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Friday, July 18, 2008

Splish splash

Got a few important things to note.

First of all, the URL for this blog has changed. It's no longer lostbets.blogspot.com, it's now just blog.lostbets.com. Please use that URL from now on; the old one will stop working soon.

Second, there's now an RSS subscription link on the right side of this page.

And finally, this week's update is posted, featuring the world's longest description text. Remember way back three months ago where I posted a promo of two girls in a hot tub? Well, the video is finally here.


Anonymous said...

When will we see more of London, Kimberly and Wednesday? They are all hot!!!

Red said...

Next week!

Anonymous said...

They are all great, any chance i can buy these off amazon, just won a gift card.

Anonymous said...

I liked this one..nice teasing...

These girls are real fun together

Anonymous said...

While it was good I would suggest the next time you do hot tub etc. that the girls float their fronts to the top of the water so we can see more of them than just their behinds. Also you could arange to have a second forfeit in the room.


Crosis said...

I'm having another flashback to my college days... For me it was hot tub full of naked people all drunk off our asses singing Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant (with the full orchestration and the five part harmony). Don't ask how we got there, I'm not sure I could do the story justice.

For the sheer guts it took to shoot this one, and the biggest departure from the "hotel room" games, this clip should be a top seller. Obviously, the shooting limitations will limit the amount of skin that can be shown compared to other games. It's too bad you don't have an underwater camera for some good shots (OK, I know, of all my half-baked ideas, that ones the most out there).

For me, this is one of those games I'd love to be at in the hot tub rather than watching on video. Oh to be young again.

Interesting that you played the Mogadishu round robin style. The one thing I think you added to standard RPS with the new throws is the ability to play 3 players all at once. Any given throw can beat 2 others and be beat by 2 others. It could be result anywhere from 1 player removing 2 items to all three players losing one item. That might not work for swimsuits, but it might make a good 3 player living room game. Also for a living room game, I think oversized playing cards with the different symbols (and small print of what beats what on each card) would help both the viewers and the players follow the game.

I love these 3 girls. Escalation of their forfeits might start to get very embarrassing for the losers (and very enjoyable for us the viewers).

Anonymous said...

The one year anniversary is now almost upon us. Have you made your plans for a celebration? Will we be getting any special updates?


Anonymous said...

I am curious about this game thing. I see on Clips 4 sale that there are only 2 stores that have this type of stuff. Does anybody know which one is best or are they both good? Does anybody have any comparison clips or anything. I am interested but don't want to waste money on a crappy clip if on would be better than the other. I am posting this in both places in hopes of getting a clear response.

Anonymous said...

Rick I don't knnow about the other site but I know most of Reds stuff is great. If you like girls getting naked and having fun but not being in fixed games then this is the place.

binky said...

With more open running around on the part of the nude girls (as in this clip), are there any plans to introduce strip musical chairs?

I would love to see Mia, Ashton, Ashley and Paris compete at this. Especially if they weren't eliminated as soon as they were nude, but rather had to lose one more round. We could really drink them in as they circled round and round...

Anonymous said...

Rick, you know those radio stations that seem to play the same music again and again - you get so tired of the repetition that you go to another station? Red's site is the opposite of that- there is alot of variety in the games he has produced. Take this last game for example, very different than anything else he has offered. Not alot of nudity this time, but the nervousness of the girls made it great to watch!

If you go to the earlier postings on this blog, you can find little video snips that might give you an idea of how the girls act during the games.

I'm not knocking "the other" site by saying this - and they haven't been running very long - but I think you'd be quite pleased with what Red offers.

Tell you what, post what you'd like to see in a game that you'd be willing to buy. I'm sure the other people who post on this blog will give opinions of the various games they've bought and how those games might be what you're looking for.


Red said...

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile... that pesky "real life" thing is intruding again. If you've sent me email in the last few days, I apologize for not getting back to you yet.

oP: With the real life stuff, I'm afraid I haven't had time to think about it. I definitely want to do something special for the site's birthday, though... we'll see.

iain and Tonypail, thank you very much for the kind words in response to rick's question. Rick, I'm gonna refrain from answering myself since obviously I'm not objective, but I encourage anyone who's bought clips from either store to chime in with an opinion.

Binky: Strip Musical Chairs is an excellent idea and I'll use it as soon as I can. (I'm working on some other games that'll get the girls up and moving around some, too.) The particular girls you want to see might be a problem, though... both Paris and Ashley have moved far away and it'll be difficult to get them out here, but I'll try. I like them too. (For that matter, Ashton and Mia don't live particularly close, and shooting them involves a long drive, but it's worth it.)

