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Saturday, January 21, 2023


 Is anyone still reading this blog? If so, to reward you and to apologize for ghosting for so long, here's a free copy of Episode B059, Strip High Card with Mary, Lily, and Amber.  (please right-click-save-as on this link.)

This is a sequel of sorts to Episode 043, Strip Basketball with Lily, Mary, and Amber from all the way back in 2008. Going into that episode, Lily had never had any sort of sexual experience with another woman. That changed when she lost 043 and was handcuffed and vibrated to a shattering orgasm by the gleeful winners. 

This time, she risks is still-more intimate encounter with other women in a game of Strict High Card. One loser. Two winners. Two straps-ons. Two winners use two strap-ons on one loser. What's not to like?

The loser is Lily, although the other two boths show a lot of skin. I want to emphasize, by way, that neither this game nor 043 were rigged in any way. One  game of pure skill, one game of pure chance, both left to the fates.

I may catch some hell from certain quarters for giving this away for free rather than selling it, but what the hell. It's my clip and I want to give it away for free. Enjoy. The link will be good for at least a week, but I encourage you to share this video far and wide of your favorite sites.