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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let's try that again

So, I thought I had a brand new, long-lost, never-before-seen clip featuring three girls people have been begging to see back. Got pretty excited about it, too, until an anonymous blog commenter (if you're going to post anonymously, please sign your posts) pointe out that it had already been published as a B-Side. Then @damndable suggested publishing the first of this weekeend's scheduled two updates early. I thought that was a great idea.

Presenting Episode 315. Short (and therefore cheap) and sweet, featuring Fern and Salem taking it up a notch with some oral sex. Also featuring the voice of me. Coming on Friday, Episode 316, where the same pair up the ante even further as the loser squirms in her bonds as an orgasm is forced out of her. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho, ho, and ho

UPDATE: Fuck. As was helpfully pointed out in the comments, the clip mentioned below is already  published as a B-Side as B045. Goddamn it, I don't know how I missed that. Sorry to get people's hopes up.

On Thursday, I was digging through dusty folders on my hard drive when I stumbled upon something. I think it was left by Santa, for me to bring to the world on Christmas.

It's a long-lost episode featuring none other than Camilla, Taylor, and Nicole. It was already edited and just needed titles. When it was first edited, I was a little disappointed in it. The game is DaCunt, which just isn't very visually appealing. (The forfeit was glass dildos.) I set it aside, intending to publish it in the future, and promptly forgot all about it, little knowing that I'd never see these three again.

A lot of people have been pleading for the return of these three. I haven't been able to get them back. But I can give you a little more of them. Coming at midnight (EST) on December 25 at a the lowest price Clips4Sale will allow. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012


I showed Episode 314 to three different people on three different occasions before publishing it, and every one of them used that word to describe it. Epic. Is there any better word to describe a ring of fifteen wild and crazy circus folk and friends dancing around a circle of chairs? Enjoy!

Two updates next weekend, with a double dose of amateurs Fern and Salem. But before that happens, there just might be a surprise from Santa on December 25. Or might not be. But might. Who knows?Only one way to find out for sure.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Detroit Rock City

As I said last week, I was out of town and wasn't able to respond to blog comments. I also said I'd be back on Tuesday, which I was. What I didn't count on is that I'd come back sick as a dog. I've spent most of the last few days in bed (and most of that, alone). Sorry for the continued inattentiveness. I'll make it up to you.

Today's update is Episode 313, which is coincidentally also the area code where I grew up. To everyone who still lives in 313, you have my sympathy and I hope you manage to make it out soon. Enjoy the return of Ashley and Whitney, with one of them getting to eat some yummy pussy whether she wants to or not.

On the horizon:

I've already mentioned that Episode 314 features our largest yet game of Musical Chairs, with the losers having to put on a masturbation show for us. It's a good one.

Episodes 315 and 316 both feature Fern and Salem and will be published as part of a double-update weekend.  The first game is a new one I'm calling "Aros", while the second is a new twist on Strip Basketball. I got one of those arcade basketball games with the cage and the canvas ramp, and yhis is the first time I used it. The two girls continue to stretch their limits, with the loser of the first game forced to go down on the winner, while the loser of the second game is cuffed in a doorjamb and vibrated to uncontrollable ecstasy.

And if that wasn't enough hot sexy action for you, episode 317 involves a game we haven't seen in awhile: Earth and Fire, with two girls desperately trying to force a third to have an orgasm while she struggles just as desperately to avoid it. Cyndi, Eve, and Grace give it a try, with the loser having to satisfy both of the winners with her mouth. Good stuff.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Return of the gunk

Hey dudes. I'm (once again) way behind in blog comment replies. I see I've got 31 comments in the last thread to reply to.  I will. I've been out of town. Still am, actually, but sneaking a few moments to update the blog. Back home on Tuesday. But the Kodak situation has been mooted: she sent me a message saying she's no longer interested. It's a pity but at least it resolves the dilemma.

So I can't fulfill the requests I've gotten for more Kodak, but that's not the only request I've gotten. I've also gotten quite a few requests for more wet and messy forfeits, and it has been awhile since the last one. So Episode 312 will rectify that, with one of Anastasia, Erica, or Fern getting a whole lot of messy, sticky, disgusting stuff dumped all over her, including in her hair. Messy fans, enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It ain't Polaroid or Fuji, that's for sure

First things first: Episode 311. I announced 310 a day late, so I'm doing this one a day early to restore cosmic balance. Cyndi made her last appearance in Episode 125, more than three years ago. Well, she's back, and hotter than ever. Two new girls debut alongside her, Eve and Grace. I think you'll like them both, especially when the glass dildos come out.

And speaking of girls we haven't seen in awhile...

I very frequently get requests to bring certain girls back. Unless there's a good reason (she's absolutely not interested in coming back, or she was a royal pain-in-the-ass, or she was extremely unpopular with everybody but the requester) I always try to fulfill these requests. Sometimes this quest is hopeless. And sometimes, as the months and years go by, and people keep posting requests, and I keep responding, "I'm trying,' it might get hard to believe that I'm really making an effort. But sometimes, I do manage to bring back a long-lost girl (Isobel, anyone?) even after years.

Which brings me to Kodak.

I'm sure that a lot of readers are paying very close attention now, even those who didn't pick up on the reference in the title of this post. That's because along with the other girls who appeared with her in Episodes 237, 240, and 244 (Bibi, Cody, and Tori), Kodak is one of the girls I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Every few weeks there's a new email or blog post asking if and when Kodak would be back. Well, I've finally managed to get back in touch with her. And she's willing to come back and play. That's the good news. Before you get too excited, though, there are a few caveats.

First of all, she's not local, which means I'd have to fly her in. I've never done that before. For Kodak I would, but it does mean that shooting her would be quite a bit more expensive than usual. And then there's the timing. She's about to move out of the country for the foreseeable future, so if she's going to play, it's going to have to be during a very short time window in December. This will also mean breaking my pledge to myself not to do any more shoots until 2013. Again, though, for Kodak I'm willing to do that. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised I made it this long.

And then there's the biggie. This is actually very good news for Kodak, but not so good news for the rest of us: she's in a loving, committed relationship. Not only does that mean she's off the market and those of us who fantasized about getting with her can just forget it, it also means that her limits have tightened up considerably. She's willing to play, she's willing to risk her clothes, but she's not willing to risk doing much of anything explicit. We're talking limits like Julie circa 2007, no open-leg shots.

So my first question for you guys is, should I go for it anyway? I've got a feeling that I already know what the overwhelming response will be, so the second question is, what should I have her do if she loses? What would you all like to see Kodak putting at risk, that wouldn't stray past her limits?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Which hunt?

