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Friday, December 25, 2015

You sleigh me

Merry Christmas to all! And what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than with porno? It might be a bit blasphemous, but if there's a Supreme Being, I'm pretty sure He approves.

(okay, maybe more than just a bit blasphemous.)

Anyway. Assuming I haven't been struck with lightning by a wrathful God, today we'll see Episode 496. Adorable young blonde Kasady is back, and this time she's facing off against a girl with a bit more of a wild streak than Monica has. Bailey is here to lure Kasady into more daring forfeits, starting with a winner getting to sit on a loser's face.

In a couple of weeks, things heat up with Episode 498.

It's a couples game, as Kimmy and Kevin square off against Trace and new girl Helena. The game is Strip Frenzy, where whoever mashes buttons faster is the winner. The players alternate, first boy vs. boy, then girl vs. girl. Each time someone loses, both members of that couple have to strip. Once one couple is naked, the real fun begins. The losing guy gets strapped to the Greyjoy Cross. Restrained, he has no choice but to watch helplessly as the winning couple uses his woman in any way they want.

Then there's just one more to go before Episode 500...

Episode 499 brings back Anneliese, hot blonde who exudes sex, and Rose, hot geeky brunette who's no stranger to sexiness herself. Also joining them is Trace, there because of his skills with rope. I guess they teach you that in the Marines, because he's pretty good at securely binding someone. (Do they teach you that in the Marines? If so, I approve.) Once the loser is securely bound, with her legs in the air and her pussy fully exposed and vulnerable, the winner gets to have her fun, with various toys to help her out. 

And that will be it until Episode 500...

Friday, December 18, 2015

Da da da dum DUM, da da da DUM dum, da da da DUM dum, da da da da

In case the title of this post isn't obvious (it's not), it's supposed to be the Star Wars theme. I'm actually not going to see it today (got too much shit to take care of), but I'm looking forward to seeing it soon, and I'm cautiously optimistic that J.J. Abrams can fix the atrocities inflicted on the franchise by George Lucas. If you haven't seen the Plinkett Reviews of the prequels, or of the ST:TNG movies, or of just about anything, I highly recommend them. 

Sorry for the nerdiness, but it seems appropriate on a day when we're introducing Rose. I can't help it, I love nerdy girls, especially the type that are highly sexual and wild. She joins other newcomer Anneliese in Episode 495, playing Strip Freeze with the trusty ol' cock gag making an appearance for the forfeit.

And I finally have some new promos to share. To start with, next week we'll see Episode 496.

We paired one of our most demure new girls, Kasady, with one of our wildest, Bailey. It's a game of Strip Memory, where the winner gets to ride the naked loser's face. It's a good game and a good forfeit, and it's a great lead in to their next appearance, in Episode 502. You don't believe what happened then. I want to give a grateful shoutout to Bailey, who came up with the idea... but I'm getting ahead of myself. That won't be until February.

But 496 will close out 2015. Ringing in the new year will be Episode 497.

Cute tiny redhead Lizzy and Semitic goddess Rachel are back, and they're joined by Tomiko. Tomiko is the oldest player we've ever had at the time she was filmed, although you'd never be able to tell by looking at her tight, toned body and perky tits. Tomiko and Mo are, I think, the only players we've had who are older than I am, and oy, I should look so good. They play a new game I made up, called Panty Hoes. and if I wasn't already going to Pun Hell for Strip W.H.O.R.E.S., I definitely am now. The girls wear pantyhose on their heads, with tennis balls in the feet. (Actually, due to a procurement error, they're using thigh-high stockings rather than pantyhose. They worked.) They each have a row of water bottles to knock down, and the have to swing their heads to make their tennis balls hit them. It was a pretty fun game, and I'll have to use it some more.

All three of these girls are reluctant to do anything too naughty in front of the camera, so it's a relatively tame forfeit: yoga poses. The winner had a hell of a good time, taking great glee making the losers hold unbelievably revealing poses while she leaned in closer for a better look.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ain't got much to say

Like the title says, not much to report. No new promos at this time. But today, you can enjoy Episode 494, with a new mode for Marvin: Earth and Fire, one of my favorite games. Starring Chanel, Briella, and one of my favorite blondes, Krystal. Enjoy!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Since I been gone

So today is Episode 493, featuring the return of Monica and Kasady. (This is the last game these two, but both will appear again against other opponents.) One of these girls will be experiencing a Sybian for the first time. Since I didn't promo this one yet, here it is.

