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Friday, April 29, 2011

A long time coming

Ah, Julie. Sweet Julie. Sweet, innocent Julie. Well, sweet, no-longer-quite-so-innocent Julie, at any rate.

Julie risks a BJ (and Vince risks putting on an embarrassing show for the ladies) in an update that I still can't believe actually happened. I teased it awhile ago, and today's the day.

Usually, I ask that people don't post spoilers in blog comment threads for at least a week after publication, but I expect that people will want to talk about this one, so for this update I'm waiving that request. Feel free to talk about the outcome. If you haven't seen it and don't want spoilers, please don't peek in the comments.

Next week will feature the return of Lily and RyAnne to play their first non-POV game. Stripscotch, with the winner getting to put the loser through an extremely revealing exercise routine. Seriously, I saw this thing in a Japanese porno where the loser of a game had to do naked squats, while the cameraman lay on the floor between her legs with the camera pointed up. I thought that was good enough to steal.

I haven't decided yet what will be episodes 220+, but there's some mighty fine stuff waiting on deck.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have it your way

Episode 217 is up, featuring a forfeit requested by a fan. I love it when I can fulfill these.

Falling a bit behind on blog replies. Somebody noted that I was more responsive lately, and jinxed it.

Edit: Hey, geeks (62% of you, anyway). Anybody got a suggestion what I should use to safely (and hopefully not too expensively) to keep this beast backed up?

Raw video files are big. Who knew?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pizza 'n' pregnancy

The third consecutive (and, phew, final for now) double-update weekend concludes the Pizza Trilogy. In truth, it's not really a "trilogy" in the sense of telling a single coherent story, it's just three pizza videos shot on three different days in the same location. Figured it'd be nice to get 'em all published reasonably close to each other. Episode 216 is a new twist on the pizza guy forfeit (which, honestly, was getting a wee bit overdone) and it's all 100% genuine.

First, though, the return of Ashley and Rainy. If you don't find pregnant women attractive or if you find the concept of pregnant women expressing their sexuality in this sort of setting offensive, please stay away. If on the other hand you think seeing super-pregnant women in sexual contexts is exciting, hawt. Don't miss 215.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pizza 'n' masturbation

Another double-update weekend begins today. First, today the Pizza Trilogy continues with the second game in the series, as seven girls compete to find out which three of them will have to reveal their charms to the pizza boy.

Then tomorrow, a POV game featuring Lily and new girl RyAnne. I really, really like this one, but that's just my opinion, which may be biased by the fact that I think RyAnne is among the sexiest girls I've ever met.

Next week, the double updates continue as the Pizza Trilogy concludes with an interesting twist, and Ashley and Rainy return to play their second (and final) game. The week after that, it's back to single updates (sorry), as Kandie, Kamora, and Isis compete to see who's gonna get tied up and banged by Dante. And then on Friday, April 29, the hotly anticipated Episode 218 featuring Julie vs. Vince in a very high-stakes game of Battlestrip. Don't miss it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is no April Fool's joke

Yeah, sorry about yesterday's post. Here's something that's definitely not a joke to make it up to you.

So I mentioned that Julie and some of her friends came over to play some games last week. Well, here's a promo for the first game they played. Many people have asked for this. I've thought it'd be impossible, and I'm still astonished that I was able to talk her into putting this on the line. Currently planning to publish this one as episode 218.

Sammy and Mika in the background are flanking new girl Leilani, a petite young lady of Japanese/Hawaiian descent.

By the way, the game was played completely fairly, and despite enormous temptation I resisted the urge to rig things so I'd get the outcome that I (and I suspect most of you) wanted to see. If you like to see real, genuine tension over what's going to happen, here it is.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's update features...

Okay, guys, are you ready for this? Today's update features the last-minute return of Ashton and Mia, my very first (and among my shyest) players. I managed to talk them into appearing in a game with Taylor, Nicole, Zayda, and Tristen, with a surprise appearance by Ashley right when the long series of forfeits starts to get really good. The resulting lesbian sex orgy makes this clip an all-time classic.

April Fool. But enjoy the double-update weekend anyway.