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Monday, March 19, 2007

Our first interactive game is now live!

Well, in beta, at any rate. After several hours of frustration, I've concluded that Flash is the worst development environment ever ever. I'm not sure that it's worse than Hitler, but it just might be. Since this is my first attempt at programming anything in this Godforsaken platform, there may be bugs. Tell me about them.

A few things I know about: the sound seems to cut off sometimes for no explicable reason. Also, the load time is long... I can let the game start sooner and continue loading in the background. Also, the video quality isn't the greatest; it's free, what do you expect? Anything else, tell me about it.

[NOTE: it was rightly pointed out to me that the link that was here was not protected by any adult content warning. I've temporarily removed the link until I can remedy the situation. I'm making a few changes to the Flash, anyway.]


Stoker said...

Mia is so cute. That little squeak from when she accidentally exposed a nipple, heehee. I think she's going to be my favorite.

Where did you find these girls, anyway? Either they're really good actors, or they really are just a bit embarrassed. Either way, it really adds to the overall experience.

I wouldn't say it's a bad game for your first outing, though it is a bit frustrating. I wouldn't mind seeing something based a bit more on skill than luck, or maybe an interface where, rather than playing a game to make her strip, you could click on a piece of clothing and select the order in which she strips. What she takes off when, etc. Be nice if there were a way to save it to the comp, too.

Either way, I love how this project is shaping up. I'll have to donate some day when I have money.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the interactive game idea. A job well done especially for the first one. My only suggestions would be that the girls would not narrate every move such "as I lost I have to take my bra off." Maybe if she loses one time she could just say dammit and then strip. Or make a face and not say anything. Just different things to mix it up a bit. Also when she wins she could make different comments. Maybe mocking you, laughing at you, acting like she's turned on or commenting on your physique.