Next week, we'll see Episode 494, with Briella, Chanel, and Krystal back for Round 2.

The game is Earth and Fire (we're back to that instead of Magnitude), using the E&F mode of Marvin. The girls press a button, the box spins a virtual spinner to pick a loser, then counts down the time the winners have to play with and stimulate the loser. First to cum loses, and has her exhausted body strapped into the Greyjoy Cross and suffers a spanking as punishment for her lack of self-control.

Then it's on to 495, and two new girls.

Anneliese is an adorable blonde with a smoking figure. Rose is... hmm, how to describe Rose? Usually the phrase "she's got a great personality" is code for "she's unattractive", which definitely doesn't apply to Rose. But she's got a great personality. The whole crew thought she was awesome. You'll see.

They play Strip Freeze (again using Marvin), and for the forfeit, we break out the cock gag, which has been absent for awhile. In the past, we've used both wearing the cock gag and getting fucked by it as punishments, but both girls were intrigued by the cock gag and thought it would be hilarious to make their opponent jam her face back and forth into the winner's pussy while she taunts the loser, so that's what we did.

(Before I'm asked, I don't have any updates this time on the POV store. But there are some new ones coming up that I think are pretty good.)

Last time I blogged (too long ago, I know) I mentioned that I was doing a shoot that weekend, and it's time to tell you how it went. We had three girls, all amateurs. Two had never been naked on camera before. One had, but... well, read on. (I should add, or maybe I shouldn't, that these are real women with real bodies, and real bodies aren't usually perfect.)

First up is AngieJo:

I have to be honest: I'm a little uneasy with calling her an amateur. She's never been naked on camera before, but she has worked as an exotic dancer, and so she's at least used to having strangers see her naked.  But she's cute: the very picture of the voluptuous black woman with the bubble-butt and purple makeup. 

Then we have Cora, who hasn't been a stripper and was both nervous as hell and uncontrollably excited.

Seriously, I've got a candid promo of her I'll publish soon. It starts with her watching as Johnny, Hippo, and Ferret set up the equipment. She's so nervous, she's wringing her hands and taking deep breaths to try to calm down. It's extremely cute. She then tells a story about a game of Strip Spoons she played with a big mixed-gender group, including her sister. The story ends with her sister pointing a knife at her and demanding she finish the game... but you'll see that, too.

The third girl has, like I said, been naked on camera before, but only once. And that once was with us.

The last time we saw Jennie, she was just 18 years old. People have been asking me to get her back ever since, and I'm happy to oblige. Now she's 21 and she's a mom. Among other effects of childbirth, this has made her boobs grow bigger. They look even better now.

That was on Saturday. On Sunday, Cora returned and brought someone else with her, but that story will have to wait for now.

Friday, November 13, 2015

About 500

Yeah, it's been awhile. As some of you know, shit been goin' down. It hasn't been pleasant shit, but the silver lining is that I'll hopefully have more time to spend on LostBets.com. Today, we meet Briella, Chanel, and Krystal in Episode 490. The new girls are very cute and I hope you like them.

Awhile ago, I promised some more information on what'll be in Episode 500, so here it is. As I said, I'm a bit unsure about how it'll be received. It's different, at least.

So Episode 200 was our largest crowd of players we'd had so far, with nine people fighting to keep their clothes. Episode 300 blew that record away with an insane fifteen circus folks crowded into my family room. Episode 400 scaled back the number of players but not the forfeit, with the loser undergoing something we'd never seen before, with a surprising number of dicks in her at once.

So what to do for 500? Something even bigger? Twenty people rather than fifteen? It starts to get really impractical really fast as the crowd size increases. Bigger forfeits, perhaps? I'm not sure how far we can go in that direction, either. There's plenty we still haven't done yet, but not much (that I can think of) that could top earlier episodes for sexiness.

I really wanted 500 to be something unique, something that stood out. But I quickly gave up on the idea of trying to beat its predecessors in terms of scale. So what, then? Well...

Episode 500 will be a LostBets.com retrospective, a look back at eight years of stripping games. We'll have commentary from the crew about particularly memorable episodes, outtakes, and never-before-seen material, including some of fan favorite girls who've been absent for awhile. There will be plenty of new material, and even if it doesn't adhere to the typical LostBets.com formula, I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Doesn't sound like it'd be to your liking? Well, at around the same time as 500 is published, I'm going to finally, finally publish You Bet Your Ass, our game-show-style game filmed in front of a live studio audience. It's been ready to go for years but I've never gotten around to publishing it (for reasons I talked about long ago.) Well, it's finally time, and for those of you who've been waiting for it for a very long time, I hope you're still around and still interested.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Two more cuties

Monica and Kasady make their debuts today in Episode 487. I like them both, Kasady especially. We haven't seen the last of either. In fact, see below.

