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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new point of view for 2014

I've published a handful of "POV" games, where the girl is actually playing against you, the viewer, through the camera, including Episodes 059, 157, 180, 211, 214, 246, and B046. People who've been following the blog for a long time know that Lily Cameron, once a player here, has moved to the other side of the camer, and I've had her shooting POVs for me, which I've been stockpiling. For a long time people have asked when they'd be released, and for a long time I've been dawdling. Finally, early this year, I promised I'd have them out by the end of the year. As usual, I've procrastinated, but now, at literally the last minute, the deed is done. Just as the ball drops to ring in the New Year, the first 10 clips will hit the new Lost Bets POV store. From then, there will be a new clip every Wednesday.

POVs are very different from the usual "reality porn" we usually shoot. We normally tell our players to just be themselves, while a POV model has to act. Lily didn't direct these in quite the same way we would have, but I hope you like them.

Friday, December 27, 2013

End of December

It's the last weekend in Double December, and Episodes 378 and 379 are ready to finish out the month. Today, Episode 379 brings back Heather, albeit in a featured role rather than as a player. Since that featured role entails her being gloriously naked the whole game, I don't think anyone will complain. On Saturday, Episode 378 has Ashlyn and Richard duking it out for an ass-whooping. By the way, did I mention before that the lovely Ashlyn is just 19? I don't think I did.

Last week, Bex and Piper made a very successful debut against popular amateur Madison and long-awaited returnee Sassy. See them in the very first clip of 2014 in Episode 380, in a very intense game of Elefino that leaves one of them masturbating on the couch while everyone else enjoys the view.

There's a few more new girls working their way through the production queue. Say hi to Savannah:

...and Sage:

Here are a couple of promos of Episode 376's losers:

There are a whole lot of blog comments in the last thread I haven't responded to yet. The holidays have been a bit hectic and I haven't had the time I've needed. I'll get to them, and soon.

Finally, a few years ago, I mentioned that Xena had gotten a for-real no-fooling actual ink-and-needle tattoo of Lost Betsy on her wrist. I posted a picture of it, but pictures aren't too hard to fake. so for any of you doubters out there, check this out. It's totally legit.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The ol' switcheroo

I'm changing around the order of the updates on this latest weekend of Double December. 377 will be published today, 376 on Saturday. The reason is that 376 is softcore. Now, it's really, really good softcore, but so was 375, and in fact they use the same forfeit (both times with excellent results.) It's high time we had more hardcore around here, so presenting 377 with Mouna, Olivia, Grace, and Bob. I liked it.

I'm going to pull the old switcheroo next weekend, the last of Double December, simply because I can't sit on 379 for one more day than necessary. Lela vs. Candle for a butt-plug and a strap-on, using Heather's beautiful naked body as a prop? How could I wait?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letter from a fan

So a few days ago, I received this interesting email:
Hi Red,
Our names are Eve and Adam [Red's note: names changed].  We are a big fan of your website.  We have been viewers for a long time and wanted to contact you because me and my boyfriend have come up with a game for us to play based on your website. 
First a little background.  We are very loyal to each other and have never cheated.  However soon we are planning to become engaged and we decided together that we would have one last chance (at least for one of us) to get other people out of our system.  We have decided to create a game where the loser would have to watch the winner have sex with another person while the loser is forced to watch.  We have spent much time actually finding people who we both agreed on that the other can have sex with if they win and have got them to agree to this! 
We were planning that 'the game' will just be guessing who will win the games on your site before we sit down to watch them.  First person to a certain amount of wins would be declared the winner.
As you have been the one who inspired us, we wanted to get your thoughts and 'stamp of approval' or if you have any ideas or changes that you think might work better.
Thank you again for all your great work on the videos and website!
Obviously, the first thing I did after I read this email was to try to talk them into taking their game to LostBets.com and playing for the cameras. (Actually, that's not quite true. The first thing I did was to congratulate them on their pending engagement, and then to make sure they'd really thought this through and were sure that whatever the outcome, they'd both be okay with it.) After considering that, they declined, but they did say that they'd post about their ongoing wager on the blog, so we can follow it and see what happens. They're planning to play until one of them wins five times, alternating who gets first pick. So good luck, Adam and Eve! I'm proud to be a part of this. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet the amateurs

I love recruiting amateurs. I love talking girls who've never been naked on camera before into playing stripping games for my cameras so I can share their blushing bodies with the world. Mind you, plenty of my best players have been at least semi-professional models, but there's something about the real girls who never even really thought about posing nude until I brought it up.