Sorry for the lateness of this blog posts, folks. Episode 310, Witch Hunt, has been published for awhile. Thanks again to Dex and Carm22 for the game idea. On the whole, I think the game worked well, but could definitely be improved. For one thing, the players should all stomp their feet at night so the witches don't give themselves away by their motion. On that subject, the witches could stand some tips on staying covert, such as believably accusing a townsperson of witchcraft, rather than sitting quietly while the townsfolk debate. Also, usually I like to have more girls than guys, to increase the likelihood of naked girls. But in a game where the players decide democratically who gets stripped, maybe having girls outnumber guys is not a great idea.

If I really wanted to nitpick, I'd say the forfeit could have used a bit more structure, but what the hell. I liked leaving these fifteen to their own devices.

Faults or no faults, it's still yet another epic game from the Circus Folk. See them next in Episode 314, when they all play a mammoth game of Musical Chairs. Seven losers masturbate.

Update: Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks.

I've already mentioned that Episode 311 marks the long-awaited return of a girl we haven't seen in years, Cyndi. She's matched against two extremely cute newbies, Eve and Grace. Losers have to do themselves with glass dildos.

Episode 312 features slender Latina Fern, voluptuous Latina Erica, and shy Anastasia playing a game we have not used in quite awhile: Starving Hippos. The loser finds herself drenched in all sorts of nasty, goopy stuff. Been awhile since the last Wet & Messy forfeit, and it's high time we did it again.

Episode 313 brings back Whitney and Ashley playing Noname. The loser of this one is in for some face-sitting.

And Episode 314 brings us full circle to the mammoth crew from this week's episode 310. They play Musical Chairs, and a crowded field of seven losers have to circle up and masturbate, with toys (where applicable).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tori Tori Tori

A little over a year ago, I had the good fortune to get four lovely and exuberant young ladies in front of my camera: Bibi, Cody, Kodak, and Tori. Since then, I've heard many, many requests to see more of them, and since then I've tried very hard to get them back. I still haven't managed to get in touch with three of them, but I was able to reach Tori, and she was willing to try her luck at LostBets.com again.

I paired her against another of my most popular players: sweet, smart, punny, and stunning Candle. They square off in their debut match in Episode 309, today. Enjoy! And rest assured that I have not given up on Bibi, Cody, or Kodak.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I really like it when I can use fan suggestions. Especially when it's something that might make the players indignant or upset, like getting electric shocks to the pussy. I can just say, "hey, don't blame me, blame the fan who suggested this!" So thanks, OD 99x, for episode 308's forfeit. Fern is back. Salem is back. Both have agreed to stretch their limits somewhat, and the first test of that is today. Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blonde v. Blonde

Episode 307 is running a little bit late. Should be published within the hour. Sorry for the delay.

What's in store? The return of two hawt girls, meeting each other on LostBets.com for the first time. Ashley, one of my very first and still one of my most popular players, squares off against Whitney, whom we haven't seen in awhile. 

Winner wields a strap-on. Loser takes it. Enjoy!

Update: Now published.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fresh fish

So episode 305, which was delayed a week due to a last-minute glitch, is finally getting published today. If you were eager to see more of new girls Jelly and Serengeli (against Fern), here's your chance. I got a few emails from people who liked my last sushi forfeit and wanted to see more, so here you go. Enjoy!

306 is already published, of course, and I described what 307 will be on October 3. In the next couple of weeks:

308 features Fern vs. Salem. Both of these girls had fairly tame limits until just recently, when they agreed to risk more daring forfeits. They play a new game, Ball Blast, similar to Pod Stomp and Puck Off but with little balls that go flying out and the girls have to collect and replace. I think it worked pretty well. Involved a lot of bending over. The loser has to endure an electric shock device that was suggested by fan OD 99x. She was not very happy about it.

309 as promised brings back Tori from last year's highly popular quartet. She faces off against another personal and fan favorite, Candle, in a fast-paced game of Noname. The loser gets blindfolded and handcuffed, while the winner has fun tormenting her with a massager.

And 310 is the crowd from 301 and 306 (I'm not going to list all their names), playing a really cool party game called Witch Hunt. This game was suggested by fan Carn22 with some really good input from Dex. Dex, I have your email address, but Carn22, I don't have yours, so please drop n line at red@lostbets so I can send you a free copy. The losers are required to service the winners orally.

I mentioned awhile ago that I was able to get Cyndi, whom we haven't seen since all the way back in Episode 125, back. She makes her return in Episode 311, along with new girls Eve and Grace. Two losers have to masturbate with glass dildos while we watch.

I've said this before, a number of times, but: good stuff coming up. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spin the spinner and call the shots

Today's update will be a little bit late. And out of order.

I just discovered (at the last minute) glitches in 305, in which Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli play Strip Memory with the loser being a naked sushi platter. So it's going to have to wait while it's fixed. In the meantime, 306 will jump the queue, but again, a little bit late. Hopefully not more than a couple of hours.

Instead of the relatively modest girls (and quantity of girls) in 305, 306 is pretty epic. In this one, all ten girls from 301 return to play a game of Strip Spinner. The loser gets amateurishly but entertainingly gangbanged. Enjoy! Sorry to fans of Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli. They'll be back next week.

Edit: Now published. Hope you like it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Double your pleasure

Episode 304 is up. Five girls, two losers, one dildo. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming up

Update: May as well make this blog post the comment thread for episode 303, which will be published in a couple of hours. Got something to say about this hair-raising experience? Post it here!

A few people have asked lately what's coming up in the near future. Generally, I don't like to talk about a future video until it's through postproduction and actually ready to publish, and the queue has been very thin lately. However, it's finally been built up a bit more, so here's what's on tap:

Episode 303 features the return of Leda and Alice, to play a game of Battlestrip with some of the highest stakes ever played for here at LostBets.com. The loser of this game will be shaved... no, not her pussy (both girls already have that taken care of) but her head. This was a completely fair game and both girls were really risking their real hair. Loser not only has her scalp shaved clean, she has to put on a microscopic bikini and go downstairs to the bar and outside to the street to show off her new look.

Episode 304 brings back Ashley, Lakota, Hannah, Siren, and Michelle to play Spin-the-Dildo. Two losers take a special vibrating double-headed dildo between them.

Episode 305 features shy youngsters Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli, playing Strip Memory. We were hungry, so we made the loser be a naked sushi table for the other players and the crew.

Episode 306 is the second game with the group from 301. The ten girls play Strip Spinner, taking off their clothes each time the spinner lands on them. The ultimate loser gets gangbanged by the guys, plus a couple of the girls wearing strapons.

