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Friday, June 19, 2015

Best served cold

Episode 469 features a girl out for revenge. The last game she was in, the game she lost and now seeks vengeance for, was a game of (mostly) luck. This time, her skill will be a factor. Will she avenge herself, or will she be humiliated again?

Here's a preview of upcoming Episode 473:

We haven't seen Ashlyn since Episode 434 but I'm very glad to have her back and I've got a feeling you will be too. 

Remember the pussy pump? It's not my favorite forfeit by any means, but I still like it for a special reason: it's unique and unfamiliar. Whether a girl is a complete amateur who's never been nude on camera before or she's a hardcore fetish model who's seen it all and done it all, it's a pretty safe bet that she's never encountered one of these before. When a forfeit can make a jaded porn starlet nervous and apprehensive about who's going to happen to her, it's a good one. And for the first time with a pumping forfeit, we have a male player, with his own special pump for his own equipment. The losers of this one don't just have their babymakers inflated. The winner gets to play with them, and it ends up being quite a show.


I didn't answer blog comments during last week but I'm all caught up on the last post now, if you're one of those who's been waiting on a reply to some pretty inspired ideas, it's there. Krycek, still waiting for (and looking forward to) your review of Episode 467!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Where's Mary Ann?

Meet new girl Ginger as she faces off against veteran Penny, one of my personal favorite gals. The new girl breaks in a new game and a new forfeit, or at least a new variant of a familiar forfeit. That's Episode 468. The new game is kind-of sort-of a little bit like Yahtzee but it's not, so I wanted to call it Notzee, but for some reason everyone else thought that'd be a bad idea so we went with Splotzee instead.

Back in May, I introduced two new girls, Dolly and Nettle. Well, they'll be making their debut in Episode 472, coming on July 10.

I usually (not always, but usually) ease new girls into LostBets.com with a game that's simple and a forfeit that's not too scary. This wasn't an exception: the game was Rock-Paper-Scissors, about as simple as it gets, and the forfeit... well, that takes a little explanation. Tobi (formerly Bex) was around, and we asked her to make the loser Bexercise. That is, to pose and contort herself in whatever embarrassingly revealing ways Tobi chose, plus some light working out. It's tame. It's meant to hook them in. Later, once they're committed, I'll whip out the interesting toys.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Familiar faces

I've still been neglecting the blog lately, but if you've been waiting on a reply to the last blog post, I've answered everybody there.

We go hardcore today with Episode 467, with Kimmy returning along with Lilly, making her non-POV debut, Bob, who's had some jubilant victories as well as some very uncomfortable defeats, and Savannah, last seen about a year ago. Of all the players who've maintained perfect winning records here, Savannah is probably the one I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Well, here she is. I was tempted to rig a game to force her to lose, but I resisted the temptation and all of the games she played in (including this one, 471, 475, and one more episodes that's not scheduled yet) were played without rigging, giving her having a fair chance to win. How'd she do? Wait and see.

In the last blog post, I said that I couldn't really promote Episode 469 because it might spoil 466. Well, 466 has been published, so here's a better look at what's coming up.

It's the same crew from 466, and the loser of that game is out for revenge. This is a bit of a long one; Pod Stomp takes forever with four people. I maybe should stop using the game when there are so many players, but the girls are only wearing three garments, one of which is a stylish LostBets.com T-shirt with nothing underneath, and that had to come off first. Made for more time to watch the girls struggling to nimbly stomp the pods with their boobs out and jiggling. 


The week after that, we have 470.

I came up with the game Mogadishu because I wanted something a little more complex than Rock-Paper-Scissors and I didn't like existing five-throw RPS games. (Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock? Seriously?) I tried to make it easy to learn: the throws for Earth-Air-Fire are the same as Rock-Paper-Scissors and they work the same way, with Air eroding Earth, Fire consuming Air, and Earth smothering Fire. But it turns out that this makes a lot of players confused, so I've been trying only to use the game when we've got smart girls. These are smart girls. Man, I love smart girls.  Isobel, my favorite sexy grad student, joins Catherine, who's played in more than a dozen games and lost quite a few. It's fun to embarrass these girls, so I brought back the pussy pump, only with a twist. The loser has to wear a "thighbinder" before she's pumped. It's a strap that wraps around the victim's thighs and goes behind her neck. It forces her to keep her legs held high and spread wide. The loser's swollen pussy will be on very graphic display.


That takes us to the end of June. We'll start off July with Episode 471.

