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Friday, September 23, 2016

(Re)turning the Paige

We haven't seen Paige since 2013. I know a lot of people have wanted to see more of her, though, and she returns today in Episode 532, along with four girls who've never been on LostBets.com before: Kimber, Jennifer, Becky, and Jasmin. This one's for the softcore fans: none of these girls was willing to risk her tender privates. But they're five cute girls losing their clothes and having to model their nude bodies, and isn't that plenty?

Looking ahead to the future, we've got Episode 535.

Strip Foosball. It's the game that got Katherine Heigl down to her bra in the movie 100 Girls, and it was featured in that one set of videos from way back when.  (I think the girl's name was Jillian in that one.) Anyway, like I said in the preview for Episode 533, it turns out that foosball makes a great stripping game. It's tense, fast-paced, and exciting. Ana Molly and April duke it out, with the with JD and the winner taking a crack at the loser with the LostBets.com paddles.


Continuing with the girls from the most recent set of shoots, here's Dee.


Dee's got very big tits. She'll be appearing with Chels, who also has very big tits. There was a reason I specifically wanted to pit two girls with big tits against each other. I'll explain when the date gets closer.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy holidays

Yup, I'm behind on blog replies, blog posts, and email responses. It's the trifecta. Hoping to catch up soon.

Episode 531 today, featuring Anneliese, Desiree, Cierra, and Kasady (who's one of my favorites. She's just so darned cute.) They play a game of Screw Your Neighbor for a hot oral forfeit, while Jay looks on.

Looking ahead to next week's Episode 532, it's another game of Screw Your Neighbor

These girls were a bit shy and wouldn't risk anything too sexual. That's okay. They're cute enough that getting to see their naked bodies is a reward in itself. And I'm happy to bring back Paige, whom a few of you have asked for. Enjoy.


That brings us to Episode 533, with a new (and exciting) game.

It's a team game of Strip Foosball, as Helena and Alisha take on Starli and Selina. This was our first game of Strip Foosball but it definitely won't be our last. Foosball was used in some old-school stripping game videos, and after using it myself I can see why. It's exciting. We kick things up a notch with the newbies, making the losing team spread open and rub one out.


After that, we go hardcore in Episode 534:

It's a game of Frenzy, our button-masher, between Desiree and Adrienne. Trace watches and prepares to use the loser as he sees fit. And boy, does he see fit.


Finally, a bit more about the shoots we did a couple of weeks ago. We actually shot a couple of holiday-themed games, which I kind of liked and will have to do more of. One will be published on December 23, just a short while before a certain very special holiday. (I want to keep publishing on Friday, so I couldn't do it on the date of the holiday itself. The other will be published on January 20 (which fortunately is a Friday), as a bit of a callback to an episode I published eight years ago as Episode 071. Yikes, was that a long time ago.

And here's a promo from one of those shoots. We've seen her before, and some of you are really eager to see her again. Join me in welcoming back Nettle.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Suggestions, anyone?

First things first: in the last blog post, where I mentioned the players who returned for an encore (Sassy, Nettle, and Leilani), I was extremely remiss in not mentioning that Tobi was back, too. Originally, she wasn't going to play, she was just there to shore up the confidence of her friends Dylan, Tyler, and Kendall, her friends that she'd recruited, none of whom had ever been naked on video before. But when one of the three newbs had second thoughts after her first game, too embarrassed to continue, Tobi stepped in like a champ and filled her role in some games that required four players. Thanks, Tobi!

Second things second: meet Tyler.


Third things third: I'm behind on emails and blog replies again. Hippo was out here for last week's shoots, and when he's here we're usually busy.

Fourth things fourth: I'm soliciting ideas and suggestions for the POVs. As I said in an earlier blog post, most of the POVs were done by somebody other than us, but I'm taking a more active role in the POV production now. Unlike the vast majority of the games on the main clip store, the POVs generally have a predetermined outcome. (They're still not scripted, though. I let the players improvise and say whatever comes to mind.) In most of the previous POVs, there isn't much of an explanation as to why the game is taking place at all, and they generally start with "Hi, I'm XXX. Would you like to play Strip YYY with me?" That's fine, but I'd like there to be more of a scenario. And that's what I'm soliciting ideas for: scenarios that end with a girl (or girls) embarrassingly naked when they don't want to be. I want to make some of the best ENF videos available.

