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Friday, March 25, 2016

New episode toeday

Episode 505 today. Bailey and Kasady, doing a forfeit that I don't think I'd ever even seen before, much less filmed. These are two girls who are both very cute but in two very different ways, Enjoy,

Let's get to some promos, shall we?

It's the debut of Aurora, Catalia, and Georgia, and the return of Julie, in Episode 509, to be published on April 15... for our American fans, a little sweetness to help ease the sting of Tax Day.

For some stupid reason, Blogger isn't letting me upload video today, so here's the promo hosted on YouPorn. Sheesh. Let's move on to Episode 510.

Trinity and Lela are back, along with newcomer Tom. They whip out Marvin to play Strip Frenzy, with the loser being tarred and feathered. Okay, so the feathers are really cotton balls and the tar is really blackstrap molasses, but it still makes for a heck of a visual. Coming on April 22.

Here's the promo. Next!

Episode 511 introduces new girls Pearle and Violet, who join Helena and Trace in a free-for-all game to two losers, who have to submit to the winners as their sex slaves. Trace was really apprehensive about this one (submission is not really part of his character) but was talked into it. And here's the promo for that one.

That takes us to the end of April. You guys want me to keep publishing promos for upcoming episodes? At this point, anything new I show off won't be published for quite awhile.

Friday, March 18, 2016

You're welcome!

Ask yourself this question: if you could pick any retired LostBets.com player to come back, who would it be? Take a moment to think about that while you read this blog post.

Double updates today. (For more info on this and a promo for the second episode today, see previous blog post. Today brings us Episodes 504 and 508, with the debut of Ana Molly against Belle and RyAnne. I just talked about 504  last week, but to recap: a simple game with a simple forfeit to ease the new girl into the concept. (I hope you like her, by the way, because she may be coming back for more in a couple of weeks. And she may be bringing a friend.) And a really awesome yoga poses forfeit, mainly because the winner is hilariously entertaining as she puts the losers through their paces.

The second episode, 508, fills another recent fan request, mainly by accident.  I'll take it.

After draining the pool of ready-to-publish episodes nearly dry, it's starting to get built back up again (thanks, Johnny) so let's continue the promos. Episode 507 will be published in early April.

Raquel makes her debut. (Yes, her name is spelled correctly. I double-checked.) Her ILAMC promo was published here. The loser of her first game has to go for a Sybian ride, which can be quite a shock to the uninitiated. Girls tend to completely lose control of themselves on the Sybian, turning into thrashing, snarling animals. Many of them find it humiliating to be seen in such a state. Raquel had never been on a Sybian before and was very worried about it, not knowing what to expect. Star knew exactly what to expect. having expertly driven Dakota to orgasm using one, but I don't think that reduced her apprehension about what the device would do to her and what the device would make her do.

Okay. so at the top of this blog post I asked you to consider which inactive LostBets.com player you'd most like to see back. I'm sure that if I asked everybody that question, I'd get many different answers. In fact, when I recently ask a similar question, I did get many different answers. But a few names kept coming up over and over, and one name came up more than all the rest. She's a player I'd thought had retired and there was no hope of ever getting her back. I've gotten dozens of requests to see more of her, and while I love fulfilling fan requests, I had to disappoint everyone in this case. Sorry, I said. Never, I said. She was great, but we've seen the last of her, I said.

So never say never, I guess. I'm very, very happy to have been wrong. I think that I've hyped this reveal enough, or perhaps way too much, and I'm sure that by now many of you have guessed who I'm talking about. So without further ado:

Along with the introductions of Georgia, Catalina, and Aurora, Julie will be making her first return appearance in Episode 509. Promo for that one next week. To everybody who's asked over the years to see more of her:  you're very welcome.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Emergency Double-Update Weekend

Just a quick note: tomorrow will see the publication of two episodes, because reasons. Episodes 504 and 508 both episodes Belle, RyAnne, and Ana Molly. Episode 508 was actually the third game the trio played rather than the second, but there's a reason for that, too. Since this is a last-minute thing, here's the promo for 508.

The loser is strapped to the Greyjoy cross and becomes a plaything for the winners. And boy, do they really take advantage when they have the loser at their mercy. (This also happens to be something that was recently requested.)

There will be another blog post tomorrow with some promised promos. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

For whom the Belle tolls

Episode 503 today, where I get to introduce Trinity. She'll appear alongside Lela and Monica. There's not a whole lot more of her, but what we've got is pretty good.

Here's #2 of the returning players I've been teasing for a few weeks. I hope I'm not overhyping this. I think I probably am. But here's Belle.

A favorite member of the Circus Folk, Belle is one of our most exuberant and excitable players, a real treat to watch whether she wins or loses. She'll be appearing next week in Episode 504, along with RyAnne and Ana Molly. (Next week, I'll introduce the third and final returning player.)

Like usual, I introduce new players with a simple game and a simple forfeit. But the "simple forfeit" turned into something special. Possibly the best yoga pose forfeit we've filmed, and certainly the best up-close camera shots taken by a winner. The winner was gleeful as she taunted the losers and put them through their paces. Good stuff.

This will be followed the week after by Episode 505, putting together relatively new and timid Kasady with veteran wild-child Bailey

I was trying to think of a forfeit for these two girls, when Bailey piped up with "How about foot fucking?" According to both girls, neither had done such a thing before (although I have my doubts about Bailey) and I always love getting girls to try things they've never tried. And it turned out to be surprisingly hot. Dude, that's toe up. That's toe up.

And then it's on to Episode 506. (Yep, the list of available promos is growing again. More to come.)

In Episode 501, the loser had to reveal her naked body to the cameras and the crew and all of you for the first time ever. She sure did blush while doing it. Now these three amateurs return for their second game and higher stakes. Not only does the loser end up exposed, she has to masturbate in front of everyone. It's another first for the loser (I don't think Jennie ever masturbated on camera, but I could be wrong) and she blushes even harder than the loser of the first game. Yet embarrassing or not, the experience of rubbing her own pussy knowing that dozens of people will be gawking at her got her very excited, with obvious results.

Stay tuned for more!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Redhead returns

I've had a few requests lately for more boy/girl. That arrives today with Episode 502, with Anneliese and Krystal battling to find out which will get to dominate the loser along with Trace. It turns out that the winner is a nice girl who has a hard time really bending the loser to her will, but that's okay, because Trace is quite willing and able to take up the slack.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to start introducing the returning veterans I recently shot. Here's the first one:

Yes, RyAnne is back, and yes, she did lose more than just her clothes. You'll find out in Episode 504.

But before Episode 504 will come Episode 503,

Lela is back. She's one of my favorites. (In a recent blog comment I was asked if we'd see Olivia again. Desperate attempts to contact her have failed, but I think Lela looks a lot like her.) Also returning is Monica, last seen with Kasady in Episodes 487 and 493, They're joined by Trinity, who I think makes a great addition to the roster. She's the very picture of the Asian gamer girl, and she's very good at the games. Loser strapped to the Greyjoy cross and ticklevibed. The loser had an unusual reaction to this...


Skipping over 504 since I can't promo it without spoiling next week's reveal, let's take a look at Episode 505.

Originally slated to be Episode 503 but pushed back to make room for other videos, this one features cute brace-faced blonde Kasady taking on a wild Bailey. I wasn't sure what forfeit to use for them and was pondering it when Bailey chimed in with "How about toe fucking?" Okay... thanks, Bailey. After procuring a reluctant Kasady's consent, the game went on. Turns out that toe fucking is surprisingly hot.