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Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet the new girls...

...same as the old girls.

You guys remember the lovely Ashton, right?

And who could forget darling Mia?

And we just met Ashley so I'm sure you remember her...

What could be better than these three lovely ladies? How about these three lovely ladies together?

Click for video. Also, click here for a bonus promo. I promise you gentlemen, the pizza delivery guy was very real, very genuine, and very, very surprised. Also very happy.

More promos coming up next week, plus some more special bonus content for donors only.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see further progress with this....

I thought it had gone a little quiet of late ;0)

Cap'n :0)

Anonymous said...


short but interesting

Anonymous said...

Looks promising!

Anonymous said...

cool but when will the full vids and site come out?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has gone quiet again! :0(

I hope everything is progressing well! :0)


Anonymous said...

The site seems to have lost its momentum. People leaving comments has dropped off dramatically ever since Red announced it would be a long wait for the site to launch and the possible pricing of the site. I used to check everyday to see what's going on but nothing really happens so I don't anymore.

Anonymous said...

very teasing...

I'm an old strip games/bets fan, I will keep coming here to wacht the news.