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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eat my shorts

Blog post early this week, because I'm going on vacation and won't be here on Friday to post it. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, which means that replies to blog comments or emails might be delayed. Absolutely nothing new about that, but at least this time I've got a reasonable excuse.

The title of this post is in reference to next week's POV, Episode P052.

It's not exactly sexual, but it sure is embarrassing. I like Amber S. I wouldn't describe her as the absolute most beautiful girl we've ever seen, but she's still beautiful and she does not want to lose. If you've ever fantasized about taking a tough, cocky girl down several pegs, you'll like her too.

I've promoed forthcoming episodes up to 453, which brings us to early March.

Episode 454 is a special episode in celebration of LostBets.com's birthday. It stars Kym, Candle, and Sinn... not exactly blushing amateurs, but great girls with great personalities and great bodies. They're also all big fans of lesbian sex, so they were very keen to play Magnitude. They were all looking forward to it, although all expressed certainty that they could never be forced to orgasm against their will. Girls always say that when I explain the rules of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. They're rarely correct.

The caption, by the way, says "Loser gets used as a candle holder" (for the singing of the birthday song.) Take a guess as to just where they hold those candles.


And next comes Episode 455. Did someone say, "More hardcore, please?" Here you go.

Mina is back, all 58 inches and 90 pounds of her, to play one-on-one against a new girl. We met tall, lean Molly by the pool. We were hanging out chatting, and when Molly heard what we do, she really wanted to be part of it. Well, here you go. You're welcome, Mol. The two girls play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the loser enduring sexual dominance by both the winner and by Kevin, who didn't exactly sneer at the chance for sex with one of these beauties.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Ah crap

So, apparently I wasn't quite ready to emerge from Comment Bankruptcy, judging from my lack of responsiveness (or blog posts) for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon, but in the meantime I can at least give you some previews of coming attractions.

Today it's long-awaited Episode 450, starring perennial favorite Dakota along with newcomers Brad and Mina in our first coed game of Magnitude. I've been hyping this one for awhile, so there's not much more to say than that I hope that those who've been looking forward to it are satisfied.

Next week, it's Episode 451.

The name of the game is misspelled, but it's still Tossticles, and it's Amanda and Kandii here to play it. If you want to see one of these girls writhing on a Sybian, this one's for you.


And then there's Episode 452, one of my personal favorites, both to make and to watch.

The personality dynamo of Penny and Tobi is improved when Sinn (formerly known as Cyndi) joins the party. It's a public game as the ladies rush through the hallways in their skimpy, ice-stuffed bikinis, and an even more public forfeit as the losers have to pose naked in front of a large, clothed, and highly appreciative crowd.


The next episode after that is here because of a fan request.

Blog commenter Faithofheart asked to see Catherine on a Sybian. Well, I can't promise that, but I can at least promise that she'll risk it against Angel in a first-ever game of Strip Jump Rope. 


POV fans: awesome chick RyAnne returns this week in Episode P051, in a game with multiple endings. I think you'll like it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Reset button

It's happened a couple of times over the years. I neglect the blog and email for awhile, which causes unanswered comments to pile up, which makes the task of answering them all the more daunting, which leads me to neglect the blog for awhile longer, which causes more unanswered comments to pile up, which makes tackling them even more daunting, which... you get the idea. Probably most people have strategies for coping with this situation, but I do not, so when it arises I have an unfortunate tendency to just go dark and ignore everything for awhile. Most likely it's at least partially thanks to a touch of ADHD. (Long-timers are probably used to it by now.)

The way out is Comment Bankruptcy, which I think I've declared twice (or maybe three times) before. I'm deeply sorry to those who took the time to write in, but I can't focus my attention any blog comments prior to this post. Comments to this post and beyond will be answered as quickly as I can get to them. I apologize to (and am grateful to) anyone who was worried about me or about the future of LostBets.com. I'm fine, aside from having a few screws loose, and LostBets.com will continue for as long as it can.

The repeated POV, by the way, was due to an entirely different problem: a network hardware failure that caused the computer that was rendering P048 to crash hard. P048 is up now, for those who've been waiting for it. Also, P048 marks the end of publishing POVs in standard definition. It's 2015, and just about everything can handle 720p. It's time to start phasing out the older, lower-quality standards.

This week, enjoy the return of Bella and Sharron, and a new game involving slapping, and a forfeit involving one exciting Sybian ride. That's Episode 448. There's already been a video promo for Episode 449, featuring Tobi vs. long-lost Penny. Episode 450 pits pale cutie Dakota and living anime girl Mina against newcomer Brad in our first co-ed game of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. Loser gets leashed and humiliated in front of a bunch of happy spectators. No video promo for that one, since there's hardly any footage that doesn't involve nudity.

