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Friday, July 6, 2018

Is there a whoops?

Is anyone having problems with Episode I001, the collection of clips featuring Anna I published yesterday? It works fine on my computer but I've heard from two customers who can't get it to play. Please let me know if it's not working for you and let me know what operating system and media player you're using. In the meantime, I've removed the clip from the store for now.

UPDATE: Yeah, there's a whoops. The video plays just fine on my computer, or apparently any computer using VLC, but not using Microsoft's video players for Windows. Stupid Windows. Fixing now.

Dylan and Carmen and Nancy are back today in Episode 627. I love Dylan and Carmen and their dynamic, but whenever they're around, I feel nervous. They're so wild and hyperactive, I'm really afraid that somebody will get injured one of these days. But considering the great video I get from these two, it'll probably be worth it.

Next week in Episode 628:

Old favorites Sassy, Julie, and Amber play our balancing game, with the loser's nude body getting rubbed down by oil. Like, a lot of oil. Major glistening.

And then there's Episode 629, to be published July 20, Moon Landing Day.

The same trio from this week is back again, and I figure that since these girls are so wild, they might as well be wild in front of a stranger, so a lucky pizza guy gets an eyeful. And a palmful of ass, but that wasn't planned. It's a simple game since the pizza had already been ordered and was on its way. I wanted to make sure the loser was good and naked by the time he arrived.


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

My usual question: when's the next b/g?

Anonymous said...

I can't even see the collection of clips in the store


Damndable said...

Hi Red, what are the chances of you doing a messy forfeit at some point where the losers are *really* made a mess of, I'm talking hair, face, heck tie em up if it helps their inability to escape the mess. Anyway still loving all the content just thought I'd drop by with a humble wish from a WAM fan.

Red said...

@Anon 1:24 (please sign your posts, although I think I know who you are): Episode 631 will feature a blowjob. Need to shoot more b/g.

@AZKP: Yikes. What exactly are you seeing?

@Damnedable: Tying up the victim of a WAM, what a great idea! I'll definitely use it the next time I shoot a WAM. I'll also try to make sure she's completely gooped up head to toe.

Andrew Breckler said...

I thought of forfeit that should not be that hard to do, you just need girls that are willing. The forfeit is, the loser must endure a butt plug while enjoying your Ben-wa balls in a forced orgasm.

Anonymous said...

@Red - I meant don't see it on the store at all

FederBear16 said...

Hey Red!

Vids are looking good! I know we just had spanking this week, but any chance of a game where the loser has to be spanked by a professional spanker, not just a few whacks? I think it would make for a high intensity game with the thought of a real punishment on the line! Also, might be easier to convince some girls because there is no sex involved!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the POV that you said is being fixed on the store - What's going on?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red!
So, I got the Anna vid, but have troubles watching it.
What's the fix for it?



Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I downloaded the video with Anna and it didn't work with any Windows media player. However, it worked with bs and VLC.

Best regards,

PS: no new POV this week?

Scott said...

Hi Red!

Just my periodic reminder about the tickling/facesitting forfeit we've discussed. Any game suitable for 3-4 women with one loser (it occurs to me that Earth Wind and Fire or Candy-Passing could be good). For the forfeit, the loser is bound on a bed or on the floor, and the winners take turns on her: One winner sits on her face while the other(s) tickle and/or vibe the loser. The deal is the tickling doesn't stop until she's eaten all of the winners to orgasm.

Anonymous said...

I'd myself would love to see a clip like this :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I'd like to second the tickling forfeit above ^ that Scott mentioned. The clip where Crystal got tickle/vibed is among the best I've ever seen anywhere. The good thing is you can combine multiple forfeits to satisfy multiple preferences. And it really lets the girls personalities out since they have free reign on the loser. I'm personally a foot tickling fan but wouldn't mind seeing it combined with other punishments. Looking forward to your future work!


LF said...

I'd like to request a forfeit I can only find you used once - loser gets the pubes removed with wax. Also, loser gets wax on one side only, leaving it looking ridiculous / humiliating as well as having lost the game. Been following you since Episode 1 was released and still love it (that was many $$$ ago - lol)

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have posted an game Idea in Sept 17 some time ago.
you answered:
@Tomato Gamer: That's a cool looking game! I'll have to make sure I've got girls with nice fleshy asses to play it, though.

