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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eat my shorts

Blog post early this week, because I'm going on vacation and won't be here on Friday to post it. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, which means that replies to blog comments or emails might be delayed. Absolutely nothing new about that, but at least this time I've got a reasonable excuse.

The title of this post is in reference to next week's POV, Episode P052.

It's not exactly sexual, but it sure is embarrassing. I like Amber S. I wouldn't describe her as the absolute most beautiful girl we've ever seen, but she's still beautiful and she does not want to lose. If you've ever fantasized about taking a tough, cocky girl down several pegs, you'll like her too.

I've promoed forthcoming episodes up to 453, which brings us to early March.

Episode 454 is a special episode in celebration of LostBets.com's birthday. It stars Kym, Candle, and Sinn... not exactly blushing amateurs, but great girls with great personalities and great bodies. They're also all big fans of lesbian sex, so they were very keen to play Magnitude. They were all looking forward to it, although all expressed certainty that they could never be forced to orgasm against their will. Girls always say that when I explain the rules of Magnitude/Earth and Fire. They're rarely correct.

The caption, by the way, says "Loser gets used as a candle holder" (for the singing of the birthday song.) Take a guess as to just where they hold those candles.

And next comes Episode 455. Did someone say, "More hardcore, please?" Here you go.

Mina is back, all 58 inches and 90 pounds of her, to play one-on-one against a new girl. We met tall, lean Molly by the pool. We were hanging out chatting, and when Molly heard what we do, she really wanted to be part of it. Well, here you go. You're welcome, Mol. The two girls play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the loser enduring sexual dominance by both the winner and by Kevin, who didn't exactly sneer at the chance for sex with one of these beauties.


RS said...

Hope you have a lovely vacation!

Andrew Breckler said...

yea, more of the beautiful and super duper fun Kym, and on LostBets birthday. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Is Jelly scheduled for anything coming up? Thanks.

Hamzee said...

Candle is so beautiful fun to watch! I cannot believe she is 35!!?!!

I would absolutely love to see her play against Tobi and Mouna in a game of Strip Earth and Fire. A sybian forfeit would make it even hotter!

Is it possible for this to actually happen!?!?! Maybe in the next episode?!?!

Johnny said...

@Joe - I'm afraid we are all out of Jelly (Awful pun, sorry, I couldn't help myself).

@Hamzee - We tried to get in touch with Mouna again and couldn't. That sounds like a great idea though. Any alternate choice for the third girl in case Mouna never becomes available again?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Are you guys trying to contact her? Or bringing her in for more games? She is my favorite and I hope to see more of her. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could make a video with "reaction shots" - like a circle in the corner where you watch the loser as she has to watch the video?

In case you didn't see my previous post - if you still need a name for the "69 Triangle," can I suggest the "Love Triangle"?

Hamzee said...

@Johnny- The Third girl could be Lela. She is so fun to watch and has an amazing body!

Anonymous said...

Definitely looking forward to 455. Molly seems like a great find for lostbets. Please tell me that's not the only game with her.


Johnny said...

@MC. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Molly only appeared in the one video so far. Red literally bumped into her by the pool and arranged for her to shoot with us. We'll try and get her back. She was awesome.

@Hamzee - Leela rocks. She's a really cool lady off camera too. We can probably make that happen.

@Anon 7:54 (please sign yer posts) The reaction shots idea is good, but logistically complicated. We've talked about doing it before but it would have to be a returning player who can view pre-edited bits about themselves. We'll see if we can work it in.

I like the name Love Triangle. Clever.

@Joe - I don't think we had planned on any shoots with Jelly in the future. Her limits are very tight and it would be hard to get anything new on camera as a result. That's where we had left things with her the last I had heard. I'll chat with Red about it when he's back from his vacation.

Anonymous said...

any details on future povs. Thank you

Johnny said...

@ Anon (....*sigh*.... c'mon buddy.) Red will be back soon with more details on upcoming clips and POV's but the next one will involve one of my favorite ladies, Caroline, who will be playing strip High Low. The loser has to suck their toes.

Anonymous said...

What about getting Heather back?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny and Red, I really would like to subscribe to lostbetsgames.com because of the value and number of games.

Unfortunately, almost every video's picture and description contains a spoiler for the outcome of the games! I know you guys don't actually run this site, but if you do have any say in how it is run, this is a big negative about it. Just thought I'd let you know.

Thanks for the great videos.

Johnny said...

@WAFan - We'd love to have Heather back, but she has clearly and politely said no to any more potential nudity on camera. More's the pity.

@MAVs - Yeah, we have no say in how the membership site is run. We can try and send a suggestion, but that's about it. Try contacting the operator of that site directly. You should have some sort of customer service contact info on the site somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Inspired by last week's Lost Bets episode?



Anonymous said...

@Johnny I would love to contact the site operator but there is no email address or support link on the site. Do you know how I might contact him/her? Thanks


RS said...

I imagine you've heard by now that Google has asked Blogger to remove blogs the deem to be pornographic?


As of March 23, blogs deemed pornographic will be set to be invitation-only. Even though the stuff you post here is relatively tame, in m opinion (naturally, you want people to pay to see the good stuff), I suspect the "powers that be" would likely perceive this site to fall afoul of the new policy.

Do you guys have plans to move to another blogging platform? Or maybe a more full-featured site with a WordPress blog, assuming you can find a host that allows for adult content?

(If you do make your own site, I'd love to see some sort of interactive database or search where you can find clips by model, type of game, or type of forfeit.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, whats the pov this week
Is there also any news on when we might see more higher risk povs where the girl or player risk anal.

RS said...