Friday's update stars James and Madison, both of whom are amateurs who'd been virgins to naked video until LostBets.com. Friday's update also introduces Delilah, without whom I'd never have met James and Madison. 

Delilah was Johnny's girlfriend. She's also pretty hot and I would not have minded at all having her in front of my camera, but she's also got fiercely protective, mean, and armed male relatives, and while I'm sure Delilah's body is worth seeing, I doubt it's worth my life. She makes an appearance in Episode 374, but as a fully-clothed designated clothing-remover and spanker which I'm hoping is tame enough to spare me the wrath of her kinfolk. So instead of posing naked, she did the next best thing: she referred her friends. Madison tends bar at a restaurant where Delilah used to work.

Delilah also introduced me to Bex, who tends bar at a different restaurant where Delilah used to wait tables. (Delilah now waits tables at yet another restaurant. I'm waiting to see if they have a hot bartender.) Bex, in turn, lured in Piper, her friend and, I think, her nanny. Meet the two of them here:

I am not a very good interviewer, but I hope I'm getting better. See them debut in Episode 376.

But first, Double December continues on Saturday with Episode 375. I'm very excited to introduce Heather and Lela, both of whom I think will be popular, as they face off with Candle, who's  already popular. Heather is a blonde angel in human form with impressive all-natural knockers and a sweet disposition to match. She wouldn't risk anything sexual  (she's not that kind of girl) but you'll like what you see of her. Her first game is Pod Stab (which we've previously called Puck Off) with the markers positioned in a way that guarantees that the increasingly naked players have to run and bend over a lot.  And for the forfeit? Well, once upon a time I had a PA named Prudella DePrude, and she made me some cards depicting stick figures in revealing yoga poses. I dusted them off, and wow, do they work well.

Heather's opponent Lela, by the way, really deserves her own special mention. She's definitely the girl next door type, bookish and smart and cute, and like Heather, her boobies are large and they are real. She's fiercely competitive and loves a good challenge, and unlike Heather, she was game for big, risky  bets.  We'll see that the next time this trio appears, in Episode 379.

That's it for this weekend. Next weekend starts off with Episode 376, and the not-very long-awaited debut of Bex and Piper vs. Madison and Sassy.

Bex and Piper were willing to risk a lot (even though one of them had never even been with a girl before) but the night was young and I thought it best to introduce them to LostBets.com gently, so the first forfeit was merely revealing and embarrassing: the yoga cards. The two newbs teamed up against Madison and Sassy, who didn't have nearly the rapport that the two longtime friends had.

I think it's a good lineup so far but pretty softcore. Balance is restored in Episode 377 on Saturday the 21st. Bob, Mouna, Olivia, and Grace return to play a free-for-all game of group Rock-Paper-Scissors to one loser, whom the winners use as their plaything.

Yeah, that's the stuff.

The following Friday we open with Ashlyn battling Richard (Bailey had to go, damn it) with the loser bending over for the paddle. The winner applies it with gusto.

Finally, on Saturday the 28th, Candle and Lela return, along with Heather. Lela wanted to bet big. Candle was willing. Heather was not. So the game was just Candle vs. Lela, as they fire ink-coated darts at Heather, strapped fully naked  in spread-eagle with targets painted on her body. That's what she gets for not being adventurous, although considering what was at stake, I can't say I blame her. The loser gets a good strap-on fucking. After, that is, a butt plug is inserted into the loser's poor asshole, where it is held while she's getting fucked.

Thanks to Phillip Payne (any relation to Ilyn or Podrick?) for the name Body Shots for this game. (The players don't call it that. I shot the game before I had the name.) Contact me via email (red@lostbets.com) for a free copy of this one.

