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Friday, October 19, 2007

State of the site

Um... hi guys. First of all, let me share some news, so you know I've not been idle. If you're too impatient to read long posts, here's a spoiler: new clip added to store.

Next Sunday, October 28, I will be doing my first shoot of new footage since I opened the site. It'll involve three girls and maybe (just maybe) some boys. One is a returning favorite, Ashley, and the other two are promising newcomers. Not only will it be my first shoot in awhile, it'll be my first shoot with a) my new high-definition videocamera, and b) my new shotgun mic. I have very high hopes that this will be my best shoot yet. I have some great ideas I've thought of, and some great ideas I've gleaned from comments and emails. Speaking of ideas: last call to suggest games, forfeits, and/or scenarios. But please keep in mind the venue: essentially the same as in previous videos. Suggestions like "have the loser go skinny-dipping" are unlikely to happen.)

Speaking of returning old favorites, Ashton and Mia are likely to be back soon, with a whole passel of their friends. And there's some exciting news there. How would you guys like to see two girls playing a real high-stakes game, risking going farther than they ever have? You've seen an awful lot of Ashton and Mia, but you haven't seen everything, because neither one has ever opened her legs for a videocamera and given the audience a good look at her treasures. I'm currently in delicate negotiations to have at least one of them do just that, if she loses. Sound like a video worth making?

Finally, I know that I've been kind of a pricktease (literally) with the Wednesday, Ashley, Victor game. Sorry about that, really, it's just that it's taking me longer than I expected to come up with a better solution for billing and fulfillment. I'm working as fast as I can. I'll tell you what, though: if I don't have anything better than Clips4Sale by the end of the year, then I'll publish the clip, and a few others. But I neither want nor expect it to take so long.

As a show of good faith, and in thanks to those of you who are waiting patiently, a new video has been added to the Clips4Sale store. It's nice and short (therefore nice and cheap); not my best work but not my worst by far. Fans of games of pure chance will like it. Enjoy.

(Edit: To everybody who's emailed me or left a comment to praise my work, thank you. It means a lot to me.)


Anonymous said...

Okay. Nice to see you're still around and there are new clips coming with your newest gear ;-)

Anonymous said...

I very much like the idea of the "high stakes" game. The idea of one girl losing more than she has ever risked is a real turn on. But if you wanted to really turn up the heat then maybe think of an extra condition. Namely that the winner never gets asked to show herself spread legged again. This would have the added turn on of knowing that whichever girl wins - will never be shown that way. It would make it a one off. The loser loses her "innocence" - the winner gains immunity.

I realise that doing so might be a financial risk. But if it was a long enough game - with a guarantee of this sort of "one off" nature - and with no hint at all in the "trailer picture" of which girl lost. You'd have my money. At any cost.

Anonymous said...

Immunity would not please me. I have no reason to cheer for immunity. Especially when it means never seeing things in the future. As most want to see things I see little point to winning an immunity not to show.

Anonymous said...

Good luck , i can not afford to pay so i just go on previews. Im a college studnet.

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with your shoot this weekend. What I would like to see (and what it would take to get me to purchase) would be something along the lines of the following:

Girl(s) vs. Guy(s) is a must.

The game can be anything fun, but preferably something that gets them up and moving around a bit.

Forfeits can be anything from having to dance for the winners, to spankings, to beyond (depending on what the players are willing to do).

The key to the game being successful will lie in the players ability to be happy when winning (almost to the point of gloating), and shy in defeat.

I like strip games, and you're close to getting me to buy, hopefully this puts it over.

Anonymous said...

You can always leave the guys out for me!! :0/

I would much rather see another girl hired!


Anonymous said...

I agree with crosis42 about the guy vs girl thing but the best thing he said or anyone else for that matter is this. "The key to the game being successful will lie in the players ability to be happy when winning (almost to the point of gloating), and shy in defeat." In my opinion that is the most important thing about the games. Not guy vs girl or girl vs girl.

Red said...

I tend to agree more with #2 than #3 (guys, sign your posts. Pretty please?) You'll like what I come up with. Trust me. That is, if I can talk them into it.

But speaking of "you'll have my money, at any cost" (thank you, by the way), if anybody has any special requests that you don't want to put on the board, that you're willing to pay good cash money to see, now is the time to speak up. My email is public.

I've been working on the software as well. Expect a closed alpha within a few weeks; I'll post a notice here. Things are going a bit slower on the client side... I still haven't decided on a platform.

There will be guys in the next shoot. Will I fix the games so they don't lose? I ain't saying (I ain't decided yet)... so far, the Wednesday thing was the only one of my productions that was scripted in any way. (Except for the interactives, of course.) On the other hand, I recognize that some of you think that seeing another man's penis will make you gay. What I'll probably do is have a spoiler-tagged "outcome" section on my videos, for those who really don't want to take the risk.

