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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A different point of view

Okay, it's been awhile (almost a year now) but I have finally posted a new POV. Watch Sassy try to take revenge for her humiliation in P146. She either succeeds or she doesn't; see both versions. Plus, I should have enough POVs on tap to resume weekly publication, so look for the next one next Wednesday.

In the last blog post, I promised a rundown of upcoming episodes, so here it is.

In a couple of days, we'll meet Jesse and Jake who came along with their girlfriends Tessa and Jesse respectively in Episode 624. As usual, I started new players off with a simple game and a simple forfeit. The game is Spin the Bottle, well, sort of. I was bored and I coded an electronic version of Spin the Bottle as well as a few other games. You'll see. Two winners pose the two losers to give us all a show. If that's a bit soft for you, don't worry. Things will ramp up quickly.

We'll meet another new player, SarahBeth, in Episode 625. She plays with Stefanie making her long-awaited return. The game is Torange, and again in deference to the newbie, the loser gets posed for the camera.

Jake, Jesse, Leilani, and Tessa are back again in Episode 626. The men play darts, and high score each round gets to strip a piece from the loser's woman. The ultimate loser of the game is strapped helpless to the Greyjoy cross, forced to watch as the winners have their way with his girlfriend. I told you things ramped up quickly, diddn't I?

Carmen, Dylan, and Nancy star in Episode 627, playing Earth and Fire. The loser pays for her orgasm with her ass, taking a solid paddling. This was a weird game. The girls really seemed unclear on the concept, as they were slow and tender when on offense rather than trying to force the loser to cum as quickly as possible. I interrupted them several times to explain the game but they just didn't get it. Oh well, Cute girls fondling each other, right?

Longtime fan favorites Amber, Julie, and Sassy take each other on at Pirate Penguins in Episode 628. The loser's body gets slick and shiny as it's rubbed down with a large bottle of baby oil. That's another group that ramps up.

Carmen, Dylan, and Nancy are back for Episode 629. The loser of their game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors has to greet the pizza guy at the door naked. I might make this one part of a double-update weekend, since the pizza guy wasn't very cooperative and refused the offer to come inside for a lapdance, which I found a bit disappointing.

That gets us to August. More as we get closer.

Friday, June 1, 2018

A quack who's gone to the dogs

Yup. Still breathing. I'll get to LB stuff in a bit, but first, I have a question.

I've said before that I started LostBets.com when I was in my mid-thirties, and that was 11 years ago. So now, if I'm not officially old yet, I'm at least firmly in middle age. And people my age are famous for not understanding just what the hell the youngsters are up to these days. So if you're a member of the millennial generation, please tell me: just what is the deal with duckface? I sometimes check out modeling websites while trying to recruit new players, and I swear that every other photo has that silly pursed-lips look. Why do they do that?

Also, I'm sorry that you guys missed out on the 1980s, the best decade ever. Also, stay off my lawn.

Now that that's out of the way, let's check out some promos from two recent shoots. First, we have Tessa back along with her boyfriend Jesse.

Also that day, Leilani returned along with her boyfriend Jake (not pictured)

Yes, two couples playing together. We got to do some interesting stuff.

On another day, we met newcomer SarahBeth.

She is (and I hope she isn't offended if she sees this) a hick. She was literally a truck driver. Playing against her was a returning sophomore:

People have been asking to see more of Stefanie for months. It wasn't easy and it took awhile, but I finally persuaded her to come back for another round. I hope you like her return. By the way, that 3D model was more popular that everything else I've ever posted to Thingiverse. I guess nudity is the way to attract attention.

Last week's update, Episode 621, was accidentally misabled 622 in the both the clip description and in the filename. Whoops. Today's update is the real 622, featuring everyone's favorite veterans, Sassy, Julie, and Amber, playing I'll Show You Mine. It's a soft forfeit, with the losers doing embarrassing yoga poses while the winner takes up-close and explicit video of them. Enjoy!

UPDATE: A French Guy reminded me in the comment thread about a promo I posted a long, long time ago for a set of four interactive games that I never actually made. That the second shoot I ever did. After my first shoot with Ashton and Mia I'd learned that I needed a tripod and a set of lights, but nobody told me that I should turn off practical lights on the set. Also, keep the umbrella out of the frame. That one I probably should have figured out on my own,

It was just me and Anna in a friend's house, recording in 720x480 on DV magnetic tape. The times, they sure have a-changed. After A French Guy's reminder, I figure I might as well just publish the raw video without the game. Stay tuned for that.