That brings us to the end of Double December. I leave you with Star.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Double December

In honor of the holiday season, we're celebrating Double December, in which every weekend brings a double update. We've gotten far enough ahead in the production queue that I feel we can handle publishing 8 clips in 4 weeks. In the coming weeks, we're going to introduce some new players I'm really excited about.

First, though, we're going to close out a couple of long-running series. Today, Episode 372 concludes he saga of Paige, Katie, and Hollis. It's another Ice Race through a hotel hallway, with losers left shivering wet and naked, with diamond-hard nipples.

Now, to talk about Episode 373, we have to talk about Angel, who is back, along with her hubby Lance as well as Xzavier and Kandii  Angel has what has to be the worst record of any player at LostBets.com. Let's run through the dishonor roll:

  • Episode 238. Lost to Brianna, got forced to orgasm with wand massager.
  • Episode 247. Lost to Brianna, gave an anatomy lesson using her body.
  • Episode 257. Lost to Brianna, fucked herself with a glass dildo.
  • Episode 264. Lost to Brianna, had to parade in public in slingshot swimsuit
  • Episode 270. Lost to Lance, gave him a blowjob
  • Episode 347. Lost badly, even though she didn't play. Had to exhibit her body to Xzavier.
  • Episode 355. Lost to Kandii, was forced to multiple orgasms and milked.
  • Episode 362. Won with Kandii in a team game, got to give a vicious paddling.
  • Episode 370. Lost to Kandii, got fucked with a strap-on.
None of the above games was fixed or rigged in any way. She's just that unlucky. But give her credit: she always comes back for more with a smile on her face and gives it her best.

In Episode 373, she'll have to show us how she masturbates if she loses again. But really, what are the odds of that?

373 marks the end of this particular sequence of games, but we haven't seen the last of Angel and Lance. They'll be back sometime in 2014.

Next week, we start off in Episode 374 by saying farewell to two more great players as James and Madison play their last game, but again, no need to say farewell. You'll see Madison again before you know it.

Then on Saturday, meet newbies Heather and Lela along with veteran and favorite Candle in Episode 375. They play a new game which gets them running around, making big bare breasts wobble every which way.

In case you need help rembering Lela:

Finally, here's Reyanna in all her naked glory.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm on vacation with my family at the moment so I'm going to keep this brief. Happy Thanksanukkah.

Here are a couple more opponents coming soon. First, there's Harley.

She's blonde. That's it. Like I said, I'm keeping this brief.

Selah's friends Reyanna tagged along as a spectator in Episode 369, but I was captivated by her mammoth natural tits and talked her into playing a few games herself.

I don't think this is a very flattering picture, but it's what I've got. Also returning is veteran Kandii, last seen whooping Angel's ass.

Finally, here's a promo of Lela. I really can't wait for you guys to meet her.

This week's update, Episode 371, brings back James and Madison. Spoiler: Sometimes things don't turn out the way I'd hope, but the result is a pretty damned good CFNM clip. This one's for you, CFNM fans.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Inside the Lost Bets Server

Episode 370, today's update, brings back Kandii, once again matched up against the player with probably the worst win-loss record in LostBets.com history, Angel. Will Angel's luck change, and will she get the chance to be the one wielding the strap-on for once? I wouldn't bet on it.

A couple of years ago, I posted a screenshot of my Lost Bets hard drive, showing 3.38 TB used and asking if anyone had good ideas for keeping all that data backed up. That was a sincere request -- I really did need a good backup solution -- but at least part of my motivation for posting the picture was geek pride, showing off just how much data I'd managed to generate.

Well, that was then. This is now.

12.7 frickin' tebibytes, and nearly all of it pictures and video of naked women. Neat. You might notice that this gigantic volume is nearly full, but don't worry. I've got another 24 TB in the mail right now. 

Today's featured new player promos start with Flynt:

I know, not much to look at. Rachel is much easier on the eyes:

Also coming soon is returning veteran Cheyenne:

Last seen getting her butt handed to her by Dre, she's hoping to do better this time.

