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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ten! ... Nine! ... Eight! ... Seven! ...


As 2008 draws to a close and 2009 dawns, please join us in ringing in the New Year. To celebrate, Lost Bets Productions will be offering a special bonus clip, published at midnight tonight. The high-def version will be published at 12:00 AM Eastern (UTC-5), while the standard version will follow at 12:00 AM Pacific (UTC-8). Not only that, but for the first 24 hours each clip is available (i.e. all of New Year's Day), the clips will be on sale, with $5 off the high-def version and $3 off the standard version.

And I think it's a pretty good clip, too. It's the first in a new series, with four (count 'em) girls, including the return of a controversial regular, the return of a girl everybody likes, the return of a girl we've hardly seen enough of, and the debut of a brand-new girl. This will be a bonus update and won't interfere with the regular weekend update. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Crosis has a life and therefore can't immediately make one of his killer promos, so I tried my own hand at it. The result... well, it's not as good as his, but hopefully it will serve until he has time to make something better.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

What's the last thing you take off in a strip game???

Once upon a time, I "won" a strip poker game and was left wearing only a neck tie (probably not a story you want to hear). On that occasion I had the choice, but at LostBets, you don't always get to choose. The update this week features Arwen, Brigid, and Faith, playing a game of high card. The winner of each hand not only gets to decide what the loser removes, but she gets to personally strip the loser herself. As a result, there is one girl (I won't say who) who is left with only her shoes at one point. The TWO losers get to streak down the hall from Red's room to their room (with Red, and the winner following behind).

Here's a sneak peek...

Friday, December 26, 2008

OMG a Friday update!

Hi guys, just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking, and also that I'm finally back on schedule and this week's update is now posted. Crosis will post more detail later, along with one of his awesome promos, but for now, enjoy! I also wanted to post to whine a bit more about how there's been a lot o' shit going down in Red-ville, not all of it pleasant, and it's prevented me from devoting the attention to Lost Bets that it's deserved. Again. Anyway... if you've sent me email you've probably been waiting quite awhile for a reply, but a response is forthcoming.

I hope everybody had a merry Christmas, a happy Hannukah, a kwazy Kwanzaa, and/or a solemn and reserved Ramadan, whichever you may celebrate. Best wishes to us all for the New Year, and may 2009 bring us joy, peace, and lots and lots of blushing naked girls.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Chanukah Strip Game Story --by Crosis

The following story is fiction. The only place this game happened was in the depth of my imagination. The party in the story actually happened, the people are real- although the names have been changed to protect the guilty (no one was really innocent at this party), and the mention of the strip game did actually happen, but it was intended as an inside joke between old friends rather than an actual suggestion....

The Players:

Crosis- Yours truly, and the host of the party. Male, 5'11" with a body that was at one point in time athletic light brown curly hair.

Diane- My girlfriend. We had been dating for about 2 months at the time and things were going quite well. She's 5'2" with curves in all the right places and a GREAT rack (that she was very shy about for some reason). At this party, she was meeting 2 of my old friends from back home for the first time...

Lisa- One of my oldest and dearest friends. We were friends in high-school, "friends with benefits" (before that was even a common term) in college, and roommates on many occasions. She was always a bit kinky, and has since gone on to become EXTREMELY kinky (leather, whips, chains, and handcuffs barely begin to describe how kinky she can be). It's kind of strange, because if you didn't knhow about her kinky side, she comes off as a laid back hippie chick.

Geoff- another close friend. Tall (6'3") lanky artistic musician type.

Andrea- my next door neighbor. Cute hippie chick with a pierced tongue. She had an on and off boyfriend (who had left the party early in a snotty mood). She was about 5'8", with a nice body (that she refused to admit was nice). She also had the same aversion to razors as Lily.

Cindy- She was a friend of Andrea (co-worker I believe). Cute college girl. About 5'4" with brown hair and cute bubble butt. She was wearing tight jeans with hints of a teal thong peeking over her the waist band.

Erik- Downstairs neighbor. His girlfriend was working that night- that's important,because if she was there, he probably wouldn't have been as laid back as he was that evening.


Andrea suggested a Chanukah party... I had moved into town about 6 months earlier, and some of my old friends from back home were coming into town in December to meet my new friends, so why not. I had thrown some real stinkers of party us in my past, but for some reason, this one was really good. We had a good amount of people for the space (a small 1 bedroom apartment). Geoff played some tune son the guitar, we ate latkes, lit the menorah, drank the ceremonial drinks (beer, wine, tequila,), ****ed the ceremonial **** (edited for personal protection), and played Dreidel. (If you don't know what Dreidel is see here.)

To keep this from being a mega-post, the rest of the story is in the comments section...

If anyone has a story they'd like to add, please do so in the comments...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So, you wanted to see more of...

... Sasha and Vivian ,or was it more of Vivian and Sasha... Either way we've got you covered. To make up for the missed weekend, we'll be releasing not one but TWO games featuring these two lovelies... The clips will be released at the store this weekend, but here's a sneak preview.

The HD version of both games are up at the store. Expect the SD clips to follow over the next few days.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If only I had neighbors like this...

Sorry for the delay in this post, but the new clip is indeed up at the store and features 4 returning players playing a new game (at least new to us). Lily, Elise, Amber, and Sean play the classic card game "Screw Your Neighbor" (a relatively simple variation on high card). The first 2 players to get naked become living canvases for the artistic talents of the winners (let's just hope nobody snuck a Sharpie in to the pack of markers).

The promo for this week is a something a bit different. I've included clips from their previous 3 games as well as some highlights from the new game. There are some quick spoilers for the previous games (so if you haven't seen their games of Spin the Bottle, Hi Card, or, The Pie Eating Contest, now would be a good time).

Again, I've gone to painstaking measures to make sure that no "naughty bits" are shown in this promo. The uncensored version of the promo will appear in my DailyMotion group. I'll have a link to that video once it's up.

I'll have more comments on this video later in the week (once I can reveal spoilers), but I will say that this video comes closest to a real strip game that might be played at a small party. The pace of the game play might be a little slow at times, but the banter between the players is great. I hope you enjoy.

Edit: As promised, this video along with the other promos I've created are also posted at my DailyMotion group. Check it out if you get a chance (although it's not much more than you see here). I'm actually hoping that the traffic flow is from DailyMotion (in the form of new customers), but for the time being it will be a place to share some things that I can't share here. If you found us through the DailyMotion group, post a comment and let us know...

Monday, December 8, 2008

What do you get if you have an accident with...

a prophylactic and a time machine??? (100 points to the first one to know the answer and the reference). If I had a time machine, I'd be able to get these promos up before the video is released to whet your collective appetites. Alas, I get access to the videos shortly before you do, so I do my best.

Here's a quick look at this week's game. I can't show much more of the game right now because it does go downhill badly for one of these ladies after this. I will have a longer version of the promo (that includes a spoiler) in a week or so. This is the first game for both of these two, so there's a bit of uncertainty about how to play, but it gets sorted out, and the game (and forfeit) is quite good.

These two hung around for a few more games, and the rumor mill has it that the final game in the series features the hardest spanking delivered at LostBets. I won't say which set of cheeks get turned a bright shade of red, you'll just have to stay tuned...

Edit 12/15:

Here's the longer version of the promo for the game. ** SPOILER ALERT ***. This promo does reveal who wins the game, but does not reveal the loser's naughty bits (in accordance with intergalactic law).

Share and enjoy...