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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I told u I was hardcore

Okay, guys, help me out with something. This might seem like a really stupid question, especially considering the business I'm in, but what exactly is "hardcore"?

People often use the word, and when they do, they seem to expect that the listener will understand exactly what they mean, with no ambiguity or possibility of confusion. I hear it a lot from fans: "when's the next hardcore video?" I hear it a lot from potential players when I ask about their limits: "no hardcore." Okay, so straight-up boy-girl sex is hardcore, i think everyone agrees on that. What about blowjobs? Handjobs? Girl-on-girl sex? Girl-on-girl sex with a strap-on? Guy-on-girl oral? Girl-on-girl oral? Anal plugs? Fingering? Anal fingering? Vibrator without penetration? Vibrator with penetration? Are any of these things hardcore, and if so, which?

Is there really universal agreement on this question, and I've just never learned the answer? Or is it appropriate for me to respond to a girl who says, "I won't risk doing hardcore" with "just what the hell do you mean by that?"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Credit where it's, deux

First off: this week's update, the first featuring the four new girls I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, is out. It features a new game which I'm calling Strip O'Connell. The first person to "get it" and post it on the blog gets a free clip of his choice.

Another person who's become a big part of lostbets.com is my new intern, Casper. (He wanted to be called "Ghost" but I felt that was just too dignified for an intern.) If you're liking the B-Sides, if you're glad to see some of these long-lost videos that might never have seen the light of day, thank Casper. If he hadn't gone through every last bit of my footage, cataloging every second, making note of what had been published and what had been missed, then most likely the B-Sides would still be gathering dust.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Credit where it's due

Once upon a time, lostbets.com was a one-man effort, but those days are in the past, and I've been seriously remiss in not sharing the credit with those who have done very much to earn it. In particular, I want to highlight the contributions of Johnny, who started off as a player in the games but has grown to become an integral part of the operation. He's credited as "Chief Editor" but he's also a cameraman, a grip and a gaffer, a talent scout, and my all-around right hand man, and it's no exaggeration to say that lostbets.com simply couldn't exist in its current form without him. Anyone who's ever thanked me for these videos should thank him as well.

Fortunately, being in the business I'm in affords me the opportunity to reward my friends in interesting and unique ways. Today's update introduces two new girls, Erica and Daisy Rae, and Johnny gets to have his way with one of them. For those of you who've waited patiently for more hardcore forfeits, here ya go. Bone her hard, Johnny, you've earned it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The up-and-coming

A quick look at what's on the way in the near future:

Tomorrow's episode 235 brings to a close the awesome series between Lily and RyAnne. Basketball is the game, getting a whole lot of sweet and sticky stuff dumped all over you is the forfeit. With the help of some fine folks at umd.net, I think this is my best wet-and-messy forfeit to date. People who've complained that previous WAM forfeits left the victim's hair untouched will not be disappointed.

Episode 236 introduces new girls Erica and Daisy Rae. The loser, whoever she may be, is gonna get boned. For those who've wanted more hardcore. I could still do more on that front, and will.

Episode 237 also introduces new girls: Tori, Cody, Bibi, and Kodak. Three blondes and a redhead, loaded with personality. They play a new game (which reminds me, Dex, if you're out there, drop me an email) with two losers being put through a revealing calisthenics routine. We used a high-speed camera with this one. Jumping jacks look fantastic in smooth slow motion.

Episode 238 introduces yet more new girls, in the form of Brianna and Angel. Brianna is hella cute and smart. Angel is five months pregnant. I realize that last time I had a mom-to-be over to play, there was some controversy, with lots of people not happy with the choice. For them, I'll try to have something ready to make this a double-update weekend.

Good times ahead.

UPDATE: Per the request of an anonymous commenter (please sign your posts!), here are pictures of six of the new girls. (Didn't have pictures of Erica and Daisy Rae hand, sorry). Also, I should say that I don't think these are very good pictures, and in fact I think all six are cuter than they look here. But here they are anyway.







Friday, August 5, 2011


I appear to have picked up some sort of bug while traveling and am a bit under the weather. Been spending most of my time in bed. As such, don't have much to say about this week's update other than it's the last game with Bijou, Elise, Zayda, and Jane, and they go out with a bang, playing a classic game for a classic forfeit. Now go away and let me rest.