Episode 307 stars Whitney, who we haven't seen in awhile, paired against Ashley. They play Pod Stomp. The winner wields a strap-on agains the loser.

That's all for now, but there's plenty more good stuff to come.

By the way, Julie was utterly thrilled with the bonus you all (who bought episode 300b) sent her. Thank you very much for making a sweet girl very happy.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A celebration of boobs and feet

Today's update is the next game with Fern, Erica, and Anastasia. I noticed that of the three players, Erica had nice big tits, while the two 18-year-olds, Fern and Anastasia, had much more modestly-sized ones, so I decided to make it a theme: big boobs vs. small boobs. Loser (or losers) have to engage in some foot worship. (As always, foot fans, please let me know what you think. Since feet aren't my personal thing, I'm always worried that I'm not getting it quite right.) This one turned out fairly short, which at least means it's cheaper.

I've fallen behind (again) in blog replies. I hope to catch up soon, but there are a couple of important comment-related things I need to take care of right now. JHO, please send me an email (red at lostbets) with the episode number of any clip in my catalog that you'd like and I'll send it to you for free. I'm glad you thought that 301 was worth the money, but you shouldn't have had to pay for it. If you suggest something and I use it, I'll give you a copy for free, of the first episode using your suggestion anyway. I do sometimes need you to remind me, though.... I'm absentminded and disorganized, and often I'll use an idea without remembering whose it was, or even remembering tht it was somebody else's idea at all.

GreenMonster89, you'll be getting a free copy of next week's update, Episode 303. Yes, it's what you think it is. Please send me an email so I know where to send it. OD99x, you'll be getting a free copy of a future episode that's not on the schedule yet. Be advised that Fern and Salem may want to kick your ass.

There's still a few days left to buy Episode 300b, Julie's self-filmed masturbation video, if you want the money to go to her rather than me per my blog post here. She's in line to get a nice check, but I'd like it to be even nicer. If you've bought it, it might be nice if you posted what you thought of it so others who haven't bought it yet can decide if it's worth it. Personally, I think it is -- it's Julie, for crying out loud, filming herself masturbating and showering! -- but I'm kind of biased so a few independent endorsements might encourage others to make the plunge. 

Sorry again for the laxity in responses. Thanks all for your support.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Big One

After a couple of months of teasers, the first game from my June party is finally here today. Fifteen players, all eager and excited for the party, play a fast-paced game of Strip Hi-Lo. Losers endure a ten-person spanking gauntlet.

With that many players, peer pressure kicks in, and sometimes the desire to fit in outweighs the desire to stay clothed, and some of the players made some pretty bad bets. It wasn't the most competitive game I've ever seen, but it sure was fun.

Monday, September 17, 2012



There's no way to avoid it, so I'm just going to come right out and say it: this post contains some bad news. Brace yourselves.

But before getting to that, first some good news to soften the blow: there will be a bonus update, 300b, coming on Tuesday, and I think many people will like it. It's not a game, but it does feature a very popular girl doing some cool stuff. More on that in a bit.

Which brings me to the subject of the March party, source of episodes 278, 279, 285, 290, and 300. Ten crazy people playing five wild games. Who exactly were these people? Who were these wild and crazy kids with their enthusiasm and athleticism? Well, I swear to you, I didn't know. All I knew is that they were Julie's friends, that she'd recruited them. I didn't know from where, or how she knew them. I didn't know who they were when I invited them, I didn't know who they were as the party went on, and I most definitely didn't know who they were when I picked out the music to use for the games of Musical Chairs and Hot Grapefruit. And I didn't figure it out, even when I saw the acrobatic talents, even when I saw the spandex singlets. I didn't figure it out when Johannes, on first hearing the Musical Chairs music, said, "I fucking hate clowns!" I didn't learn the truth until we were all hanging out on the deck after the party, and they told me, whereupon I said "Ohhhhhh," and everything made much more sense. Figured it out yet?

These people are circus folk. Carnies. They're members of a traveling troupe of entertainers, a real no-fooling I-shit-you-not circus. Not that there's anything wrong with that, not at all. On the contrary, they're awesome. Their unique skills and their adventurous, willing-to-try-anything spirits made them among the best players we've ever had here.

But... here comes the sad part.

They're not just Julie's friends. They're her colleagues. Sweet little Julie has run off and joined the circus. For real. That's great for her. She's got a steady job that she loves, which is more than a lot of folks can say these days. But it also means that she's retiring from modeling. I try to never say never, but it's very possible that she's played her very last game for LostBets.com.

Julie's been one of our most popular, most prolific, and all-around best players ever. She's also been a hell of a recruiter, bringing in lots of her beautiful friends to join in the fun. She is unique and irreplaceable. She will be sorely missed. LostBets.com will be a less awesome place without her.

But I'd like to send her off with my heartfelt thanks, and I've got the feeling that a lot of you might like to thank her, too. Which brings me to Episode 300b.

Julie and her colleagues are based in Portland. When I arranged the party, I hired a limousine to bring them up to Seattle for the festivities, but before that day I mailed Julie a camera, with a request to film anything she felt like filming on the way. And like she usually does, she came through for me in a big way.

The morning of the party, while waiting for the limo to show up, she was feeling a little frisky, and decided to masturbate -- with a vibrating dildo -- before showering and leaving. And, bless her, she filmed it all for us.

She meant this to be a present for me and you, but I want to make it a present for her as well. So Episode 300b will publish on Tuesday, and every cent it makes during September will go directly to Julie. I'm not going to keep a single dime. This is meant to be a gratuity, a tip to thank Julie for years of awesome. Give generously.

Goodbye, Julie. We love you.

Edit: Sneak preview.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Major, major milestone this weekend! Episode 300 publishes today, and it's epic. It's the fifth and final game from the party I threw in March. The party that produced Episodes 278, 279, 285, and 290 now reaches its climax, in more ways than one. It's team vs. team in a game-show style format, with probably the most hardcore forfeit we've done yet. I think it's a very fitting 300th episode and conclusion to the party, and I hope you do too.

And Episode 300a will publish tomorrow. 300 episodes isn't the only big milestone we've passed recently. It's a bit late, but August 4, 2012 marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of our clip store, and the start of an amazing journey that still feels to me like it must be a dream. To commemorate the event, Betty and Veronica played a quick and simple game with the loser becoming a human Happy Pornoversary card to LostBets.com. 

In other news:

Once again, I've fallen behind in blog responses. I'm sorry about that, and will be catching up shortly.

The recent quality control issues are being addressed. New versions of glitchy episodes 296 and 299 will be made available shortly.

