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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fresh meat

I've said this before, but one of the best things about recruiting amateurs (among many good things about recruiting amateurs) is that they have amateur friends. That's certainly true of Bex and Piper, who return today in Episode 402 with their 20-year-old friends Sheri and Zahara in tow. I've teased about these two newbies for a long time, so now you can finally meet them. Hope you like 'em as much as I do.

Next week starts June Jubilee, with Episodes 403 and 404. I've already previewed these two episodes. Here's a look at the following week:

Episode 405 starts the weekend off with the return of Indigo, Blossom, and suddenly bald Jelly. They play a new game, Pirate Penguins, involving balancing penguins on a pirate ship. This is another one that didn't quite work out as expected. The  two losers are supposed to have to take a bubble bath together, including soaping each other up and scrubbing each other down, but it looks like so much fun that the winner jumps in with them. So it's not much of a penalty, but it is three cute young amateurs naked, wet, and soapy.

Moving on, Episode 406 reunites the players and the bangers from Episode 400 on equal footing, an eight-way free-for-all where it's every man (or woman) for himself (or hers).  The losers have to run a spanking gauntlet made of the winners, each holding a different implement. Some of the winners take their job very seriously, and it's almost more than the losers can bear.

And that's not nearly all. The week after that, we'll see some girls risking doing something they've never done before, on camera or off. Then Saturday marks the return of somebody I think a lot of people will be very, very happy to see back.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hey, if you're one of those who only checks the blog on weekends, make sure you don't miss Krycek's post immediately before this one, and please tell us about your own favorites in the comments.

By the way, since Krycek calculated the total duration of the 11 episodes from the 2 orgy-parties I threw with the circus folks (447 minutes), I got curious and did the math on the entire LostBets.com collection. The whole library, not counting POVs or B-Sides but counting every ###a and ###b, runs to 8,606 minutes, or a half-hour shy of 6 days. That'd make for a hell of a marathon.

Episode 401 premieres today, featuring Indigo, Jelly, and Blossom playing a game with an unexpected outcome. A couple of people correctly guessed it: the loser's head gets shaved. Or at least buzzed down very close. I tried to offer her the Bex Rule and let her count her bush as an article of clothing, and she preferred to shave her head. Go figure.

Don't forget we're doing June Jubilee this year, with bonus Saturday updates on June 7, 14, 21, and 28. First up for the month are Episode 403 and 404. I've already teased these episodes, so enjoy some video promos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A few more of your favorite things

A few years ago, I made this blog post inviting people to post about their favorite clips, to help others who were trying to decide what might be worth buying. That was in 2011. Since then, the number of available clips has doubled, and the old post is a little out of date. Blog poster Krycek suggested that it's time for another of these threads, and he kickstarted it with his list of awards for Episoldes 200-400. Thanks, Krycek! Please respond with your own favorites, and why they're your favorites.

To celebrate 400 episodes and nearly seven years of Lost Bests, here is my list of awards and highlights. Back at 200 episodes I put out awards which you can see in the Jan 2011 blog post. But this time it was much more difficult as the number of girls has increased dramatically and so has the variety of clips.

Lost Bests covers many different tastes and preferences and these awards are tainted by my own personal preferences. In addition, there were a lot more hardcore clips which meant I could not capture all the ground breaking orgasmic moments. My hope is to simply share some highlights along with chronicle the awesomeness of Lost Bests. By no means did I see all 200, so please reply with your own favorites and call out what I may have missed.


Best Bush – RyAnne - This winner has no rival with her full fire bush. Even Lily in clip 223 Robots took pause and knelt before it in amazement. Second place goes to Annabelle, in both 249 and 269 her bush is revealed early and it adds to the sexiness of the clips enormously.

Best Bodies – Heather and Belle – Lost Bets is open to all shapes and sizes but Heather is a consensus All-American. She’s a great balance of curves and creamy skin. As for Belle, the way she wears the sheer dress in 279 Mark’s Birthday is downright distracting. First time I watched that clip I was watching her the whole time and not the forfeit.

