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Friday, February 3, 2023

Fun with ChatGPT

I've been occasionally active on Reddit as u/LostBetsRed. Feel free to follow me there. I sometimes post LB-related content, or a lame attempts at humor on r/Jokes.

Blog commenter The Pin found me there and shared a story of playing a real strip game with Zodiac:

Well I always liked following the Lostbets girls where they had professional accounts, some being pros, others strippers etc. From memory I found her stripper account via I believe her name was Tessa? who she played against. Sent her a message, we got talking, had a lot in common, added me on her personal account and we organised a game (virtually as I'm in Australia). She wanted to play battleships, said she was very good at it, which I wasn't sure how as it's somewhat luck with a bit of mathematics involved. She's ultra competitive and turns out very good at it. She won fairly easily, I had her down to her panties at least and for losing I had to masturbate for her, but then she returned the favour haha. We still chat to this day and have another match lined up when schedules work

The first thing I thought was: battleship is definitely a game of skill, dude.

Have you guys seen ChatGPT? I asked it to write an ENF story and here's what I got: 

Write a funny story about three young friends who find themselves unexpectedly and embarrassingly naked in public

Once upon a time, there were three young friends named Jack, Jill, and Jane. They were always up for a good time and enjoyed going on adventures together.

One day, they decided to go for a swim in a secluded lake that was rumored to have the clearest water in the entire county. Excited for the chance to cool off on a hot summer day, they quickly stripped down to their birthday suits and dove into the lake without a second thought.

The water was indeed crystal clear, and they had a great time swimming and playing. But as they were getting out of the lake, they realized that they had forgotten to bring towels and were completely naked.

Feeling embarrassed, they quickly looked around for something to cover themselves with. All they could find were some large leaves, which they used to make makeshift loincloths.

As they were trying to cover up, they heard a group of people approaching. Thinking that it might be other swimmers, they hid behind a nearby bush, hoping not to be seen. But as the group came closer, they realized that it was a group of tourists on a nature hike.

Feeling even more embarrassed, the three friends tried to make a run for it. But as they took off, the makeshift loincloths fell off, leaving them stark naked once again. The tourists couldn't help but laugh and snap pictures as the three friends ran for cover, their bare bottoms flapping in the wind.

Mortified and laughing, they finally made it back to their car and drove home, vowing to never go skinny-dipping in a public place again.

Sure, there are some plot holes, but I've read worse. In my younger days, I've probably written worse. What an amazing world we inhabit.