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Friday, December 29, 2017

Ring it in!

Happy New Year 2018, everyone! Regardless of whether you had an awesome 2017. an awful 2017, or anything in between, may your 2018 be better.

To celebrate, Episode 599 is a Very Special Holiday Episode, with Belle joining new girls Tessa and Zodiac in a competition to see which one has to be diapered, bonnetted, bottled, and pacified as Baby New Year. Even if that forfeit doesn't excite you, it's always fun to watch a game of Earth and Fire, especially when two of the players are newbies with no idea of what to expect and no experience feeling two girls trying to make her cum at once.

And speaking of Earth and Fire...

Next week, Episode 600 stars three Lost Bets All-Stars, three of our most popular and most experienced players, and collectively they've been in more than 100 episodes. They include:

Julie made her first appearance in 2008's Episode 029 and was initially too shy to even open her legs on camera to show her most intimate and secret parts. Over the next several years she was gradually talked into risking higher and higher stakes, until not only was she showing everything she had, she was sucking a dick while her friends were forced to strip and masturbate as they watched. And yet despite all this, she still gets embarrassed and flushes red when she loses. Good, good times.

Sassy came in quite a bit later, in 2010's Episode 197. Don't blame her for being so late to the party, though, since she had a good reason: she was only 18 in 2010. In fact, she hadn't planned on getting in front of the camera at all. She was just Dante's girlfriend at the time, tagging along to the shoot  because he was going. It looked like fun to her, and she was talked into playing a few games. That was the last I heard from her until nearly four years later when she contacted me to ask if she could come back. I readily agreed, whereupon she cautioned me that she looked very different from the way she used to. I immediately assumed what I'm sure most men in my position would have assumed: "Oh, great, she got fat." I mentally shrugged and told myself that I do try to shoot variety, and having another BBW wouldn't be so bad. So on the appointed day, when a stunning (and slender) redhead showed up at the door, I was very pleasantly surprised. Since then she's become a regular and has given us some of our most memorable episodes.

And then there's Amber, who just barely edges out Julie by appearing in Episode 027. She's another girl whose appearance has changed significantly since then. I wouldn't say that she looks better or worse, but equally hot yet radically different. You'll see. Episode 038, where she was hogtied by Mary and forced to cum, remains one of our top-selling clips of all time, even after nearly a decade. And I was very proud of her. She's the only one of these three who'd never played Earth and Fire, yet she took to it like a champion. When she was on offense, she expertly stimulated the defender's pussy and clit while whispering kinky fantasies to turn her on. On defense, she recited science and math facts to distract herself from orgasm.  So Episode 600 features one of our best games of Earth and Fire, with all three determined to win, all three fighting to stave off their own orgasms, all frantically trying to win on offense. The loser ends up getting... well, I've got to save something for later, right?

Speaking of Julie, she started to feel ill during the shoot and was unable to play in the last game. To make up for that, I had her promise to film herself masturbating for us once she got home and felt better. That's supposed to be happening today, and we'll see how it goes.


P.S. Yes, I've been absent for awhile again. Believe me, it wasn't by choice.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Really good excuse this time

So Episode 596 was published late, but it's up there now. Here's a preview:

Sophomore Geneva tries her luck once again against veterans Sassy and Dylan. The stakes are quite a bit higher than they were in Episode 593, when Geneva's nude body got covered in baby oil. This time her pussy might get covered by another girl's tongue, while she herself might taste the other girl's tasty vag.

This video was published late because I was busy all day doing a hell of a shoot. It included what will become Episode 600, and it starred three LostBets.com legends: Julie, who made her first appearance in 2008, Sassy, who made hers in 2010, and a girl who also made her first appearance in 2008 but we haven't seen since 2013. I was happy to welcome back Amber, and so will you be when you see her. Despite having been in dozens of episodes each, none of these girls had ever played against the others. (Update: This isn't true. Xebas points out in the comments that Sassy and Amber have played together in a few games from way back in the day. They both look very different now and didn't even recognize each other.) But I was pretty sure that putting those three together would be pure dynamite, and boy howdy was I right. Promos to come, I promise.