There are no more new players to show from the June party (the first episode of which will be published next as 301) but here's a returning old player with a new look and a new name. Say hello to Willow nee Cherry:

Friday, September 7, 2012


Today, Episode 299 brings back Lumen, Salem, and Xena, three girls I've gotten lots of requests to see more of. And boy, will you see more of them... at least of the losers. Enjoy.

Next week marks some sort of milestone. And there will be a truly epic episode to mark the occasion. Stay tuned.

And then there's this week's new party guest. Say hello to Fallon:

She's not kidding about what she lost, either. She swears that she didn't know that she could squirt. Thank God for Scotchgard. 

That brings the roster to fifteen: ten girls, five guys. Is that it? Well, actually, yes it is. Fifteen wild and crazy people having a hell of a party and playing a lot of games, with some frankly amazing penalties for the losers. Look for them all to make their first appearance in Episode 301.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The return of the slingshot

When I published the first game with newbies Hannah, Lakota, Michelle, and Siren, I mentioned that they played a game where two losers had to put on the slingshot swimsuits and go down to the bar. A fan named K asked if that one could be moved up in the publishing queue, and I agreed. I'm seriously having second thoughts about that -- it'll raise expectations and make it harder for me to refuse such requests in the future -- but it's too late to do anything about it now, so please enjoy episode 298, as the four of them compete to see which two of them will be the first to do a double walk of shame. Enjoy.

And now for this week's megaparty guest. With a beard that would make Seneca Crane sit up and take notes, say hello to Chester.

That brings us to fourteen players: five guys, nine girls. And believe it or not, I'm still not done. See what I meant when I said that this was a record-setting event, and that record is unlikely to be broken anytime soon?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's try that again.

Okay, guys. Several people who have seen 296 have told me it's a good one despite the glitches. And it does indeed appear that FCPX ate the project and we'd have to start over. And Jelly is so cute I feel worse about withholding her than I do about publishing a glitchy clip. I have therefore decided to publish it as-is, at a discount and with a warning so you know what you're getting. Have at it.

Edit: By the way, I just wanted to congratulate our fans in the UK on having a crown prince that plays strip billiards. Kudos!

Friday, August 24, 2012

True story

UPDATE: Due to unacceptably poor video quality, I've yanked 296. If you purchased it, please forward a copy of your receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com with the numbers of any three episodes you'd like in its place. We're switching to Final Cut Pro X, and still learning, and to my astonishment, it turns out that it just might be possible for software to be worse than Adobe Premiere Pro, although the jury's still out on that one. We'd like to fix the glitches, but FCPX appears to have eaten our project file, or whatever morass of nested folders pass for project files in FCPX. It may be gone for good, in which case I'll republish it at as steep a discount as C4S will allow. I'm angry with myself for allowing this to happen. This isn't the standard to which I hold myself, this isn't the level of quality I've tried to uphold for 300 episodes.

Here's the original post, so you can see what you're missing:

One of the best things about 18-year-old girls is that they have 18-year-old girlfriends. Facebook noticed that I was friends with Salem, Lumen, and Fern, and suggested that perhaps I knew this girl Jelly:

I didn't, but I clicked through to her Facebook page anyway, and to my surprise it turned out that her birthday was that very day. Her birthday was that very day, in fact, in 1994, and it's easy to do the math. Yes, Facebook was kind enough to point me to this girl on the day she turned 18. Thanks, Facebook.

So I immediately contacted Fern and asked her to try to recruit Jelly. It took a couple of months, but she finally agreed. Today she makes her debut, along with her girlfriend Serengeli and Fern's friend Jerome:

Tight limits for these folks so don't expect much hardcore, but do expect a lot of blushing and giggling and tight young bodies.

Now, for this week's party update, I'm going to cheat a little. All of the previous updates have featured players who'd never appeared before at LostBets.com. Not today. We've seen her before, but it's been quite awhile. Please say hello again to Mika, who isn't 19 anymore.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Out of order

The quality of my videos is very important to me. Actually, it's not so much the quality per se, it's that people who buy them are satisfied. I want people to feel they've gotten good value for their money. Which leads me to two things:

First. if you purchased Episode 294 prior to August 11, 2012, and were not happy with its quality, please forward a copy of your Clips4Sale receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com, along with the number of an episode you'd rather have in its place. I apologize to everyone who was disappointed.

Second, similar quality issues have delayed Episode 296. They're fixable, but despite heroic efforts we weren't able to fix them in time for publication today. (We missed the deadline by minutes.) So Episode 297 gets to jump the queue, and Fern, Jelly, Serengeli, and Jerome will have to wait until next week. This means that two episodes in a row will have similar forfeits, but what can you do? Enjoy the return of Jacqueline and Dahlia. 297 is also the finale of that particular series, but I'm hoping to have Jacqueline back to play some more games by the end of the month.

For those of you who are wondering why I haven't teased what's coming up, it's that I don't like to do so until an episode is fully complete and ready to publish, and the reserve of those is awfully dry. July Jubilee used most of 'em up, and the mega-trip last week didn't leave a lot of time for postproduction. When we've built up the ready-to-publish queue, I'll give more details on what it contains 

And then there's this week's party update. Meet Daria, freaky altera-chick:

That brings us to thirteen. Are we done? We are not.

Friday, August 10, 2012

We be trippin'

First things first: 295. Four cute newbies plus one veteran. Screw-Your-Neighbor. Multi-vibe. Enjoy.

The LostBets.com crew (me, Johnny, Hippo, and our new production coordinator Eva) just got back from an East Coast trip, to visit some old friends and meet some new ones. The old friends included some we haven't seen in quite awhile, some of our most popular players, and some that we've gotten many pleas to bring back. Here's the roster. Any of your favorites on the list?

Alice, Angel, Ashley, Candle, Catherine, Cory, Cyndi, Dre, Isobel, Kimberly, Lakota (who's making her debut today), Lance, Leda, Nyssa, Tiana (now going by Tiera), Tori, and Whitney

The names of the new players probably won't mean much to you, but they were Billy, Caroline, Cheyenne, Dominique, Eve, Grace, Kandii (not to be confused with Kandie), Missy, and Xavier. It's a pretty incredible crop of newbies.

Speaking of newbies, this week's player from the latest party is Buck.

Freakin' cowboys. This brings us to twelve. And still not done.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to eleven

Back to just a single update this weekend. Phew. Thank you all for making July Jubilee a success!

This week, Episode 294 is our second game filmed outdoors, the last one being 281. Erica, Fern, and Anastasia playing and stripping in the breeze under the sky (and the occasional small plane.)

The roster for the megaparty continues to grow, currently consisting of:


This week, meet Scarlett with the jet-black hair.

