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Friday, April 11, 2014

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Today's update, Episode 395, should make anyone who's wanted to see Ashley back in the games happy. She's facing off with Brooklyn and Bob against Olivia, Ashlyn, and Flynt. It's a high-stakes, high-energy game of Strip Darts, and a device that we've never used before appears in the forfeit.

I mentioned in a blog comment that we did two shoots this last weekend. I think the footage we got was the most technically proficient we've gotten to date, and a big part of the reason is Hippo, who's been my friend since elementary school. Hippo's a wizard at making things, and made a bunch of cool toys for us, including the LostBets.com paddles and the memory/clothing cards. Today I want to highlight two of the newest.

I said in an earlier blog post that we use seven cameras when we shoot, but that's outdated: we're now up to 8. How do we keep an eye on all these cameras? Well, until recently, we couldn't and didn't. We could only monitor a subset of the cameras and hope for the best. Frequently, in editing we'd discover that one or more angles was or became useless. I always consoled myself with the notion that with seven cameras at least one would probably be usable, but it's always sucked to know that we missed out on some good angles and there was nothing we could do about it.

Until Hippo built us this bad boy:

Pretty sweet. But what good is seeing what the camera sees if we can't do anything about it? Many of the cameras are handheld or on tripods that someone can adjust, but several are mounted up high or down low or in the actual scene where a cameraman can't go. It's happened more than once that we'll carefully position an overhead camera, and the players will move somewhere else. So Hippo made 
these radio-controlled pan-tilt GoPro mounts.

These have made a huge difference. Frequently we have a "game area" and a "stripping area", and an overhead camera had to be pointed at one or another. Not anymore. Each mount even supports a couple of presets, so we can switch between game area and stripping area at the touch of a button.

So if you notice higher-quality films with better angles and fewer missed shots, thank Hippo.

In today's lead-up to Episode 400, here's Dante interviewing Jasmine.


Friday, April 4, 2014

The Star of the show

Today, we introduce new girl Star, who really wanted to join us here at LostBets.com and finally got the chance. She's pitted against Caroline, who's not new but who hasn't been seen in awhile. It all comes together in pussy-licking-good Episode 394.

Getting closer and closer to Episode 400. But before we get there, we'll hit Episode 399, starring three of the girls from 400. Here's a teaser.


Here's an interview with Keenly, one of the players in the upcoming epic battles. We'll get to know the others later, too.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Innocence Lost

Bex, Piper, and Madison go where they've never gone before in today's update, Episode 393. Enjoy.

We're getting closer  to Episode 400. Four hundred episodes, four girls, four cocks. Meet the talent. First, the gentlemen.

From top to bottom, they are CJ. Dante (who we already know), Dragon, and Erik. They'll be performing manly duties on the loser, who will be one of these ladies:

They are (again, from top to bottom), Angela, Jasmine, Keenly, and Dante's ex-girlfriend and LostBets.com fan-favorite Sassy.

Keenly and Jasmine will be making their debuts, along with Sassy, in Episode 399, just a warm-up to get them loosened up and ready for 400. I think you'll like them. More promos to come.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double update

I promised to try to work in a few more double-updates on the way to Episode 400, so please enjoy Episodes 391 and 392 this weekend. I'm publishing them in reverse order: 392 on Friday, 391 (which is short) on Saturday. 392 is the conclusion of the cock-gag double feature begun in Episode 387, with Lela the target of rings tossed by Addie, Kandii, and Dakota. 391 debuts new girls Blossom and Indigo.



People really liked Episode 390, with Ashley as emcee, Brooklyn, Olivia, and Ashlyn as contestants, and Flynt (whose name I misspelled earlier) and Bob as the beneficiaries. Well, in Episode 395 Ashley, Flynt, and Bob join in the gameplay. It's three-on-three, with a Very Special Group Masturbation Session for the losers.


The stakes get higher still in Episode 396, where Selah returns along with her friend Reyanna (who'd been a spectator in earlier episodes) and newcomer Savannah. The  two losers of their game of High Card have to ride a pair of Sybians trying not to cum. The first one who succumbs to orgasm is the target of a gangbang by Conor, Richard, and a strap-on wielding winner. And all of her holes are legitimate targets.


Things don't cool down much in Episode 397, when Piper, Bex, and Madison return to finish out their series with a squirmy game of Earth and Fire. (Recalling that Piper's never even been with a woman before, seeing her trying to force other girls to orgasm while staving off her own is totally hot.) The loser suffers a wet and messy penalty, as four quarts of colorful goo (heavy cream + food coloring) are poured down her naked body.


Getting closer and closer to 400. More details on that to come.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Our next contestant

Today's update pits Ashlyn, Olivia, and Brooklyn in a game show-style game, featuring Ashley as hostess. The loser gets double-banged by Bob and Flint. I don't think there's a single girl on the list that anyone would mind being on the receiving end of the forfeit (including the hostess) but I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy.

I'm very touched by the overwhelming response in the last blog post. I'll write back, soon.

Peek at coming attractions:

In Episode 393, Piper, Bex, and Madison stretch their limits still further. There are two first-time receivers of a strap-on, and one first-time wearer. Plus, at least one of the players had never tasted (or been tasted by) another girl, and I'm not sure how much experience the other two had, either.


Speaking of tasting another woman, that's the fate in store for the loser of Episode 394, which brings back Caroline last seen in Episode 332, against newcomer Star. Loser has to lick and suck the winner's pussy until she's satisfied.