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Friday, December 25, 2015

You sleigh me

Merry Christmas to all! And what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than with porno? It might be a bit blasphemous, but if there's a Supreme Being, I'm pretty sure He approves.

(okay, maybe more than just a bit blasphemous.)

Anyway. Assuming I haven't been struck with lightning by a wrathful God, today we'll see Episode 496. Adorable young blonde Kasady is back, and this time she's facing off against a girl with a bit more of a wild streak than Monica has. Bailey is here to lure Kasady into more daring forfeits, starting with a winner getting to sit on a loser's face.

In a couple of weeks, things heat up with Episode 498.

It's a couples game, as Kimmy and Kevin square off against Trace and new girl Helena. The game is Strip Frenzy, where whoever mashes buttons faster is the winner. The players alternate, first boy vs. boy, then girl vs. girl. Each time someone loses, both members of that couple have to strip. Once one couple is naked, the real fun begins. The losing guy gets strapped to the Greyjoy Cross. Restrained, he has no choice but to watch helplessly as the winning couple uses his woman in any way they want.

Then there's just one more to go before Episode 500...

Episode 499 brings back Anneliese, hot blonde who exudes sex, and Rose, hot geeky brunette who's no stranger to sexiness herself. Also joining them is Trace, there because of his skills with rope. I guess they teach you that in the Marines, because he's pretty good at securely binding someone. (Do they teach you that in the Marines? If so, I approve.) Once the loser is securely bound, with her legs in the air and her pussy fully exposed and vulnerable, the winner gets to have her fun, with various toys to help her out. 

And that will be it until Episode 500...

Friday, December 18, 2015

Da da da dum DUM, da da da DUM dum, da da da DUM dum, da da da da

In case the title of this post isn't obvious (it's not), it's supposed to be the Star Wars theme. I'm actually not going to see it today (got too much shit to take care of), but I'm looking forward to seeing it soon, and I'm cautiously optimistic that J.J. Abrams can fix the atrocities inflicted on the franchise by George Lucas. If you haven't seen the Plinkett Reviews of the prequels, or of the ST:TNG movies, or of just about anything, I highly recommend them. 

Sorry for the nerdiness, but it seems appropriate on a day when we're introducing Rose. I can't help it, I love nerdy girls, especially the type that are highly sexual and wild. She joins other newcomer Anneliese in Episode 495, playing Strip Freeze with the trusty ol' cock gag making an appearance for the forfeit.

And I finally have some new promos to share. To start with, next week we'll see Episode 496.

We paired one of our most demure new girls, Kasady, with one of our wildest, Bailey. It's a game of Strip Memory, where the winner gets to ride the naked loser's face. It's a good game and a good forfeit, and it's a great lead in to their next appearance, in Episode 502. You don't believe what happened then. I want to give a grateful shoutout to Bailey, who came up with the idea... but I'm getting ahead of myself. That won't be until February.

But 496 will close out 2015. Ringing in the new year will be Episode 497.

Cute tiny redhead Lizzy and Semitic goddess Rachel are back, and they're joined by Tomiko. Tomiko is the oldest player we've ever had at the time she was filmed, although you'd never be able to tell by looking at her tight, toned body and perky tits. Tomiko and Mo are, I think, the only players we've had who are older than I am, and oy, I should look so good. They play a new game I made up, called Panty Hoes. and if I wasn't already going to Pun Hell for Strip W.H.O.R.E.S., I definitely am now. The girls wear pantyhose on their heads, with tennis balls in the feet. (Actually, due to a procurement error, they're using thigh-high stockings rather than pantyhose. They worked.) They each have a row of water bottles to knock down, and the have to swing their heads to make their tennis balls hit them. It was a pretty fun game, and I'll have to use it some more.

All three of these girls are reluctant to do anything too naughty in front of the camera, so it's a relatively tame forfeit: yoga poses. The winner had a hell of a good time, taking great glee making the losers hold unbelievably revealing poses while she leaned in closer for a better look.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ain't got much to say

Like the title says, not much to report. No new promos at this time. But today, you can enjoy Episode 494, with a new mode for Marvin: Earth and Fire, one of my favorite games. Starring Chanel, Briella, and one of my favorite blondes, Krystal. Enjoy!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Since I been gone

So today is Episode 493, featuring the return of Monica and Kasady. (This is the last game these two, but both will appear again against other opponents.) One of these girls will be experiencing a Sybian for the first time. Since I didn't promo this one yet, here it is.

Next week, we'll see Episode 494, with Briella, Chanel, and Krystal back for Round 2.

The game is Earth and Fire (we're back to that instead of Magnitude), using the E&F mode of Marvin. The girls press a button, the box spins a virtual spinner to pick a loser, then counts down the time the winners have to play with and stimulate the loser. First to cum loses, and has her exhausted body strapped into the Greyjoy Cross and suffers a spanking as punishment for her lack of self-control.

Then it's on to 495, and two new girls.

Anneliese is an adorable blonde with a smoking figure. Rose is... hmm, how to describe Rose? Usually the phrase "she's got a great personality" is code for "she's unattractive", which definitely doesn't apply to Rose. But she's got a great personality. The whole crew thought she was awesome. You'll see.

They play Strip Freeze (again using Marvin), and for the forfeit, we break out the cock gag, which has been absent for awhile. In the past, we've used both wearing the cock gag and getting fucked by it as punishments, but both girls were intrigued by the cock gag and thought it would be hilarious to make their opponent jam her face back and forth into the winner's pussy while she taunts the loser, so that's what we did.

(Before I'm asked, I don't have any updates this time on the POV store. But there are some new ones coming up that I think are pretty good.)

Last time I blogged (too long ago, I know) I mentioned that I was doing a shoot that weekend, and it's time to tell you how it went. We had three girls, all amateurs. Two had never been naked on camera before. One had, but... well, read on. (I should add, or maybe I shouldn't, that these are real women with real bodies, and real bodies aren't usually perfect.)

First up is AngieJo:

I have to be honest: I'm a little uneasy with calling her an amateur. She's never been naked on camera before, but she has worked as an exotic dancer, and so she's at least used to having strangers see her naked.  But she's cute: the very picture of the voluptuous black woman with the bubble-butt and purple makeup. 

Then we have Cora, who hasn't been a stripper and was both nervous as hell and uncontrollably excited.

Seriously, I've got a candid promo of her I'll publish soon. It starts with her watching as Johnny, Hippo, and Ferret set up the equipment. She's so nervous, she's wringing her hands and taking deep breaths to try to calm down. It's extremely cute. She then tells a story about a game of Strip Spoons she played with a big mixed-gender group, including her sister. The story ends with her sister pointing a knife at her and demanding she finish the game... but you'll see that, too.

The third girl has, like I said, been naked on camera before, but only once. And that once was with us.

The last time we saw Jennie, she was just 18 years old. People have been asking me to get her back ever since, and I'm happy to oblige. Now she's 21 and she's a mom. Among other effects of childbirth, this has made her boobs grow bigger. They look even better now.

That was on Saturday. On Sunday, Cora returned and brought someone else with her, but that story will have to wait for now.