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Friday, September 15, 2017

I owe you guys an apology

A really, really big apology.

Background: in 2013 I did a shoot featuring some of our most popular and requested players: Ashley, Addie, and Mouna. They also featured Selah less popular but still charming, and newcomer Kylie. They were also co-ed affairs, with Conor and Richard. But I never published the episodes, because I recall them as being bad. I don't like publishing material I think is bad.  Despite this, though, people have been clamoring to see them for years despite my protests that they were not good. And they did turn out to be the last material I'll ever get with some of these girls.

So I relented and started publishing them, and you know what, they weren't that bad. Not nearly as bad as I thought they'd be. That happens a lot when I think a shoot went poorly. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now. So, without further ado, I present "not that bad" Episode 584,


And I took a peek at the other two games from the set, and they looked like they might actually be good. I've put them on the schedule as Episodes 592 and 595. So to everyone who's been waiting to see more of these top-notch girls, I apologize for making you wait so long. (I also apologize that I didn't realize that they were worth publishing until the queue was fairly long and so these two are so far out.) Ah well. Anticipation makes it sweeter, am I right?

(Seriously, sorry. At least Episode 584 lets you see a lot of their bodies, which will hopefully tide you over until November.)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Land of Silver

Dylan is back along with her Argentinian (Argentine?) friend Carmen, and hoo boy. I generally tell the players before a shoot to try to get into the games, to be competitive and try their hardest to win, and geez, did these two take that suggestion to heart. Few players get into the spirit as much Dylan and Carmen, few do as much trash-talking and taunting, few are more pissed off to lose. Also, few players are as high-energy as these firecrackers. See for yourself today in Episode 538. This is a prequel of sorts to Episode 567, so if you've seen that one, sorry, you've been spoiled.

In the last blog thread I was asked about the upcoming schedule. I responded with a list of the next several episodes. But some of you might not read the comments but would sill like to know what's coming up, so here's what we've got to look forward to.

I didn't really want to publish Episode 584 but I'm doing it because of popular demand. It stars Addie, Ashley, Conor, Kylie, Mouna. Richard, and Selah, which is admittedly an all-star cast, full of favorites we haven't seen in awhile and will probably never see again. My memory of this game, though, is that it wasn't very good. But my memory about these things has been wrong before, so we'll see.

LostBets.com fans Cal, Gemma, and Marcy are back in Episode 585 for their second game, With new players, I usually have them first play a game resulting in exposure and embarrassment for the losers, and then start to ramp things up sexually with the second game, That's what I did with these three. Last time the losers were exposed to the world on camera for the first time, and also took a paddling. This time, the loser has to show everyone their O-face as they cum for all to see.

The gang from Episode 582 (Kyle, HopeSparrow, Julie, and Avi) proved to be very popular, and they'll be back in Episode 586 The loser gets bound to the cross and mercilessly tickled by the other four. Being tickled by four people at once while bound and unable to move can be a lot to take, and the loser lost control.

Avi is back again in Episode 587 with Lydia and Cass, If you've been waiting for a boy-girl forfeit, here you go. Dante and Thomas  are standing by to have their way with the losers.

Commenter @Monkey on the blog has been quite insistent that he see more Tyler, so that's what we'll get in Episode 588. Dylan is involved too, as are Sassy and Tobi. Beer pong is the game, wet and messy is the shame. Honestly, I should've published this one awhile ago.

Commenter @Bammy wanted more of Jennie, so she'll be in Episode 589 with AngieJo and Cora. @Bammy felt that Jennie didn't lose often enough, so this game is Earth and Fire. Even if Jennie does lose, she'll still be naked and fingered. And if she does lose, she'll be forced to endure an unwilling and involuntary orgasm, which can be even more humiliating than the forfeit.