Continuing the previews, Episode 492 will close out the entertaining series featuring Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi.

After the weird games I put them through earlier, I figured a nice simple game of Strip High Card would be a good finale. The losers form an "oral centipede", with the winner at the head enjoying some head from the first loser, who in turn will be getting head from the big loser. By this tine the girls all knew each other pretty well and a good time was had by all.

That'll be the end of November. December will begin with the return of Kasady and Monica.

Neither girl had ever ridden a Sybian before, and they were both excited and apprehensive about the prospect. The winner gets to work the machine's controls and try to make the loser lose her control.

Friday, October 16, 2015

There are many like it, but this one is mine

Meet Trace, as he takes on Cierra and Gianna. I call him an ex-Marine in the clip description, but I'm not sure that's accurate. I think I've heard that there's no such thing as an "ex-Marine", just a retired Marine. This is a dude who's paid his dues. Watch him take on two girls at once to find out whether he gets to take on two girls at once... or whether he'll be at the mercy of the victorious ladies.

Cierra and Gianna will return in Episode 491, featuring Jay in a supporting role:

They play the new game Frenzy, another game which makes use of Marvin. (I'm concerned that Marvin's lights don't show up well enough on camera. Future revisions will address that problem.) The players each frantically hit their buttons as fast as they can, causing a bar to move closer to their opponent's side every time they press. First one to get the bar all the way to the other girl's side wins and makes her opponent strip. Naked loser ends up at the mercy of both the winner and Jay, who have a good ol' time with her body.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Noehēcatlapalqui cōāmichtēnqui

We meet Desiree today, as she takes on newly-preggers Bailey in Episode 485. Maybe it was mean of us to put her up against such a wild and competitive veteran for her first time out, but that's just how we roll.

Episode 490 features three fresh new faces:

There's Briella:

And then there's Chanel:

Ignore what she says about never losing a game; it's not true. And finally, there's Krystal, who is not to be confused with Crystal (who will be making a return appearance soon.)

Seriously cute, no? (Yes, the names are in the wrong order on the poster frame. We'll fix that before publication, which isn't until 13 November anyway.) They play a game of Strip High Card (nice and simple for their debut), and for the forfeit, we trot out the Greyjoy Cross for another victim, strapped in and helplessly vibrated. Enjoy!

Getting closer to Episode 500...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Angel or Demon?

Episode 484 publishes today, featuring perennial loser Angel trying desperately to pull off her first individual win. (At least I think it's her first. I haven't gone back and checked the record, so maybe she managed to win one or two, but I don't think so. Regardless, she's still got an impressive losing record.) The stakes are high as she seeks revenge against Lance for having to suck his cock on camera back in Episode 270. It'll either be a repeat of that one, as she once again finds herself gagging on dick, or she'll finally get her comeuppance and get to taunt Lance as he kneels between her legs and gives her what she wants.

We're finally managing to build up a healthy queue of ready-to-publish videos, so I can give you previews from further out. We already showed you up to Episode 487 last week, so here's Episode 488.

Of course, I can't really say much until Episode 485, featuring the same players, is published. Don't want to spoil that one, so I can't tell you which of them is seeking to avenge her loss in 485. But exotic Desiree and increasingly punky Bailey are back for their second game. In the first one, the loser had to masturbate in front of the winner (and, of course, the cameras.) This time, the stakes get a little more intimate and personal as the winner straps on and the loser has to take it.  Desiree is getting a real crash course in LostBets forfeits.

That takes us to November, where Dolly, Nettle and Tobi continue their competition in Episode 489.

The players test their memories with something fun for the winners. The loser is restrained in the thighbinder, leaving her pussy exposed and vulnerable. The winners take advantage of the situation by inserting (and removing, and inserting again, and removing again... repeat several more times) Ben-Wa balls. None of these girls has any experience with these particular toys, and they're all curious. They experiment, trying to insert them different ways, trying different ways and speeds of removal, seeing how many balls they can stuff in her, and using a wand massager on her clit to make the balls inside rattle and vibrate. ("It's like there's a Newton's Cradle in there!" the loser exclaims.

Dolly, by the way, has extremely fair skin -- so fair. in fact, that it's still dotted with red marks from her time as a human target in Episode 483.

