct) have very similar facial features and similar smiles. The Darering games were filmed some time ago, though.

Red said...

It does look like her, but my eyesight kinda sucks and I can't be sure. Both Sammy and the DareRing folks are from Oregon so it's certainly possible. @Shredder, what makes you certain it's not her?

Anonymous said...

Red: a different aura maybe? i saw all the darering vids, but when i saw her on LB i never made that connection, strange since she was one of my favs on LB, that tells me its not the same person.

i dont have the darering clips anymore and dont want to buy a membership at this time to double check. but 'she' did hardcore bj there, another thing telling me its not her.


Anonymous said...

ok, mismanager:
just found a poor quality clip on a free site, and i think you are correct. that tattoo is too unique, but she was thicker then.

Red: if she's down for hardcore, you need to bring her back.


Red said...

Yes, I emailed her but then I found my own copy of the videos in quesiton, and yup, that tattoo inside her left forearm is kind of a dead giveaway. She must have been very young at the time. She was only 21 when she first posed for us, and DareRing predates LostBets by several years.

When I emailed her (asking what now seems like a really obvious question), I also asked if she'd be interested in more games. We'll see what she says.

mismanager said...

Well I am glad that you are coming round to my view. I was starting to wonder if I was just seeing what I wanted to see. I bought the Darering clips after I'd seen the early Lostbets clips with Sammy and just thought, "Oh, that's Sammy" and thought no more about it until now. Id like to claim that I never forget a pussy but I must admit it was mainly the tattoo.

Anonymous said...

dont know how i missed this, but she's at 'sellyoursextape' too. this was the second site that the darering guy put together after darering went dormant.

several other darering players have submissions there, as well.


Red said...

So I heard back from Sammy. She confirms that it was her in the DareRing videos, not that there was any doubt. She says it was about 7 years ago, which would have made her 19. She's been modeling using the name Zoey Angeles,he has a page at Southern Charms. She's flattered that people have been asking about her.