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Friday, April 24, 2015

Back on the cross

Today's Episode 461 brings back three of my favorite things: Isobel, Catherine, and our LostBets.com St. Andrew's Cross, along with something new for the forfeit. 

Next week marks the beginning of Maykota, which is now officially Mostly Maykota. I both overestimated the number of episodes with Dakota I had available and underestimated the number of Fridays in May. This means that Episode 466, to be published on 29 May, will not in fact feature Dakota.

Instead, the last Maykota episode will be 22 May's Episode 465.

Last time we saw Dakota with Brad, she and Mina were humiliating him in Episode 450. Now he's out for revenge, and either Dakota is going to have to use her vagina to put on a puppet show or Brad will look even more ridiculous with his dong all prettied up.

Then the last weekend in May brings the aforementioned Dakotaless Episode 466:

This was a hell of a group. Kym is always a blast, and she's one of those girls (like Ashley and Candle) who automatically makes every episode she's in kick ass by infecting the other players with her exuberance. Kimmy is a relative newcomer but she's off to a strong start. And this episode introduces two new girls: bleached-blonde big-breasted Scarlett, and Crystal, who has red hair and glasses, two of my favorite things. The loser of this Queen-of-the-Hill game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is tied down to a bed while the three winners have their way with her. 

On into June for Episode 467:

It's Kimmy again, with three different players. There's diminutive Lilly, who has only appeared on the POV site in Episode P033, here for her first game against other players. There's Savannah, who has only been in two other episodfes, 396 and 410, and didn't lose either one. And there's Bob, whose defeat in Episode 277 got him screwed in a very uncomfortable place, and I'm not talking about the back of a Volkswagen. He's risking that again, as the two winners of this game get to do whatever they want to the two losers, and all three of these girls would love to make Bob endure that humiliation.

Finally, coming up in POVs:

Becky plays a new game Strip "From-the-Hat", which Lily came up with as an experiment. I don't think the experiment was entirely a success, and I don't know if we'll use the game again, but it makes for an entertaining vid.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Episode 460 is published today, featuring perennial favorite Candle taking on Lizzy and Rachel. (Richard wasn't there for this one.) It's a softcore (but embarrassing) forfeit for the two losers, and it's hilarious.

I've been really delinquent re. blog replies lately, but if you were waiting for a response in the last blog thread, I've caught up there.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share something that's not at all porn-related. (If you do mind, skip to the next paragraph.) A few years ago I did a totally unscientific poll and found that a clear majority of fans considered themselves geeks. Assuming that the demographics haven't changed all that much, here's something for my fellow nerds: I've been binge-watching CGP Grey, plus the three related channels Crash Course, SciShow, and vlogbrothers. If you like learning and hate not knowing stuff, all four are worth your time. That's all; end of digression.

Looking ahead, Episode 463 brings us back to hardcore in a big way.

Judas and Shelby return, joined on their team by Brad. Facing them are Tobi, Dakota (it will be Maykota, after all) and Flynt. It's Competitive Blowjobs as the two girls from each team do their best to milk an orgasm out of the man from the opposing team. Once a guy can't hold back anymore and cums, his team loses. The winners get to have their way with the losers, and boy, do they.

The video promo below is, well, brief. And cropped. In order to comply with Blogger's content policy and avoid nudity, we obviously can't show much of a blowjob race. But here it is anyway.

The week after that will bring Episode 464.

It's the followup to Episode 459, where the two losers had to spend some time with the strapless strap-on. One of the losers from that one has to keep wearing the strap-on protruding from her pussy, while the two winners use it as the target in a game of Strip Ring Toss. The loser feels the kiss of the strapless strap-on herself, as the other loser from 459 fucks her with it.

Finally, here's what POV fans have to look forward to. Enjoy!

Pigtailled Layla plays Strip Red/Black against you with the loser having to masturbate for the winner. Multiple endings.

Angel is back, and this one is a little unusual. I don't think I'm giving much away when I say that most of the POVs have predetermined outcomes, either with the viewer winning or with alternate endings. Well, P063 isn't like that. Angel flipped the "coin" (actually the Ring Toss rings taped together) completely fairly, and she was either going to win or she was going to lose. Fate decided which.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Let's talk about Dakota. Petite and spunk, pale-skinned, hot body, and adventurouis. She and her patner-in-crime Bailey team up against Star and Kimmy, another fine-looking girl of Asian descent, today in Episode 459. She's an awesome chick and I'm glad to have a lot of footage of her, but I may have gone a bit overboard. I was reviewing the schedule and realized that not only was Dakota in 459, she was scheduled to be in 461, 462, 463, and 464. That might be a bit too much of a good thing, but I kind of liked the idea of a theme month, so I've bumped those four episodes down a week to 462-465 and we'll celebrate the month of Maykota.

All of this is a roundabout way of explaining why this week's promo is for Episode 462, not 461. The replacement 461 stars Catherine and Isobel (whom we haven't seen since last September) and I'll get a promo up as soon as I can.

By the way, during Maykota, Dakota will appears with at least nine different players, so there will still be plenty of variety.