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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magnificent May

UPDATE: Friday May 1st's clip is now posted! Check it out.

UPDATE 2: The original version of this post said "Danielle" when it meant "Samantha". Sorry if anyone was confused/disappointed.

To honor alliteration, I'm pleased to announce that LostBets.com will be celebrating the Midweek Madness Month of May! In addition to our regular weekend updates, we'll be doing an extra update in the middle of each week. Here's the schedule:

Friday: New HD clip posted
Sunday: SD version of new clip posted
Tuesday: Bonus HD clip posted
Thursday: SD version of bonus clip posted

What's on tap? Well, Friday, May 1st, we'll be meeting new player Claire, who join returning girls Julie and Elizabeth. Claire is not, as some Lost Bets Girls have been, a stunning beauty, but I like her a lot. She's a cute brunette with a great smile, a perky body, and a bit of a lisp. I hope you like meeting her as much as I did. Oh, and she's never gotten naked on video before.

By the way, our players need a better name than "Lost Bets Girls"... especially since they're not all girls. Suggestions welcome, creativity encouraged. If I use your suggeston, you'll get a free clip of the girls thanking you for it by name.

Tuesday next we've got a game that Crosis has been working on editing, so you know it's gonna look good. Whenever I try a new game, I'm never quite sure how it will turn out. This one I had especial doubts about, because the rules were not well-chosen, and there was an exploit. I haven't seen it yet, so I don't know how good the final product is, but its quality will decide whether Strip Awesomeness ever makes an appearance again. (Applause to anyone who can guess what the "real" name of the game is.

The girls were Lily, Mary, Addie, and Stacey, by the way... a lot of you have been asking to see more of three out of the four of them :-P

UPDATE: I've seen it, and as usual, Crosis did a bang-up job with the editing. And it always amazes me how sometimes I come away from a shoot thinking a game didn't go well, and am dumbfounded when I see the footage. Yes, this game needs a lot of work on the rules if it's to be a proper game... but this clip was still a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

What's up after that? Well, I don't know the order yet, but I've got some goodies on tap. I've been digging through my archives, finding games I'd forgotten existed. We'll see Penny and Samantha, playing a game wherein the winner gets to shave the loser. We'll meet Esther and Isobel, lesbian lovers playing a game nobody loses. Crosis is hopefull that the first installment of You Bet Your Ass will be ready pretty soon. And there's more to see of our four Beer Pong players as well.

Exciting times at lostbets.com. Enjoy the sunshine.

Friday, April 24, 2009

No Mr. Colbert, Beer Pong does not cause...

herpes or any other sexually transmitted disease. It can however be used to cause extreme sexual humiliation.

Presenting the very first release from our very first "couples" shoot. Johnny and Kat have returned and brought along their friends, Daisy and Joe. First up is the long awaited, much anticipated game of Strip Beer Pong. There's been a rash of photos and a few videos of this college pastime floating around the ethers for a while and here's our take on it.

EDIT: The standard def version has been released and will likewise be offered at a discount for the first 48 hours of availability.

For some strange reason, the players neglected to do the standard intro of, "Hi my name is... and we're going to play strip..." So here are the rules that we used. It was guys vs. girls for this one. Each player had on 4 articles of clothing and 5 cups in the target in front of them (their initials were on the inside lip of the cup). When a ball was sunk into a full cup, that player had to consume the beverage and remove an article of clothing.

The teaser promo for Beer Pong can be seen here.

note: portions of this game not affecting the outcome were edited -- Because of this, here is the breakdown of what the video contains:

17 minutes is the total game time,
the forfeit takes up 3 minutes,

and the final 3 minutes consist of an exclusive sneak peek into our upcoming game show You Bet Your Ass.

The promo included in the Beer Pong game contains full frontal nudity, along with scenes of the punishment one could expect for lighting the grail shaped beacon at the Castle Anthrax. As such, it is not a promo that's likely to appear on the blog or even at DailyMotion.

This is not that promo, it is however the introduction of the players from the game show, and more to whet your appetite.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy hell, why is Red still awake?

