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Friday, October 28, 2016

Better late than never

So I accidentally skipped Episode 534. Whoops! The problem will be fixed today. Trace gets to enjoy the loser (I swear, these guys should be paying me) as Adrienne and Desiree face off.

I've gotten well behind in publishing promos for upcoming episodes, so time to fix that. First, we've got next week's Episode 538.

The quarted of Helena, Starli, Alisha, and Selina play a new game, Strip Putz. The game is played with a putter (get it?) and the loser of the game has to get intimate with the putter. I don't think any of these girls has had sex with a golf club before, so one of them can cross that one off her bucket list.

And then the week after that:

Earth and Fire is one of my favorite games, but it's not easy to make a non-dirty promo for it, since the players generally get naked right away. Oh well. It's still a fun game. In this case, DesireeCierra, and Anneliese try to make each other cum while not cumming themselves. And boy, do they try hard on both fronts. In the end, the ultimate loser is clenching her teeth and trying to control the spasms that are overtaking her, but it's no use. And her exhausted, moist pussy gets no rest as Jay gets to have his way with her. (See previous about how they ought to pay me for the privileges they enjoy here.)

More promos next week. In the meantime, meet Dylan.

Holy hell, was she a wild child. For an amateur who'd never been naked on camera before, she sure jumped in wholeheartedly. She was enthusiastic, I'll say that for her. We'll see her for the first time somewhere in the 540s, but it won't be the last time, I promise you that.

Friday, October 21, 2016


We've been a bit short on ENF material lately. Time to fix that today with Episode 537, with new girls Dee and Chels. They're none too pleased to lose their clothes and be exposed in front of everyone.

We did another couple of shoots last weekend. Totally unnecessary, since we've got enough material to last us a good long while, but I like shooting so I do. Day 1 starred new girls Roxy and Gracie (no relation to Grace) and the second day featured Dylan with her best friend Carmen. You haven't even met Dylan yet, but she's a wild child, and when placed next to her friend with her hot Latin blood, they go nuts. One of the wildest shoots I've ever had, with genuine and intense rivalry between the two. Promos soon.

Speaking of promos, you may remember Leilani.

She appeared in a few episodes in the early 200s. She's back, in all her Hawaiian beauty. Coming soon.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Yeah, I've been AWOL for several weeks. Still not entirely back yet, but at least I can share some promos.

First, today Aaron and Cora return for Episode 536

The pun in the title of this post is terrible, but it does describe today's forfeit. Next week, Dee makes her first appearance, along with Chels. Here she is:

Chels is a large woman: not fat, but robust. Like Dee, she's also got very large tits, and there's a reason for that. Getting on to her first appearance:

Since this was their first appearance, they were both very nervous about stripping in front of our cameras. The loser gets posed by the winner, and boy, does it make her blush. 

Also, it looks like I forgot to publish Episode 534. I'll get it out there soon. Here's a sneak peek.