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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Greetings from hell

This week's update. Pretty Brianna and pregnant Angel face off for the third time, with the loser becoming intimately acquainted with the glass dildo.

I still don't have goddamned Internet service, except through my broken, extremely unreliable cellphone. I've grown so accustomed to having everything available instantly that I'm going nuts. If I don't have broadband by Friday I'll have to go elsewhere to upload #258. Send positive thoughts my way, please.

I'm also very behind in answering emails and blog comments, so at least something's normal.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Episode 100000000

This notification is a day late, but Episode 256 published yesterday. It's a fun one, I think. I gott do battles of the sexes more often.

In other news, I've moved to a new location. The new place is nice, but for now I have no Internet save intermittent and unreliable cellphone service. I just hope the situation is rectified before I need to upload more videos.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Isobel ringing

Way back a long time ago, in May 2009, I published episode 096, featuring two girls, Isobel and Esther, who played that one game and then vanished like ghosts, never to appear here again. Well, never until now, at least. Isobel returns to LostBets.com, along with fan (and personal) favorite Candle, plus two brand-new girls whom I hope you'll like. Enjoy.

(If the blog commenter who goes by LostBetsFan is out there, please contact me.)

Friday, December 9, 2011

New blood

Meet smooth Salem and antsy Lumen.

The camera that comes in close to catch the stripping is being operated by my intern, and I'm proud to say that this shoot tripled the number of girls young Casper has seen naked. And one of them was his sister's hot friend. I never got to see any of my sister's hot friends naked. I hope he appreciates his good fortune.

Friday, December 2, 2011

As the year winds down

I've caught up on blog comments (I think). Sorry for the delay. Still unacceptably behind on email.

Awhile ago, commenter realnot asked for a pro-vs-amateur game. I said I didn't think it was likely before I realized I had just such a game on tap. This sort of thing (somebody requests something I've already done and am just waiting to publish) happens often enough to make me wonder if it's really a coincidence. Anyway, Episode 253 publishes today, featuring professional models vs. amateur girls. It's one of my personal favorites.

There's one thing I should say about it, though. While professionals aren't necessarily more beautiful than amateurs (I think up-and-coming Lumen is one of cutest girls I've seen, and she'd never stepped in front of a camera before) they do tend to be more image-conscious and that often translates into looking better on film. I wouldn't say anything bad about Jessie or Chelsea, but they're real, and they look it, especially next to Nyssa and Ember.

Ember, by the way, is the sister of a LostBets.com girl. Can you guess which one?

Moving on, Episode 254 next week will debut the aforementioned Lumen and her friend Salem. Neither girl had done anything like this before. Neither, for that matter, had my intern Casper.

And finally, is @LostBetsFan reading this? I hope so, because a loooong time ago he asked me to bring back Isobel, last seen in Episode 096. Well, episode 255 will finally grant that wish, as Isobel returns alongside Candle and new girls Kitty and Graham. Enjoy.