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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As I mentioned in the previous thread, I was unable to make the promo for Lily and Aurianna safe for the blog. I did post it at my DailyMotion group (apologies to those of you that cannot view the content there).

Here is the promo featuring Derek and Gina. It is a promo for the entire series (all 4 games). Fair warning, this promo does include spoilers from not only the current game but also the previous 3 games. I hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

gb was right that the losers in the latest games roll up in a ball and you can't see them. I think that the embarrassment of being seen naked and nothing being hidden should be a consequence of losing. At the beginning of lostbets.com Red did some promos where the ladies stood naked in front of the camera and said "I lost all my clothes at lostbets.com" - but they covered themselves with arms and hands. Maybe if someone loses they have to stand in front of the camera without covering up and the winner gets to show them off and say that same line or something like that - and then make the loser twirl. That way it's a twirl but not just a "lame twirl". It's a bit of embarrassment being shown off naked in front of the camera, and some teasing can be added in. If the winner is in just her panties or whatever we get to see her more too.

Say, Danielle from the Penny, Danielle, and Samantha games - was she in "Harold and Kumar end up in Guantanamo" or whatever that movie was called?


Anonymous said...

I think the best middle-ground would be making the "twirl" a sub-forfeit, rather than the big one at the end.

In the earlier days, they were playing to see who would twirl and then episode was over. Instead, it could just be a standing rule that if you wind up naked, you do the twirl (or better yet, the "show pink" forfeit that Ashley and her sister played sudden death for once) and then if you reach the forfeit, that too.

Solves the hiding issue, the "twirl forfeit isn't enough" argument, and would hopefully allow for more videos where the main event is from a loss AFTER full nudity.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a Valentines Lost Bet. If not on Valentines is it possible a Valentines theme was planed. Jack.

Anonymous said...

I've been on Red's case, probably more than he deserves, so i want to say the new update is a job well done.