As for the POVs, next week we'll meet Sylvia is Episode P083. She plays Fuzzy Balls against you, with the loser having to perform fellatio on a rather large dildo, after first covering it with whipped cream. At least the delicious taste of the cream might help make up for the embarrassment of the performance.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy "Happy Birthday to You" Day to you!

Back in Episode 454, in honor of LostBets.com's eighth birthday, I had the players sing the song "Happy Birthday to You." Well, actually, I had them sing a parody of the song, with each line followed by the disclaimer "this is a parody." While I felt I was on pretty firm legal ground here, with this particular rendition featuring a girl singing the song with burning candles in her personal orifices clearly a parody, the fact is that Warner/Chappell has better and more expensive lawyers than I do, and there was always this nagging sense of worry that possibly they'd take offense and sue. Well, no more. The copyright has been struck down, and the song is now in the public domain. If I do it again for our 9th birthday, I'll omit the line about it being a parody.

But today, Episode 483. Dolly, clearly one of my favorites, is back, still strapped to the Grayjoy's Cross, getting shot at by Tobi and Nettle. Loser has to endure a strapping-on from both ends at once.

Here are the promos that were missing last week for Episodes 484 and 485:

Plus, here's a look at episode 486.

Introducing three new players: Cierra (who got an I Lost All My Clothes promo) teams up with Gianna (sorry, no ILAMC promo) against ex-Marine Trace. Loser(s) dominated by winner(s). 

Next week, we introduce two more new players in Episode 487.

Recently people have commented on the relative lack of hot black lady players lately, and I told them about Monica. Well, here she is, in all her glory. For her debut game she takes on blonde Kasady, 19 years old and still in braces. I was actually a little concerned about this one because both girls are kind of shy introverts which can lead to a dull, low-energy episode, but it turned out just fine.

Here's a closer look at Kasady. I like her a lot and I hope you do too.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Yeah, so... behind again. Episodes 481 and 482 were published since last I blogged. Here's what's coming up:

Episode 483 is the continuation of Episode 480, at the end of which Dolly was strapped to the cross while Tobi and Nettle had their way. This time, she remains on the cross while the other two shoot darts at her. She'll get her revenge, though: the winner and she get to spit-roast the loser.

Don't have a promo yet for Episode 484, but here's a peek:

It was all the way back in Episode 270 that Angel and Lance played one-on-one, with the loser owing oral to the winner. She's always wanted a rematch, and in Episode 484, she gets it.

Episode 485 doesn't even have a poster frame yet, but it involves Bailey taking on new girl Desiree.

As I've said before a zillion times, I'm always trying to make our player pool more diverse, and Desiree represents yet another box checked: she descends primarily from the native peoples of Mesoamerica. She claims her mother knows how to speak Nahuatl. I think she's beautiful, and those big natural breasts don't hurt.

Speaking of big natural breasts, in Episode 486 we'll meet Cierra.

She'll be teaming up with fellow newbie Gianna as two girls compete against one boy (new guy Trace) in a battle of the sexes. Loser(s) placed at the mercy of the winner(s), with either one guy submitting to two girls or two girls submitting to one guy.

Finally, here's what's coming up in the POVs. Again, speaking of big natural boobs, RyAnne is back for Episode P081.

One of the many great things about big natural boobs is how they bounce when their wearer is forced to do jumping jacks. Next week, we have Sarah T in Episode P082.

Multiple endings for this one.

Friday, September 4, 2015

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

Hey! If you were waiting for a response in either of the last two blog threads, it's there. Sorry about the delay.

Today's Episode 480 brings back Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi, this time as a player. The new game, Stacky Fuckers, I honestly felt didn't work very well. But it's definitely got potential, with a few tweaks to the rules.

So I found something I'd like to share with you guys. It's a pretty awesome interactive game with strong ENF/stripping game themes, but I have to warn you, it's old-school. Really old-school. Very really old-school. If the name "Infocom" means nothing to you, you might find it a little too old-school for you.

It's a text adventure (!) set in a casino full of women you can challenge to a game of Yakyuken (Japanese for "strip rock-paper-scissors") with forfeits for the loser -- at least, as long as you set it to "kinky mode". It's made by a guy who calls himself Prince Buffoon. You can download it here. but it's a .GBLOB file and you'll need an interpreter to play it. I use Grgoyle on Linux, but there are plenty of decent interpreters out there; just Google for "gblob interpreter". It'll take a bit of work to get things set up, but it's worth it, at least in my opinion. With a text-only interface, you have to use your imagination, of course, but Buffoon has a knack for descriptive writing and you can almost see the naked girls blushing crimson.