That brings us up to eleven players, a LostBets.com record, surpassing the ten players at the last party. And we're not quite done introducing players just yet.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Do you remember...

July Jubilee comes to an end this weekend as four amateurs play two games of Strip Memory. First up, Jacqueline and Dahlia return in an episode I teased a long time ago, finally published. If you like keeping it real, if you like seeing genuine emotion and sex, you'll love 292.

Tomorrow, the long-awaited return of Salem and Lumen. Their game of memory ends in embarrassing exposure for the loser, who gets to show us her startling flexibility.

And then there's this week's update to the next party roster, which currently consists of:


Meet Adrian. Hey, you can't have hot boy-on-girl action without boys, right?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Grapefruit and elephants

July Jubilee continues with two more updates this weekend. First, on Friday, there's Episode 290, the fourth game from the party I threw for Mark's birthday, featuring nine players, seven girls and two guys. They play a new game that involves frantically trying to pass a grapefruit to the next player before it's too late. (Some of the players chose to wear some pretty zany outfits for this one.) The forfeit involves interspecies sex with some of our cousins from kingdom Plantae.

291 brings back Fern, Erica, and Anastasia. (When I made that part of the publishing queue I hadn't decided to do July Jubilee yet, which is why we're getting episodes with these three two weekends in a row. There were supposed to be a couple of weeks between 288 and 291.) The game is Elefino, and I admit I wasn't very sporting in choosing the game and the rules. Usually I try to be scrupulously fair to the players, but I really wanted to make Anastasia lose her clothes. Didn't work last time, did it work this time? Wait and see.

Finally, and speaking of parties, meet this week's guest from the megaparty. This compact brunette is Priscilla:

That brings the roster up to nine:


More to come.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brand new

This weekend's double update features some girls who have not only never been on LostBets.com before, they've never been naked on camera before. I love amateurs.

Today we have Episode 288, with the first appearance of Anastasia, she of the incredibly tight limits. She appears with her friend Fern (props for the recruitment, Fern) as well as long-time-no-see Erica. There have been requests for more of her, so I hope people like it.

Tomorrow, in Episode 289, newbies Jacqueline and Dahlia make their debut. Jacqueline's my next-door neighbor, and there's something wonderfully real about her. I've always had a thing for redheads.

And finally, this week's teasing update to the megaparty roster. So far, we've got:

Cherry (now known as Willow)

For the first of the party guests who are new to LostBets.com, meet spunky Damiana:

That brings the guest list to eight players. Still a couple more to get through before the roster is complete...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Unfinished business

Today is the first weekend of July Jubilee, with four weeks of double updates. This weekend, I'll be taking the opportunity to close out a couple of sets, both of which feature couples, that were started quite awhile ago but never finished.

First, Episode 286 finishes off the series with Alexis and Tony vs. Whitney and AJ. Actually, it's just the ladies playing today, with the guys in the enviable position of spectators. A slow-paced but interesting card game ends with one girl rubbing her pussy in the other girl's face.

Tomorrow, Episode 287 brings back Catherine, Camille, Ziggy, and Michael. It's boys against girls in a game of Team Noname, with each gender hoping to get some laughs out of embarrassing the other. The winners get to put the losers through a revealing calisthenics routine, and boys and girls alike were gleefully anticipating what they'd make the others do.


Oh, I almost forgot: I promised to reveal the identity of another guest at my 6/17 party. I've already told you the six people who attended who were also in 278, 279, and 285:

Cherry (now known as Willow)

The other guest who'd been on LostBets.com before was Mika. Making her first appearance all the way back in Episode 174, Mika's back, and she's cuter, more adventurous, and has finally turned 21. It was great seeing her again and having her at the party.

That's it for the returnees. Next week I'll start telling you about the newbies.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten's a crowd

Got some news, mostly good with a little bad.

First: July Jubilee! Every weekend in July will feature two updates, one on Friday and the other on Saturday (Sunday and Monday for standard-definition versions.) This weekend doesn't count as July, but the next four do. There's been a lot of good stuff lately and I want to get it out quickly so people can see it.

Next: this weekend's update, Episode 285, is our biggest game yet, with ten (count 'em) players. This game was played at the same party/shoot that produced Episodes 278 and 279, and the players are just as awesome. Enjoy!

Also, as I hinted at in the last comment thread, I have hosted another party, featuring some of the same players and some new ones. I'm not sure how much I should say about it, though, since it'll still be quite awhile before any of the games make it into production. Some people suggested I just give the names and pictures of the players, which doesn't seem like a bad idea, but I want to stretch it out a bit. So for starters, here are the partygoers who were also at the last party:

Cherry (now known as Willow)

There was also one player who wasn't at the first party but wasn't new to LostBets.com. I'll disclose her identity next week, and each week following I'll introduce another party guest, along with his/her picture and "I lost all my clothes" promo. It shouldn't take that long to get through them all, right? I mean, I've already listed six players and alluded to a seventh, how many more could there be?

Finally -- and this is the bad news -- I'm really sorry about this but for the games from these parties, I'm going to have to charge a little more. It turns out that inviting tons of people over and having to transport and feed them all gets pretty expensive, so instead of $16.99 ($15.99 SD), these episodes will be $19.99 ($18.99 SD). I know my stuff already is not cheap and this doesn't help, but I want to make sure I can keep doing this sort of mega-shoot in the future. I think they're worth it and I hope you do too.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here we go again...

So it's been brought to my attention that the initially-published version of 284 was faulty and cut off in the middle. Aargh. This sort of thing has been happening more frequently lately, and while I won't be satisfied until the rate is zero, I'm going to pay more attention and do things like check file sizes before publishing on Clips4Sale.

In the meantime, if you purchased the corrupted version, please email me a copy of your Clips4Sale receipt and I'll send you a link to a good version. And, as always when I make a fuckup of this kind, please also choose any other video from my catalog you'd like and I'll send a link to that one, too, to apologize for the inconvenience.

Coming up this weekend, Episode 285 our biggest (published) game yet. Ten players, comprising seven girls and three guys, play a wild game of musical chairs. This is the same group of players who were in 278 and 279, and they're awesome. Five losers have to show us how they masturbate.

On tap. we've got:

Episode 286: Strip Barracuda with Whitney and Alexis, two popular cuties. Their male friends get to watch, as one girl is forced to let the other sit on her face.

Episode 287: Another game of Team Noname, boys vs. girls, Catherine and Camille vs. Ziggy and Michael. Winning gender gets to paddle the losers.

Episode 288: Fern returns, along with a popular girl we haven't seen in awhile, Erica. And making her first appearance, Anastasia of the hidden vagina. I'm not going to say what the game is yet.

