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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New pictures of new models!

Yes, that's what I'll be posting sometime on or after Sunday June 3, when my next shoot takes place. And trust me, guys, it'll knock your socks off. I've got very high hopes for the next update.

I apologize for the ruse, but I figured I'd get fewer people reading if this post were titled "The Revenue Model I'm Considering." But in any case, here's the revenue model I'm considering.

First of all, to avoid the pain of microtransactions and the agony of having to enter your credit card information frequently, all cash transactions will be for the purchase of either renewing subscriptions, or "tokens". Content can be purchased with tokens, not with money. The price of a token will vary based on how many you're purchasing at one time.

The most basic monthly subscription will be on the order of $4.16/month. Don't get too excited though... this subscription will come with no content. Why even have it then? Well... parts of content are "locked". Even nonsubscribers can see the unlocked part (which will consist mainly of the first few minutes of a piece of content). Low-end subscribers have to pay a fee to unlock the content. Once it's unlocked, it stays unlocked as long as the subscription is active.

Or if you don't want to deal with unlocking content, you can subscribe at the $29.99/month level, which causes all new content to unlock automatically, and old content to unlock on a weekly basis. Or when subscribing you could unlock all the old content at a discounted rate. And when you've had enough content, you can drop down to the $4.99 level and keep all your licensed content for a mere $50/year. Or if you don't like the subscription model, you can pay a rate (higher than that paid by subscribers) to purchase content outright, which will never expire even if your subscription does.

Why this complicated model? Because I wanted to give my subscribers the greatest amount of flexibility. Nobody is forced to pay for content he doesn't want, and those who would prefer to spend a little for a little content may, as may those who'd rather spend a lot for a lot of content.

Questions, comments, or suggestions?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Meet the new girls, redux

This statesque beauty is Tristen:

And this petite princess is Stephanie:

(click for video teaser)

Tristen and Stephanie are rushing ΡΕΔ, and the sisters thought it would be funny to make the new pledges play a stripping game. On video. With forfeits. Every day for a week. Coming soon...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

So about those storylines...

I've heard from a few of you that you like the idea of a backstory behind these games... you know, something a little more robust than "Girl A and Girl B are playing a stripping game." Me too. So please, give me some ideas for good backstories. Post 'em in the comments section. If I like 'em, I'll use 'em. I'm looking for storylines for both single-gender and mixed-gender games, with two participants and with more than two participants. Share your fantasies, and you might get to see them on video.