Were you able to get the players

I call it Tomato cheeks.

The task in the game is to carry as much tomatos to a plate by clinching the tomatos between the butt cheeks in a fixed time.

Put girls in the following clothing:
- Bra
- stockings
- Bare Butt Panties or crotchless thongs(is needed so the girls butts are free for tomato carrying)
an example here:


So each girl wears 4 articles of clothing.
Then you cuff the girls arms behind their back.
Then you have a beam overstuffed with Styrofoam.
In the styrofoam you have small immersions.
You put cocktail tomatos in the immersions.
For each girl you put a flat plate on the floor.
Then the girls must carry as much tomatos to the plate within a minute.
They carry the tomatos by clenching them between their butt cheeks(This is the reason why they must wear G-Strings).
Then they must walk through the room to drop the tomato on their plate.
It will be difficult to let the tomato drop on the flat plate without bowling it out of the plate. Therefore the girl must slowly get down before dropping the tomato on the plate.
At the end of the time (for example 1 minute) the girl with the least tomatos on her plate looses on article of clothing.
Tomatos landing beside the plate are counted as minus.
If no girl managed to have a positve score each girl looses one article of clothing.

You can see a video where something similar was done. Just search by google for the video by typing:
Isobel The Tomato Game Wasteland Video

Tomato Gamer

Anonymous said...



Have girls compete in a race while they are tied up.
You can choose a position each girl is tied to. I think the crab tie ist the most sexy way to do this game.

Then the girls must race till a finish line. Then they must reverse and race from the finish line to the starting line. The girl who is the last back at the starting line gets cut off one article of clothing.
Then you start the next round. You play until a nude girl loses again.
The nude looser stays tied to the mercy of the winners.

You can choose between the following positions described on
- Frogtie
- crab tie
- Japanese Reverse Prayer
- Crossbow
- Classic Damsel
- Box Tie
- Hogtie
- Balltie
- Waitress
- Double V
- Box-tie Balltie


dday66 said...

Hi Red, any news on whether Cora will be making a reappearance?

Anonymous said...


Have You seen;

170-Noname with Amber Heavens and Lily

It has part of Your idea


René said...

Hello Red,

When can we expect to see some new previews?

Any chance we will see Cass and Avi back for more b/g action?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, no POVs and no new previews.
Hope all is well, Red!


lostbetslova said...

hey red just wondering if you could pleasee release one more b side? specifically the one with kodak or the one with anastasia thx bro all the girls are bomb lately


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see if things are okay

Anonymous said...

You wrote the missing title of clip - "strip elefino with Dylan and Carmen", but the game is - "strip elefino with Dylan and Geneva"


Utaraptor said...

Still no new POV?
Is everything alright?

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of people worried about Red! Only one post in the last few months, and that one seemed a little off, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

That last post was me, forgot to sign: -SP

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen anymore scenes from Ashley since her MOmPov one?


Anonymous said...

No clip yet, and no POV or blog update in months.

Not the first time its happened but it does get a tad concerning.


dday66 said...

Lets just hope everything is OK with Red

dday66 said...

In episode 589 Strip Earth and Fire Jennie and scribbled writing over her body, what was the title of the episode where that happened and who else was in it. Are there any plans to show this other episode if there is one?

Anonymous said...

Red I think everyone here hopes you're doing OK.
We are used to the absences on the comments, but it gets more concerning when you miss publishing a weekly update.
Jack Casper

Anonymous said...

i think thats the end for lostbets.com

bye bye red

Kevin said...

I hope this is not the end, because there is a ton of unreleased videos that I want to see. 1 I dont think I will, but still

René said...

End then suddenly there was an update...

Anonymous said...

Good to see a new episode, but a lot of us just really want to know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly, a lot of vids are missing I guess that's it...

Anonymous said...

what vids are missing?

Anonymous said...

wow... lots of vids are missing... is this the end?


Anonymous said...

Are there clips missing? I haven't noticed any in particular gone from the store.


Anonymous said...

Considering the new video out, I just hope Red is fine and he's only silent because he's been locked in a room developing Marvin II for the past 2 months.


Tienteaser said...

