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Saturday, March 28, 2009

This week's update now available

....featuring favorites Ashley and Amber. Apologies for the late announcement. Hope you like it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Three somethings new

This week's update has been published, and it has a few unique features. First of all, it's the game of Bizz-Buzz. A fan suggested it to me (I regret that I don't remember which) and I'm happy to say it worked out great, at least in my opinion.

The second thing is, I didn't edit it. This is Crosis's first full-length video edit for lostbets.com, and he did a great job. One of the reasons I've been reluctant to edit this video myself is that I knew how much work postproduction would be, and Crosis nailed it.

Finally, this is (I think) the first video which featured my assistant Prudella in... well, in a role of sorts, although she's a bit camera-shy and tight-lipped. Feel free to pose any comments for her you may have; I'm sure she'll read them. And by the way, regarding the subtitle referring to her at number 12... alas, it is not true, which is a shame. You'd agree if you saw her rack.

Enjoy! And thanks, Crosis!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another double-update weekend!

Last weekend we published not one but two updates. This weekend, we'll be doing the same. Starting to see a pattern? Well, don't... I don't plan to make it a habit. But enjoy this weekend's two fine additions to the Lost Bets Library. I'll post updates when Saturday's and Sunday's clips are published.

UPDATE: Saturday's video is posted. It's the last in a series we haven't seen in awhile: Amber vs. Mary. You know, the one with the Mogadishu game. There was one more game after that, which I've sat on for awhile (there are technical issues and it's a bit longer than I'd like) but it's a nice prelude (and is referenced in) the game to follow on Sunday.

UPDATE 2: And now Sunday's clip is up. Happens to be one of my personal favorites; hope y'all like it as well. The forfeit was one that was discussed on this thread... others from that thread were used as well and will be coming.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

anyone for pizza???

Here's the promo for game one of last week's 2 part update. Caution, there is a spoiler in the last few seconds of the promo.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Double-update weekend!

Greetings, friends... I've decided to publish not one but two updates this weekend, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday. The first is already up. The second follows immediately after the first (after the girls have eaten the pizza.) Standard-def versions to come next week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OK, I'll admit that I've been a little slow on the promos, but I'll catch up this week. First up is the promo for the 5 player Screw Your Neighbor. With apologies for the placement of the "logo" in this clip 'gd, I used your complaint as my inspiration to do the censoring for the blog. Gordon, the end shot of the promo is for you to hang on your wall...

Hopefully, I'll have the promo for this week's update up a little later today. It's Ashton and Mia's 3rd round for a spread and a shave. Without a promo or a blog post, It's already climbed to #1 on the Clips4Sale chart. With results like that, Red's gonna fire my ass...

Edit: Here's the Ashton/Mia promo, hope you enjoy...