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Friday, June 27, 2014

We're Twits!

Back in 2010, I started a Twitter account for Lost Bets Productions, but never did much of anything with it. (The same is true of our Facebook account. I'm not really much for social media.) Well, we're giving it another try and we've been tweeting like mad. Follow us @LostBets.

This is the last weekend of June Jubilee. Today brings Episode 409, which brings back Kym, Lika, and Nikole. Saturday's Episode 410 has Selah and her friend Reyanna playing with Savannah, Conor, and Richard in a free-for-all game that ends with some red asses.

Looking ahead to the future, here's what we've got

Coming on July 18, Episode 413 is the finale of the series featuring these three young amateurs, Indigo with her blue hair and Jelly who now has none, plus Blossom. It's theoretically a game of Strip on Spades. They don't always adhere to the rules, but they manage to come up with a loser, who gets drenched in cream. No, not that kind of cream -- these girls are strictly R-rated.

Recent episodes have been a little heavy on the softcore, and there hasn't been much hardcore. That'll be partially corrected in Episode 414, the last game played on the day of Episode 400. Everyone's gone home but Angela and Keenly. (Dante was already home.) The three of them play a three-player game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors to two losers, who have to sexually service the winner however he or she would like. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

First times

June Jubilee continues, and I'm happy to be sharing some of my favorite girls, doing things for the first time ever. Today, Episode 407 features Bex, Piper, Zahara, and Sheri playing a new game. Three of these four have never masturbated before (or so they say) but at least one of them will no longer be able to say that after the game's end.

Then on Saturday, it's Heather's first game (chronologically, anyway) as she takes on Michelle and Star in Episode 408. It's a shocking game of Shockinaw, and the loser gets wet and messy in a way we've never done before.

Next weekend marks the end of June Jubilee with Episodes 409 and 410, but it doesn't mark the end of the awesomeness. Here's what to look forward to as we move into the second half of the year.

Like watching girls trying to force each other to orgasm? Of course you do. And who better to do it than these three voluptuous hotties? Lela's nerdy and cute, and she was one of last year's top newcomers. With her adorable dimples and endless supply of Godawful puns, Candle's been among my favorites for years. And of course Caroline's rockin' tits need no introduction. They play our first game of Earth and Fire to two losers, who have to share a double-headed dildo while the winner taunts.

Given that they'd never masturbated before, it's not much of a surprise to learn that Sheri and Zahara have never been on either the giving or receiving end of oral sex with another girl. Piper has, but just once, in Episode 393. They also don't have a lot of experience making out with other girls, but that's what they'll have to do in Episode 412 along with Bex. It's an energetic game of Candy Passing among these young amateurs, with the losers tasting pussy.

Bon apetit!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Today is both Friday the 13th and a full moon, so I guess we're in for hockey-mask-wearing maniacs and werewolves tonight. Also tonight, Episode 406 being published a little out of sequence, with 405 to follow tomorrow. The crowd from Episode 400 returns, as do Indigo, Jelly, and Blossom.

Looking into the future:

Catherine had to go home, but Lika, Nikole, and Kym stuck around to play a game of Pod Stab in Episode 409. The surprise athletic routine from Episode 389 makes an encore appearance.

I'm running late and don't have time to write about Episode 410. so let the promo speak for itself.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Forbidden. Not Found.

Episodes 403 and 404 kick off June Jubilee this weekend, with Friday bringing back Caroline and Star for their second game, and Saturday featuring the debuts of Lika and Catherine's sister Nikole, plus the return (after years) of Kym. Enjoy!

Speaking of June Jubilee, here's what's on tap for two weeks from now.

Bex and Piper and Zahara and Sheri are back in Episode 407. It's a new game: T-Bagasaur, in which the players try to get balls in a dinosaur's mouth. The two losers have to masturbate. What makes this special is that three out of four of them have never masturbated before. (I found it hard to believe but they insisted.) One or two of them will have to put her inexperienced fingers to the test for the first time in front of everyone.

Heather is one of the most popular players we've had here, and Episode 408 was actually her first experience ever at LostBets.com. Her first game wasn't an easy one, and she played Shockinaw against Michelle and Star. The loser gets turned into a tossed salad. Not the sexy kind, but literally, complete with lettuce, cucumber, two different kinds of creamy dressing, croutons, and of course bacon bits. Something a little different for the wet-and-messy fans.