Wait a minute, doesn't Red have a day job? Isn't it a work day? Why is Red still awake and posting when it's nearly 3 in the morning, instead of being in bed where any sane person would be.

Well, boys and girls, I got home at around 11:30 from an excellent adventure which included what you see below. I could've gone to bed then, but I wanted to get this submitted for your approval ASAP, and didn't want to wait even another day. I hope it whets your appetite.

By the way, gentlemen, as I am fond of saying, ain't no bullshit here. None of these girls wanted to have to open her legs and let the camera (and the world) see everything she had, but none was more nervous about the possibility than Julie. Even right up to the start of the game she was talking about backing out and saying how she wasn't sure about this. In the end, I was able to sweet-talk her into playing the game. Did she manage to escape with her modesty intact? You'll just have to wait and see. Expect to hear more about what went on tonight in the days to come.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Like the corners of my mind

First things first: I want to thank everybody who took the time to make suggestions in this comment thread for the upcoming return of Julie and Elizabeth. I wish I could use 'em all. I can't (at least not for this shoot) but I'll definitely use as many as I can.

Next: this week's update is posted. As promised, it's a long-forgotten clip from the Lost Bets Vault, featuring Wednesday and Ashley. The last time we saw these two together, one of them was doing some pretty nasty things to the other one. This time around, the loser isn't going to be bound, shaved, and forced to orgasm, but she is going to have to go outside in her birthday suit and go for a jog... and, as it turned out, put on a bit of a show for the neighbors.

Next week will mark the long-awaited debut of two-on-two boys-versus-girls Beer Pong. Crosis worked really hard to edit that one together, and I think the results are great.

Friday, April 10, 2009


This week's clip will be published at 1200 GMT-4. It needs a bit of explanation.

A lot of the games I shoot never get published. Most of them do, but generally one or two from each shoot don't. Some of them just don't turn out right, but for most of them, they're good games, just flawed, and each week, there's always something better to publish until they're forgotten.

Like this one, for example. It was one of my earliest Battlestrip games, and like all my early Battlestrip games, it's too damned long. (Yes, skilful editing could cut it down. I am not a skilful editor.) This one clocks in at 30 minutes... 5 minutes of whipped-cream and chocolate sauce spraying, 6 minutes of post-messy showering, and a whopping 19 mintues of game. Rest assured I will be charging the minimum price C4S will allow me to charge.

So why publish it now? Foreshadowing. If you've seen the promo down below, you know that it features Julie, Elizabeth, and Lily. Well, two of those three are coming back to play some more games, and neither of them is the one that my customers would lynch me for bringing back. And as for that one: bear in mind that this is the old Lily... you know, before I turned her into a girl-slut, for which I sincerely hope I am not damned. She's kinda cute in this one. You'll see.

But more importantly: Julie and Elizabeth are coming back. They will, if possible, be accompanied by a third girl and/or possibly a guy, and I need to figure out what to do with them. Both of them are definitely among the shyest of Lost Bets girls, which means that for one thing, the dildos and forced orgasms are off the table. Leg-spreading is probably off the table. That means I gotta get creative, which is code for "appeal to the fans." Commenter tricycle had some awesome suggestions, some of which will definitely be used. (Especially the catering-sized tray of spaghettios.) Anyone else have any good ideas? For games, or for forfeits? Anyone want to give a hearty thumbs-up or -down to any of trike's suggestions?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming this weekend

UPDATE: Check out the high-defiition version on YouTube!

Friday, April 3, 2009

This week's clip is up!

New never-before-seen game, and the return of someone we haven't seen in a very long time! Check it out.

By the way, gents, here's a taste of what's to come. That Beer Pong game Crosis teased? Not for three weeks. Here's what's on tap for the next two weeks: it's a stroll down Memory Lane at lostbets.com as we dig into our "vaults" to find never-before-seen footage of some of our very earliest games. Yes, time for some serious nostalgia... the Dow stood at 13,000, the housing market was booming, the year was 2007 and the games were just getting started at lostbets.com. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

things to come....

This week's update will be posted soon, and it features 3 girls, a bunch of falling balls, 2 feather dusters, and several pieces of rope.