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Friday, February 28, 2014

It's raining amateurs

Hallelujah! And when it rains, it pours.

It's only February, but we've already filmed fifteen players, in groups of three, eight, and four. Of the 15, at least 13 are pure amateurs. 10 have never been naked on camera anywhere before, and the 3 others have been on LostBets.com before but nowhere else. The other two are Dante and Sassy, and the only reason I don't include them with the others is that I'm not sure if they've appeared elsewhere.

What a year it's been. It all started when Jelly contacted me and asked if she could play again. Last time I asked her to come back, she declined, saying that she'd just done it because she wanted to try the experience but now that she'd tried it, she didn't need to do it again. But here she was, asking to return. Forgive me, but I for one am a big fan of the weak job market these days.

I asked if she knew anyone who'd like to play with her, and I did a spit-take when she wrote back, "Well, I talked to my three roommates, and they'd all be interested." After cleaning off my monitor, I told her that I'd get them in as soon as possible.

Things didn't quite go as planned, and of Jelly's roommates, only Indigo was able to make it. But she brought her friend Blossom, and we all had fun. Jelly's other two roommates (one of whom is Indigo's sister) are still interested and may make a future appearance.

Jelly, Blossom, and Indigo all have fairly tight limits, although to be honest, I think Jelly's are the tightest and we might have been able to talk the other two into stretching a bit if she hadn't been there. This is in stark contrast to the eight-player shoot, featuring Dante and Sassy returning, along with new boys CJ, Dragon, and Erik, and new girls Angela, Jasmine, and Keenly. Despite the fact that the six newbies had never been naked on camera before, they were daring enough to risk it all, and serious hardcore was the result. As I said earlier, I saw things I'd never seen before. New Clips4Sale category coming up for us.

I've said before that one of the best things about young amateurs is that they have young amateur friends, and can often talk them into playing, so when I heard from Bex that her two 20-year-old friends wanted to play, I was happy. Piper came back too, joining Sheri and Zahara. Sheri's a pint-sized brunette, while Zahara is a striking mocha-skinned beauty. Their limits were hard girl-girl, with Sybians and oral sex, but I'm pretty sure there's more to come from them, too. It was a great day, and Bex is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players. They played six games, plus there was a bonus: after failing to talk her appalled friends into playing Shockinaw with her, Bex sat down to an impromptu, candid game against Johnny

Promos to come.

Speaking of Bex and Piper, today's Episode 388 pits them against Madison in a game of Pod Stomp to two losers, who have to share a double-headed dildo. And poor Piper has never used a dildo before...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mmmph mph mmph!

Cofo, please send me an email. You're entitled to a free copy of Episode 387, featuring the debut of our new dildo gag, which you suggested. Thanks for the idea! Lela, Dakota, Kandii, and Addie put it to good use.

I'm still behind in reading and responding to both blog comments and emails, but I did catch up on blog replies in the thread "That girl belongs in a museum!" I'll get to the rest, but this happens to be a rather important and busy weekend, so I probably won't get to them until next week. When you find out what I was doing this weekend, you'll think it was worth the additional delay. I hope.

Back to Episode 387 and the dildo gag. It's actually the first part of what could be considered a two-parter, with the dramatic conclusion to come in Episode 392 featuring the same players. Be advised that the below promo is a spoiler for 387, so watch with caution.

Before that, though, comes Episode 391.

This marks the return of Jelly and the debuts of Blossom and Indigo. Amateurs all three; I kept the first game light to ease the newbies into it. But two of the girls will end up embarrassingly exposed.

Friday, February 14, 2014

At least the weather was nice

Today's update features something I teased awhile ago: a very public walk in very little clothing to make some very embarrassing purchases. The girls look great in almost nothing, and most of the passersby seemed to agree.

Coming attractions up to Episode 388 have been previewed in earlier blog posts. Continuing on, Episode 389 will bring back ├╝ber-cutie Heather and spunky Lela, against Kimberly, whom we haven't seen in quite awhile.

The forfeit was a mystery to the girls, as I handed it to them on a stack of cards with "read these cards one by one and do what they say." Since they didn't get to know it, you'll have to wait a little while to know it too. (Don't worry, I will put a hidden spoiler in the clip description when it's published.) 

Moving right along, Episode 389 brings back Ashley, one of my very first players, and one of my best. She's not playing in this game, though, she's acting as a sexily-dressed emcee.

Hippo and I came up with this game late one night, and I will admit that intoxicants were consumed. We spotted an acronym quiz in a newspaper someone had left lying on a table. We knew most of the acronyms and figured it would make a great stripping game.  What we completely failed to take into account (again, intoxicants) is that we are geeks, and the players are not. Turns out that most 20-year-old girls don't know what "LCD" stands for. Who knew? Back to the drawing board for this game, but it's still an entertaining game with Ashlyn, Olivia, and Brooklyn, and with a pretty hardcore forfeit. Flynt and Bob step in to do the honors as the loser takes them both.

Now that I've published both episodes featuring Rachel, I can publish this promo, which is a bit of a spoiler.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. 23 blog comments I have yet to respond to in the last post. I'm going out for a romantic night with Morgan, but I'll get to them over the weekend.

Friday, February 7, 2014

That girl belongs in a museum!

Jordana, Rachel, and Michelle return thus week in Episode 385 to show off our brand-new carnival wheel, Spin the wheel and you either lose an article of clothing (37.5% of the time), get a microforfeit (37.5%), are safe (18.75%) or get to make someone else strip (6.25%). We've ended up using this wheel several times since, with this layout and others. Today's loser is drawn on by both the winners and by our LostBets.com camera crew, Delilah and Quarry.

Semi-spoilers from Episode 385 follow, so if you don't want to know, skip to the next paragraph. This is, I am sorry to say, it for Rachel and Jordana, at least in the foreseeable future. This means that Rachel never lost her panties. I'm sorry we never got to see her naked, but it's part of the price we pay for not rigging the games: somethings the girls escape, especially when they play a limited number of games. We did see quite a lot of her luscious body in Episode 381, so at least there's that.

Welcome back three of our most popular new girls, Olivia, Mouna, and Dakota in Episode 386. We've seen them risking some of the hardest of the hardcore, now they're going to do something more embarrassing than sexual. The two losers put on LostBets.com thongs and teeny tiny bikini tops that only cover their nipples when carefully positioned, and everybody walks down to the drugstore past gawking onlookers so the nearly-naked girls can buy condoms and lube. And I thought Morgan's shopping trip was embarrassing.

Episode 387 is our first-ever four-player game of Candy Passing. It's also a repeat appearance of Dakota, who again is one of our most popular new girls. It also marks the return of Lela, yet another popular new girl. And it also marks the return of Kandii, last seen whipping Angel's sorry ass. And it also marks the return of Addie, last seen more than three years ago in Episode 192. Welcome back, Addie. Finally, it marks the debut of our brand-new dildo gag, suggested by blog commenter Cofo.

And then in Episode 388, Bex, Piper, and Madison are back. The pizza's been eaten, Sassy's gone home, and it's time to up the stakes a little. The girls play Pod Stomp, one of my favorite games for getting the players bouncing and jiggling, and the two losers have to share a double-ended dildo between them. And one of the players has never ever used a dildo before....