Episode 289 debuts two new girls, Jacqueline and Dahlia. Jacqueline was very literally the girl next door, but since the shoot (in the last week, in fact) she moved. Oh well. The game is Pod Stomp, fast becoming a personal favorite, and the loser has to masturbate. She's a good sport about it, too.

Episode 290 brings back the crew from 278, 279, and 285 for their fourth game. I'm tentatively calling the game "Hot Grapefruit", because it's like Hot Potato, only you do it with a grapefruit. And you have to hold (and pass) the grapefruit using only your neck.

Finally, a question. Suppose, hypothetically speaking, I threw another party, only this one was even bigger and crazier. But because the queue is so long, nothing from the party wouldn be published for months. Should I tell you about it, or would that be too much fo a tease?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today's update features the return of a game we haven't seen in awhile: Shockinaw. Betty and Veronica match up, with the winner getting her pussy eaten and the loser getting shocked (and also a mouthful of pussy.) Enjoy.

Unfortunately, it's going to be a little bit late, probably by 2-3 hours. Sorry about that. I'll update this blog post when it's published, and maybe add some more info on what's coming up.

UPDATE: Er... it's Thursday, isn't it. Whoops.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Episode 281 is published today, a week late, but better late than never. Honestly I'm still not too thrilled with the quality -- there are video and audio glitches -- but at least it's short and therefore cheap, and the subject matter is pretty kick-ass. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of order

Just a quick note: I wasn't too happy with the final rendered version of Episode 281, which was to be published today. It has a few technical glitches, some of which may be irreparable, but some of them maybe I can fix and I want to at least give it a try. So Episode 282 (Julie, Fern, and Lumen, playing a new game for a new forfeit) is jumping the queue and will be published in a few hours. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Princess Anastasia

There’s been a lot of serendipity involved with LostBets.com. It’s happened more times than I can count that somebody (or lots of somebodies) will request something, and it’ll happen to be exactly what I’ve had on tap. Bearing that in mind, a lot of people lately have been clamoring for more shy girls. They’ve said that they’d prefer softer forfeits, as long as the blushes were real and the girls were truly embarrassed to be naked. Well, meet Anastasia, first mentioned here after she played a day on

First, some background on her. She’s one of Fern’s friends (when I told Fern I’d pay a bounty for recruiting her hot friends, she got straight to work) and she’s a complete amateur. Furthermore, she made it clear at the start o the day that this was a one-time deal; she needed the money for something specific, and she didn’t intend to make being nude on camera part of her career. Also, her limits were extremely tight, as you’ll see.

The first thing she did when she got here was to read the paperwork I handed her to fill out and sign, word-by-word. This is probably a good idea, but it makes her absolutely unique among the nearly 200 people who’ve signed that paperwork, most of whom gave it a cursory glance if they read it at all. Then she spoke up: “I don’t think I like the part here where it says that you can publish or modify the footage without my knowledge or consent.” I was a bit surprised as this is a pretty typical clause in these sorts of work-for-hire agreements, so I said, “Well, if you can’t sign it...” She came back with, “Oh, I can sign it. I just don’t know about signing it for $[insert agreed-upon price for her time].”

Oh, I figured. Angling for more money. Well, I strive to send 100% of my players home happy, which I don’t hit but come damn close, so I asked her what she wanted (a 60% raise) and I gave it to her. But I don’t really appreciate this being sprung on me at the shoot, so Anastasia wouldn’t be welcome back. Probably. Unless maybe she were willing to stretch those iron limits a little...

And speaking of those limits, have a look at this video. It’s behind the scenes before the fourth game we played, and I was trying to think of forfeits that the ultra-prude could handle. I figured the old “anatomy lesson” might work. You know, loser lies down naked and spread-eagle while winner points out interesting anatomical features, this is her clit, these are her labia, etc. I figured this was tame enough to be safe. I was wrong. Here’s what happened.

And by the way, since the young lady in question read the contract in painstaking detail, I know she knows I have the right to publish this candid footage of her being extremely embarrassed at even the thought of being exposed on display like that. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Love your neighbor

Awhile ago, I confessed that something I had said wasn't quite true. One of the reasons I did this is that I want to maintain my credibility. See, weird, crazy shit happens to me all the time, shit that seems really improbable, shit that I'd find hard to believe happened, if they didn't happen to me. And I want you to be able to believe me when I tell you about them.

Which brings me to lovely, 21-year-old, redheaded Jacqueline.

She and her boyfriend recently moved in to the house next door. Being neighborly, I invited them over, and naturally the topic of LostBets.com came up. They were intrigued (especially Jacqueline), so I showed them some of my videos. Jacqueline had never done any sort of nude or erotic posing before, but she was eager to give LostBets.com a try. So without further ado, I present Jacqueline, the literal girl next door.

But if she was going to play here, she'd need somebody to play with, so she called her 20-year-old friend Dahlia. Dahlia was also eager to give it a try, so here she is:

They didn't get a chance to play many games -- only three -- because both girls had been extremely short on sleep thanks to the weekend they'd just spent at FolkLife. But among those three games was one that Casper called "the hottest thing I've ever seen at LostBets.com." I'm not sure if I agree with him (although I've seen more than he has, too) but I can definitely see why he has that opinion. I'm pretty sure I've described some of my videos as "as real as it gets" before. Well, this was even more real than that.

Bonus promo with both young ladies together:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mark marks the spot

Howdy, folks.

First things first: I've been entirely AWOL for the past few weeks. Long-timers will know that I do that from time to time. It's definitely not because I've been off doing top-secret wet work for Her Majesty's government, no matter what you've heard. I'll get caught up eventually.

This weekend features a Very Special Update in Episode 279. It's the second game from the awesome megashoot that also produced Episode 278, and it has my old chum Mark from elementary school in a starring role. In a sense, you could say that Mark is responsible for LostBets.com's existence. When I was a mere barely-pubescent lad of 12, Mark showed me a pirated copy of Artworx Strip Poker on his Apple II (and yes, I'm really dating myself here.) It was the first time I'd ever even heard of the concept of a stripping game, and I found it so fascinating that it started a kink that's lasted a lifetime, and would eventually lead to me getting sick and tired of waiting for somebody else to make the sort of videos I'd been dying to see and making them myself. So thanks, Mark, and happy birthday.

Coming up:

Episode 280: Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Kendra and Natalie. The two dommes return, one of them spoiling for a rematch, the other looking to extend her streak and the loser's humiliation.