Thanks for #640, Red. It's very close to forfeit I've discussed with you. Multiple girls and more tickling would be perfect! I hope it sells well!

RS said...

Somewhat spoilerific question for episode #641 released October 12, 2018 -- so everyone, skip this if you don't want any outcome hints.

Had the two guys both lost, would they have had to take a shower together? I'd love to see a mixed game where the losers may be any two players, and would have to do something that, if not sexual, is erotically charged like touching each other's bodies while washing each other off. Would love to see two straight guys hoping both or at least one of the girls loses, only to find himself showering with another guy.

Anonymous said...

Red, if you're still checking the blog you should probably know today's post has the winner not covered up by a spoiler. Hope all is well and thank you as always for the great work.
Jack Casper

damndable said...

Hi Red, Hoping you're still reading comments. I appreciated the nod to wet and messy fanatics such as myself in todays forfeit. While it was good progress, i'd like you to check out some of the videos on umd.net and the level of coverage they go for. If you want to appeal to WAM fetishists in a big way you should look to those sites for inspiration. sure some girls might not want to be truly engulfed in mess, but thats why its a forfeit :D still, enjoyed the vid, thanks a lot, and hope you're keeping well.

Anonymous said...


In the latest post (#645), the text refers to the Strip Body Shots target as Belle, when it is actually Amber. Also, there are no spoiler tags.

-- Mycroft

Anonymous said...

I don't think he actually gives a rat's ass.

Anonymous said...

In response to the post above, I think you have Red all wrong. He has hared his physical limitations and relationships in the past. Do you remember when he talked of not being able to enjoy his own work in the future because of the health problems he faces? The old saying not to judge till you walk a mile in the other person's shoes applies. His videos still rock. How many other producers are so open as to have set up a blog. I look forward to whatever issue is holding Red back from replying to these posts is overcome.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

In the above post I misspelled shared. Probably makes an easier read knowing what I meant.

Old Man

Anonymous said...

Why did they jump from episode 589 to 600 on lostbetsgames.com?

wamloving said...

I agree with damndable. Full coverage on face and hair.

Anonymous said...

Lostbetsgames.com licenses out the games they post from Red. He does not run the site at all.

And I agree with some of the others.
I am hoping all is well with him and that whatever is keeping him away gets better.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the others - I hope Reds OK and will be back soon.

It does annoy me a bit that the membership site skips about quite a bit and that episodes 502 and 591 haven't been posted there yet, when much more recent stuff has. But hey ho, guess I'll just have to buy them from C4S.

ForfeitFan said...

Hi all,

In Episode 646 - Broomsticks... How was the forfeit? Was it a good paddling or just some love taps?


Dl50000 Madeup said...

I know a way around the skipping eps issue on lostbetsgames. Seriously, I'm not messing with ya. I can help. g mail me at bbkroohell and I will assist.

Anonymous said...

No updates for the past two weeks? is everything okay?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see an update Red, hope all is well.
Jack Casper

Blue said...

Sorry to hear that you have passed. Always admired your content and hopefully it continues in your absence. Rest in Piece. Blue

Anonymous said...

Blue, do you know something we don't?

- The Pin

Judge said...

He's not dead

Anonymous said...

If anybody knows anything, pass it along. I'm worried about him.


René said...

I received a message from Johnny that Red is alive. That is all I know.

Anonymous said...

Well I mean if you're saying it, it must be true.

Unknown said...

So anyone have any idea whats going on or is this the end of lostbets

Anonymous said...

this is not the end, but if we find out bad news then it is.

Anonymous said...

if this is not the end, more tickle intensive forfits it really makes the loser sorry for losing. details later on

Anonymous said...

Wow! Back with a bang. Who knew Julie had such a mean streak.

Makes me think Kyle was very luck to win his sex slave game.


Anonymous said...

What is Dylan full name ?

Anonymous said...

And who is Tyler? Is there more to find from her?

dday66 said...

Does anyone know if Cora has done any other similar work?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen any new stuff from Ashley since the mom pov scene. Also does anyone remember Jelly and has she done anything else of any note?

Thanks TS

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping all is well, Red.


Anonymous said...

Love the site ....Any interest in new talent mid 20's husband and wife here .... we can come as a couple or individually... pics on request