Believe me, I know that embarrassment is key to a good stripping game scene. I'm working on it. Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

I would like to explain... To me, a strip game is about the sexual tension and embarrassment of someone being required to strip naked. Almost by definition, it needs to be guys vs. girls. Having an all girl game is just an excuse to see a naked girl. While there's nothing wrong with that ;) there's plenty of naked ladies on the internet. I (a 100% straight male) would enjoy a video of a couple of girls beating the pants off the guys (all the while laughing and rubbing it in) just as much as one where the guys win; and even more so than one between just girls.

I understand that it would be risky for your business to shoot a bunch of co-ed games and have the guys lose all the games, but nonetheless, I'd prefer that you stay away from scripted games. I think scripting the games would go against what you are trying to build. The joy is in the game, and there is no game if you know the outcome. In a perfect world, you'd be able to shoot several games and have a good mix of outcomes. Having the games be at least 2 vs. 2 (or even 3 - 2 girls to guys) might ensure that at least one girl gets naked in each game, even if the girls win in the end.

As for the embarrassment issue, I've often said that it's almost impossible to get a true embarrassment when the person has agreed to be filmed playing. That being said, so far what I've seen from your promos is that the girls can look shy in defeat, and enjoy winning. If they can keep that up while playing against a couple guys, it will make for good videos.

Keep the games light and active. Darts, ring toss, indoor mini-golf, or indoor nerf basketball (shoot from different parts of the room) would all work well. Encourage some "trash-talking" between the players and let them go at it. I would suggest staying away from card games (to much sitting around).

I had an for the forfeits that would add some risk. Give each player 4 or 5 "dare cards". Before the game, each player selects 2 of the cards to go into the "pot". The loser(s) each draw from the community pot for the dare.

Again, I wish you the best in the upcoming shoot.

Voice of Reason said...

croisis, thanks very much for the excellent comments.

I've wanted to have girls vs. guys for awhile, because I agree that it adds to the sexual tension, but that doesn't mean that girl vs. girl doesn't have potential, it just needs a scenario behind it to explain why these girls are playing. Revenge is a good one, sorority initiation is another, but I've done 'em both. It's hard to think of new ones. (Somebody suggested that the girls be friends making a video for the winner's boyfriend to have as a Christmas present, which isn't a bad idea.)

I plan to continue to focus nearly all of my work on unscripted games, but I think scripting has its place as well. With a script, you can tell a story, something that's not as possible with a "real" production. On the other hand, scripted sequences are much, much harder to shoot, and much more expensive. Harder to edit, too. Other scenarios I'm considering: single-girl videos where the girl is playing against "you", the camera. More interactive games... I've got a pile of footage for 'em but I'm still working on a good software solution. And a game show format: one or two girls with an emcee, with cash rewards for winning and clothing loss for losing. I might even be able to attract real honest-to-goodness virgins with that one... virgins in the sense that they haven't posed before.

Darts I'm definitely going to shoot again, with better darts that'll actually stick. (The dartboard was supposed to come with both plastic-tipped and steel-tipped darts, but the steel-tips were missing and the darts kept bouncing out.) Ring toss is an excellent idea. I considered Nerf basketball but rejected it for a reason I don't remember; I'll stop by Toys R' Us and see if it comes to me. I shot a game of beanbag tic-tac-toe with Pettles and Elora (publication pending) and it worked pretty well, I'll reuse it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent posts from crosis. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Marty said...

I agree with Voice. Scripted scenarios definitely have their place. They allow the introduction of a context and tension that would be more difficult to create in a random game. The new video "Wednesday's Challenge" is a great example.

Also, please no immunity. I would like to see all these girls lose their "innocence" at some point ;)

Anonymous said...

Before I continue I should say I was the one who wrote comment two.

Harking back to my immunity idea, the very fact that so many rally against it is the beauty of the whole idea. For every one person here who would buy it to see who gets naked, there would be another one who would buy it praying that their favorite girl didn't win. The fear of her gaining immunity would mean they had a different reason for buying it.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes in television its the storylines we hate that keep us watching? We don't want the evil twin to get away with pretending to be the nice twin and it drags us in. We hate the show but we just can't stop watching until we know the bad guy doesn't win. Immunity could work in that way. It could drag people in kicking and screaming. They'd hate it - but the idea of not knowing which girl won the immunity would drive them mad. It would become must buy material.

On the point of scripted games - they do make some sense - but they have to be damn well written and acted so they don't look scripted. And, despite what everyone thinks, acting convincingly is pretty difficult.

So, instead of rigging the game using a script, why not just weight it so that he girl is more likely to get nude. For instance the guy has to lose two games before he takes an item off - the girl only one. There is still randomness and chance, the guy could still lose, and you wouldn't have to waste time writing a script. However most of the time the girl would end up naked - which is what we all want!

Sorry for the long rambling post. Just had a lot to say.

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