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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fresh fish

So episode 305, which was delayed a week due to a last-minute glitch, is finally getting published today. If you were eager to see more of new girls Jelly and Serengeli (against Fern), here's your chance. I got a few emails from people who liked my last sushi forfeit and wanted to see more, so here you go. Enjoy!

306 is already published, of course, and I described what 307 will be on October 3. In the next couple of weeks:

308 features Fern vs. Salem. Both of these girls had fairly tame limits until just recently, when they agreed to risk more daring forfeits. They play a new game, Ball Blast, similar to Pod Stomp and Puck Off but with little balls that go flying out and the girls have to collect and replace. I think it worked pretty well. Involved a lot of bending over. The loser has to endure an electric shock device that was suggested by fan OD 99x. She was not very happy about it.

309 as promised brings back Tori from last year's highly popular quartet. She faces off against another personal and fan favorite, Candle, in a fast-paced game of Noname. The loser gets blindfolded and handcuffed, while the winner has fun tormenting her with a massager.

And 310 is the crowd from 301 and 306 (I'm not going to list all their names), playing a really cool party game called Witch Hunt. This game was suggested by fan Carn22 with some really good input from Dex. Dex, I have your email address, but Carn22, I don't have yours, so please drop n line at red@lostbets so I can send you a free copy. The losers are required to service the winners orally.

I mentioned awhile ago that I was able to get Cyndi, whom we haven't seen since all the way back in Episode 125, back. She makes her return in Episode 311, along with new girls Eve and Grace. Two losers have to masturbate with glass dildos while we watch.

I've said this before, a number of times, but: good stuff coming up. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spin the spinner and call the shots

Today's update will be a little bit late. And out of order.

I just discovered (at the last minute) glitches in 305, in which Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli play Strip Memory with the loser being a naked sushi platter. So it's going to have to wait while it's fixed. In the meantime, 306 will jump the queue, but again, a little bit late. Hopefully not more than a couple of hours.

Instead of the relatively modest girls (and quantity of girls) in 305, 306 is pretty epic. In this one, all ten girls from 301 return to play a game of Strip Spinner. The loser gets amateurishly but entertainingly gangbanged. Enjoy! Sorry to fans of Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli. They'll be back next week.

Edit: Now published. Hope you like it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Double your pleasure

Episode 304 is up. Five girls, two losers, one dildo. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming up

Update: May as well make this blog post the comment thread for episode 303, which will be published in a couple of hours. Got something to say about this hair-raising experience? Post it here!

A few people have asked lately what's coming up in the near future. Generally, I don't like to talk about a future video until it's through postproduction and actually ready to publish, and the queue has been very thin lately. However, it's finally been built up a bit more, so here's what's on tap:

Episode 303 features the return of Leda and Alice, to play a game of Battlestrip with some of the highest stakes ever played for here at LostBets.com. The loser of this game will be shaved... no, not her pussy (both girls already have that taken care of) but her head. This was a completely fair game and both girls were really risking their real hair. Loser not only has her scalp shaved clean, she has to put on a microscopic bikini and go downstairs to the bar and outside to the street to show off her new look.

Episode 304 brings back Ashley, Lakota, Hannah, Siren, and Michelle to play Spin-the-Dildo. Two losers take a special vibrating double-headed dildo between them.

Episode 305 features shy youngsters Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli, playing Strip Memory. We were hungry, so we made the loser be a naked sushi table for the other players and the crew.

Episode 306 is the second game with the group from 301. The ten girls play Strip Spinner, taking off their clothes each time the spinner lands on them. The ultimate loser gets gangbanged by the guys, plus a couple of the girls wearing strapons.

Episode 307 stars Whitney, who we haven't seen in awhile, paired against Ashley. They play Pod Stomp. The winner wields a strap-on agains the loser.

That's all for now, but there's plenty more good stuff to come.

By the way, Julie was utterly thrilled with the bonus you all (who bought episode 300b) sent her. Thank you very much for making a sweet girl very happy.