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Friday, September 10, 2010

So, after the aliens brought me back...

...they gave me an amnesiac, so I could remember nothing of the last two weeks. But at least my ass doesn't hurt, so fortunately, there was probably no probing. But that's why I've seemingly dropped off the face of the planet.

Um, there was an update last week. This one, too. In fact, two this week: look for a bonus update on Saturday, short, sweet, 'n' cheap, featuring the return of the Pussy Pump. Did things go better this time? We'll see...

Please do let me know what you think of Gwuma; maybe I'll use it again, only this time with a warning to the girls to choose neither blades nor highly-pressurized cannisters of gas. The disclaimer in the clip description should caution you not to expect cutthroat out-for-blood competition; C4S's software, in its wisdom, decided to just remove that one word without telling me it would do it.


kkman112 said...

"maybe I'll use it again, only this time with a warning to the girls to choose neither blades nor highly-pressurized cannisters of gas."

Please do, we definitely don't want a gore disclaimer on your videos :)

Anonymous said...

Tic Tac Toe was good, the orgasm was great (great looking too). There is also a manual tic tac toe game (three sided flipper) that would be interested in seeing, although it would require more skill than was demonstrated here. Jack.

MJD said...

I know you've been focussing on the hardcore stuff lately, but it would be good to see some tamer forfeits back.

Would love to see a couple of foot worship forfeits with girls who are willing to get into it and do it properly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red, just wanted to say good job lately. A couple comments, stuff I like, and you can take it for what it is.

With the exception of 164 (more on that in a moment), I think your hardcore videos are lacking a bit of of the softcore embarassment that the other videos have. Don't get me wrong, I like the hardcore too, but I also like to see more of these girls naked. I'd like to recommend some posing or something before the forfeit kicks off, maybe as part of the forfeit. You're choice if the winning girl gets the honors or the guys do.

Also, I really enjoy your little quickie videos. They're cheap and entertaining. Tbe newest one and the Sasha/Vivian 5 minute one are two of my favorites.

That being said, I really enjoyed 164. We got enough nudity out of the girls, and the forfeit was excellent. I really enjoyed the Strip Bender, its one of the few longer games that I actually watched the whole way through.

Also, I gotta be honest. Watching Taylor is a lot of fun. See what you can do about getting her back.

-Random Guy

realnot said...

I'm totally with you on Taylor. She and Sammy are my two favorites right now.

Anonymous said...


the clip is really nice.
It would be also great to see a girl waxing her pussy after Amber Heavens.
This clip was also great. Well you could have shown the bare pussy of Amber a bit longer but it was very good.
Do you think there is any chance seeing another waxing?

I think also the pussy pump forfeit was great.
I have a suggestion:
You could make a game with two girls loosing. These two girls have to do a strip competition against each other in front of 3 male spectators as jury. The Jury votes. The girl with the lower grade is the ultimate loser and has to do another forfeit. For example she could be pussy pumped and after she is posed by the jury, because in the strip show she didn't show enough.
What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, the GWUMA is not a winner. Took to long to guess and aside from the sneek peek at their asses not that sensual. Further, my tic tac toe comment was signed at the end (Jack). Jack.

Anonymous said...

It's sad you feel that way. I really liked GWUMA.

Though you might want to get a more standard set of objects. It was getting a little scary there.

Random Guy

Anonymous said...

Yet another voice for Taylor. Those other two girls are also great, especially Camilla -- it's long ago enough I can probably get away with declaring that she was REALLY into getting fucked, like, that MADE the entire video, the surprise that she liked sex.

But Taylors got a GREAT body.

I really, really wanna see Zayda lose. It's getting to the point where, it's not a pleasant frustration that she wins... I am starting to get sick of her winning. Like I am sick of spending money to find out she loses. (Ha yes I could spoil it I guess)



Anonymous said...

For another hardcore forfeit along the lines of the "sex slave" or pump one how about the winner gets to use a strap-on on the winner in whatever positions the winner chooses.


Patrick said...

I second the comment about Zayda needing to lose and I'll add a request to bring back London, one of my personal favorites.