Next week is Episode 481, which has already been promoed. For the week after that, take a gander at Episode 482:

Candle made her first appearance on LostBets.com all the way back in 2009's Episodew 101, and since then, her high-energy personality and her seemingly limitless supply of bad puns has made her a fan favorite, and one of my personal favorites as well. I have a few episodes with her coming up, but I haven't seen her for awhile, so what I've got may be all we'll get. Enjoy her while you can. She's joined by Kandii in a game of Strip Splotzee. You know the pussy pump? It's embarrassing to have your most intimate parts swollen and on display. Well, imagine that with your legs held firmly open and your butt in the air thanks to a thighbinder. 

I realize that I've reached the end of promos for the POVs. I'll try to get ahead of the queue soon. But I think you'll really like P079.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Marvin

Today: Ben-Wa balls. If you haven't used them before, they're fun toys that tend to affect women way more than they'd think. Lots of women think that having balls in their pussy wouldn't do anything for them, and then end up shuddering spasmiung wrecks when they're actually used. See how Ashlyn and Sharron handle them in Episode 479.

Next week, bring on Episode 480.

Sweet tiny redhead Dolly is back along with Nettle and Tobi, this time joining in as a player. It's a new game, Stacky Fuckers, and like many games we use for the first time, it needs a little tweaking to be at its best. Still a very entertaining episode with three beautiful (but extremely different from each other) ladies. Loser gets to experience our St. Andrew's Cross while the winners have their way with her.

The next week bringa in Episode 481.

It's a one-on-one game of Strip Darts featuring two of our most competitive players: Tobi and Bex. The loser gets used by Jay and Johnny in a three-way... and the loser has to give up all her holes, front and back. Both girls have tannish-skin so I'm not spoiling anything when I say that seeing the loser sandwiched between pale Johnny and dark Jay is a really cool sight. 

Finally, I'd like to introduce y'all to Marvin.

Marvin is a box with buttons, lights, and a speaker, built by Hippo and myself, powered by Arduino. We've always loved making cool stuff, and the advent of Arduino opens a whole new realm of possibilities to us, with the ability to have software control and be controlled by real-world objects. Marvin has been used in some new games, like Strip Freeze and Strip Frenzy, and enhanced old ones like Pirate Penguins and Earth and Fire. Like I say in the video, I'm eager to hear suggestions for how else we could use Marvin, or what features we should add to Marvin Mk II. 

(By the way, to my ears I sound like a smarmy git in this video, which I swear I am not.)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Back into the light

So, I'm back, and I've got a ton of new footage. I'll be posting promos of the new players shortly. There are some real gems in the mix, playing a whole slew of new games and risking new forfeits.

I'm not just "back" in the physical sense of being back in town. I'm also (I hope!) back to being engaged with this blog and this site. I'm going to have to (yet again) declare Comment Bankruptcy and not respond to older comments, but so help me God I'm going to respond to each and every comment and email going forward. But I've said such things before and not followed through. Actions will speak louder than words. The POV store, which has been on hiatus the last couple of weeks, will resume publication on Wednesday. And I've got some pretty awesome new POVs, too.

This week's Episode 478 features some hardcore action as Kimmy, Lilly, Mina, and Savannah compete in Strip Shockinaw, with Bob and Flynt eagerly waiting in the wings to have their way with the losers. Next week, we'll see Episode 479, promoed last week in a badly fucked-up blog post. No new promos this week but there will be more next week.

Finally, I'd like to ask about something, and would appreciate answers in the comments. I usually frown on anonymous comments (grepping this blog for "sign your posts" comes up with 212 matches) but this time, I won't mind. If you prefer to answer this question without leaving your name, please do.

One of the new players I mentioned above is Jay, whom you'll meet for the first time in Episode 481. He's a pretty awesome dude, quick-witted and full of pop culture references, sort of like a male Candle. He fit right in to the spirit of LostBets.com, bantering with the best of them. He's also black, and I was taken by surprise when someone pointed out that interracial porn is a niche market, and many people won't be interested in the episodes with Jay for that reason.

