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Friday, January 29, 2016

And on it goes

YBYA Round 2 today. Here's the promo, which I withheld because it gives away the ending for Round 1, but that was a week ago and if you didn't want spoilers, you should have acted more quickly

User Rene had an interesting idea in the last blog post: run a poll to find the all-time favorite player(s). I like this, so in the comments, please nominate players you think might make good candidates. I'll compile them and run a poll soon.

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's about time

It was on February 2, 2009, that I met up with Johnny and Kat, and Kitty, Katherine, Daisy, and Zayda, and their boyfriends, and 35 or so mostly strangers to hold our first (and so far only) game show, You Bet Your Ass. It's taken a long time, but here it is. Keep in mind that this was done with our 2009 equipment so don't expect the highest quality.

Not much else to say. I'm gonna continue to withhold the promo for YBYA2, since it'd spoil the outcome for this one. I'll publish the promo next week before the episode is published.

Friday, January 15, 2016

And then there was one, sort of

Anneliese and Rose (the latter of whom is one of my favorite new girls, and the former is no slouch herself) are back today in Episode 499. And once again, out come the Ben Wa balls. I like them because like the Sybian, it's something that most girls have never experienced before, and it makes them simultaneously apprehensive and excited.

Like I said last week, Episode 500 will be delayed a bit, but while we wait we'll be publishing the long-delayed You Bet Your Ass, our game show we filmed in front of a live studio audience. A couple of clips from the show have made it to publication (Episodes 107 and 108) but as you can tell from the low episode numbers, I've been sitting on this footage for a loooon time. Almost seven years, in fact: the show took place on February 22, 2009. I'd met Johnny and Kat, the emcees, barely a month earlier while shooting Bush's Last Day, so it's actually kind of impressive that we were able to put together this whole thing so quickly.

So why the long delay? Well, one disadvantage of arranging a big, complex shoot quickly is that there's less time available to vet the players. And I was horrified to find that one of the males had a really, really offensive tattoo, and I'm not easily offended. This was a symbol of hate, and while the dude in question assured me that he no longer subscribes to that ideology, it still made me feel sick to my stomach, and I sat on the footage rather than publish it. But I've gotten a lot of pleas for its publication over the years, and I think it's finally time.

Four girls were the contestants, and they brought their boyfriends, who participated in some of the games and forfeits. The players included slinky Katherine and pudgy Kitty, who've never appeared at LostBets.com. There's Daisy, who's made three appearances, in Episodes 087, 138, and 140. And then there's Zayda, veteran of nearly two dozen episodes, fan favorite, and another girl I've gotten tons of requests to see more of. Well, here she is.

We're going to be publishing a total of four games (six were played, two have already been published.) First up will be Episode YBYA1, published next week.

The game was Hi-Lo Trivia, which is a cool game that we need to use more often. The four girls were divided into two teams of two: redheads versus brunettes. The winning team's boyfriends get to come onstage and give the losing girls a good groping, in front of their boyfriends and the audience.

The boyfriends of the losers get a chance to take their revenge, though, in YBYA2. While their girlfriends have to stay naked (again, in front of everybody in the audience) their boys take on the winning girls from YBYA1 in a game of Beer Pong. The losers get leaned up against the wall and paddled hard by the winners. No promo for that one yet. It'd spoil YBYA1, since the losers of that one are standing stark naked and exposed throughout. I'll publish the promo for YBYA2 next week, after YBYA1 is published.

But here's a promo for YBYA3.

It's a free-for-all game of Strip Basketball, to two losers. As if being fondled and paddled for a gleeful audience wasn't humiliating enough, the losers of this one must sit on a couch and masturbate themselves with toys. I can think of few things more mortifying to have to do in front of a cheering crowd.

The promo for YBYA4 will be published next week along with the promo for YBYA2. (Technically, YBYA4 was the pie-eating contest published as Episode 108, and YBYA5 and YBYA7 were part of Episode 107. Rather than cause confusion with skipped numbers, I'm just renumbering the unpublished ones.) But those who've been paying attention have an inking of what it involves. Suffice to say that it gets way raunchier than even forced masturbation.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Long-awaited Episode 498 is published, featuring Kevin and Kimmy taking on Trace and Helena. I hope people like it. Leave feedback in the comments. I haven't gotten much feedback lately, so just a reminder: I read it and listen to it. I love getting ideas from fans and using them, but in addition to new ideas, I'd also really appreciate comments on the existing work: what you like and what you didn't, what worked and what failed, so I know what to do more of and what to do less of.

Episode 500 is likely to be delayed by a couple of weeks while we apply the finishing touches. During the gap, we'll be publishing You Bet Your Ass! (speaking of long-awaited stuff), our game show in front of a live audience which we filmed awhile ago but we (mostly) haven't published, until now. Some of you have been waiting literally years for this, so I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers. No new promos this week, alas.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Respect your elders

I couldn't believe it when I found out how old Tomiko was. She's one of only two players we've had that are older than I am, and man, I should look so good. Anyway, she's in today's Episode 497.

I hope everyone had a good New Year. No new episode promos while we put the finishing touches on Episode 500, but here are a few of the girls you'll be meeting in 2016.

Audrey is statuesque and patrician-looking:

We've had a lot of ridiculously sexy blonde-haired blue-eyed players lately. It's hard to pick a favorite, but Kate would be right up there.

Voluptuous and spunky Pearle played some fun games, and had quite a rivalry going on with Kevin.

Raquel... you have no idea.  She was so fantastic that we immediately invited her back for more. 
You'll see why when she debuts.

When we first saw pictures of Violet, we thought she looked just like Sophie Turner, but when we met her, we found that she also had a little bit of Carice van Houten in her, so we nicknamed her Melisansa

Yesenia is of Indian descent. For some reason, I had a really tough time remembering her name, so we came up with a mnemonic device:

"I'm going to stick this in you."
"In me?"

Worked well enough.

Finally, a couple of girls we've already met, but I don't remember if I shared their promos or not, so here they are.