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Friday, June 24, 2016

You asked for it, you got it

Long-awaited Episode 519 today. The story behind this one is that it was filmed more than two years ago, but I wasn't really happy with the way it turned out. But ever since I mentioned it on the blog, the fact that it included Ashley, Addie, and Mouna (along with Selah and new girl Kylie, plus Richard and Conor) people have clamored for it to be released, so here it is. And it turns out it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. There are other games from that shoot, too. I'll decide whether and when to publish them depending on feedback I get from this one.

As you've probably noticed, I haven't done much (or any) responding to blog comments for awhile. That's going to continue for a bit but hopefully this period will come to an end soon. (It'll probably end with yet another Comment Bankruptcy), though. Thanks to everyone who was concerned for me.

Complete non-sequitur her, but to all the fans in the United Kingdom... um, good luck. Big changes coming up, and I hope everything works out for the best.

Looking ahead, here's what we've got to look forward to in Episode 524:

Meet new girl Aimee, who joins Kimmy in a game of Greek Roulette. The ultimate loser becomes the plaything of Jay, and Jay wants something a little extra. Lots of people have been asking for more anal, and here it is: a little interracial buttsecks for the loser. And oral sex. And vag sex. It's the trifecta!


Finally, here's an ILAMC promo featuring Adrienne. We'll meet her in Episode 529.


Friday, June 17, 2016

::crickets chirping::

Episode 518 today. We'll finally meet April and JD, taking on Ana Molly. As usual with newbies, simple but revealing forfeit for the losers.

Looking ahead, here's what's in store for Episode 522.

Amateur chick Cora is back, along with equally-amateur Aaron. They play Mogadishu, our five-throw variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and the loser has to go down on the winner. We haven't seen too many of these things: we've had plenty of girls risk having to give a blowjob if they lose, but not a whole lot of guys risking going down on their knees to satisfy a woman. Better late than never.


Episode 523 brings back some familiar faces.

I mentioned in the description of Episode 516 that the infrared thermometer was a bit of a disappointment for judging spanking contests. Well, we'd already used it once more, and here it is. Next time, a color meter to measure redness. Regardless of the accuracy of the measurement, it's fun to see RyAnne, Ana Molly, and Belle risking a spanking, and even more fun to watch two of them receive it.


Today's ILAMC promo features Trinity. I couldn't publish this promo before, because spoilers. But now that we know that Trinity's hyper-competitive streak, fierce determination to win, and mad skillz led her to a clean sweep, the cat is out of the bag. Here she is gloating about her victories.


Friday, June 10, 2016

What, again?

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll catch up.

Episode 517 today, featuring possibly our most competitive player, Trinity. She takes on Chanel, and the loser has to go somewhere she's never gone before. Actually, the winner goes someplace she's never gone before, too. If you like to see giggling virgins (so to speak) exploring something new, this one's for you.

In case you missed it, last week's POV (Episode P118) featured a POV blowjob. This is something people have requested a lot, so I hope y'all liked it.

Looking ahead, here's a peek at Episode 521.

We'll meet JD and April (and reacquaint ourselves with Ana Molly) next week in Episode 518, playing the traditional simple-game-for-simple-forfeit I like to use for n00bs. In 521, they take it several notches, playing Earth and Fire. (I'm prejudiced, since I came up with the idea, but I think Earth and Fire is one of our sexiest games.) Whoever loses and is forced to orgasm has to finish off the winners, on their terms. So however it goes, all three players will get orgasms, but one will have the orgasm ripped from them as they try to resist, while the others will enjoy the servitude of the loser.


Here's another ILAMC promo for a girl we filmed a couple of months ago.  Meet Alicia.


She'll make her debut in Episode 527.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Indian giver or taker

Note: I'm behind in replies to the last blog post. Will get to them this weekend.

Anecdotally, most of you look at the spoilers before deciding whether or not to buy a clip. (Those of you who find clips through direct links don't have a choice, since C4S doesn't honor my style tags in those. Ugh.) If you're one of the minority who doesn't like spoilers, don't read the clip description for today's Episode 515 too closely. Don't look at the clip's categories, either. In fact, skip the next paragraph.