The one I've used so far is the office party: the girl is sick of a rival at work giving her shit and taking her credit, so she challenges him to a game of strip poker at the party in front of all their colleagues, hoping to humiliate him as he's forced to strip naked for the laughing crowd. But needless to say, things don't go her way, and she's the one who ends up nude and blushing. (Some of you may recognize this scenario from a series of strip poker videos published many years ago.) Anyone else have some good ideas for why the game is being played and why the girl will be deeply embarrassed to lose?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Totally worth it

So I promised I'd start updating the B-Sides on Tuesday. I didn't. I'm supposed to publish a POV every Wednesday. I didn't do that this week either. I'm behind on the blog and on emails. But I have no regrets, because of what happened, what I saw, what I did, and what I now have to share with you.

Three days of shooting, during which I got the chance to use a lot of the suggestions made in the last blog post. During those three days, I shot two girls who were new to LostBets.com, four total amateurs who had never been nude on camera before, and three returning players. Of the three, one is a veteran of many shoots who everybody loves. The other two have only been in one shoot each but I've had plenty of requests to have both of them back. One we saw just last year, the other hasn't been seen since 2011.

Enough with being coy. It's fun to tease the return of favorite players, and it appeals to my sadistic nature, but I think I've overdone it to the point of it being irritating, so here's who's coming back. Just keep in mind that 1) these episodes won't make it through production for months and 2) these shoots were strictly for the ladies. If you're hoping to see one of these girls take a hard cock, remember that latex isn't all that hard. The veteran is Sassy, back in town and just the girl to introduce three virgins to LostBets.com. The sophomores are Nettle and Leilani, who play with a newbie friend of Nettle. Again, there have been numerous requests for more of these young ladies, and even if it's taken awhile I'm happy to oblige.

Oh, and POVs. POVs, POVs, so many great POVs. POV fans, you'll like these. Yup.

ILAMC promos coming soon.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Super PAC-man

If you don't get the title of this blog post, it's because Episode 527 is publishing today, and in the United States, Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code governs tax-exempt political action committees... oh, never mind. It's not that clever. Anyway, Episode 527, featuring the debut of Selina, the first appearance of Alisha in a non-POV, the return of Helena, and the long-awaited, much-requested return of Starli. Enjoy!

So as most of you know, I love to fulfill fan requests, but I'm also horribly disorganized. I should maintain a list of requests, but I don't, so generally the requests that get filled are the ones that stick in my memory. Well, I've got a couple of shoots planned for next week (at a minimum, one shoot with three players and one with two) and these are the requests I've remembered:

  • Wedgies (as a pseudo-article of clothing, to be administered before the loser's panties are taken)
  • Reading while being vibrated under a desk (I'm not sure how well this'll work as a game, but I plan to try)

There are definitely others. If you've got a request, please put it here and I'll do my best. Keep in mind that with the shoots being next week, the Amazon window is rapidly closing, so if your request involves a specific piece of equipment I'll need to order, let me know soon.

Skipped the preview last week, so I'll do two this week. First, Episode 530:

It's Earth and Fire, one of my favorite games. Catalina and Georgia are introduced to the game, which naturally they've never played before. Julie, on the other hand, played in our very first game of Earth and Fire all the way back in Episode 222. She also played it in Episode 268, and her record is 1-1, with her successfully holding back her orgasm once and succumbing the other time. The rules have changed a bit since those long-ago days, so we'll see how she does.


Moving on to Episode 531, we see some familiar faces.

Jay serves as emcee and color commentator as Annaliese, Cierra, Desiree, and Kasady play Screw Your Neighbor to two losers. The first loser has to lie naked on her back and serve as the game table until the other loser is determined. The two losers have to put on a show, licking each other's pussies for the amusement and entertainment of the winners. And of Jay. And, of course, us. Enjoy!