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Friday, May 31, 2013

The return of the Machine

Sybian time again. One girl rides while the other takes control.

Amber's wild side continued to emerge.

I'm behind in comment replies to the last blog thread. I'll catch up soon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Addicted to inkahol

Today's update, Episode 339, features an ink model. Usually, I prefer the girl-next-door type, meaning few or no tattoos, but this time I made an exception. No regrets. If you want to see more of Missy in her element, you can search for Miss (or Mrs) Inkaholic. Enjoy,

Friday, May 17, 2013

I, 337

Episode 337 is published, featuring two of my very favorite female players and one brand-new male player.

Here's a peek at what's coming in the near future:

Hmm... looking at these, the lineup is pretty heavy with masturbation forfeits. Hope nobody minds...

Friday, May 10, 2013

That didn't go as planned

When I was setting up what became Episode 336 (Earth and Fire with Belle, Zoe, and Amber), I remembered that quite a few people have asked to see more anal play. So I told the girls that the winners could use whatever they wanted from the collection I laid out in front of the couch, but I made specific mention that there were butt plugs there and strongly suggested that they be used. All three looked somewhat apprehensive, but agreed.

So what happened? They remember I said "butt" but forgot about the "plug" part, and shoved a glass dildo up the poor loser's hinder. Oh well. Hope y'all like it anyway.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another double-update weekend

Two more updates this weekend. Don't get used to it; there's no way we can keep up this pace. But 334 and 335 are both kind of short, so I figured I'd publish them together.

Friday's Episode 334 is the third (and final) game featuring Cory, Lakota, and Tierra. They play a quick game of pure chance (High Card), with the loser being strung up in the doorjamb cuffs and tickled mercilessly until she can't take it anymore.

On Sautrday, Episode 335 is the third (and also final) game with Cheyenne and Dre. They play a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser goes over the winner's knee for a thorough bare-hand, bare-ass spanking.

Coming up in the near future:

Episode 336 brings back Belle, Zoe, and Amber to play a game of Earth and Fire. The winners get to use their choice of toys on the loser. And there's butt stuff on the menu...

In Episode 337, two of my favorite girls, Ashley and Candle, face off against new guy Billy in a free-for-all game of Word Scramble. The winners get to do whatever they want to the loser... and they've got some pretty nasty stuff in mind.

Episode 338 was already published. Not sure what I'll do here, but I might put the next game with Paige and Madison in this spot. They play Strip Basketball. The loser gets hogtied, has to pose for an anatomy lesson as we all get intimate views of her parts, and is then tickled for a solid 5 minutes.

Episode 339 features Lakota with new girl Missy. Missy is an ink model who's turned her body into a canvas. She's never done porn, but had heard about LostBets.com and wanted to give it a try. She was pretty nervous about it, and tried her best to keep her legs closed. She wasn't always successful.

Belle and Amber play Fuck-It in Episode 340 (Zoe had to go home,) The loser has to ride the Sybian while the winner control it.... and her.

Episode 341 features Paige, this time matched against big-breasted blonde bombshell Katie. The game is Croc 'n' Balls, and the loser does an embarrassing and revealing exercise/stretching routine.

This list probably isn't 100% accurate (some games from newer shoots will probably jump the queue and get published earlier) but it's an idea. Enjoy.