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Friday, April 29, 2016

Let it B

Episode 511 today. You wanted more b/g? We got that. You wanted more male players? We got that. You wanted more Helena? We got that. You wanted more redheads? We got that. You wanted more voluptuous natural tits? Oh my, have we got that. We aim to please. Helena and Trace welcome new girls Violet and Pearle. Losers submit to winners. Enjoy.

So in the last blog post, a user by the name of The Pin asked if there'd ever be more of Erin, last seen in 2010. Considering she'd been gone for so long, I was about to tell him that it was unlikely but ask him if he'd seen her B-Side. (If you're a fan and you haven't seen the B-Sides, you should check them out. Many of our old favorites are represented there.) I was certain that Erin and Navarre had a B-Side, but when I went to find it, it didn't seem to exist. To make a long story short (too late), I found a cache of unpublished B-Sides, including the one I'd been looking for. And since we haven't done a month of double updates since Bextember 2014, and since there have been an awful lot of requests for another one, I'm declaring Multiple May. Each week in May, a regular update on Friday, and a B-Side on Tuesday.  We'll start with Episode B048, bringing back Erica, last seen in 2013 in Episode 368, and Daisy Rae, who has only been seen once before, in 2011's Episode 236. 

And The Pin, if you'll drop me an email (red@lostbets) I'll get you a free copy of Episode B058, Strip Memory with Navarre and Erin. I might never have found it if it weren't for you. Giving you a free copy is the least I could do.

Moving on to promos. In the last couple of weeks I've showed the ILAMC promos for April and Starli. Here's the next one. If we're gonna do more B/G, we're gonna need more B's, so meet JD.

He was introduced to me as Ana Molly's slave, but I'm don't know what that means exactly. He didn't seem especially deferential to her, and he sure had no problem dominating her if that's the way the game went and she lost. 

Looking ahead to Episode 514, and the return of a veteran and a sophomore.

Raquel is eager to avenge her humiliating loss in Episode 507, which saw her gasping and writhing on the Sybian in the throes of uncontrollable orgasm while we all watched her. Star wants to keep that streak going, partially because she's really competitive and hates to lose, but also because she fears Raquel's revenge should she prevail. And since the winner gets to pound the loser's pussy with a strap-on, she'd certainly have the chance to punish her.

Friday, April 22, 2016

...and run out of town on a rail

Episode 510 today features Lela and Trinity returning, joined by new guy Tom. If you like Tom, sorry, this is all we've got of him. Loser gets tarred and feathered.

I let the blog comments in last week's post go too long without responding. I've replied to all comments there now. Sorry about the delay. Please leave any responses in this post.

So I was talking about our most recent shoots, and my plans to promo the players from it. We met new girl April last week. This time, it's someone we met before, making her return after 4 years.

Even with her hair straightened, I'm sure you recognize Starli. She did a whole slew of videos back in 2012 but hasn't been back since. I've had a few impassioned pleas to bring her back, and here she is. Be advised that the forfeits aren't nearly as hardcore and things don't get nearly as freaky-crazy as they did in her games with the circus folk, but hey, you don't need to be freaky-crazy to be sexy.

Finally, say hello to Episode 513.

Rachel, Lizzy, and Tomiko, last seen in Episode 497 are back. They all still have really tight limits, but that didn't make it any easier for the loser when she found herself strapped naked and backwards to the Greyjoy Cross and spanked by two girls who weren't very happy about the electric shocks they received during the game of Shockinaw and were eager to take it out on the loser.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Our cup runneth over

First things first: the return of Julie today in Episode 509 along with the debuts of Aurora, Catalina, and Georgia. Yeah, baby.

One advantage of being single is that it's given me more time for shooting. Coming up with new games and forfeits, getting girls to play the games and risk the forfeits, and filming them doing it, this is something I love. I've done more shooting since December than I'd done in the year prior. That's a good thing, but it's got its downsides too. The unpublished episodes start to pile up. The publication queue gets increasingly congested, and the gap between episodes from the same shoot gets longer. And some of the new players won't debut for months after they were filmed. So I shouldn't promo them yet, right? I mean, what's the point? To frustrate people who like the new players and want to see them by making them wait?

Well, I can't resist. Making her debut in Episode 518, currently slated to be published on June 17. meet April, she of the two-toned hair.

She'll be appearing with Ana Molly, and one other new player, who happens to have a penis. Those who've asked for more games with dudes as players rather than just being there for the forfeit, take note. I'll promo JD later.

Last week I said I'd hold off talking about Episode 512 until this week, and now the moment has arrived.

It's the second game with Aurora, Catalina, Georgia, and Julie, and they ain't playing for an exercise routine this time. This one was kind of a serendipitous forfeit. We went to the grocery store to pick up chow for the shoot, and Lily was with us. Since we were in Portland and therefore everybody was a hippie, we went to Whole Foods, where we bought a lot of the organic free-range pesticide-free non-GMO all-natural bullshit they sell. When we got back, I noticed that one of the cucumbers was very long. And of moderate girth. In fact, it looked a lot like the double-headed dildo I bought awhile ago. And an idea was born.

Finally, one last thing: I haven't been getting a lot of feedback lately. It's important for me to know what you like and what you don't, so I can make better videos. It doesn't matter if your comments are mostly negative. In fact, I prefer that, since negative comments point out areas for improvement. Please, if you've bought any clips lately (or seen them on the membership site), let me know what you think. Tell me what worked and what didn't. Tell me what you want to see more of and what you want to see less of. Thank you!

Friday, April 8, 2016


I don't know what it is about Raquel. She's a beautiful woman but she's not exactly my type. And yet I really, really like her but I don't know why. If any of you can figure it out, please let me know. She makes her debut today with Star in Episode 507.

I didn't answer the two blog comments from last week, so I'll do that here. @RS: Yeah, I've thought about it. Like I said earlier, I think that by now, the DareRing guys have pretty much given up their right to be offended if I use some of their ideas. I just haven't had the right group to do it yet. I don't know if any of the guys you mentioned would be up for it. I'd definitely like to do forced bi (I know a lot of people wouldn't be interested in that at all, but if you're looking for a forfeit that's truly embarrassing which the players will try like hell to avoid, it's hard to beat forced bi.) Someday. Keep nudging me about it.

@OD 99x, you can find my YouPorn channel (complete with unpublished promos) at this link. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Moving on to promos, I'm going to skip promoting Episode 512 because reasons. I'll talk about that one next week. If you really want to know, check out the aforementioned YouPorn link, which has the promo. In the meantime, check out Episode 513:

I remember when I first got Shockinaw. At the time, I was extremely apologetic to the players for having inflicted it on them. In that first game, I was off-camera mouthing "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" to the players. Since then, I've gotten a little more blasé, or maybe a bit more sadistic, since it doesn't bother me nearly as much. Rachel, Tomiko, and Lizzy learn this to their sorrow. The loser gets strapped to the Greyjoy cross and is given one hell of a spankering, but that might still have been preferable to the electric zaps.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Rubbin' one out

It's been a few weeks, but Cora and AngieJo return to make their second appearances along with Jennie in Episode 506. The loser of this one has to masturbate, in front of the winners, on camera for the first time ever. I love the loser's blushing "I can't believe I'm doing this" face as she massages her extremely wet pussy to a shuddering orgasm for her audience.

Like I said in the last blog post, I'm getting a bit too far ahead with the promos. Episode 512, which would be the next one, involves a group you haven't even met yet and won't until Episode 509. So I'm going to take a week off from publishing more promos. More next week along with Episode 507.