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Friday, January 23, 2015

Reset button

It's happened a couple of times over the years. I neglect the blog and email for awhile, which causes unanswered comments to pile up, which makes the task of answering them all the more daunting, which leads me to neglect the blog for awhile longer, which causes more unanswered comments to pile up, which makes tackling them even more daunting, which... you get the idea. Probably most people have strategies for coping with this situation, but I do not, so when it arises I have an unfortunate tendency to just go dark and ignore everything for awhile. Most likely it's at least partially thanks to a touch of ADHD. (Long-timers are probably used to it by now.)

The way out is Comment Bankruptcy, which I think I've declared twice (or maybe three times) before. I'm deeply sorry to those who took the time to write in, but I can't focus my attention any blog comments prior to this post. Comments to this post and beyond will be answered as quickly as I can get to them. I apologize to (and am grateful to) anyone who was worried about me or about the future of LostBets.com. I'm fine, aside from having a few screws loose, and LostBets.com will continue for as long as it can.

The repeated POV, by the way, was due to an entirely different problem: a network hardware failure that caused the computer that was rendering P048 to crash hard. P048 is up now, for those who've been waiting for it. Also, P048 marks the end of publishing POVs in standard definition. It's 2015, and just about everything can handle 720p. It's time to start phasing out the older, lower-quality standards.

This week, enjoy the return of Bella and Sharron, and a new game involving slapping, and a forfeit involving one exciting Sybian ride. That's Episode 448. There's already been a video promo for Episode 449, featuring Tobi vs. long-lost Penny. Episode 450 pits pale cutie Dakota and living anime girl Mina against newcomer Brad in our first co-ed game of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. Loser gets leashed and humiliated in front of a bunch of happy spectators. No video promo for that one, since there's hardly any footage that doesn't involve nudity.

No video promos (or even still shots) of the episodes after that yet, but 451 marks the return of Amanda and Kandii in another game with a Sybian forfeit, and then, ah, then comes Episode 452. Three of our spunkiest, most competitive, most outgoing, and sexiest girls face off: Tobi, Penny, and Sinn (formerly known as Cyndi.) The losers undergo a very public naked forfeit, with dozens of onlookers cheering at their nudity. 

Then comes Episode 453, which is another Sybian forfeit with Catherine vs. Angel. The girls compete to see who can do the most consecutive jumprope jumps, with the loser stripping. Fan Faithofheart recently asked on the blog if Catherine would ever ride a Sybian here. We'll find out.

That'll bring us to Episode 454, which will be published on March 6, which is close enough to March 8, LostBets.com's birthday. And 454 is a birthday-themed episode, with a birthday-themed forfeit, which also happens to fulfill a longstanding request from Ravenfan. Thanks for waiting, bud, and I hope you like it.

For you POV fans, take a gander at what's coming there in the next couple of weeks. All new material, I promise.

Friday, January 9, 2015


So in the last blog post of last year I said something about writing another blog post before the end of the year, answering blog comments, and previewing upcoming materials. Instead I did none of those things and just disconnected for awhile. Now the comment backlog has grown even longer. Sigh. I'll get to it.

This is the five hundredth blog post, by the way. Woo hoo!

Today's update concludes the three-game set featuring Catherine introducing Tara and Lizzy to LostBets.com.

If you've wanted to see more of Tara and been disappointed that we haven't, fear not: she's already naked when the game begins in Episode 446. She's also getting shot. That's the price you pay for not being willing to risk masturbation.


The following week sees the return of some popular chicks, and dudes too.

Keenly, Sheri, and Tobi face off in a high-stakes game of Ballseye in Episode 447 to two naked losers. The losers have to play a second game: a blowjob race featuring Dante and Johnny. Whoever makes her guy cum first wins. Whoever doesn't loses and takes some vicious whacks with the LostBets.com paddle. That's what you get for being a slow cocksucker.


That brings us to Episode 448, the second appearances of Bella and Sharron.

It's a new game: Slappahoe, probably better known as Slapjack or just Slaps. The girls place their hands together palm to palm, with one girl being the slapper and the other the slappee. The slapper tries to slap the slappee's hands. If she misses, she has to strip. If she hits the slappee, or if the slappee jerks her hands away too soon, the slappee has to strip. Pretty simple, but also pretty tense and fast-paced. 

The loser of the game has to entertain the audience by sitting on the Sybian while the winner controls it. The loser of this episode had never been on a Sybian before, and she had no idea what she was getting into. She ended up leaving a wet mess all over the device.


And that brings us to one of my personal favorites, Episode 449.

Why's it one of my personal favorites? For starters, it's got two of my favorite girls. Tobi is an extremely enthusiastic amateur who's taken to LostBets like a duck to water. Penny is incredible: incredible body, incredible brain, incredible personality, incredible everything, and I'm incredibly excited to bring her back after such a long absence.

In Episode 441, we did a game of Pod Stab where the players wore strap-ons, and the winner got to use hers on the naked loser. It worked out okay, but this time, it worked out way better. First, there were the girls. Not to take anything away from Kandii and Amanda, but these two have fiery personalities and competitive streaks that made them a pleasure to watch. And then, of course, there's the vibrating butt-plug that the loser gets in addition to her strap-on. Very, very good times.


We don't have a promo for Episode 450 yet, but it'll feature our first ever game of Magnitude/Earth and Fire with a male player. Humiliation for the loser. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Tis the season

It's the last weekend in Double December, and also the last weekend in 2014. We start off on Christmas Day with Episode 443 -- after all these years, I'm finally up to HTTPS. I expect this episode may prove a bit controversial. Do the ends justify the means? You decide as you see what happens when Sassy and Tobi take on Sheri and Keenly, with the losers taking on Johnny and Dante.