And last but certainly not least, here's a video promo of Brooklyn. She lost all her clothes at LostBets.com.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I love surprises

So, we last saw Sassy almost three years ago, in early 2011. Since then, I've been bombarded with requests to have her back. "When will Sassy be back? Have you heard from Sassy lately? Is there any chance Sassy will return?" Etc, etc.

Well, I'll be seeing her, if all goes according to plan, in about four hours. Her opponents will include two girls who are complete amateurs, virgins to being naked on video, and one girl who's also a complete amateur but who's done LostBets.com before. I ain't gonna say who yet.

But there's one thing. I got this text from Sassy yesterday:
 I look a lot different lol, I hope that's not an issue.

What does that mean? She looks a lot different? That could be any of a number of things. Did she dye her hair? Get a face tattoo? Gain 100 pounds? Lose a leg? Grow a penis? I didn't ask, preferring to be surprised. I'll let you know tonight. In the meantime, I invite you to speculate.

UPDATE: False alarm. See for yourself:

I don't see any problem. Do you?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inside the Lost Bets Studio

When I first decided to film and publish stripping games, I went out to Circuit City (rest in peace) and bought a video camera. This worked fine for awhile, but with only one camera, I found myself missing some good stuff, so I bought a second camera. And then another, and another. By now, we're working with seven cameras. This is what it looks like when we edit:

The angles are: wide left, wide center, wide right, handheld left, overhead, handheld right, and special. We don't miss much anymore. I'll give a free clip to the first person who posts the full names of all seven cameras. (Morgan doesn't think anybody will be able to do it, but I've got hopes.) Hint: it's no coincidence that B is the overhead, attached to the ceiling.

I didn't preview this week's update earlier because I didn't want to spoil the outcome of Dakota vs. Dakota. But now that that cat's out of the bag, here's Episode 369:

Dakota and newly-christened Brooklyn join Maddie and Selah for a game of Disc Golf. There are also four spectators: two male (Conor and Richard) and two females (Shelby and Reyanna). The latter were friends of Selah who tagged along with her and jumped at the chance to watch these four play. The former watched with particular interest, since they're an essential part of the forfeit. The text in the image above mentions the blowjob race, but what it doesn't say is that both losers have to take facials from the lucky dudes. It's a great way to introduce eight people who are all new to LostBets.com.

As for upcoming players:

I've already mentioned Heather in earlier blog posts. She's unbearably cute, with generous natural breasts and a sweet disposition. Low limits, but blushes beautifully.

Heather played with several other girls, among whom was Lela:

Lela's limits were substantially more flexible than Heather's. She risked a lot and lost a lot. She also immediately got the spirit of LostBets.com and dove into the games with fierce competitiveness, yet she was a good sport and a good loser. She also bears a striking resemblance to Olivia, although with a bit more meat on the stick. We got the two of them mixed up a couple of times.

Returning soon is veteran Kimberly:

Kimberly was one of my first players, making her first appearance in Episode 039 back in 2008. Since then she's been in a dozen games. She's never been a thin girl, but over the years she's gradually increased in weight until she definitely qualified as a BBW. Unlike with many self-described BBWs, I think the second B really does apply. She's a beautiful girl at any tonnage. She's attractive in more than the gravitational sense. But all those extra pounds aren't healthy, and I made her pay a humiliating price for it. You'll see.

Finally, here's Catherine, cowering naked behind her hands:

Good stuff coming up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yes, freebie, as in free complete game. Read on for details.

First of all, double update weekend! Been too long since we've had one of those. Episode 367 on Friday, Episode 368 on Saturday. Enjoy.

Episode 367 debuts Bailey, Ashlyn, and Richard. It's a good one. Just to forestall what I'm sure would be a lot of inquiries, it is with the greatest regret that I tell you that Episode 367 is the only game I have (so far) with the insanely cute Bailey. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise.

Episode 368 closes out the series with Mo, Liilii, and Erica. As I said earlier, it's not one of my personal favorites, but fans of these ladies should enjoy it.

For this week's player promos, we'll start with a returning veteran. She's only been in two LostBets.com videos, and those were almost three years ago. From Episodes 198 and 201, please welcome back Kym.

