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Friday, January 29, 2010

Please don't kill me

Today's update (to be published at 7:20 PM Eastern) is a game I talked about a long time ago, but never got around to publishing. A few people have asked me when it'll show up, so here it is. It's Shockinaw, with Ashley, Mia, Julie, and Sammy.

So why am I asking you not to kill me? Because when I watched this video, my thought was, "Man, I'd like to kill the son-of-a-bitch who made these poor girls play this game." In case any of you have the same thought... um... you'd better not try it, I'm armed?

Anyway. This is gonna be a double-update weekend, with another (less cruel) game featuring these four girls to follow on Saturday.

UPDATE: the second update is now up. It involves a lot less pain.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fight for her honor

Today's update needs a little explanation. First, here's a teaser:

Sometimes games get published out of chronological order. And sometimes, games don't get published at all, for any of a number of reasons... maybe the game just didn't work out, or the footage is especially poor quality, or a game turns out nearly idenical to an earlier game. So while we've seen Kat (later Naomi) before, we haven't seen her games in order.

(warning: the remainder of this post will contain spoilers for some older material.)

The first time Kat played a game at lostbets.com, it was Bush's Last Day. She won that game. Then she played a game that hasn't been published yet. She won that game too. Then she played Screw Your Neighbor with Johnny, Lily, Jane, and Amberlee. And she won that game as well. In none of these games did she so much as even get topless.

Then she played Beer Pong with Daisy against Johnny and Joe. That one turned out a little better (for those of us who wanted to see what she's got) as she ended up naked, but still won, and got to watch the boys masturbate rather than masturbating in front of them. Then there was another unpublished game... she won that one, too.

Which brings us to this one.

So at the time this game was played, Kat had a record of 5-0. But this time, winning or losing is out of her control. This time, she has to place her hopes in the hands of her man. Did he come through for her and save her modesty, or did he drop the ball and leave her naked and at Daisy's mercy? Tune in tonight at 7:20 Eastern to find out.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Keepin' it real

This post is prompted by the recent controversy over the forfeit for Episode 133, which did not take place on camera, but it's something I've been meaning to write for awhile. Every now and then someone questions whether something that happens on lostbets.com is "real" or "fake". Was a certain game fixed, or fair? Did a certain forfeit really happen as advertised, or was it staged? So I wanted to clear the air a bit and tell you guys about my thoughts on "real" vs. "fake".

For starters, nothing that happens here (or on just about any other porn site) can be truly 100% genuine, because this isn't a truly 100% genuine situation. These girls and guys aren't getting together to play stripping games for their own amusement, they're doing it because I'm paying them to do it. That right there introduces an artificial element and prevents it from being a true reflection of reality.

Now, that being said...

Commenter Charlie said in a blog comment thread "Red seems to take great pains to keep the games genuine", and this is absolutely accurate. While perfect "reality porn" isn't possible, I have a strong bias towards keeping things as real as possible. This means that I strongly prefer letting the games be played fairly, even if both I and the audience would prefer a particular outcome. It means I prefer letting girls speak candidly, letting their natural personalities show, rather than telling them what to say. It means I try to choose forfeits and circumstances that will cause genuine embarrassment to the players, rather than asking them to feign embarrassment.

But those preferences are not absolute, and just as I've aimed for a variety of players, games, and forfeits, my videos also feature varying levels of reality. In the vast majority, everything is exactly as it appears, the games are fair, the forfeits are real, the dialogue is spontaneous. But while reality is important to me, it's even more important that I make great videos, and on occasion, I've decided that fantasy would be better than reality in specific circumstances.

So the answer is: no, not everything you see here is real. I want to emphasize again that the vast majority of it is, but I've never said that everything is. Some of what you see is not as it appears. I prefer not to talk in public about exactly which episodes have fantasy mixed in with the reality, but if you want to know (I suggest that you probably do not), ask me via email.

(P.S. Every time I've specifically emphasized the reality of something, it's been real. I've never lied about anything like that.)

(P.P.S. When I say "ask me via email", I mean ask about particular episodes. Please don't ask me for a list of which episodes contain trickery and which don't... I don't keep such a list. I also wanted to say that a fan once wrote and guessed which episodes weren't genuine, and guessed wrong about most of them. Some of the things you might most strongly suspect are fake would surprise you. As I said, I strongly prefer keeping things as real as possible.)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Foot fun

Episode 137 is published -- slightly late, sorry about that. This week, you can actually see the forfeit performed, so nobody has to doubt whether it really was :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Episode 133 is up

Astute fans will have noticed that Episode 133 was skipped. I had a few requests to fill first, but here it is: the conclusion of Raven and Alan's series of games. Hope it was worth the wait.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ooh, Barracuda

By popular demand, Kala and Elizabeth return this week playing a new game. Here's a promo:

Also, Heidi returns and so does Samantha, to face each other for the first time, in a game of Estonian Roulette. Enjoy.