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Friday, September 27, 2013

Shaved pussy

Double update weekend!

So a lot of people have asked lately to see pussy shaving. Good news!

This is my cat Gremlin. I'm pretty sure he's snuck into at least one episode, although not nearly as many as his brother Goliath, who's a real camera hog. Gremlin made a bad wager, and now he's lost all his fur at LostBets.com.

Oh, and Friday's update features a human female shaving her pussy, too.

Saturday's update will conclude the Madison vs. Paige series, and as I frequently enjoy doing, I ended the day with wet and messy.

Today's promo pictures feature a pair of blue-eyed beauties. The returning player promo is of vivacious Catherine, who had a great time:

She's always a lot of fun, and this time was no exception. As for today's newbie, meet Nikole:

If you notice any similarities between these pictures, it's no coincidence: Catherine and Nikole are full-blooded sisters. Catherine thought her little sis might like playing stripping games for LostBets.com so she brought her in. They're not sick and wouldn't do anything sexual with each other, but that doesn't mean that either girl was reluctant to strip and embarrass her sister, and laugh at her nakedness. Good times.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Native American Leg Wrestling

Leg wrestling today, Episode 358. 18-year-old newbie Jennie risks a Sybian ride against Amber. Enjoy!

So I've been posting this pictures of new players. The first we'll see them in action is in Episode 365, which isn't too far off. Here's today's returning player:

When last we saw Bob, he was getting his ass pegged by JC in Episode 273. Yeowwch. I felt after he had to endure such an ordeal, he deserved a little something nice from LostBets.com, so he got some nice rewards. 

Speaking of nice rewards, anybody like goth girls?

She's very petite, slender, dark-haired, and petite. Did I mention petite? She's pocket-sized Bailey and she's coming soon.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Episode .357 publishes today, with a little boy-girl action. Either Madison is going to get her amateur pussy eaten by fellow amateur James, or she'll be sucking his dick. Either way, it's a good show.

As for this week's previews, returning soon is Grace:

Grace was popular and I'm excited to have her back. (I wasn't able to get her partner-in-crime Eve, which is a pity, but I'm happy with what I got.) Grace will be joined by new girl Olivia, seen here blushing and trying to keep her nipples hidden:

You'll like her. I sure do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On the horizon

This week, another Ice Race, this time with Erica, Mo, and Liilii. It's short, and therefore cheap. These races take place in the semi-public hotel hallway, and anybody might pop out of the adjoining rooms to see what's going on.

In the near future:

Young amateur Madison is back, this time for some girl vs. boy against James in Episode 357. The game is basketball, and the winner gets oral from the loser. Last time I put Madison in a basketball game, she bragged about how she was sure to win, and so she did. So I figured she'd probably appreciate the chance to play another game of basketball and further her dominance. Now, I really wanted to see Madison give head, but I hate rigging the games, so I insisted that this one be played scrupulously fairly. It's not my fault that James towers over Madison, is it?

UPDATE: I was confused when I wrote this. Madison lost her last basketball game (in Episode 345) against Paige. My bad.

Newbie Jennie returns against fan-favorite Amber in Episode 358, playing a new game: Indian leg wrestling. The loser has to go for a ride on the Sybian, while the winner works the controls. And I'll give full props to Amber on this one: she would not have minded a Sybian ride. In fact, she even said that she really wanted to ride the Sybian. But she's a fierce competitor, and winning the game meant more to her than writhing in ecstasy on the Sybian, so she gave it her best. Was it good enough? Find out in a couple of weeks.

Ah, Episode 359. A real blast from the past. A long-lost diamond in the rough, unearthed after more than four years. I'll have more to say about this one when it's published. Jane and Kat (later Naomi,  later still Amber Heavens) play basketball, while Lily, sporting a recently-shaved pussy, officiates. Loser joins Lily with a clean-shaven pussy. A lot of people have been asking for more pussy-shaving lately, so I'm really glad this one is coming up.

In Episode 360, Madison is back against Paige. It's a tense game of Noname, with a wet-and-messy forfeit in store for the loser.

Amber and Jennie are back again in Episode 361, this time joined by Patrick. It's a new game: Battling Robots. The players have little robots which they unleash against each other, with the last robot standing winning. The loser gets fingercuffed: one dick in the mouth, one in the pussy or ass, depending on whether the loser has a pussy. Of course, there's only one real dick on the set, so either one or both of the winners' dicks will be artificial, again depending on who loses.

It's boys (Lance and Xzavier) vs. girls (Angel and Kandii) in Episode 362 in a game of Team Noname. The losers each take ten strokes from each of the winners with the LostBets.com paddles. And I gotta say, the paddling was brutal. I very nearly stepped in to call a halt as the winners showed no mercy, leaving the losers' asses covered with angry red welts. Be careful what you bet at LostBets.com.

Episode 363 also offers a paddling, albeit a much tamer one, with adorable Katie, Paige, and Hollis. I'll probably publish 362 and 363 together as part of an all-paddling double-update.

That's what's coming up in the relatively near future. In the farther future, here are this week's teasers for upcoming players. First, the newbie. Meet Ashlyn:

Ashlyn's an adorable brunette who played in some awesome games with awesome forfeits. And speaking of adorable brunettes, guess who's coming back?

Addie made her first appearance all the way back in 2008's Episode 018, my first episode filmed in high definition, and my first episode featuring masturbation. Good times. Unfortunately, her last appearance was nearly three years ago in Episode 192. I've missed her, and it's great to have her back. Hope you're as happy to see ehr again as I am.