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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


On New Year's Day, I launched Lost Bets POV, a new clip store dedicated solely to point-of-view games: games where the girl (or girls) are playing against you, the viewer. I opened with ten videos, promised weekly updates, and then... nothing. What gives?

What gives is that frankly, I wash't happy with the quality of the POV videos. Specifically, a lot of the players were downright bitchy to the viewer... often in a very repetitive manner, using the exact same insults. Probably some people like that sort of thing, but it's not my cup of tea and I'm not alone, judging from the complaints. Quite honestly I didn't feel proud to have my name on them and just wasn't eager to publish more. And I felt bad about people who bought them and were disappointed. More on that later.

Fortunately, it turns out that the worst of the bitchy parts can be removed, and the results aren't too bad. So today, I'm relaunching, with all the clips that had excessive bitchiness available now in two versions: full and debitchified. I'm going to once again try to update weekly, with the same bitchy/nonbitchy versions. Hopefully, as time goes by and we shoot new material, the percentage of videos that need this treatment will decrease.

Finally, I take customer satisfaction very, very seriously. Every time someone chooses to spend some of their hard-earned money on one of my videos, it's a huge compliment and an honor, and it's extremely important to me that they feel they've gotten their money's worth. If you bought one of the old POVs and didn't like it because of the girl's attitude, email a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale to clipreplacement@lostbets.com. I'll send you a link to a free copy of the non-bitchy version. Hope it's more to your liking.

Tune in Friday to see Addie, Dakota, Kandii, and Lela return to test their wits, and for more info about the upcoming Episode  400.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Bexual Healing

The cat's out of the bag: the POVs are returning. I'll make a midweek blog post with a formal announcement, along with the reason for the delay and an offer for people who were dissatisfied with their POV clips. More details Wednesday.

Bu this week's blog post is dedicated to one special girl, a girl I never met until January but who's already high on my list of favorite LostBets.com players ever. She's an amateur who'd never been naked on camera before LostBets.com, and she's recruited three of her also video-virginal friends to play. She's got a sexy rack, generous curves, and a smile that can dazzle a room. She's Bex, and it's our very good luck that she loves LostBets.com.

Bex recently got out of a long-term but extremely unsatisfying relationship, and it's no understandable that after having felt repressed and stifled for so long, she wants to spread her legs wings and fly a little. Baring it all at LostBets.com isn't the only adventure she's on. She's working out and getting in shape, which means she looks better every time I see her. You'll notice the difference next time you see her. She's getting a kickass sleeve tattoo. And she took things to the next level at LostBets.com... although that won't be published for quite awhile and I probably shouldn't tease. You haven't even met Sheri and Zahara yet.

But first things first, and today Bex appears in Episode 397, the last one in the set with her, Piper, and Madison. It's an combination of a hardcore game with a softcore forfeit, as the girls play Earth and Fire until one of the girls potentially has her first orgasm on camera, and she's then drenched in heavy cream. Follow it up with a three-way shower scene, and I'd call that a fitting finale.

Bex and Piper will return, and introducing Sheri and Zahara, in Episode 402.

Episode 400 is just a few weeks away, and people have been asking me (a lot) about the forfeits. Well, the game is played between two teams of two. The losing pair plays a quick game of rock-paper-scissors against each other to determine a big loser and a little loser. The little loser sits on the couch and masturbates while watching a show. Keep in mind that three of these four girls have never been naked on camera before that day, and the little loser will be forced to play with her pussy in front of not only the cameras but the two gloating winners and four men. It's a pretty big deal for her, and she blushes throughout.

What kind of show does she have to look at while she masturbates? That's where the big loser comes in. For more details on that, you'll just have to wait. (I did post a cryptic clue awhile ago: 505. Anyone figure it out yet?)

As I said before, Sassy will return in Episode 399, along with new girls Jasmine and Keenly, whom Dante has already introduced to us. When I introduce new girls to LostBets.com, especially video virgins like these, I like to ease them into it with something more embarrassing than sexual, which is what Episode 399 is all about. Angela was supposed to be in 399 but showed up late, so she didn't get eased in at all but had to risk a very rigorous forfeit in her very first ever appearance on film. Here's Dante's introduction.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Once more into the ass, my friends

Hardcore fans, this weekend's update is for you. I had a real dilemma when publishing this one: what Clips4Sale category should I put it in? It fits in so many. So, so many. See for yourself in Episode 396 when Selah returns, Reyanna plays for the first time, Savannah debuts, Conor and Richard provide color commentary, and the loser gets extremely fucked.

At this point I've posted promos of Episodes 397 and 399 but not 398. Time to rectify that. Addie, Lela, Dakota, and Kandii are back to play a word game: Profanagrams. It's a game that definitely gives an advantage to smart people, and while I don't mean any disrespect to the losers, they were up against two girls that I think happen to be among the smartest players we've had. Masturbation for the losers.

Episode 400 draws one week nearer, and in my continuing effort to apparently overhype it so much that it can't possibly meet expectations, here's Dante interviewing his ex-girlfriend Sassy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Today's update, Episode 395, should make anyone who's wanted to see Ashley back in the games happy. She's facing off with Brooklyn and Bob against Olivia, Ashlyn, and Flynt. It's a high-stakes, high-energy game of Strip Darts, and a device that we've never used before appears in the forfeit.

I mentioned in a blog comment that we did two shoots this last weekend. I think the footage we got was the most technically proficient we've gotten to date, and a big part of the reason is Hippo, who's been my friend since elementary school. Hippo's a wizard at making things, and made a bunch of cool toys for us, including the LostBets.com paddles and the memory/clothing cards. Today I want to highlight two of the newest.

I said in an earlier blog post that we use seven cameras when we shoot, but that's outdated: we're now up to 8. How do we keep an eye on all these cameras? Well, until recently, we couldn't and didn't. We could only monitor a subset of the cameras and hope for the best. Frequently, in editing we'd discover that one or more angles was or became useless. I always consoled myself with the notion that with seven cameras at least one would probably be usable, but it's always sucked to know that we missed out on some good angles and there was nothing we could do about it.

Until Hippo built us this bad boy:

Pretty sweet. But what good is seeing what the camera sees if we can't do anything about it? Many of the cameras are handheld or on tripods that someone can adjust, but several are mounted up high or down low or in the actual scene where a cameraman can't go. It's happened more than once that we'll carefully position an overhead camera, and the players will move somewhere else. So Hippo made 
these radio-controlled pan-tilt GoPro mounts.

These have made a huge difference. Frequently we have a "game area" and a "stripping area", and an overhead camera had to be pointed at one or another. Not anymore. Each mount even supports a couple of presets, so we can switch between game area and stripping area at the touch of a button.

So if you notice higher-quality films with better angles and fewer missed shots, thank Hippo.

In today's lead-up to Episode 400, here's Dante interviewing Jasmine.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Star of the show

Today, we introduce new girl Star, who really wanted to join us here at LostBets.com and finally got the chance. She's pitted against Caroline, who's not new but who hasn't been seen in awhile. It all comes together in pussy-licking-good Episode 394.

Getting closer and closer to Episode 400. But before we get there, we'll hit Episode 399, starring three of the girls from 400. Here's a teaser.

Here's an interview with Keenly, one of the players in the upcoming epic battles. We'll get to know the others later, too.