FYI, I've heard that Google is backing off of their strict ban on pornographic Blogger blogs. But they are going to increase enforcement of existing rules against commercial pornographic sites. Not sure how that affects Lost Bets but wanted to give you a head's up...

Anonymous said...

Also are there going to be any more povs with lilly. thanks

Johnny said...

@Everyone. Red is back and I will poke him with a stick to respond and update the blog. Just sharpening it up now.

Johnny said...

So poked.

Anonymous said...

We lost him... And the POV uodate and the blog update...
Poor LB...


Johnny said...

@LoA - Don't give up hope yet. Red assures me he's posting today and will catch up with everyone. POV and upcoming clip details will certainly be part of that.

Red said...

Hey all. I'm back. Major thanks to @Johnny for doing his best to hold down the fort in my absence.

@RS: Thanks, it was a great vacation. It was a mass gathering of the whole Diamante clan (not our real name) in a tropical setting, and it was both relaxing and exciting.

By the way, it was my intention to try to keep up with blog comments during the vacation, and I paid the ridiculous fee to get Internet service from our room, but for some reason Blogger just wasn't responding to my page requests. Made it impossible to post. Another good reason to get the hell off Blogger.

@Andrew B: Kym is indeed awesome and was at her best in 454. You'll see in a couple of days. Hope you like it.

@Joe: We don't have any unpublished material of Jelly on film, and we have no plans at this time to have her back. Her limits are very tight, and she's already done just about everything she's willing to do. It would be hard to come up with forfeits for her that wouldn't just be redundant.

@Hamzee: I'm sure Candle's dimples and cheekbones will remain strikingly beautiful for decades to come. She certainly hasn't lost a thing since the first time I was lucky enough to film her, six years ago.

It might be possible to get Candle and Tobi together in a game of Earth and Fire, but like @Johnny said, Mouna is probably not available. Lela, on the other hand, could be great in that game. Any ideas for forfeits?

Also, next epoisode? You must be joking. I don't just magically make these videos pop into existence, y'know. From conception to publication takes months or longer.

@WAFan: Like Johnny said, we'd love to get Heather back, and we've tried, but it looks like it's not gonna happen. At least we can be grateful that she literally lost every game she was in, so we got to see quite a lot of that amazing body.

@MAVS: I'll contact the guy who runs lostbetsgames.com about the spoilers. He may or may not do anything about it, but he'll know about it.

@Dex: That's awesome! I don't know if we inspired that, but I sure hope so.

@noname: No POVs with Lilly coming up (although she will appear in traditional LostBets games) but we're hoping to get her back for more.

Anonymous said...

Another POV with a scene missing...
Keep up the good job...


Johnny said...

@LoA. .....seriously man? The fact that part of that clip was missing was well advertised in the clip description. Don't buy it if you don't agree with our decision to release it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Red and Johnny,

I have loads of your games on my hard drive. This is the greatest porn site around.

My absolute favorite girl is Jasmine. I think she is so strikingly beautiful. I am quite surprised that she has not shown up on any other posts (that I've seen) regarding favorite girl repeat requests.

So I am throwing down a shout out for Jasmine's return.

I love that she risked a gangbang on her second shoot. Johnny, correct me if I am wrong, but you probably want another shot at her, yes?

Bring her back, PLEASE!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

This is your clip description:

"Twila plays Strip Red-Black against you for masturbation

Meet Twila. Dirty blonde hair with big natural breasts and a toothy grin. Im not sure where shes from, but I think shes got some sort of accent.

Shes here to play a game of Strip Red-Black against you. If she draws a red card, she strips, and if she draws a black card, you strip. Ultimate loser has to masturbate for the winners enjoyment. Fun!

Spoiler (highlight to view): You are the winner of this game.

Presented in high-definition 1280x720.

Episode P054

Open the video.
Go to 3:44.
There's a cut. Before she has panties on. After she doesn't...


Johnny said...

@LoA. I owe you an apology. I am sorry. I should have looked into the issue a bit further before I made an assumption. You are absolutely correct and I am fixing the editing mistake. Please send me an e-mail for the corrected version. I can be reached at johnny@lostbets.com

Anyone else who purchased the version with the mistake can also e-mail me or red@lostbets.com for the corrected version. We'll make sure the correct version is in the store for anyone who hasn't bought it yet.

Johnny said...

@JWD - You are not wrong. Jasmine is a cutie.

Red said...

Okay, as @LoA noted, there was a glitch in the published version of P054. It's been fixed now, but if you bought the old version, please send a copy of your receipt from Clips4Sale to clipreplacement@lostbets.com and I'll send you a link to the corrected video. Plus, pick any LostBets clip you'd like (POV or traditional) and I'll send you a link to that as well, by way of apology for the screw-up. @LoA, you can pick two. We'll try to do better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone's back! What up dudes?

I'd also like to see Jasmine back. Actually that whole local group is great...Keely, Jasmine, Angela, Sassy, Bex, Sheri, etc. I like all of them. Don't know if Mika is still around but I'd like to see her again too. That whole circus group was good, but they weren't local, were they?

Guy Who Knows Stuff

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Jasmine.


Red said...

@GWKS: Yup, we back. No, the circus folks weren't local, but they weren't too far away either. They're from Portland, about a 3.5-hour drive. For their first shoot, I rented a limo to bring them up, and for their second (when there were 15 of them) I rented a goddamned bus. Was fun.

We're planning our next shoots, and a lot of the local folks are under consideration to return. Jasmine's at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

As Guy Who Knows Stuff says, Mika deserves to return and give us the best of herself. My fave without doubt!


Anonymous said...

Earlier you mentioned there'd be two more episode with Mina. Are those still coming? Sorry if I sound impatient, just wondering.