No video promos (or even still shots) of the episodes after that yet, but 451 marks the return of Amanda and Kandii in another game with a Sybian forfeit, and then, ah, then comes Episode 452. Three of our spunkiest, most competitive, most outgoing, and sexiest girls face off: Tobi, Penny, and Sinn (formerly known as Cyndi.) The losers undergo a very public naked forfeit, with dozens of onlookers cheering at their nudity. 

Then comes Episode 453, which is another Sybian forfeit with Catherine vs. Angel. The girls compete to see who can do the most consecutive jumprope jumps, with the loser stripping. Fan Faithofheart recently asked on the blog if Catherine would ever ride a Sybian here. We'll find out.

That'll bring us to Episode 454, which will be published on March 6, which is close enough to March 8, LostBets.com's birthday. And 454 is a birthday-themed episode, with a birthday-themed forfeit, which also happens to fulfill a longstanding request from Ravenfan. Thanks for waiting, bud, and I hope you like it.

For you POV fans, take a gander at what's coming there in the next couple of weeks. All new material, I promise.

Friday, January 9, 2015


So in the last blog post of last year I said something about writing another blog post before the end of the year, answering blog comments, and previewing upcoming materials. Instead I did none of those things and just disconnected for awhile. Now the comment backlog has grown even longer. Sigh. I'll get to it.

This is the five hundredth blog post, by the way. Woo hoo!

Today's update concludes the three-game set featuring Catherine introducing Tara and Lizzy to LostBets.com.

If you've wanted to see more of Tara and been disappointed that we haven't, fear not: she's already naked when the game begins in Episode 446. She's also getting shot. That's the price you pay for not being willing to risk masturbation.


The following week sees the return of some popular chicks, and dudes too.

Keenly, Sheri, and Tobi face off in a high-stakes game of Ballseye in Episode 447 to two naked losers. The losers have to play a second game: a blowjob race featuring Dante and Johnny. Whoever makes her guy cum first wins. Whoever doesn't loses and takes some vicious whacks with the LostBets.com paddle. That's what you get for being a slow cocksucker.


That brings us to Episode 448, the second appearances of Bella and Sharron.

It's a new game: Slappahoe, probably better known as Slapjack or just Slaps. The girls place their hands together palm to palm, with one girl being the slapper and the other the slappee. The slapper tries to slap the slappee's hands. If she misses, she has to strip. If she hits the slappee, or if the slappee jerks her hands away too soon, the slappee has to strip. Pretty simple, but also pretty tense and fast-paced. 

The loser of the game has to entertain the audience by sitting on the Sybian while the winner controls it. The loser of this episode had never been on a Sybian before, and she had no idea what she was getting into. She ended up leaving a wet mess all over the device.


And that brings us to one of my personal favorites, Episode 449.

Why's it one of my personal favorites? For starters, it's got two of my favorite girls. Tobi is an extremely enthusiastic amateur who's taken to LostBets like a duck to water. Penny is incredible: incredible body, incredible brain, incredible personality, incredible everything, and I'm incredibly excited to bring her back after such a long absence.

In Episode 441, we did a game of Pod Stab where the players wore strap-ons, and the winner got to use hers on the naked loser. It worked out okay, but this time, it worked out way better. First, there were the girls. Not to take anything away from Kandii and Amanda, but these two have fiery personalities and competitive streaks that made them a pleasure to watch. And then, of course, there's the vibrating butt-plug that the loser gets in addition to her strap-on. Very, very good times.


We don't have a promo for Episode 450 yet, but it'll feature our first ever game of Magnitude/Earth and Fire with a male player. Humiliation for the loser. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Tis the season

It's the last weekend in Double December, and also the last weekend in 2014. We start off on Christmas Day with Episode 443 -- after all these years, I'm finally up to HTTPS. I expect this episode may prove a bit controversial. Do the ends justify the means? You decide as you see what happens when Sassy and Tobi take on Sheri and Keenly, with the losers taking on Johnny and Dante.

Then on Saturday, it's a free-for-all cupcake-eating contest between Lela, Kimberly, Cheyenne, and (hooray!) Heather. It's a short one but a good one to close out the year.

Last week's blog post has attracted what I think is a record number of responses. I'm a bit behind on replying but I'll catch up. I'll also most likely either update this blog post or make a new one on Friday or Saturday. No time to promote the first clips of the new year just now. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.