Episode 281: Strip Mogadishu with Betty and Veronica. What's interesting about this game? It's the first LostBets.com game played entirely outside, in broad daylight. And in pretty clear view from a busily-traveled road. In fact, I'm probably not going to use that location again, it's just too damned risky. Some of the drivers surely got an eyeful. Nobody got arrested this time, but I'm not going to risk it again.

Episode 282: Strip Puck-Off with Fern, Julie, and Lumen. People have been asking for more of these three, so here you go. It's a new game that gets the girls moving. The loser does a new forfeit: she's a naked sushi girl, with her nude body covered in delicious, delicious sushi, for not only the rest of hte players to enjoy but for the LostBets.com cast as well. If you've ever wanted to see us... well, you'll see some of our arms as we reach in for our sushi. Exciting, no?

Episode 283: Shockinaw with Betty and Veronica. Yes, this game involving electrical torture is back, by popular demand. The loser of this game has to give the winner oral on camera. One of the ladies is on the rag, so her opponent really hopes to win.

Episode 284: Strip Spin-the-Dildo with Candle, Isobel, Graham, and Kitty. These four are back to play a slight variant of spin-the-bottle. Two losers, one double-headed dildo, need I say more?

Episode 285: Strip Musical Chairs with a fucking shitload of players. It's game 3 from the megashoot, and LostBets.com's biggest game yet, with ten players. Seven girls and three guys play Strip Musical Chairs, with five losers engaging in group masturbation. Given that these people are crazy freaks, it didn't take long for some of them to remember that "masturbation" refers to manual genital stimulation, and the owner of the hand and the owner of the genitals aren't necessarily the same person.

Good stuff coming up. Once again, I want to apologize for not being more diligent in answering blog comments and emails, but I'll get caught up eventually.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Friends, I'm sorry to say that I haven't caught up on comments and emails like I said I was going to. I also haven't done a bunch of other stuff I was supposed to do. I'm afraid this has not been a good week for me.

Except for Wednesday. On Wednesday, I had three lovely ladies come by for some fun. We had one big-titted professional model, and two tiny-titted amateurs, one of whom was making her first ever appearance naked on camera and was damned nervous about it. First up, the pro:

I've had a lot of inquiries about Erica lately, and by a staggering coincidence she contacted me to say she'd be in my area, at exactly the same time I was arranging some games for the other two. First, one we all know and love

And she brought along her friend:

So. there were some questions people had about Erica. It turns out I was mistaken and she has not done hardcore before. I was confused because she played in a game (against Daisy Rae) which had a hardcore forfeit. It turns out that she didn't know that hardcore was on the menu when she agreed to play, and was shocked to find out that it was. But rather than say anything about it, she just determined to win all her games, which she did. Gutsy move on her part. If you want to see more of her, her site is http://www.jasminemendez.com, and you can follow her on Twitter @LaughingLatina.

Veronica and Betty return today for their second game. The loser is hogtied and vibrated for a good long time, to many orgasms.

Next week, Episode 279 is the second game from the megaparty that produced 278. Seven girls compete to see which two will have to give a special birthday surprise to my friend Mark. More on that later.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Domme v. Domme

276 is up, featuring new girls Kendra and Natalie, the first of two games with these ladies. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another quarter-century

Episode 275 is up. It's the last game that was played that day. Was it a fitting conclusion? You be the judge.

B-Sides are still on hiatus. I've just had so much stuff in the works lately that I haven't had the resources to spare to get B-Sides through postproduction. I do have a few on hand, but I don't want to resume publication until I've got a comfortable backlog.

Speaking of more stuff in the works, you'll like it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Total recall

First things first: Episode 274 is published. Check it out, and say hi to Betty and Veronica. Since they're both amateurs and new to this sort of thing (well, almost new in the case of one of them) they want to know what people think, so let them know.

Episode 273, much to my chagrin, had a glitch in the original published version. On at least two occasions, the video of Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire playing Candy Passing pops up in the middle of the screen for no reason. Damn it. The fixed version is now on the clip store, but if you bought the glitched version, forward a copy of your Clips4Sale order receipt to clipreplacement@lostbets.com for a free replacement. Also, please pick out any other episode from my catalog and I'll send you that, too, by way of apology for the inconvenience.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Still way behind in blog comment replies, guys, and falling further back. Sorry, guys. I'll catch up, dammit.

This weekend is a doozy of a double-update, featuring two highly unusual episodes. First (and already published) is the first game from the party I've been blabbing about. Actually, the party hadn't started yet (we eventually had around 30 people) but the game is a good one, the players are boisterous, and the forfeit is hardcore. Enjoy.

Tomorrow we'll see the one and only game I've filmed with Bob and JC. As I said, it's an unusual one. I don't expect it'll appeal to everyone, but some will be very glad to see it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling behind

Once again I've fallen far behind on blog replies. Apologies. Still planning to catch up.

One of the things that's kept me occupied is managing the footage from the party a couple of weeks ago. The first game is through editing, the second is almost done. Here's some more details about the party: the players consisted of Julie and nine of her friends, who rode a limo up from Portland for the occasion. Pretty much all Julie told them about LostBets.com is that we play sexy games. These folks are uninhibited and eager, and they showed up loaded for bear and ready to get freaky. Expect a lot of wild stuff. Don't expect a whole lot of shyness, blushing, or embarrassment. Do expect to see the first game very soon.

Episode 272 published last weekend, to a fairly mediocre response. Guess I still haven't gotten this foot thing quite right yet.

Exciting stuff coming up, as follows:

Episode 273 introduces Bob and JC. Bob thinks he's psychic, and attempts to prove it by challenging JC to a game of Battlestrip, loser submits to whatever the winner wants. Things may or may not go according to plan...

Episode 274 introduces Veronica and Betty, who I posted promos of a couple of weeks ago. They're two young lesbians, with Veronica being a friend of Casper's girlfriend Stella. They play the first (but definitely not the last) game of Strip Air Hockey on our new table, with the loser masturbating for us.

Episode 275 is the last one from the shoot with Julie, Ashley, and Kandie, and it's a doozy. Strip Memory is the name of the game, and they play to two losers. The losers get to enjoy sex with our fucking machine, both of them simultaneously.

Episode 276 fulfills a request I got long ago, with new players Kendra and Natalie playing Strip Blackjack. Both ladies are dommes. Both are mistresses. But one will be the other's bitch, after losing the game, her clothes, and her dignity. I asked them to bring various gadgets that they'd like to use on the loser if they won. They obliged.

Episode 277 brings back Betty and Veronica, this time playing pool. It's an exciting game that goes down to the wire. This time, instead of having to masturbate for the winners, the loser gets to sit back and relax, while the winner masturbates her using the massager. Oh, and she's hogtied. Turns out lesbians are pretty good with the massager. And they enjoy using it, too, as I found out when the winner asked "how long should I do this?" and I answered "however long you'd like."