As menioned previously, Savannah is in this one, along with new girl Cherry M. (We already had a Cherry, so we asked her to use an initial.) There to watch, to referee, and to take part in the forfeit (but not to play) is Brad. The original plan is that the loser of the game would be given to Brad to use as he wanted, but the winner turned out to have other ideas. You'll see.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Promo a-gogo

Today's Episode 465 is a sort-of followup to 450, wherein Brad suffered a humiliating experience at the hands of Dakota and Mina, and now seeks revenge. Check it out.

I've admittedly been a bit out of it lately and haven't had much to say on this blog. To make up for it a little bit, I'm making available a Lost Bets Promo Pack, featuring all the I Lost All My Clothes promos I could find, plus some miscellaneous stuff, including some that has never been seen before. For example, there's a clip of every single "SUP!" uttered by Belle during her first shoot with LostBets.com. Download and enjoy. Feel free to share. Post wherever you'd like.

Speaking of promos, there's one available for Episode 469, but as it involves spoilers for as-yet unpublished Episode 466, I can't publish it yet. Here's an image, at least:

Buncha POVs coming up. Here's a peek:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fresh meat, finally!

Today, we have Episode 464, the sequel to Episode 459. The winners from that game, Bailey and Dakota, go head-to-head to find out which one will endure a strapless strap-on from Kimmy, using Star as the target for their game of Ring Toss. One of the best, most enthusiastic, squirt-inducing strap-on bangings we've seen.

So back in August 2014, I took a look at the backlog of raw footage, and it was just too long. We had dozens of unpublished episodes and it didn't make much sense to keep getting more and more of it. I called a shooting moratorium until the queue was cleared out a bit. I've done this before but never been able to stick to it and I've always ended up shooting again when we didn't really need to. Shooting is just too much fun for me to be able to keep from doing it for long, but this time, I was resolved, and this time, the moratorium stuck. So finally, after an agonizingly long hiatus, we did our first shoot in six months last Saturday. (This is part of the reason why no blog post last week: we were busy preparing.) And now I'm very happy to introduce our two new players. 

First up is bespectacled Nettle.

(I should note that neither this still picture nor the one below of the other new player really does the girl justice. They both look way better than this.) Don't let Nettle's somewhat bookish look fool you: she's down for anything and she's energetic and enthusiastic. With her slender body and her awesome ass, she's a fine addition to the LostBets.com roster.


That brings us to the other new player, Dolly.

See above about the pictures not doing justice to the girls. Now, Nettle is awesome and I'm really looking forward to sharing her with you, so I hope she understands that there's absolutely nothing I would take away from her, but I gotta say: Dolly is freaking amazing. 19 years old with copper-red hair and milky skin, she's tiny. Really tiny. Smaller than Bailey, smaller than Brooklyn, smaller even than Mina, she stands 4'9" and weighs in at 85 freaking pounds. (That's 145cm and 38kg, for those of you from countries that use a rational system of measurement.)  I made damned sure to triple-check her ID.


There were supposed to be more new girls to introduce, but I had a couple of cancellations. Instead, they were joined by Tobi (sorry, no pix of her from this shoot yet), who continues to tone her body and expand her ink and is sporting a new, short haircut. I love Tobi because she has the knack, like Ashley and Candle and a few others, of bringing out the best in her fellow players. Everyone's a little more competitive, a little more adventurous, and a little more fun when she's involved.

This really showed in the forfeits, because this group ran with them and took them to a higher level. Most of the time, I don't give much direction to the girls about the specifics of the forfeits, preferring to let them come up with the details on their own. (For example, in Episode 464, the instructions were "Kimmy fucks the loser with the strap-on." All the details, all the positions, all the hair-pulling and clit-rubbing, that was all decided by Kimmy herself.) Oftentimes this works out great, sometimes not so much. With this group, it worked out great. For example, one of the forfeits involved Ben-Wa balls. The winners could have just put the balls in the loser and then pulled them out. Instead, they put the balls in, then pulled them out, then put them back in again. Then they pulled them out, then put them in, then pulled them out, then repeated that several more times as the loser was being driven crazy. Then they saw what would happen if they put the middle balls on the string in first. Then they went looking for (and found) a second string of balls and tried to fit both in at once. (They only succeeded halfway.)  These are the kind of girls I really like: the kind that can take vague direction and turn it into something special.

They played six games and a POV. If you've ever wanted to see a three-girl POV, you will soon. Enjoy!

Correction note: An earlier version of this blog post incorrectly translated 4'9" as 175 cm rather than 145 cm. Thanks to Riggins for pointing that out.