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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Not gone, not forgotten!

Folks, just because I "go dark" for a little while doesn't mean I've gone away. Please keep in mind that I have a day job, which commands a variable but large percentage of my time. Patience is a virtue.

But the site is far from defunct; in fact, I just had a shoot on Sunday. No promos from that shoot, at least not for the public... that particular episode was definitely too hot for TV. But it's in the can, and someday it'll be all digitally prettified and made available for public consumption.

In the meantime, have a couple of promos:

First, the lovely Ashley lost all her clothes at lostbets.com... again!

Next, here's a teaser clip from a little game of Strip Sim... uh, Strip Memory that was being played by our delectable trio.

Special note to donors! You might have noticed that in Ashley's second promo, she starts to move her hands away at the last minute. In the uncensored version, she does! That uncensored version is my gift to you. Or will be. I'll set up a Yahoo! group with restricted access and post details here later. Special note to everybody else: I'm sorry, but I am no longer accepting donations. Under PayPal's terms of service I cannot accept payments with the understanding that you'll be receiving adult digital content in return. Sorry.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol strip memry i half to try that looks good so far