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Friday, March 27, 2015

Rock Paper Scissors Shoe

At least, that's what Dakota seems to think the game's called in today's Episode 457. That's what she says as she prepares to throw, anyway. I think she means to say "Rock Paper Scissors Shoot!" but it sure sounds like Shoe to me. She takes on Lela, so we've got two extremely fun girls facing off head-to-head. Oral sex for the winner, a prize both girls would eagerly like to get.

New promo this week. Last week's episode featured Lizzy and Rachel, who proved popular. Well, they're back in Episode 460 along with Candle, who's a player this time and not just a domme.

They play Strip High Card, except instead of the highest card winning and the lowest card stripping, the highest card loses a piece of clothing. (We didn't tell them to play it that way, they just took it upon themselves. It's the misère version.) The two losers have to spread waaaaay open wide on the couch and have their vajayjays made up and decorated, so they can perform a puppet show with them. It turned out pretty hilarious. 


Coming up in POV land, a couple of new girls. This Wednesday, Ember (not the same Ember as appeared in Episodes 253, 260, and 267) risks having to perform oral sex on a vegerable in P060. The next week, cute LeAnne risks masturbating, in a game with multiple outcomes. LeAnne's great. I gotta see if I can get her for the main LostBets.com site.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The one that got away

Today's episode, 456, finally brings back a girl who escaped nudity the last time she played here, Rachel. Also, petite Lizzy, along with Richard, and Candle as an NPD (non-player dominatrix.)

Short blog post today because I don't have any new promos. 457, 458, and 459 have already been previewed earlier. Also, RRFrope, you still out there? Today's update fulfills a request you first made almost three years ago. Took me awhile, but I got there.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Miss Molly

First things first (man, am I getting tired of saying that): Episode P055b in the POV store, like P054 before it, was glitched. Fixed now. If you bought the glitched version, please email clipreplacement@lostbets.com with a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale, along with the episode number of a LostBets video you'd like as an apology from us for the glitch. Jul, who pointed the glitch out in the last blog thread, can pick two apology clips.

Today, meet Molly, here for one episode only, as she challenges petite Mina to a high-stakes game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser's body is used as a plaything by both the winner and by Kevin, more than happy to serve this role. It's all in Episode 455.

Looking ahead, in a few weeks we'll reach Episode 458.

Two new girls. Blonde Shelby (not to be confused with the Shelby who was a spectator in Episode 369) takes on Judas. Judas is a dark soul: raven-haired and brooding, she'd make a hardcore goth squirm and feel the need to be around flowers and puppies. Flynt hangs around to take the loser. And hey, everyone who's wanted to see more anal: we put no restrictions on which holes Flynt could use.


Moving on, the next week brings us the first part of a two-parter:

It's Big Girls vs. Tiny Girls, with Dakota and Bailey representing the petites and Star joining new Asian girl Kimmy for the statuesque. Here's the way it works. First, each team plays a round of rock-paper-scissors against each other to determine who's the "controller" and who's the "resister". Then the resisters each mount a Sybian, while the controllers take the controls of their opponent's machine. The goal of the controlelrs is to make the opposing resister cum, while the goals of the resisters is to resist cumming. Whoever cums first, her team loses.

The losers have to use a new toy we've acquired: a "strapless strapon". Rather than a belt around the waist, the dildo is held in place with a prong inserted into the wearer's pussy. The two losers rock-paper-scissors to determine who has to wear it and who has to get fucked with it, and then it's off to the races. The loser who wears the strap-on also has to be the target in Part 2, a game of Ring Toss, currently slated to be published as Episode 463.


Here's what's coming up for the next couple of weeks of POVs.

Two episodes, three new girls. First, Phoenix and Skyye take you on in a two-against-one challenge, with the loser (or losers) having to masturbate. Next, it's cute Carmen. The loser stuffs their naked face full of marshmallows and talks dirty... rather ridiculous and embarrassing.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrate good times, come on!

First things first: as LoA pointed out in the last blog thread, Episode P054 at the POV site was initially published with a glitch. If you purchased the glitched version, please email a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale to clipreplacement@lostbets.com and I'll send you a link to the corrected version. If you include the number of any other LostBets.com episode (POV or traditional) you'd like, I'll send you a link to that too, as apology for the mixup. We try not to make mistakes too often, but when we make them, we try to make good on them.

Speaking of the POVs, next week we'll meet Leah, who's got a round face and high cheeks and kind of reminds me of Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Watch her play in Episode P055, where either she'll have to masturbate for you, or you'll have to masturbate for her. Kapow!(ski)

Now, on to today's episode. It's LostBets.com's birthday, or near enough. (I've previously said the birthday was March 7, 2007, but I was wrong: it's actually the 8th.) I'm going to avoid the navel-gazing I've done on previous anniversaries. I've already told the story of my first shoot (and why I did it) more than once. Still, though: eight motherfucking years. It's hard not to be contemplative.

So let's take a look at the episode we have to celebrate.

Video preview in the last blog post. There you will also find the promo for next week's Episode 455,, which brings us to March 20.

It's a three-player game: tiny giggly Lizzy, large-breasted pale Rachel, and Richard playing Pirate Penguins. Mastering the ceremonies is Candle, donning domme gear for the occasion. The two losers become Candle's playthings, although this is a "green" level shoot, meaning that embarrassment and humiliation are on the table, not sex.


This brings us to two cuties fighting to receive oral.

Who doesn't like Dakota and Lela? They're fun, they like to win, and they love being on the receiving end of a good gobble. Find out who gets it in Episode 457/


In the weeks to come, there's some more hardcore featuring new girls Judas and Shelby, and some fun games (including an intense Sybian race) with Dakota, Bailey, Star, and new girl Kimmy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eat my shorts

Blog post early this week, because I'm going on vacation and won't be here on Friday to post it. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, which means that replies to blog comments or emails might be delayed. Absolutely nothing new about that, but at least this time I've got a reasonable excuse.

The title of this post is in reference to next week's POV, Episode P052.

It's not exactly sexual, but it sure is embarrassing. I like Amber S. I wouldn't describe her as the absolute most beautiful girl we've ever seen, but she's still beautiful and she does not want to lose. If you've ever fantasized about taking a tough, cocky girl down several pegs, you'll like her too.

I've promoed forthcoming episodes up to 453, which brings us to early March.

Episode 454 is a special episode in celebration of LostBets.com's birthday. It stars Kym, Candle, and Sinn... not exactly blushing amateurs, but great girls with great personalities and great bodies. They're also all big fans of lesbian sex, so they were very keen to play Magnitude. They were all looking forward to it, although all expressed certainty that they could never be forced to orgasm against their will. Girls always say that when I explain the rules of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. They're rarely correct.

The caption, by the way, says "Loser gets used as a candle holder" (for the singing of the birthday song.) Take a guess as to just where they hold those candles.


And next comes Episode 455. Did someone say, "More hardcore, please?" Here you go.

Mina is back, all 58 inches and 90 pounds of her, to play one-on-one against a new girl. We met tall, lean Molly by the pool. We were hanging out chatting, and when Molly heard what we do, she really wanted to be part of it. Well, here you go. You're welcome, Mol. The two girls play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the loser enduring sexual dominance by both the winner and by Kevin, who didn't exactly sneer at the chance for sex with one of these beauties.