I ought to make it very clear that I don't think any less of anyone who has this preference, or consider them racists or anything stupid like that. It's a matter of what you like, and there's no accounting for taste. People reject clips all the time for having female players who are too tall, or too short, or too fat, or too skinny, or with a nose of a certain shape, or with boobs that are too small, or too big. There's all sorts of preferences, and nobody should be judged for them. But I am curious to know how prevalent this particular preference is. So I'd like to ask: would you consider buying a clip with a black man, or do you stick to other ethnicities only?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Gone dark

Unfortunately, this blog hasn't seen a lot of me lately. That's going to continue for at least a couple of weeks more, but I'll be back, and when I am, I promise to devote more time and attention to the blog. Thanks to Johnny for picking up at least a little of the slack.

But just because I'm not here to answer comments doesn't mean you should miss out on previews of coming attractions... or for that matter, previews of today's attraction. Meet episode 477. publishing today.

Attention to blog commenter RRFrope: if you're still out there, please drop me an email at red@lostbets. You're entitled to a free copy of this one. It's taken me four fucking years, but we finally have the armbinder you requested.

The co-ed group of Ashlyn, Richard, and Sharron return in a free-for-all game. The loser is securely bound in the aforementioned armbinder and subjected to ruthless tickling.

After relatively tame 477, we shift to hardcore next week for Episode 478.

Four hot girls -- little Lilly, littler Mina, Asian cutie Kimmy, and undefeated Savannah join to play Shockinaw. Damn, I love this game. When I first started using it back in 2009, I actually felt a little bad and guilty for inflicting electric shocks on cute young women, but the years have hardened me and made me crueler, so now I say: bring it on! If the girls don't want to endure the pain, they shouldn't lose.  (Of course, in this game a girl engages in behavior that's arguably cheating, so that argument holds less water.) Bob and Flynt are on hand to have their way with the two losers.

And then Ashlyn and Sharron are back, sans Richard, for a one-on-one game with a different bondage-involving forfeit.

In 477, the loser wore an armbinder. In Episode 478. it's a thighbinder, which loops around both thighs and behind the wearer's neck, forcing them back and open and keeping the victim from closing her legs. And the winner takes full advantage, vibrating the loser's helplessly exposed pussy, and for the first time on LostBets: Ben-Wa balls. (I have to ask Johnny to correct the spelling of "Ben-Wa" in the poster frame. This ain't Archer.) According to Wikipedia, these toys are also known as "Orgasm balls", and boy, does that shoe fit. The loser is driven absolutely nuts by the vibrator on her clit while the balls stimulate her from inside.

As for the POV fans, here's what you've got to look forward to:


Friday, July 17, 2015

That sort of thing really is my bag, baby

Episode 473 is out today, and for the first time at LostBets.com, a male player will be risking genital pumpage, as Richard puts his dick on the line against two pretty special ladies. Sharron is back for the first time since April, and Ashlyn is back for the first time since August 2013. (At least, I think so. I'm not at home as I write this so don't have access to my files to check for sure.) I've gotten quite a few requests too see more of Ashlyn, and while I'm sorry it's taken so long, I'm very happy to bring her back, and not for the last time.

Looking ahead, Dolly and Nettle return in Episode 476.

Last time, the loser merely had to expose herself. Things get taken up a notch as the loser not only has to spread wide, she has to show us how she masturbates. That's what happens after they play the new game Ball Stacks, using special spacers that Hippo made on his 3D printer. Tiny redhead or less-tiny brunette, which will emerge victorious? 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Good things come in small packages

Been awhile (too long) since the last blog post. At this point, apologizing for sporadic blogging has gotten really redundant. I hope someone's still reading.

Today we finally introduce Dolly and Nettle in Episode 472 playing a game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. I hope you like them. I think you will. And for you POV fans out there, next week you'll see both Dolly and Nettle again, joined by Tobi, in our first three-on-one POV, Episode P073.

And now for some promos...

Speaking of Mina, she appears in Episode 474. And speaking of petite girls, so does Bailey. And speaking of enthusiastic exuberance (which I didn't, but what the hell), so does Kym. Fun-loving and very cute bunch. They play Prick-Prick-Bang, which is great for the tension it inspires in the girls. The loser gets ticklevibed on the cross. I don't know if "ticklevibe" is a word, but it ought to be.

And speaking of games that inspire tension, if not outright terror...

Back to co-ed fun in Episode 475 as Savannah takes on Cherry M and Richard. Two losers must serve whatever perverted sexual desires the winner has. I'll just note that at this point, while we've finally seen Savannah naked, she still has neither lost a game nor suffered a forfeit. Some girls have all the luck.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best served cold

Episode 469 features a girl out for revenge. The last game she was in, the game she lost and now seeks vengeance for, was a game of (mostly) luck. This time, her skill will be a factor. Will she avenge herself, or will she be humiliated again?