Lifetime Achievement – Julie and Ashley- They join Ashton and Mia on the Lost Bets Mount Rushmore. Julie’s journey through the clips amounted to one long tease that was fulfilled. And Ashley makes every game she is in better. I look forward to her continued involvement.

Best Public/Hallway/Pizza – 332 C-thongI wrote a blog post about this back in April 2013 so that post will serve as my full highlight list for this category. Since then the bikini suits out in the city were groundbreaking but I’m still going with the C-thong. Two recommendations are to ditch the markers and try another like clip 381 Pod Stomp. With the right crowd and girls, it could be truly embarrassing and possible lead to something more. In a recent blog post, someone mentioned using a strip club for the forfeit location. I thinking selecting and limiting the crowd is safer but keep trying to increase the spotlight and embarrassment.

Best Orgasm – TIE 223 Strip Robots and 317 Earth Fire - With more hardcore clips in the past 200, there were tons of choices. But these two notables stand above for me. RyAnne in the stockade of 223 Robots has the blanket clutching, explicit dripping views as Lily makes her beg to stop. In 317 Earth Fire, you get three orgasms for the price of one clip and seeing Cyndi’s ass bounce with the contractions is etched in my mind and I return to it often.

Category Upgrade – 210 Strip Screw Your Neighbor – Natalia losses and is supposed to just be tickled naked and instead all the hands touching her starts to turn her on and she has a body shaking orgasm. The clip is made great by the winning players’ persistence and Natalia’s willingness to succumb to her desires.

Best Racks – Mouna - Most of the guys in the world are boob guys. So that’s why I call this category out specifically. RyAnne who won best bush cold also have won this. But bigger isn’t always best and the bust of Mouna wins it. Everyone wants a squeeze in clip 377 RPS. Squint your eyes and she’s could be the actress Morena Baccarin. I saw Kym is returning so she is the early favorite to win this at 600 with “sales and marketing” as she called them in clip 198.

Worst Loser – Kimberly - 332 Strip High Card - As in we lost because she didn’t. No way the C-thong would have given her any coverage at all. Seeing her deal with that forfeit would have been truly embarrassing and very entertaining. An honorable mention to Caroline’s ass in this clip, excellent.

Best Hardcore – 278 Strip Air HockeyI remember back when StripBender broke the sex barrier with a high stakes game of bender. The winner this time broke the another barrier with a gang bang. And Audrey is a personal favorite. Pause it at 29:03 for an epic view. An honorable mention to 350 Basketball, which Red described as his best sex scene, the bow and arrow position is not easily done and Amber got a true fucking overall.

Worst Moment – 240 Strip Snapper - We knew in the set up that Cody had never masturbated before and so when she loses we may get a chance to see her “hand virginity” lost. Instead, she gets the giggles and only gives it a half-hearted attempt. Meanwhile, Tori is rubbing one out like a champ despite the distraction. Tori’s orgasm is well done but Cody loses a chance to learn the joy of self-satisfaction.

Bring Her Back Award – Zayda – She’s my personal favorite and always brings energy, tension, and competiveness to the games. I’m going to give second place to Cory. Just looking back at the games, great things happen when she is involved.

Best Luck – 306 Strip Spinner – When first saw Starli in the crowd back at clip 278 Hockey, she moved to the top of my wish list. Let’s just say, this episode gave me what I wished for. Which leads me to…

Girl Next Door Award – Starli - First shown as a spectator in 278Strip Air Hockey, her curls and smile were quite the distraction especially during her front row view at the 34:00 mark watching the sex. Later, we’d get to see plenty of her as she was an energetic loser in several clips. You could have her over for Thanksgiving dinner and your family would love her smile but nobody would be the wiser that she’s a vixen in disguise. Olivia came in second place.

Most Underrated Clip – 213 Pizza Trilogy Part DeuxThis is for the clip that didn’t get a lot of hype and that when I saw it I liked OK but as time went on I returned to it more and more. So we go WAY back for this one. The key part is the girls stripping each other. Amy going bottomless at 7:30 and then naked at 10:30 is just plain hot.