Crosis: In that hot tub full of naked drunk people singing Alice's Restaurant... did you get everything you want?

Anonymous said...

The other site is not half as good as this one. As Iain said no variety and the games seem to be the same. Only the girls change and they always play the same games pretty well. Jack.

Crosis said...

The other site isn't necessarily bad, however, it isn't as polished as Red's work. They have some cute girls girls there that haven't done any game for Red (yet), and some other "scripted" material. While some of the stuff they has shows potential, I'm beginning to think they miss the nuances that make strip games so much fun. I refuse to be negative about either site on either blog, because I'm hoping that between the two, some really good strip game videos will be produced. If you're still curious, buy one of their cheaper clips and compare.

Too bad copyright laws are so harsh, because I have this image of the girls playing a video game like dance-dance-revolution or some of the Wii-fit balance games (picture the girls gyrating as they try to shift their balance based on what's on the screen).

Finally, Red, why yes I did... well exceptin' Alice ;)

Anonymous said...

Say Red, I was looking at your clips for sale site, and I noticed that there is only one game with Ashley, Paris, and Addie - and then one with Ashley and Paris. I understand that you film several games at one time when you get the girls together - for obvious reasons - so I'm wondering if there are more games still floating around with these girls, or did something go fubar?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should read my posts closer b4 I post them - my one post sounds like I'm saying "I don't want to knock the other site" and start doing just that. The fact is that Ms. Harrington's site hasn't been going long enough to fairly comment on it yet. Like everything new, give it a few months and the overall idea will be clearer.

Actually what's surprising is that you don't find many amateur sites that try to find creative ways of stripping or playing around, etc. How many sites are out there that have videos that do that exact same "oh baby, ya baby, right there, oooh your so good baby, ya ya ya bla bla bla" script? That stuff's like elevator music!

Strip Game Central has been brought up before, and how it is such a "same thing, different faces" site. That was actually what I had in mind when I was talking about repetition.

From what I've seen of Red's work, I'm pretty sure that we're not going to see any of that two new girls playing the exact same games as the last two girls did assembly line video production.

I regularly look at what Addie and Wednesday have updated on both their sites, and I'm sure that many other supporters of Lost Bets do as well. Wednesday is asking for input, and her is probably gonna be great.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose anybody has segments of the clips showing the actual quality of the videos from either store? you can contact me off post if you wish at rick.roseman@yahoo.com

Red said...

Tonypail: I do have more videos from that day. I haven't published them because I haven't edited them. And I haven't edited them because, well, I'm not really happy with them. The audio is badly glitchy because I'd just gotten a new microphone and used it badly.

I've had quite a few people tell me that they don't care if the video quality is poor or the audio is glitchy, they still want to see everything I've shot. I'd like to oblige, but the problem comes with people like rick here: what if somebody who's not familiar with my work decides to try just one clip, and he picks a bad one, and from that concludes that all my clips are poor quality? It happens very often that somebody buys one of my clips, and then a few hours or days later buys a whole lot more. I feel really gratified when that happens, because it tells me that somebody has sampled my work and really likes it. I'd hate to lose that.

The solution I was thinking of was to open a second clip store, where I'd put my clips of lesser quality. That way, people who just can't get enough can get enough, while people who only want to see the best can do that, too.

rick: If you visit my blog and browse through older posts, you'll find plenty of promos that are good examples of the video quality of my finished product. (The more recent ones are available in both standard and high-definition versions, just like my more recent clips.) Please don't judge video quality by the promo with the girls in the hot tub... I was handheld and without my lights.

Other than the promos and a few things I've posted to sites like One Click Chicks, none of my video is licensed for free distribution. Please respect my copyright. Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If you're curious about the video quality, check out the Ashton Mia Show Pink Promo. Videos shot in motion, outside or in public places might have minor blur but the quality of the promo will be a good representative for most all high definition videos.

If you think marking the videos of lesser quality with giant X's of doom greatly discouraging anyone from buying them is not enough, then a second video store could be a good enough solution. I'm assuming that will require no more extra work or expenses, except for editing the additional movies.

Anonymous said...

There are ways to clear up audio quality. You could get the girls back (or any girls) to do voice overs. You could use sub-titles. You could eliminate the sound and replace it with uncopyrighted music. Yes, we want to see all your clips. I would recomend a capitalized note in the description of the sound quality. Jack.

Anonymous said...


If you want to get the girls up and moving, what about Strip Simon Says? The Simon could introduce whatever movements he chooses, from silly to bouncy to erotic. Just a thought...