Then on Saturday, it's a free-for-all cupcake-eating contest between Lela, Kimberly, Cheyenne, and (hooray!) Heather. It's a short one but a good one to close out the year.

Last week's blog post has attracted what I think is a record number of responses. I'm a bit behind on replying but I'll catch up. I'll also most likely either update this blog post or make a new one on Friday or Saturday. No time to promote the first clips of the new year just now. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Soliciting your opinions

I haven't said this for awhile, so I'll renew an old request. One of the main reasons for this blog is so I can get feedback and discussion from customers about what they think of the videos. I always want to keep getting better, and the only real way to do that is to get honest and constructive feedback. Lately I haven't been getting enough of that, so I wanted to remind everyone that your feedback is always welcome. It's great to hear what you like (and I certainly don't mind hearing my praises sung) but it's even better when you tell me what you don't like, because that tells me what needs to change. Please, let us know what you think, and don't shy away if your feedback is negative. Thank you.

It's a weekend of sophomore appearances. Today's update, Episode 441, brings back Amanda for her second game, this time against veteran (although somewhat different-looking) Kandii, with both girls having their dicks swinging in the breeze. Tomorrow we see Tara and Lizzy make their second appearance with Catherine in Episode 442. The loser gets a "hogtied ticklespank", which is pretty self-explanatory. The loser happens to be a girl who absolutely hates to be tickled.

And on to next week. For awhile, I've said that I've got something special for Christmas, and here it is.

Johnny and Dante dole out the punishment to the losing team in Episode 443, as Tobi and Sassy take on Keenly and Sheri. Losers get fucked, and Dante was really looking forward to getting one last fuck from his ex-girlfriend, Sassy. This episode may prove controversial, for reasons you'll find out when you read the clip description. 

This one is going to be published 36 hours early, at 7:20 AM Eastern time on Thursday, December 25. Merry Christmas!


Saturday's Episode 444 is the icing on the cake... so to speak.

Four girls compete to see who can gobble two cupcakes the fastest. The losers strip and get paddled. The winner wields the paddle. This one was short and sweet, less than 10 minutes. Now, I don't want to take anything away from Cheyenne, Lela, and Kimberly. They're awesome, all three. But this one has Heather, sweet, angelic Heather, making what is very likely her last appearance at LostBets.com. We miss you, Heather.


Happy fourth night of Hanukkah to those who are celebrating it!

This week in the POV, challenge Salem, who we haven't seen since Episode 326, to a game of Strip High Card. Loser gives the winner an anatomy lesson, using their own body as a model.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Class of '15

First things first: I hurt Addie's feelings with the clip description for Episode 437 last week by saying that Kevin deserved a reward for enduring her as his girlfriend. She's a great girlfriend, and it wasn't fair of me to suggest otherwise. Besides, she was kind of mad at Kevin that day. Sorry, Addie.

It's Saltire and Battery week at LostBets.com as today's Episode 439 introduces our new St. Andrew's Cross in its unfinished-but-functional state. Then tomorrow, Episode 440 introduces the finished cross, plus new girls Bella and Sharron. It's a worthy debut.

In this week's POV, you'll meet new girl Alice, and play a game of Red-Black with a silly and embarrassing forfeit for the loser.

This would be the point in the blog post where I'd normally preview upcoming episodes, but I've already previewed next week's Episodes 441 and 442. and the week after that is Christmas, and I don't want to spoil the Christmas surprise too soon. Instead, let's talk about some of the folks who will be appearing in early 2015; some fresh meat, some old friends.

First off, a couple of new girls that will increase our Asian quotient by two:

Kimmy is a woman who knows what she wants and will get it. She's a strong girl who won't take shit from anyone. Competitive, aggressive, and fierce.

Mina, with her blue-streaked hair and glasses, is the archetypical Asian geek girl. Standing 4'11" and weighing in at basically nothing, this girl built her own R2-D2 costume. 

Then we have two girls who've been here before but managed to escape nudity.

Cut from the same cloth as Kimmy, Savannah is a motherfucking beast. Sexy, competitive, and dominant. She kept her panties in Episode 396 and her underwear in Episode 410, and I was eager to take another shot at getting her naked.

I can't help it, I've always been attracted to Jewish Princesses, and Rachel is just the type, with her jet-black hair, her pale milky skin, and her full, heavy breasts. We got to see those breasts in Episode 381 but nothing more, and we didn't even get that much in Episode 385, so again, I wanted to bring her back and hopefully get the full monty from her.

And finally, two reintroductions of old favorites.

We first met Penny back in 2008, and believe me, it's a fucking crime that six years had to go by before we got her again. In addition to having an absolutely killer body and a huge competitive streak, she's one of our smartest players. She's up there with Isobel and Candle, both of whom will also be coming back in early 2015.

And finally, a very special reintroduction:
Here at LostBets.com, we've always had a variety of girls ranging from complete amateurs who'd never been on camera before to full-fledged professional porn actresses. I've never been one to turn away a girl just because she was a pro. And while I don't specifically try to hide the fact that a girl is a pro, I don't usually advertise it either. And if a girl has a stage name that's too "porny", I ask her to use a different name at LostBets.com. So back in 2009, when I met a beautiful brunette model, I told her that I thought "Sinn" was a bit much, so instead she went by Cyndi.

When she came back earlier this year, I reminded her to use the name Cyndi rather than Sinn. "But I'm famous now!" she protested.

Well, that's true. So allow me to reintroduce Sinn Sage:

And she is, as she said, famous now. Sinn was the 2013 AVN award winner for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, not to mention a six-time nominee, and we're proud to have her on our roster of players. And wait 'til you see what she did...

All of this and more coming up here at LostBets.com over the next few months.