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Friday, July 25, 2014

Threeway FTW

Hi guys. I just posted in the last blog thread to apologize for not answering comments yet. I'm on vacation, currently sneaking in a few minutes at the laptop while everyone else is at breakfast. I'll take care of last week's replies in a few days.

Until then, please enjoy Episode 414, the first hardcore forfeit in awhile. Hope you like it. It's also the last game from the shoot which produced Episode 400, and even though it's got fewer players, I think it's a worthy conclusion to a hell of a day.

No previews this week -- all those files are on my computer at home. More glimpses into the exciting future next week.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Revvin' up our engines and it sounds real mean

Episode 413 publishes today, closing out the series with Jelly, Indigo, and Blossom with a splash. Indigo will return in Episode 416 for some more hot young amateur softcore action, along with her sister Luna and their friend Lavender. For more on that, see below.

So as I said in the last blog post, we did a shoot last Sunday with Bex and Sheri joined by Keenly and Sassy. I asked for requests and got an overwhelming response. We were only able to get through four games so I couldn't use as many as I liked, but we did what we could.

Game 1 was Mogadishu with Bex, Keenly, and Sassy (Sheri was running late) with the loser strapped into our still-not-quite-finished St. Andrew's Cross and subjected to multiple vibrators. Game 2 had Bex and Sassy vs. Keenly and Sheri in a game of Team Pirate Penguins. Two losers got fucked by Johnny and Dante. Game 3 was Strip On Spades with all four players. Like I said in the comments for the last post, we did our most daring public forfeit to date. and this was it. I'm not going to tell you what it was quite yet, but man, was it risky. Finally, Game 4 was a new game, Ball's Eye, name suggested by Sheri. Two losers engage in a blowjob race with a paddling for the loser. One of the girls in the race really, really wanted to win, and gave what was maybe the most energetic beej I've ever seen.

Good times.

And no, you won't have to wait until December to see these. We've got a plan to accelerate publication of them. It'll still be a few months, but not too long.

As for what's in the more immediate future, here's a look at Episode 416, coming in early August.

Indigo was excited after her last experience with LostBets.com, and wanted to try it again. She brought along her friend Lavender, and her sister Luna. Luna and Indigo aren't twins, but they sure could pass for a set. Like Blossom and Jelly, they have fairly soft limits, but that just made them easier to embarrass. They also did a pretty daring public forfeit, which you'll see in Episode 420. For this one, it's time to make some of these girls who've never even been naked on camera before show everything with a set of revealing poses.

You may notice in the preview that the blank canvas hanging on the wall of Dante's apartment isn't blank anymore. You'll find out what happened there in a later episode.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Any requests?

Episode 412 premieres today, starring one of my favorite amateur quartets, Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri. Some of the girls will risk tasting something they've never tasted before.

Speaking of Bex and Sheri, they'll be back to play some more games on Sunday, along with Sassy (yay!) and Keenly. Hardcore will be on the table, with Johnny and Dante providing penile services. Anyone have any specific requests on games you'd like to see them play or forfeits you'd like to see them risk?

[edit: I used to have a promo for Episode 414 here, forgetting that I'd already published that promo. Oooops]

Here's what's coming in a few weeks in Episode 415:

It's a game of Earth and Fire as Michelle, Caroline, and Star try to force each other to cum. The loser has to show everyone just what her pussy looks like after a forced orgasm, as she's spread wide open by a speculum and forced to show everyone everything.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Information, please

Happy Independence Day to all our American fans. I happen to be American, and I'm very proud of my country. While she may not be perfect, she's been a tremendous force for good in this world. So Happy Birthday, America!

June Jubilee is over, and while it may have been disproportionately softcore, there's some harder stuff in the near future, starting today with Episode 411, as Candle, Caroline, and Lela try to make each other cum. Two losers have to fuck a double-headed dildo in front of a gloating (and horny) winner. Enjoy!