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Thursday, December 24, 2009

What did Santa Claus say to the three hookers?

Did I use that same joke last year? Yeah, probably.

'Tis the season to be charitable, and this weekend I'm going to be off on a mission to contribute a chunk of the money you good folks have paid for these clips to the suffering, destitute, impoverished casino owners of Las Vegas. Since I won't be at my computer, and very likely won't be coherent or even conscious, I figured it'd be best to get this blog post out of the way early.

When I first announced Double December, I got a bunch of requests for specific clips to be published, and I accepted most of them. This weekend, two of the last remaining three requests that I remember will be honored: something with Ashton and Mia, and something with Zayda.

The other request (that I remember) was for more of Kala, and that too I can honor, in sort of a cheap way:

To the guy who made the request, I do have some actual games featuring Kala coming up, but they'll have to wait 'til the first week in January, I've run out of December updates. Sorry.

Here's another interview:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hardcore weekend

Lately, I've published a lot of material catering to those who prefer softer, less raunchy forfeits. This weekend, it's time to switch things up and offer some clips for people who like their forfeits explicit.

First up, today we have the conclusion of Ashley and Tiana's series, with the loser having to perform a very personal service for Kenny. Then tomorrow, a long-awaited game with a long-awaited forfeit: the infamous sybian game. The loser has to ride the sybian until she comes to a shattering orgasm that literally leaves her twitching uncontrollably on the floor.

7:20 PM Eastern time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Change of plans

So, based on the way episode 129 is selling, and the way episode 127 sold, I've come to a sad conclusion: nobody buys porn on Tuesdays. So I'm changing the publication schedule for the remainder of Double December, and any future double-update months as well, to:

Friday: First clip (HD)
Saturday: Second clip (HD)
Sunday: First clip (standard)
Monday: Second clip (standard)

That means that this week will feature three updates rather than two, which should make up for the first week of December, which only had one update. Hope you're satisfied, gb :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double December continues

Episode 129, this week's bonus update, is now live. Say hello to Faye and Liilii. One of them will be saying hello to the lostbets.com paddle. Enjoy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

We play game now, da, comrade?

Okay, maybe stereotyping Russians as calling each other "comrade" is a bit outdated now. Anyway, episode 128 is up. Featuring Russians. And a naked hallway race. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Episode 127 is titled "Ice Race with Ashley and Tiana." What's an ice race? This is an ice race:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Double dose of delicious dames during December

Seven months ago, I declared Midweek May, and instead of updating once a week on Fridays as usual, I tossed in an additional midweek update on Tuesdays. I believe that by the end of May I was exhausted and vowing never to do such a thing again. But I've got a short memory, so what the hell. Presenting Double December, featuring twice-weekly updates. High-def on Fridays and Tuesdays, standard-def to follow on Sunday and Thursday respectively. Here's what's on tap:

12/4: Strip Jester with Alan and Raven
12/8: Ice Race with Ashley and Tiana
12/11: Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Iris, Asia, Berenika, and Tatiana
12/15: Strip Blackjack with Faye and Liilii
12/18: Strip Noname with Ashley and Tiana

Rest of the month is to be determined. Hope y'all like. Let me know what you think of the new girls.