Speaking of returning players, here's an ILAMC promo for Candle:

As for today's newbie, there are two of them, and this is the reason for the freebie clip. Meet Dakota:

And also, meet Dakota:

Now, unlike the United States, we can't have two Dakotas. We've had duplicate names before (as Asia M, Britney S, and Amber Heavens could testify) but I don't like doing it. So I did the obvious thing: I made them play a stripping game, with the loser having to give up the name. Wanna watch? Just click here to watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Dakota and that other girl will be making their debut in Episode 369, which is why I didn't promote it last week. I didn't want to spoil the names of the competitors.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damn, that's cold

Friday's update, Episode 366, features a new game; Ice Endurance. The winner of each round is the girl who can hold her hand in a bath of freezing cold ice water longer. I'm not sure how well it worked as a game. Post your feedback and let me know.

Sneak peek at coming attractions:

Next week's Episode 367 debuts new girls Bailey and Ashlyn, and new dude Richard. It's a free-for-all game of Pod Stomp, with the loser having to submit to the two winners. 

Mo, Erica, and Liilii return in Episode 368, for a simple game with a simple forfeit. The loser takes a paddling, but to be honest, this was far from the best paddling I've filmed. I hope fans of these girls like it anyway.

I'm not going to promote Episode 369 just yet, for reasons which will become clear when I do.

Angel and Kandii square off in Episode 370, with the winner getting to strap on and the loser having to take it.

James and Madison do their penultimate game in Episode 371. Whoever has the worse memory gets put through a very revealing naked exercise routine by the winner.

If you like it cold, you'll like Episode 372, with the redhead, blonde, and brunette trio of Hollis, Katie, and Paige. They have to race down the hall in their underwear to fill their hands (and undies) with ice, trying to be the first to fill up her bucket. Loser gets bathed in all that ice.

The last game in this series, Episode 373 stars two couples, Angel+Lance and Kandii+Xzavier. It's a free-for-all game of Screw Your Neighbor, where pair bonds mean little. Two ultimate losers have to sit side-by-side and masturbate as the winners watch.

Episode 374 is the last to feature James and Madison, playing Strip Air Hockey. I met Madison through Johnny's then-girlfriend Delilah, who's quite a little hottie and would've made a great player. She wanted to do it, but she's got male relatives who would kill her and probably us. But she makes an appearance in a non-stripping role here, acting as Designated Stripper, responsible for choosing and removing the articles of clothing lost by the players. Delilah also joins in the forfeit, which involves the loser getting locked in the stockade and spanked with the LostBets.com paddle, a riding crop, and bare hands in that order. It got a bit out of hand.

Today's featured returning player is Michelle, last seen in Episode 304.

She's dyed her hair and gained a little weight, but she's still the same vivacious girl.

As for a newbie promo, meet Selah.

She's a blonde MILF with a very outgoing personality and a competitive streak a mile wide. I'm pretty sure she was drunk when she showed up for her first game. Look for her debut in Episode 369.

Name the Game

Imagine the following game:

A girl is strapped naked and spread-eagle in the doorjamb cuffs. Targets are drawn on her body: 20 points for the belly, 30 for the boobs, 40 for the hoo-hah, 10 for elsewhere on her body. Two girls then play a stripping game by shooting at the bound girl with darts.

We've tried this game twice recently, and it works well. It's especially good when one girl has much lower limits than the other two; the timid girl can be the target while the braver ones play for high stakes.

What would be a good name for this game? We brainstormed and came up with the following:

  • Target Shooting
  • Firing Squad
  • Shoot the Strumpet
  • Pop the Tart
  • Blast the Bimbo
  • Aim for the Areola
  • Titty Targets
  • Boobseye
I'm not really wedded to any of these names, though. What do you guys think? I'd like to hear if you like any of these, or if you can think of something better. If you suggest a name that's not on the list amd we end up using it, you get a free copy of the first episode, currently on the schedule as Episode 378.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bob's Reward

I can't exactly call it "Bob's Revenge", since JC is nowhere to be seen, but Bob gets to have sex in this weekend's update, Episode 365. It's the least we can do. New girls Olivia and Mouna make their debuts with returning veteran Grace.