Here's a preview of upcoming Episode 473:

We haven't seen Ashlyn since Episode 434 but I'm very glad to have her back and I've got a feeling you will be too. 

Remember the pussy pump? It's not my favorite forfeit by any means, but I still like it for a special reason: it's unique and unfamiliar. Whether a girl is a complete amateur who's never been nude on camera before or she's a hardcore fetish model who's seen it all and done it all, it's a pretty safe bet that she's never encountered one of these before. When a forfeit can make a jaded porn starlet nervous and apprehensive about who's going to happen to her, it's a good one. And for the first time with a pumping forfeit, we have a male player, with his own special pump for his own equipment. The losers of this one don't just have their babymakers inflated. The winner gets to play with them, and it ends up being quite a show.

I didn't answer blog comments during last week but I'm all caught up on the last post now, if you're one of those who's been waiting on a reply to some pretty inspired ideas, it's there. Krycek, still waiting for (and looking forward to) your review of Episode 467!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Where's Mary Ann?

Meet new girl Ginger as she faces off against veteran Penny, one of my personal favorite gals. The new girl breaks in a new game and a new forfeit, or at least a new variant of a familiar forfeit. That's Episode 468. The new game is kind-of sort-of a little bit like Yahtzee but it's not, so I wanted to call it Notzee, but for some reason everyone else thought that'd be a bad idea so we went with Splotzee instead.

Back in May, I introduced two new girls, Dolly and Nettle. Well, they'll be making their debut in Episode 472, coming on July 10.

I usually (not always, but usually) ease new girls into LostBets.com with a game that's simple and a forfeit that's not too scary. This wasn't an exception: the game was Rock-Paper-Scissors, about as simple as it gets, and the forfeit... well, that takes a little explanation. Tobi (formerly Bex) was around, and we asked her to make the loser Bexercise. That is, to pose and contort herself in whatever embarrassingly revealing ways Tobi chose, plus some light working out. It's tame. It's meant to hook them in. Later, once they're committed, I'll whip out the interesting toys.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Familiar faces

I've still been neglecting the blog lately, but if you've been waiting on a reply to the last blog post, I've answered everybody there.

We go hardcore today with Episode 467, with Kimmy returning along with Lilly, making her non-POV debut, Bob, who's had some jubilant victories as well as some very uncomfortable defeats, and Savannah, last seen about a year ago. Of all the players who've maintained perfect winning records here, Savannah is probably the one I've gotten the most requests to bring back. Well, here she is. I was tempted to rig a game to force her to lose, but I resisted the temptation and all of the games she played in (including this one, 471, 475, and one more episodes that's not scheduled yet) were played without rigging, giving her having a fair chance to win. How'd she do? Wait and see.

In the last blog post, I said that I couldn't really promote Episode 469 because it might spoil 466. Well, 466 has been published, so here's a better look at what's coming up.

It's the same crew from 466, and the loser of that game is out for revenge. This is a bit of a long one; Pod Stomp takes forever with four people. I maybe should stop using the game when there are so many players, but the girls are only wearing three garments, one of which is a stylish LostBets.com T-shirt with nothing underneath, and that had to come off first. Made for more time to watch the girls struggling to nimbly stomp the pods with their boobs out and jiggling. 

The week after that, we have 470.

I came up with the game Mogadishu because I wanted something a little more complex than Rock-Paper-Scissors and I didn't like existing five-throw RPS games. (Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock? Seriously?) I tried to make it easy to learn: the throws for Earth-Air-Fire are the same as Rock-Paper-Scissors and they work the same way, with Air eroding Earth, Fire consuming Air, and Earth smothering Fire. But it turns out that this makes a lot of players confused, so I've been trying only to use the game when we've got smart girls. These are smart girls. Man, I love smart girls.  Isobel, my favorite sexy grad student, joins Catherine, who's played in more than a dozen games and lost quite a few. It's fun to embarrass these girls, so I brought back the pussy pump, only with a twist. The loser has to wear a "thighbinder" before she's pumped. It's a strap that wraps around the victim's thighs and goes behind her neck. It forces her to keep her legs held high and spread wide. The loser's swollen pussy will be on very graphic display.

That takes us to the end of June. We'll start off July with Episode 471.

