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Friday, April 28, 2017

Party of Five

Here;s something we haven't had in awhile: a double-update weekend. For this one, both episodes feature the same fun-loving group of five, one softcore and one hardcore. The ethnically- and vertically-diverse group of Helena, Desiree, Yesenia, Cierra, and Jay square off. In Episode 563, it's a free-for-all game of Strip Freeze with three naked losers who have to bend over and take barehanded spankings from the winners. And while these five are friends, they're all gleeful at the thought of getting to spank any of the others, and none can be expected to pull their punches.

The next day, the stakes are raised in Episode 564. Jay sits out the game, instead being the game's beneficiary. The two losers of the game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors (king of the hill style) become Jay's playthings, with assistance from the winners. He brings his unique and creative style to the forfeit, and while the winners delight in being in charge, nobody has a bad time.

I don't have promos or even title pictures for future episodes because the queue of ready-to-publish episodes has run dry and we're back to finalizing episodes right before publication. But I do have the contents of the next few episodes laid out, so here they are, if you're curious.

Episode 565 stars Endza and Nettle playing a very unusual game of Shockinaw. Let's just say the girls don't hold the handles in their hands. Leilani was there too, but as soon as she heard what would be going on she opted out immediately. Loser finds herself getting pounded by the winner's strap-on,.

Episode 565 brings back Gracie and Roxy for their second outing. Last time, the loser got fully exposed. This time we kick it up a notch as the loser has to spread open and show us how she masturbates. Good times.

The reason(s) why the edited queue has run dry and I've been AWOL again is that Johnny and I have both been faced with extremely important tasks, and work has just had to take a back seat. The good news is that there just might be some light at the end of the tunnel. I figure you guys are mostly here for the pr0n rather than my scintillating prose, anyway.


Anonymous said...


I hope that the next game from Sassy, Dylan and Tyler will be published soon. I wish see them. I am waiting for long time


Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy reading your updates and hearing little bits of the behind scenes stuff you post. I am glad you are back and hope everything goes well.


Anonymous said...

I also enjoy your updates. For those here who have not heard of it, Red posted on UMD.net. If you are one who enjoys wet and messy, his post there is good. Looking forward to more wet and messy updates. RyKahn610 posted there about the lack of clothed wet and messy content. Maybe you could play a game and then have the winner have to put her clothing back on. You should have the girls wear their best clothing for this game and the loosing player could have her clothing ruined afterward. As a bonus to this you could also sell a video of the clean up in the shower and maybe have the model strip once the clothing is as clean as it will get in the shower. Part of wet and messy fun for me is seeing the clothing get destroyed.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

A forfeit I'd like to see:

Short version: all straight girls play the game with a lesbian/professional watching. Loser has to give the lesbian a fully-body message with a Happy Ending. (Presumably the professional is enjoying it, while straight girl is highly embarrassed at having to do it.)

Longer version: There is a series of video labeled "nuru message" were the format is fairly standard: the "message therapist" and the recipient both strip down, get into the shower together, the bath together, and then then oil-based message with a happy ending for at least the recipient. I'd love to see either the looser having to go through this (as the therapist) with an enthusiastic professional, or with another looser. Better if the looser is straight and the other is a lesbian.


Tienteaser said...

Hi Red! I'm glad there's a light in that tunnel.

I'm the guy who suggested the tickling/face-sitting forfeit, in which the loser has one winner riding her mouth while the other(s) tickle her. You asked me to remind you of that one from time to time, and I haven't seen it, so I thought I'd ping you again.

I hope all is well.

Viredae said...

Hey Red, glad to hear you're still soldiering on, and glad things will be getting back to normal pretty soon.

I do have a bit of a suggestion concerning the POV games, it would be nice to see games where there was only a single round of the game, basically, the game is of the sudden death variety.

For example, the girl plays strip hi-lo ONCE, and whoever loses gets completely naked on the spot.

For forfeits in that game, you could either roll it into the single round and the loser just immediately does the forfeit, or make the game a two round affair, where the first loss means you strip naked, and the second loss means you have to do the forfeit.

The reason for this is that it would (supposedly), enhance the embarrassment for the loser, having to sit there completely naked while the winner is fully clothed.

Anonymous said...


While I'm not crazy about Old Man's idea of putting clothes back on before a wet-and-messy forfeit, it did get me thinking, so here is what I would like to see along those lines.

Instead of taking off her top, a losing contestant would have to lift her shirt up over her breasts, leaving them exposed. (If she were wearing a bra, she would have already removed it under her shirt as the first forfeit.) Then upon further losses, she would have to lower her pants (or skirt) to her ankles, then her panties to her knees, then dip her breasts in a tub of goo (this step could be moved earlier, if you want to increase the likelihood that both contestants get messy) and finally have to sit in the tub of goo. Then she would have to arrange her clothes and make her way home so she can shower and clean up, with the less-then-fresh feeling during the trip to remind her that she lost.


james said...

Hi Red
Ever thought about a catfight between two girls. Make sure they wear lots of clothes, nothing too violent, the girls would probably love stripping each other.
Forfiet dosent have to be too hardcore.