Episode 278, finally, brings us to the first game from the party: four-player Strip Air Hockey with Aubrey, Belle, Cherry, and Devon. The loser is the star attraction in a 3-on-1 gangbang. Now, before you do the math and shout, "Wait a minute! We have to wait 'til mid-May for this?", no, you don't. 278 will be published this coming Saturday as part of a double-update weekend. Yes, I'm publishing it out of order. I'm just really eager to share this with the world.

Episode 279 brings all seven of the party girls to play Strip Spinner, which is sort of like spin-the-bottle but with a spinner instead. I've heard the criticism that spin-the-bottle isn't really fair, since it's not always clear which player the bottle points to, nor that each player has an equal chance of losing, so I had Hippo make me a spinner with seven segments, each subtending an arc of precisely 51.42°. Let nobody say this game wasn't fair.

At least for the spinning part. Since it's such a fast-paced game, I told the ladies to wear as many pieces of clothing as they wanted... but that any footwear (shoes, pantyhose, stockings, etc.) had to come off last. And a girl wasn't out of the game when naked, she was out if she lost again while naked. If you do the math on that one, you'll find out that any girl's chance of escaping with all her naughty bits covered were very slim indeed. Unfair? Maybe, but again, none of these girls was actually in dread of losing. The two losers put on a birthday surprise for my friend Mark... but more about that as the time approaches.

Really good stuff coming up. Hope you like it, and I do plan to catch up on blog comment replies in the near future.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet the party guests

A bit more about Saturday's party games. While it was an excellent shoot (maybe the best one yet) it wasn't without cost. In fact, this was the bloodiest LostBets.com shoot to date, with the highest casualty rate. One girl had her nose bloodied, another got some Bloody Mary splashed in her eye, and a third broke a tooth attempting to loosen a guy's belt with her teeth. Remember their sacrifice, and let it not be forgotten.

Yesterday it was stills, today it's quickie video promos. Enjoy.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not a joke

Now that it's safely April 2, I wanted to reiterate that my post of April 1 was not an April Fool's joke. An epic shoot took place during an epic party on March 31, and the episodes that will result will take your breath away. Meet the contestants, starting with the newbies:







And let's not forget the gentlemen:



That's it for the eight newbies. Now for the returning players, here's someone we've seen a lot of:


And here's someone we haven't seen in a very long time. People have asked if he was coming back, and I'd been forced to say that I didn't think so. Well, I was wrong, and he's back.


Awesome shit went down. I'll try not to make you wait too long for it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy fuck

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ich bin ein Frankfurter

Quickie post here because I'm super-busy getting ready for what I hope will be an awesome party tomorrow. Episode 271 is out, and I gotta say it's one of my favorites. Hope you like it as much as I did.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Need your help

LostBets fans, I need some videos that ar:

  • Hot

  • Published within the last year or so

  • Between 12 and 19 minutes long

  • Ideally fairly hard on the forfeit

  • Representative of what LostBets is all about.

Any nominations?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, brother

So a few things to talk about:

1) There's a new update today. In episode 270, Angel tries to in some small way redeem her losing streak by challenging her guy Lance to a game.

2) There was no B-Side this week, as many of you noticed. The production queue for B-Sides has been stalled (Casper's been busy) and the well ran dry. B-Side publication may resume next week but no promises. Within two weeks, almost certainly.

3) Say, just out of curiosity, anyone got any ideas for games/forfeits that would work with really large groups of players, like 10+? This is just to satisfy my idle inquisitiveness and isn't because I've got something epic in the works for eight days from now.

4) Finally, I mentioned in my "confession" post that I'd recently heard from a few folks who were interested in posing for Lost Bets with truly unusual situations. Well, one of them was a gentleman who explained that he had an adventurous streak, and so did his sister. They were interested in playing some games together.

Now, I need to be clear on this: sexual contact between close relatives is a felony in my state, and I'd never abet that. But that still leaves a lot of room to play. The sisterof the couple had these suggestions:

i had a few ideas and wanted to run them by you.
1- me and my brother against another duo. losing couple has to french kiss and then masturbate side by side (or face to face) until completion for the winners.
2- as you mentioned about groping. maybe the losing couple has to wear thin bathing suit or something else and the winners tell them where they have to touch eachother over the clothing or tape.
3- me against my brother. loser has to go down on the person of the same sex as the winner watches.
4- if we lose i have to give a lap dance. if brother gets excited there is another penalty

what you think? maybe run the idea on the website to get an idea what the public would want?

Well, I rarely turn down a lady's request, so I'm running this on the website to get an idea what the public wants. What do you want?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Do you want 269?

Episode 269, featuring the return of Dre, Annabelle, and Britney S, publishes today. Will Dre get her revenge on the other two, who made her parade around in the slingshot swimsuit in public? Stay tuned to find out.

Speaking of very small swimsuits, check out the new inventory in the LostBets.com wardrobe:

Thanks to commenters DaM and Dave for the suggestion. I'm not sure when they'll be used yet, but they will be used.

Also, here's a peek into what's ahead. I already said that episode 270 stars an utterly defeated Angel trying to reclaim at least a little dignity by challenging newcomer Lance to a game with the winner enjoying oral sex from the loser. Episode 271 is a team game: Julie and Kyle vs. Fern and Lumen. The forfeit is wet-and-messy, plus a shower scene, plus some bonus action in the shower that took me by surprise. I'll say this again when it's closer to publication, but 271 is one of my personal favorites. Everything clicked, and I think it'll be remembered as a classic.

272 brings back Alice, Marie, and Leda to play a game of Croc 'n' Balls with a forfeit that's been requested a few times: foot worship. I still don't think we nailed it, but this is maybe the closest we've come.

273 will probably be remembered as well, but for a different reason than 271. It goes someplace I haven't gone since Episode 155, and then it goes farther... much, much farther. It's one on one, boy vs. girl, with the winner doing whatever he (or she) wants to the loser. What did he (or she) want? More on that when it's closer to publication, but on three occasions the cameras caught me saying, "Whoa... that's different."

274 introduces new girls Betty and Veronica, and also introduces my spiffy new Pockey table. What's a Pockey table? First of all, it has nothing to do with Japanese cookie sticks. No, it's more like one of these:

Half pool, half air hockey. Sure, it's not the best pool table and it's not the best air hockey table, but at least it's both in one. I just love being able to buy shit like this and quite legitimately call it a business expense. Both pool and air hockey worked great as stripping games their first time out, I can't wait to use them more.