Ready for Primetime – Kimberly –This category is for the girl most ready to move from softcore to the full headline exposure of hardcore. I have loved the return of Kimberly. But now that I’ve seen her properly embarrassed in clip 389 Podstab, she’s ready to be fully exposed. In clip 324B Team Challenge, I thought Johannes was going to break Mika in half with his thrusting. It is time to set him, or another guy like him, loose upon Kimberly. She can handle it and it would be epic to see somebody put all those wonderful curves in motion.

Honorable Mentions – Paige, Madison, Fern, Lumen, and Salem – A special thanks to all these girls! The foundation of Lost Bets is the “Thunderdome” games where two girls square off. (Two enter, one leaves!) And these girls have had plenty of those games. Paige owns the best reaction to the sybian in 351 Memory. And I think Lumen is truly shy about the game with Kyle in 263 Podstomp.

Epic Award – Orgy Parties - While there have been series of games involving the same players since the beginning, the orgy parties created an entire new category. The two orgy parties generated 11 episodes and nearly 7.5 hours (447 minutes to be exact) of entertainment. To watch them all back to back would take almost as long as Frodo took to destroy the ring. If you can get just a couple, 278 Strip Air Hockey is still the one I return to the most. It’s softcore for the first half and hardcore in the second and has the isolated single loser. Also 314 Musical Chairs has an amazing forfeit of seven girls on the floor working their pussies. The final episode 324B Team Challenge of the second party is the craziest hardcore orgy you’ll ever see. If you are a softcore fan, try clip 301 High Lo. It is a nude review.

Best Softcore – TIE 269 Croc and Balls and 375 Strip Pod Stab - While the limits of hardcore have been expanded, softcore remains the foundation of LB. To win this award, the clip needs a great mix of anticipation, embarrassment, and nudity. 269 Croc Balls has a good mix of girls, plenty of nudity early and often, and full views in the forfeit. 375 Pod Stab introduces us to Heather in a fun and revealing way with good energy with just a touch of tension as they poke and lick her limits.

Best Moment – 292 Strip MemoryThe too-cool-for-school, alternative girl Dalia gets a taste of cunninglingus that shakes her view of reality. Just pause at the 18:01 mark, she does not know what’s up or down. And that is what is truly amazing about Lost Bets, sure we get joy from watching, but when you can see the players explore and embrace something new about their sexually, it transcends just plain porn.

In closing, some suggestions for the next 200:

1 – Hair - Personally, I like bush and it even factors into the clips I pick. But I know shaved girls give much better views. But it seems like a few girls are anticipating the exposure and shaving before the game leaving us with the dreaded razor burn. I recommend coaching the girls in advance to come as they normally are. I feel as if Mouna denied me a curly black muff to match her great hair. Also, institute the “Bex Rule”, if they have hair they can use it as an extra item.

2 – Go Big - For the public exposure games, use busty or full figured girls. They have more skin to show and it creates more exposure. No offense to the smaller type girls but look at Cory in 242 Candy Passing and Lola in 209 Ice Race. Not much imagination needed. Also Mouna walking down the street seemed more noticeable and exposed than Olivia. The three girls for the C-thong game were perfect choices. Also, require high heels to create more jiggle.

3 – Balance - Keep the balance of softcore and hardcore. The best clips are hardcore clips that have a softcore start. I consider them double value. Earth and Fire and the Pod Stab/Stomp are the best games for each in my opinion.

4 – Exposure – Finding games that show skin sooner and keep them exposed longer improves the experience. The Earth and Fire “game” falls into that category although girls with tighter limits may not agree to that game. Using a loser from another game like Sassy did with the bowling is a great enhancement. And for games with many players, consider having a wild card way for one person to get stripped early but keep participating. The clips where the first loser is forced to sit spread eagle and watch really improved them such as Lumen in clip 299 Poker and the Violet in clip 279 Mark’s Birthday, they add another level to the embarrassment before the forfeit.

5 – Double update weekends – I’d recommend offering about 60 clips a year so that is two double update months a year. This would help keep the interest up if there is run of clips that don’t appeal to certain folks. I’d recommend one double month in the fall during football season, buying a clip takes the sting out of my teams losing.

