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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It ain't Polaroid or Fuji, that's for sure

First things first: Episode 311. I announced 310 a day late, so I'm doing this one a day early to restore cosmic balance. Cyndi made her last appearance in Episode 125, more than three years ago. Well, she's back, and hotter than ever. Two new girls debut alongside her, Eve and Grace. I think you'll like them both, especially when the glass dildos come out.

And speaking of girls we haven't seen in awhile...

I very frequently get requests to bring certain girls back. Unless there's a good reason (she's absolutely not interested in coming back, or she was a royal pain-in-the-ass, or she was extremely unpopular with everybody but the requester) I always try to fulfill these requests. Sometimes this quest is hopeless. And sometimes, as the months and years go by, and people keep posting requests, and I keep responding, "I'm trying,' it might get hard to believe that I'm really making an effort. But sometimes, I do manage to bring back a long-lost girl (Isobel, anyone?) even after years.

Which brings me to Kodak.

I'm sure that a lot of readers are paying very close attention now, even those who didn't pick up on the reference in the title of this post. That's because along with the other girls who appeared with her in Episodes 237, 240, and 244 (Bibi, Cody, and Tori), Kodak is one of the girls I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Every few weeks there's a new email or blog post asking if and when Kodak would be back. Well, I've finally managed to get back in touch with her. And she's willing to come back and play. That's the good news. Before you get too excited, though, there are a few caveats.

First of all, she's not local, which means I'd have to fly her in. I've never done that before. For Kodak I would, but it does mean that shooting her would be quite a bit more expensive than usual. And then there's the timing. She's about to move out of the country for the foreseeable future, so if she's going to play, it's going to have to be during a very short time window in December. This will also mean breaking my pledge to myself not to do any more shoots until 2013. Again, though, for Kodak I'm willing to do that. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised I made it this long.

And then there's the biggie. This is actually very good news for Kodak, but not so good news for the rest of us: she's in a loving, committed relationship. Not only does that mean she's off the market and those of us who fantasized about getting with her can just forget it, it also means that her limits have tightened up considerably. She's willing to play, she's willing to risk her clothes, but she's not willing to risk doing much of anything explicit. We're talking limits like Julie circa 2007, no open-leg shots.

So my first question for you guys is, should I go for it anyway? I've got a feeling that I already know what the overwhelming response will be, so the second question is, what should I have her do if she loses? What would you all like to see Kodak putting at risk, that wouldn't stray past her limits?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Which hunt?

Sorry for the lateness of this blog posts, folks. Episode 310, Witch Hunt, has been published for awhile. Thanks again to Dex and Carm22 for the game idea. On the whole, I think the game worked well, but could definitely be improved. For one thing, the players should all stomp their feet at night so the witches don't give themselves away by their motion. On that subject, the witches could stand some tips on staying covert, such as believably accusing a townsperson of witchcraft, rather than sitting quietly while the townsfolk debate. Also, usually I like to have more girls than guys, to increase the likelihood of naked girls. But in a game where the players decide democratically who gets stripped, maybe having girls outnumber guys is not a great idea.

If I really wanted to nitpick, I'd say the forfeit could have used a bit more structure, but what the hell. I liked leaving these fifteen to their own devices.

Faults or no faults, it's still yet another epic game from the Circus Folk. See them next in Episode 314, when they all play a mammoth game of Musical Chairs. Seven losers masturbate.

Update: Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks.

I've already mentioned that Episode 311 marks the long-awaited return of a girl we haven't seen in years, Cyndi. She's matched against two extremely cute newbies, Eve and Grace. Losers have to do themselves with glass dildos.

Episode 312 features slender Latina Fern, voluptuous Latina Erica, and shy Anastasia playing a game we have not used in quite awhile: Starving Hippos. The loser finds herself drenched in all sorts of nasty, goopy stuff. Been awhile since the last Wet & Messy forfeit, and it's high time we did it again.

Episode 313 brings back Whitney and Ashley playing Noname. The loser of this one is in for some face-sitting.

And Episode 314 brings us full circle to the mammoth crew from this week's episode 310. They play Musical Chairs, and a crowded field of seven losers have to circle up and masturbate, with toys (where applicable).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tori Tori Tori

A little over a year ago, I had the good fortune to get four lovely and exuberant young ladies in front of my camera: Bibi, Cody, Kodak, and Tori. Since then, I've heard many, many requests to see more of them, and since then I've tried very hard to get them back. I still haven't managed to get in touch with three of them, but I was able to reach Tori, and she was willing to try her luck at LostBets.com again.

I paired her against another of my most popular players: sweet, smart, punny, and stunning Candle. They square off in their debut match in Episode 309, today. Enjoy! And rest assured that I have not given up on Bibi, Cody, or Kodak.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I really like it when I can use fan suggestions. Especially when it's something that might make the players indignant or upset, like getting electric shocks to the pussy. I can just say, "hey, don't blame me, blame the fan who suggested this!" So thanks, OD 99x, for episode 308's forfeit. Fern is back. Salem is back. Both have agreed to stretch their limits somewhat, and the first test of that is today. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blonde v. Blonde

Episode 307 is running a little bit late. Should be published within the hour. Sorry for the delay.

What's in store? The return of two hawt girls, meeting each other on LostBets.com for the first time. Ashley, one of my very first and still one of my most popular players, squares off against Whitney, whom we haven't seen in awhile. 

Winner wields a strap-on. Loser takes it. Enjoy!

Update: Now published.