And by the request of commenter @Thefoxer, Episode 590 has a pizza forfeit, with Lydia, Cass, and Avi competing to see who'll have to bare all to the pizza delivery driver. I've mentioned before that every one of our pizza guys has been the genuine article, a real pizza guy delivering a real pizza. So is this one, but I don't know if any other driver has been so excited, so happy to see what he saw when they opened the door. This was a pizza guy who knew how lucky hew was.

That's the whole queue for now. As you can see, I like filling requests. If  you've got a favorite player and we've shot her recently, there's a decent chance we've got more of her. Ask away.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Keepin' up

Since I've been back, I'm managing to keep up with blog comments and emails. If you were waiting for a reply in the last blog post, it's there. Of course, now I've jinxed it. Speaking of blog comments, I mentioned in the last thread that Episode 600 is fast approaching and I have no real idea what I'm going to do. I got some good suggestions in the last thread, but I could always use more.

Today, Episode 582 featuring Julie and Kyle back with newbies Hope, Sparrow, and Avi in tow. The losers will have to masturbate for the winners. Of course, we've already seen newbie Avi do something much more hardcore. I did two shoots in a row, of which Avi was only supposed to be in the first, but it was at Dante's place and he begged me to bring her back for the second day. I maybe should have waited to publish the episode where she risked being DP'd until after I'd published her risking much tamer forfeits, but I didn't want to.

And hey, a promo:



Friday, August 25, 2017

I really dig those styles they strip off

Today in Episode 581, something a little different. I always like recruiting amateurs, "real" people rather than professional models, and Cal and Marcy are about as real as it gets. They're fans of this site who asked if they could play and I said sure. They brought their friend Gemma along for the ride, too, and they make a fun set of three. You can see their giddy excitement at being exposed for the cameras.

I was recently asked about Trinity and whether she'd be coming back, and I've also gotten inquiries about several other players. The unfortunate answer is that she's not likely to be back anytime soon, and the same is true of many other popular players. See, we do most of our filming locally in the Seattle area, but for many years we took an annual trip back East for a whirlwind week of shooting players there, mostly pro or semi-pro models but a few amateurs too. There's a certain room with a yellow couch where we usually stayed and shot. A lot of you will recognize it.

Those trips were very productive but also very stressful and very expensive. So we don't do them anymore, but that means that many of the players we shot there won't be returning unless they make the trip out here. Some of them actually do. See for example the recent POV with Cyndi. So it's not entirely hopeless, but don't hold your breath. Sorry. I wish I had better news.

Friday, August 18, 2017

When do you get a double, but end up well past second base?

The title is a riddle. Good luck with it. If you can't figure it out, check out Episode 580, published today. But first, I want to talk about Episode P156, which was the subject of a blog post earlier this week. It was published on Wednesday, and the reviews are in:

"A masterpiece!" --Bud
"Wonderful!" --m
"Red Diamante has truly outdone himself!" --Red Diamante

So run, don't walk, to the LostBets POV store and buy a copy of Episode P156. You'll be glad you did.

Now, about 580. Avi is back, after making her first appearance just a few weeks ago. There's a story behind why she's back so soon which I'll tell one day, but for now, it had something to do with everybody's favorite cock-with-a-wisecracking-person-attached, Dante. Also appearing is Dante's friend Thomas, making his first appearance on camera and it shows. And also making their first appearances on video, tall and voluptuous Lydia and  petite but also voluptuous Cass.

Ordinarily, I start newbies off with relatively tame forfeits to ease them in, but this was an exception. See, these three girls had agreed to risk something rather extreme, but some were more reluctant about it than others and I wanted to do it before they changed their mind. People who like their forfeits hardcore, especially hardcore involving butts, will appreciate this.

By the way, if you hear a door opening and closing during the forfeit, it's because my friend Edie came by for a visit and I went to let her in. She'd never seen a porn shoot before and was curious to see what it was like. I think she was impressed, although regrettably it didn't help me get laid. Life is full of these little disappointments, but at least I got to whisper, "We have to be very quiet going in, because I have people DPing in there," so I can cross that one of the bucket list.