6 – Fan interaction – At strip clubs, the girls come out after their performances and thank those clients that donated to their routine. This blog really serves that role especially now with the interviews. Having the amateur girls post some feedback after would be great. It would enhance the clip to read more about what the whole experience did to them. Also a way to email and find out if the girls are pros and have done more stuff is something to consider.

Congrats on 400! We can now watch a clip a day for over a year! Thank you Red for the world you and your team have created. Your work is real and genuine with diversity and personality. It gives life to the fantasies of so many of us that enjoy the anticipation, embarrassment, and excitement that sexual tension gives. And like Beethoven, your work will be enjoyed by many for years and years to come. Keep up the symphony.


Friday, May 16, 2014


The day is finally here. Four of the most attractive amateurs I've ever filmed face off in a team game with very high stakes. The ultimate loser takes a four-way gangbang, which will be a major first for whoever loses. 

400 episodes. I say pretty much the exact same thing every time we hit a big milestone like this, but it's still just as true as the first time I said it, or even moreso. When I started filming girls losing their clothes in 2007 on a whim, never in my wildest dreams would I have dared to imagine it would go on this long or be such a hit. 400 episodes later it still feels like a bizarre dream, and I hope I never wake up.

During a break in the filming of Episode 400, spontaneous sex broke out on the couch. The resulting impromptu (and very hot) scene will be published on Saturday as Episode 400b.

As to the future...

Last year's Double December depleted my stock of videos that were through postproduction and ready to publish, but now, months later and after a lot of hard work by Johnny, the reserves have been built up enough that we can do it again, so we'll be having June Jubilee. Double update weekends all month, starting with Episodes 403 and 404 on June 6 and 7.

Two more updates to go before then. Next week, Episode 401 brings back timid amateurs Jelly, Indigo, and Blossom playing what was supposed to be a simple game of High Card with a simple forfeit for the loser: hogtied tickling and paddling. Things didn't work out quite that way. Instead, we got to see something quite different, something we've only seen once before.

Back to Team Noname for Episode 402, in which Bex has brought back Piper to play, and has also convinced her two friends (and complete video virgins) Sheri and Zahara. For those of you who've requested more ethnic diversity, Zahara is one of the most strikingly beautiful black women I've met. As has been my custom lately, I eased the new girls into it with a fairly tame forfeit. Things heated up very quickly in their future games.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Almost there...

Episode 399 is published today. Meet two of the three new girls who'll be taking part in Episode 400 as they face the prospect of nudity in front of the cameras for the first-time ever. Jasmine and Keenly make fine debuts, and the ever-popular Sassy is back to guide them.

I don't think I ever published a promo for 400. Time to fix that.

Of course, the updates aren't going to stop once we hit the big milestone next week. Here's a quick peek at what's coming up afterward. Promos to follow.

Episode 401 is a special case. It wasn't supposed to be "Loser Chooses a Special Penalty." There was a penalty already set up, but the loser didn't want to do it, and instead proposed something which (in my mind, at least) was much more severe. You'll see.

Bex and Piper return in Episode 402, and they bring their friends Sheri and Zahara to risk getting naked on camera for their very first times. Like usual with total newbies, I started them off with a relatively soft forfeit, more embarrassing than sexual, but things escalated from there and they wagered more and more.

Episode 403 brings back Caroline and Star for their second game. Last time, the loser had to get the winner off. This time, she has to get herself off, and it's quite a show to watch.

And then there's Very Special Episode 404. Kym returns after being gone for several years. She was an awesome chick when we last saw her in 2011, and she's still an awesome chick now. We meet new Eastern European girl Lika, and let me tell you, I've always found Slavic accents a turn-on. It probably goes back to bad 80s action movies with sexy Soviet femmes fatales. Finally, Caroline is back, and she's brought her true-blood sister Nikole. This is the third set of sisters who've joined us at LostBets.com so far (after Ashley and Kala, and Rainy and Ember) and it usually works out pretty well. While sisters typically (and understandably) have lower limits with each other than they might have with other girls, they know each other really well, which leads to some great trash-talking. The punishment here is hogtied tickling, and the sisters know each other's worst tickle-spots very well.

Some fun stuff coming up. Hope you like it.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Theater of the profane

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.