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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, to be a magic wand....

Every time I watch this video I kick myself. This video took place in my early days of employment with Red, and I had the opportunity to be on hand as second camera man. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the festivities. After showing this clip to the Mrs. when I do make it to a shoot, I might be required to wear some variety of chastity device ;)

Danielle (who we've seen once), Aurianna (who we've never seen), and Lily (umm well, there isn't much of Lily we haven't seen) play a classic game of Jester followed by a double ride on the magic-wand. The first to climax must then pleasure herself in front of the window (watch out for the busloads of Church Ladies below (isn't that special). On seocnd thought, I'm not sure that there really were any losers in this game.

Thank you for all of the good suggestions for the Lily/Ashley grudge match. Please keep the ideas coming (see the rules in the previous post). Let's see what we can come up with for these two. Personally, I would like to see each player choose two forfeits that they would like to see the other player do. The final forfeit is then chosen at random from the four possible opitions.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Return of the Queen

UPDATE: This week's clip is posted! I'll let Crosis write a formal blog announcement when he sobers up.


You've asked to see more of her. You've begged to see more of her. You've demanded to see more of her.

While she lived nearby and I worked with her often, Ashley was my favorite girl, and I know she was (and still is) the favorite of a lot of you. I don't know if Lily's fan base is as broad as Ashley's but I know its members are just as dedicated to her, and I'm one of 'em. She's my new favorite girl, and it's hard not to fall in love with her spirit and her daring.

So I've got a shoot with the two of them scheduled. One week. Two girls. Two high-definition cameras. (Yep, I plow the money you give me into making the site better -- some of it anyway -- and one of my recent expenses was a new camera.)

Lily and Ashley, head to head, woman against woman, loser does... well, loser does what?

You decide.

Post your ideas for forfeits Lily and Ashley should risk having to do. While you're at it, post games you want them to play. Just please keep in mind the following simple rules.


Rule #2: Location, Location, Location. TBD but in all likelihood it will be, as usual, set in a hotel room or possibly a private home. This means: no squirt gun fights! No volleyball! No badminton! Please, folks, I want to shoot outdoors as much as you want to see it, but it will probably not be this time.

The location also restricts what can be done indoors. That means: no foosball! No pool! Yes, I want to, but probably not this time, okay? And no ping-pong, because no ping-pong table. And speaking of that: the game of beer pong that I know involves such a table or at least a wide, flat surface. One of the reasons I haven't shot beer pong yet is that I've had no idea how to pull it off in a hotel room. So if you want to see beer pong, as many of you have clamored for, tell me how to play, subject to the constraints of the location.


Rule #4: Suggest sensible forfeits. Both of these girls are very daring and wiling to do almost anything. Keep in mind the qualifier "almost". There are some things the girls simply are not willing to risk. In addition to that, your humble photographer also has his limits, which are fairly broad but there are some things I will not touch. No, I'm not going to list them, just use your judgment.


Rule #6: There is NO!! Rule 6.

Rule #7: Lily will not at this time risk shaving her bush, goddamn it. I've tried, folks, I've tried. I'll keep trying. I don't know about you guys, but I want to see Lily really, really naked. I'll wear her down eventually.

(My God, what have I become?)

Rule #8: Okay, the pooftahs are welcome too.

Rule #9: And this is a big nasty important one. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU MUST READ THIS, and to prove it I'll put the whole thing in boldface. You agree that you waive any and all intellectual property rights including but not necessarily limited to copyright, trademark, or patent, in ANYTHING you post here. Sorry, gentlemen, I don't want to get sued.

Okay guys. Put those minds to work. We may put some of your ideas in a poll to see how popular they are. Also, if you come up with something really creative that I end up using, your copy of the final video is on the house.


P.S. "Wait!" I hear some of you yelling. "Where's this week's update? You promised it Friday! And you promised it'd be really, really hot! Where is it?" Patience, friends, it'll be worth it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Would you like tits with that?

This week's update is up! As promised... you'll see somebody go through a fast-food drivethrough naked. For realsies. It's long, so I'm selling it at a reduced per-minute rate. Hope you like.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This week's update is delayed for legal reasons


Probably by now you've grown accustomed to the week's update being late. This time, I have a really good reason: I need to think long and hard about my own legal exposure. But I still plan to get an update out by midnight (GMT-7) and keep my streak of weekend updates alive.

The clip I'm talking about is the one I teased long ago involving a naked girl (that's a tiny bit of a spoiler) going through the drive-up window at a fast food restaurant. We really did that... the four players and I, piled into one car with the naked girl behind the wheel. It was awesome. It was also illegal.

No getting around that... I live in the U.S., and most jurisdictions in the U.S. have laws against public nudity, including the location the event took place. What would the risk be to me if people in authority got their hands on this video? What would the risk be to the players, especially the loser?

Probably not great, and I'm determined to publish if I can. But I think I need to consult with an attorney first, and do some editing to remove other peoples' trademarks.

In the meantime, I'll something else... another video from that series, I think. And next week, then what?

That's up to you. Vote in the poll to the right. Closes at 4 PM Thursday. Vote for as many choices as you'd like.

UPDATE (OOPS): The poll choice for "Ashley, Mary, and Lily" should be Amber, Mary, and Lily. My bad. And Blogger won't let me change the choices once voting's begun, sucks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Better late than never...

With many apologies for the delay, the HD clip has been posted to the store. As promised the lovely Raven and Alan (who is none the less smug after his prior humiliation) are back for strip dice with loser feeling the wrath of the paddle. Last time we didn't get to see that much of Raven, and we got to see a lot more of Alan.
Let's face it, Alan sucked at Rock-Paper-Scissors. He fares a bit better with the dice, and we get to see more of Raven than we did last time. How much of Raven do we get to see, I'm not telling. I will say that the game was close and the forfeit was delivered sufficiently (at least sufficient enough to leaves two nice red cheeks). I did warn Red when this paddle made it's debut that it could leave some red marks with not a lot of strength.

Please enjoy and keep the comments and ideas coming.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair warning

This week's update will be later than usual. I apologize for the delay. I'll have it up as soon as I can, but don't count on having it before Sunday. Sneak preview: it involves the return of a girl we haven't seen naked yet, and a guy we have.

Update 9/14 8:00 PM: The video is rendering right now. Should be a couple of hours.

Update 10:38 PM: Well, now C4S appears to be down. Fuckit, I'll update tomorrow morning.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Clip... New Girls... New Forfeit...

Danielle, Penny and Samantha play Rock-Paper Scissors with the loser getting tickled. We've received several requests for tickling forfeits and I can honestly say this one definitely delivers. The loser gets cuffed and tickled like a red furry monster (whose name I can't say here due to copyright laws), writhing around and giving us a good look at some lovely curves. There's also a nod for good dental hygiene towards the end (I'm sure 4 out of 5 dentists would approve). Enjoy!!!