As menioned previously, Savannah is in this one, along with new girl Cherry M. (We already had a Cherry, so we asked her to use an initial.) There to watch, to referee, and to take part in the forfeit (but not to play) is Brad. The original plan is that the loser of the game would be given to Brad to use as he wanted, but the winner turned out to have other ideas. You'll see.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Promo a-gogo

Today's Episode 465 is a sort-of followup to 450, wherein Brad suffered a humiliating experience at the hands of Dakota and Mina, and now seeks revenge. Check it out.

I've admittedly been a bit out of it lately and haven't had much to say on this blog. To make up for it a little bit, I'm making available a Lost Bets Promo Pack, featuring all the I Lost All My Clothes promos I could find, plus some miscellaneous stuff, including some that has never been seen before. For example, there's a clip of every single "SUP!" uttered by Belle during her first shoot with LostBets.com. Download and enjoy. Feel free to share. Post wherever you'd like.

Speaking of promos, there's one available for Episode 469, but as it involves spoilers for as-yet unpublished Episode 466, I can't publish it yet. Here's an image, at least:

Buncha POVs coming up. Here's a peek:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fresh meat, finally!

Today, we have Episode 464, the sequel to Episode 459. The winners from that game, Bailey and Dakota, go head-to-head to find out which one will endure a strapless strap-on from Kimmy, using Star as the target for their game of Ring Toss. One of the best, most enthusiastic, squirt-inducing strap-on bangings we've seen.

So back in August 2014, I took a look at the backlog of raw footage, and it was just too long. We had dozens of unpublished episodes and it didn't make much sense to keep getting more and more of it. I called a shooting moratorium until the queue was cleared out a bit. I've done this before but never been able to stick to it and I've always ended up shooting again when we didn't really need to. Shooting is just too much fun for me to be able to keep from doing it for long, but this time, I was resolved, and this time, the moratorium stuck. So finally, after an agonizingly long hiatus, we did our first shoot in six months last Saturday. (This is part of the reason why no blog post last week: we were busy preparing.) And now I'm very happy to introduce our two new players. 

First up is bespectacled Nettle.

(I should note that neither this still picture nor the one below of the other new player really does the girl justice. They both look way better than this.) Don't let Nettle's somewhat bookish look fool you: she's down for anything and she's energetic and enthusiastic. With her slender body and her awesome ass, she's a fine addition to the LostBets.com roster.

That brings us to the other new player, Dolly.

See above about the pictures not doing justice to the girls. Now, Nettle is awesome and I'm really looking forward to sharing her with you, so I hope she understands that there's absolutely nothing I would take away from her, but I gotta say: Dolly is freaking amazing. 19 years old with copper-red hair and milky skin, she's tiny. Really tiny. Smaller than Bailey, smaller than Brooklyn, smaller even than Mina, she stands 4'9" and weighs in at 85 freaking pounds. (That's 145cm and 38kg, for those of you from countries that use a rational system of measurement.)  I made damned sure to triple-check her ID.

There were supposed to be more new girls to introduce, but I had a couple of cancellations. Instead, they were joined by Tobi (sorry, no pix of her from this shoot yet), who continues to tone her body and expand her ink and is sporting a new, short haircut. I love Tobi because she has the knack, like Ashley and Candle and a few others, of bringing out the best in her fellow players. Everyone's a little more competitive, a little more adventurous, and a little more fun when she's involved.

This really showed in the forfeits, because this group ran with them and took them to a higher level. Most of the time, I don't give much direction to the girls about the specifics of the forfeits, preferring to let them come up with the details on their own. (For example, in Episode 464, the instructions were "Kimmy fucks the loser with the strap-on." All the details, all the positions, all the hair-pulling and clit-rubbing, that was all decided by Kimmy herself.) Oftentimes this works out great, sometimes not so much. With this group, it worked out great. For example, one of the forfeits involved Ben-Wa balls. The winners could have just put the balls in the loser and then pulled them out. Instead, they put the balls in, then pulled them out, then put them back in again. Then they pulled them out, then put them in, then pulled them out, then repeated that several more times as the loser was being driven crazy. Then they saw what would happen if they put the middle balls on the string in first. Then they went looking for (and found) a second string of balls and tried to fit both in at once. (They only succeeded halfway.)  These are the kind of girls I really like: the kind that can take vague direction and turn it into something special.

They played six games and a POV. If you've ever wanted to see a three-girl POV, you will soon. Enjoy!

Correction note: An earlier version of this blog post incorrectly translated 4'9" as 175 cm rather than 145 cm. Thanks to Riggins for pointing that out.