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Monday, March 26, 2007

I hear and obey

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Anonymous said...

Hi Red

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,
I really like the start of your site. Seems like it could be sexy and promising. I wrote you an e-mail the other day, but have not heard from you.
The first photostory was cute, but I really think you have to do better on the quality of the photographs. They were kind of dark and some blurry. Also, so many of the almost the same pictures, and we need more frontal nudity.
I am a big fan of this stuff, and a big fan of AMOC and STG, you know Ed's great sites.
I am most likley his biggest fan, but think you can do a good job also if you take some constructive critiusm.
Philip / Nakedguy

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for letting us leave comments with no blogger account.
I think it will be usefull to both of us.

The Strip Game Fan said...

While allowing Anonymous/unlogged-in posts does make feedback easier, you do need to keep a close eye for 'feedback Spam'. There are a lot of evil folks out there who look for "open" feedback boards, then start flooding them with comment Spam. A board I worked on almost died due to some Spam vultures swooping in and ruining it. Just keep a close eye on posts, including older ones.

Johan Andersson said...

Great initiative and I wish you the best of luck mate... Will be browsing this site regularly to see what becomes of it...


Craig Bones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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