Since we were talking about her in the last blog thread, today's featured returning player is Hannah, who previously played a handful of games with Lakota, Siren, and Michelle, and one with Ashley.

Hannah played in a couple of games where the loser had to spin our brand new Wheel of Punishments to determine her forfeit.

As for today's newbie, the adorable young lady below is Conor:

Whoops, my bad. Don't let the long, silky hair fool you, Conor is all dude. Who, I might add, was gifted by his maker with a very long schlong.

As for a female newbie, here's Jordana:

Olive skin, a great smile, and glasses. Who could ask for more? She risked showing it all to a roomful of strangers if she lost.

I was asked in the blog lately if I had any "I lost all my clothes" promos for any of these girls. Why yes, I do. Here's Maddie, introduced last week.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sex with the inanimate

Episode 364, publishing today, is a James/Madison boy-vs-girl game with the loser having to fuck something made of plastic. I really like the way this one turned out. Amateurs are always fun.

Today's featured soon-to-return player, since we've been talking about her, is Ashley, one of our very first players, one of our most prolific and popular, and one of my personal favorites.

As for today's newbie, it's Ashley's friend Richard. She told him that he should get in contact with us and find out if we needed any male players. As it happens, we did. See him making his debut in Episode 367.

What, you wanted to see a female newbie? Fine, then. Meet Maddie.

My girlfriend Morgan thinks she's the spitting image of another Morgan: Debra Morgan, that is. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Double Paddling

Another double update this weekend! The theme is "Yeowwwch, that hurts!" It's a weekend of paddling, and these two updates feature four (count 'em) losers getting their hides tanned.

It's boys vs. girls in Friday's Episode 362. Representing the fairer sex are Angel and Kandii. Facing them are their dudes Lance and Xzavier. The game is Team Noname, and the losers have to endure a paddling from the winners. And folks, the winners were not kind. The losers ended up with angry red welts on their asses. I felt bad for them, but that's what they get for being losers.

Saturday's Episode 363 features Paige, Katie, and Hollis going at it to two losers, who each must endure a paddling from the winners. All three of these girls are fairly nice, so the winner of this one was quite a bit gentler than the winners of 361. The losers still ended up with cheeks glowing red.

Here's what's coming in the next few weeks.

I bought a Fleshlight awhile ago, but never got around to using it. In Episode 364, James risks being the first one to break it in while Madison watches and laughs at him. Or perhaps Madison will lose and end up on the Sybian, while James gets to watch and enjoy the show. Whoever's got the faster feet will be the winner.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bob did not get treated tenderly the last time he was at at LostBets.com (Episode 273). I felt like we owed him, so he gets to be a spectator as new girls Olivia and Mouna (who I accidentally introduced as Mona) and returning veteran Grace duke it out in Episode 365. The ultimate loser is Bob's to have his way with. You're welcome, Bob. Hope your ass is better.

Looks like we've got two episodes in a row where a dude is present just to be the loser's punishment. Amber and Jennie play a new and kind of fiendish game in Episode 366. Each girl has a bowl of frigid ice water. On Patrick's mark, they have to plunge their hands into the icy bath, and hold them there for as long as they can. Whoever pulls out first has to take something off. The ultimate loser has to go down on her knees and orally pleasure Patrick, lucky guy.

In other news: We added some graphics to show the state of the game in recent episodes featuring Battlestrip (Episode 349) and Pod Stomp (355, and the not-yet-published 364). I asked for feedback on what people think of the graphics, but nobody's said anything at all, either positive or negative. So if you've got thoughts, speak up. It's kind of tedious and time-consuming to add them, and we won't bother if it doesn't make a difference.

Today's returning player promo is the voluptuous Caroline, seen here trying to hide her ample charms from you and looking none too pleased by her situation.

Caroline played with several other girls, among them newbie Star.

Star heard about LostBets.com a few years ago and has been dying to play. We've been swapping emails for a long time, but only recently did things work out for her to get in front of my cameras. I'm sure glad they did!