New girl Yesenia takes on Trace for her debit, with the winner doing whatever he wants to the loser. This one has been on the schedule for awhile, so it was quite a coincidence when just last week, a commenter named Keith requested that we have Trace give a girl a creampie. Gotcha covered, Keith. Gotcha covered. (As I've said numerous times in the past, this sort of thing happens frequently enough that the odds of it happening by chance might be lower than it being fated in some way.)

Got the spoiler-averse back with us? Good. Let's talk promos. 

JD and April debut in Episode 518, along with the return of Ana Molly. It's a simple game with a simple forfeit, which is what I like to do when introducing new players. Nevertheless, this will be the last time I use this particular game/forfeit combo for awhile. There are other simple games besides rock-paper-scissors, and there are other simple forfeits besides yoga poses. Variety, y'all. But this is a pretty good episode, and speaking of fulfilling requests, it's got a male player.


Also speaking of fulfilling requests... yeah, Episode 519. This wasn't just requested, it was demanded. I was totally bullied into publishing this one. But that might not be a bad thing....

I've resisted publishing this (and the other episodes with these players) for a long time, mainly because of a particular player I didn't think really was a good fit with LostBets.com. But since it's the last we're likely ever to see of Ashley and Mouna and probably Addie and Selah as well, a lot of peopler have been clamoring for it, and you know what, it's not as bad as I remembered it to be. In fact, it's hardly crap at all, although I still would rather have had a better swan song for such special women. Ah well. The game is Profanagrams, which I ought to use more often, although not with girls who are (cough) borderline illiterate. The two losers of the game have to treat Richard and Conor to blowjobs, whith the object being to make the men cum as quickly as possible. Whoever doesn't ges a spanking.


Finally, a new ILAMC promo. Well, it's not exactly "new" since the girl has already done an IlAMC promo, quite recently. But she's in a new setting. And I for one don't mind seeing her trying to cover her nude body. Next week there will be an ILAMC promo of a girl you haven't seen before... unless you're a fan of the POVs.


Friday, May 20, 2016

And we're back

No blog post last week. Ugh. I'd gotten so good at keeping my procrastination in check, too. Hopefully this will be the last time for awhile. If you've made a comment in the last few weeks you'd like a reply to but haven't gotten one yet, please repost it here. Thanks.

Episode 513 today, with Raquel and Star. Have I mentioned that I really like Raquel? I think I have. As for Star, she's disappointed a lot of her fans by winning almost every game she's been in. Will today finally break her streak and bring her record closer to even? You'll see.

Peeking ahead, we'll see Episode 515 in a couple of weeks.

Aurora, Georgia, and Catalina play a free-for-all gave of Strip Freeze. (Julie was filming POVs at the time. Don't worry. She'll be back.) The loser gets spaked by the winners, one winner on each cheek. Whoever gets her cheek the reddest is the ultimate winner, with the loser the target of ticking by the other two. We haven't done a spanking contest like this since Episode 225, so I figured it was high time to give it another try. (At least, I don't think we've used it since then. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.) Last time, it was up to subjective opinion to determine the winner of the spanking cotnest. This time, I tried to make it more objective by using an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of each cheek. This didn't work out as well as I'd planned, unfortunately. Next time I think I'll use a color meter to measure the saturation of red, which might work better.


Moving ahead to Episode 517:

You may remember Trinity from Episodes 503 and 510. She's highly competitive, hates to lose, and so far, hasn't. In fact, she hasn't even gotten bottomless for us. She's up against Chanel, who also didn't lose any of the games she was in, but at least we got to see her naked and squirming as she played Earth and Fire in Episode 494. There's actually a pretty cool backstory here about how this game came to be, but I'm going to save that one for when it's closer to publication.


Finally, in today's ILAMC promo of Girls to Appear Soon, here's Helena. Of course we've seen her recently and will see more of her soon, but here she's in a new setting, against new opponents.


Don't forget that it's still Multiple May. Every Tuesday, there's a bonus update at LostBets B-Sides. Check it out!